I thought of a Supernatural scene where Dean and Cas need to go on separate missions but they need to be able to communicate with one another while being separated. They have to do it through their minds so they can’t talk on the phone.
So they ask Crowleys mother and she says she can put a spell on two necklaces so they can communicate, but they can pick out the necklace.
And Sam is just like “Don’t worry I will get the necklaces.
Half an hour later, Sam comes back with two necklaces of a broken heart with one that says "best” and the other says “friends”

              ❝ You coming or what? ❞

Dylan smirked. He knew what he was doing was wrong. This was his little brothers girlfriend. This was meant to be a drama free trip. Filled with family fun and what not. But all Dylan could think about was getting her out of her clothes. “He’s passed out, he drank like, what? Two beers, he’ll be out until morning,” he mocked, knowing full well the younger male had probably had at least… Two and a half. There hadn’t been enough tents for every family member to have their own, so, Dylan had offered to set his mattress up in the back of the car. Honestly it was a lot more comfortable, but it was a bit of a walk away from the rest of the family. Which ultimately would give him the privacy he so desperately needed. The four hour car trip had made him wish he’d backed out, but unfortunately, here he was. “Cross my heart, no funny business,” Dylan teased, moving his finger over his chest as she aimed the flash light at him. “I’m not tired, you’re not tired, whats the harm in some one on one time back in the car?” he whispered, backing away from her. They’d already made it half way, why she was trying to back out of her decision now, he didn’t know. “Plus, I got a mattress, the tents… You’re just sleeping on the hard ground.”

guys I know I said I’d come back with monster fics and stuff and I’ve actually been writing like crazy (like 20k words actually) but it’s all going to the trash since I’m not happy with anything, and I guess I’m just getting desperate because I want to post something as soon as possible. I can only hope I get over this goddamn writer’s block soon and that I’m finally able to pull out sth half decent. Please wait for me D:

Thank You Jasper

Today, I am so thankful that I have Jasper in my life. He has been coming to work with me instead of Sargent because I don’t quite trust Sargent around children yet. So I took Jasper to work today, just like I do three days a week (I don’t want to over work him, so I leave him at home two days). IT started off relatively normal, I wasn’t feeling 100%, but that’s not unusual after a long week. What is unusual is that I slept almost 10 hours last night. When I head down to the front desk to grab some keys, Jasper tried to drag me out the front door. I completely ignored him and instead went back up to my office, Jasper dragging his feet behind me. Within half an hour, I was dizzy and shaking with a brutal headache and Jasper looking at me like ‘well, I tried to tell you’. I kept working though, a lot of what I was doing was at a desk, so I wasn’t really at a risk of falling or anything and it did little better. But any time I got up, Jasper tried to get me through the front door. It got to the point that every time I turned to head back to my office, Jasper would lie down facing the exit, or try to cut me off from where I was going. I ended up calling it a half day and left at noon. 

This is the look Jasper gave me as soon as I got in the car. He kept looking at me like, ‘see what you made me do? I had to work. That was effort. Now get your ass home so I can go back to bed.’ As I was driving home, my brain kept getting worse and worse. Luckily I didn’t hit the lowest point until I got home. I can’t be happier with Jasper. He is the best dog I could ask for. We have our ups and downs, but he has never failed me. The best part is, I never trained him to do this. He completely trained to do all of his tasks with minimal guidance on my part. Thanks for being awesome, buddy. 


Viking is growing really well and exploring his nursing pen and the perches, even doing a lot of experimental flapping. He and his sister both lost some weight last night, so we’re really trying to get them to eat well to make sure they stay on track.

Sister still doesn’t have a name. I fed her for the first time today - I was warned she was “shy but feisty” and I was like ?? - I now understand. Simultaneously too shy to get on the glove or eat if there’s more than one person nearby… Yet feisty enough to literally keep running away (I was feeding her on the floor like Viking here) so I had to spend half the time crawling after her and either goading her back or scooping her up, and to nip fingers… A lot.
After nearly two and a half hours combined trying to get both of them to eat, I now understand why some people don’t like the chore. Buut I prefer it to scrubbing vulture mutes off the floor, sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi! Do you have any recs for getting on a better sleep cycle? I have been falling asleep during the day, unable to sleep until like 1/2am then and then waking up between 8-10am. I need to get better for the school year and my parents. -happy science

My biggest recommendation is to go to bed early. I know, it’s no fun! But if you go to bed early (say anywhere between 9:30 and 10:30) then you have time to relax and drift off without worrying about if you’ll get enough sleep.

If you’re super tired and need a nap during the day, set an alarm! Sleep for maybe a half hour? It won’t mess up your sleep schedule but it’ll give you a lil energy boost!

And my other biggest tip is to start doing all of this at least two weeks (three might be better) before school starts, so it’s not a shock to your system. Practice getting up when you would, or at least have an alarm go off so your body gets used to waking up then, even if you don’t actually get out of bed at that time.

I really hope this helped! Fixing sleep schedules is tricky business. I’ve been working on mine, too. I have no doubt we can do it, tho! <333

HEADCANON 001   :   EMMA   +   POETRY. 

the fondness for poetry started when she was young   —————   roughly five or six   —————   when her grandmother purchased her  ‘ falling up ’  by shel silverstein.  she developed an appreciation for the fluidity of words,  how they felt on her tongue as she read them back to her mother on the couch as a learning exercise.  (   her love for poetry as a young girl can also be attributed to the time it actually allowed her to spend time with maggie.  as a newly single mother,  with kevin having just recently left town,  there wasn’t much time to spend with emma between working constantly to make ends meet.  however,  every night was reserved a half hour for emma to curl up on the couch next to her mom with her favorite book of poems   —————   pages dog eared on her favorites   &   tattered at the edges from constant use   —————   to spend some quality time with her.  some of her fondest memories from her young childhood   —————   &   some of her healthiest   —————   come from sitting on that couch right after dinner   &   reading with her mom.  it was a constant   :   a steady in her world that was turned upset down when her dad skipped out.   )   there was a natural knack for reading the rhythm   &   feeling the words.  maggie encouraged it   &   it stuck.

reading poetry progressed naturally to dabbling in writing poetry   (   outside of mandatory school assignments she wasn’t overly fond of doing to begin with   )   around sixth grade   —————   roughly 11-12.  her first poems were admittedly terrible,  written about the family dog   (   a golden retriever named  ‘ lucky ’  because all golden retrievers are named lucky… even if they’re not   )   or about how much she hated doing homework.  eventually,  her topics expanded   :   the weather,  school girl crushes,  best friendship.  superficial on the surface,  but if one were to take a closer look,  there was something there that was a bit deeper   —————   an underlying currant.  potential of sorts.  she expanded her vocabulary   &   experimented with different styles   &   read quite a far bit.   (   seriously   —————   emma didn’t go anywhere without a book.  waiting for food at a restaurant ?  book.  having to visit her mom at work after school ?  book.  going over to audrey’s house for a sleepover ?  book…   &   she still found time to read it.   )

her most emotional work   (   prior to the murders   )   came with puberty   —————   around 13.  her writing took on a slightly darker tone in reference to her struggles with her own sexuality   (   &   trust me,  emma fought against   /   struggled with   /   denied her sexuality for literal years before ever accepting that she liked girls as well as guys,  maybe even moreso   )   as well as finally confronting the emotional loss of her father   &   dealing with the resentment she harbored for him after he left.  her poetry was essentially a diary   :   things she could never say aloud,  but things she needed to say nonetheless.  the majority of her poems were concealed in notebooks she hid in drawers or one she kept on her person at all times.  poetry written on scrap paper was either taped into said notebooks or discarded immediately.  she never left her name on anything as she didn’t want her name attached to it if she were to lose it. she hit long patch of writer’s block the year she stopped talking to audrey,  solely because she had no desire to write.   (   she lost her best friend since childhood over her own superficial   /   selfish desires   —————   she wasn’t really in the headspace to write much of anything.   )   her writing eventually picked up again at 15,  after fully integrating herself into nina’s friend group   &   beginning a relationship with will.  her writing regarding will was almost taylor swift-esque.  bland   /   cliche   /   stereotypical.  she didn’t mind.

her affinity for sylvia plath   &   her dark turn in poetry began after the murders.  her favorite work of sylvia plath   :   ‘ mad girl’s love song ’   —————   a poem plath wrote as a student that was never formally included in any of her published poetry collections.   (   i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead   ;   i lift my lids and all is born again.  i think i made you up inside my head.   )   plath’s work inspired a lot of emma’s writing   (   style   &   theme   )   after the murders as a coping mechanism that she’s never revealed to her friends.  she considers it an outlet now more than ever   &   takes extra care to conceal it from her friends   /   her mom given the content,  as she doesn’t censor herself within her work.   (   i suppose what i mean by this is   :   emma’s graphically writing about murder   /   the struggle to survive   /   survivor’s guilt   /   her mental illness.  though she would never act on any of the topics in her writing,  it’d be a big eye opener to see the girl who’s fairly bright   /   quiet   /   reserved write about such topics.  she doesn’t want to lose her outlet,  which is something she fears might happen if someone were to come across her work.  she also doesn’t want to worry her friends when they have bigger fish to fry.   )   her recent work,  though morbid   &   often times,  highly emotional,  is something she considers beautiful.  it’s important to her in the way stavo’s art is to him,  in the way noah’s podcast is to him.  it’s simply her method of coping with her lived trauma   &   her outlet for pent up emotions   —————   treatment encouraged her poetry,  as it’s a healthy means of expressing herself.   &   thus,  poet!emma was born !

I still have a 2 page paper to do before midnight (two and a half hours) so here is what we are going to do. When I finish I will be doing things in this order.

  1. Marinette’s response to the Group A drabble
  2. Starters for POST Group A return
  3. Drafts.

So watch out for that cause Marinette came back with something special. Like if you want a post Group A return!

For the two people amongst my followers who even care: “Going Home” is officially on hiatus. 

I know it’s a bit silly to say that after having last updated it almost a year ago, but things didn’t turn out like I had planned. I figured that once I was out of full time schooling where I was working 65+ hours a week on classwork/homework/studying, I would be able to get back into writing it. Seeing as how it’s been over 3 months since graduation, however, I don’t think I’m any closer to continuing it then I was half a year ago. I can’t really pull some bullshit excuse out of my ass that’s good enough for you. I’ve been shitty about my writing for this fandom, and it’s all 100% my fault. At this point, I don’t even know if I’ll pursue writing anymore, whether for this fandom or for my own personal interest. It’s just not working out, and I can only apologize for that. So sorry for being a shit author, guys. I don’t even deserve to share that title with some of the incredible people of this fandom and others who put so much time and energy and self into their works.

patethenovice a réagi à votre billet “so i’m team valor (i don’t really know what that means for the future…”

1) down with valor 2) what?? it took me 2 weeks to get a vulpix (◕▃◕) (≖︿≖)

@patethenovice i have so much pity for people living in the countryside because i caught like 65+ pokémon in only two hours and a half??? my city is full of pokéstops (like….3 in only one street, and we only have small streets in the center of the city where i live) so i have infinity pokéballs which is great! i’m not really getting involved with the gyms (yet) because 1) i just want to catch pokémons for now and 2) i’m not sure i could win and god knows i hate losing in a video game

i just played a board game called munchkin, which is like a strange spinoff of d&d where you have to level up to level 10 to win, but other players can sabotage/help you. we played for at least two and a half hours. some highlights include:

  • my character being a wizard-thief who could backstab while wielding a huge boulder with both hands.
  • me finding a card that allowed one of my roomies to level up immediately, but i managed to pull him down two levels right afterwards by playing certain cards.
  • that same roomie trying to win the game by fighting a level 2 monster he had in his deck, but another roomie defeated him by playing the waiting game and amassing enough cards to sabotage the former.
  • three players (including me and @genderqueers) staying at level 9 for the longest fucking time ever.
  • me backstabbing jojo as a thief (losing three levels just to bring them down) so they couldn’t win, but i managed to get back up to level 9 somehow in a later turn.
I'm back for those two and a half people that missed me

*awkwardly slides in* hey. SO I CAME BACK EARLY! *yaaay* I came back early and I have an ask blog now! It’s 12 am and mun has been reading Homestuck for the past two hours ((Gamzee is annoying but also awesome)) So that’s that I guess =/ also I’m in need of some suggestions and feel free to ask anything for Romania in my ask blog @ask-aph-romaniia

What team in Pokemon Go did you guys join?
I joined Mystic only because I like the bird and the color. Please don’t hate me

ALSO if anyone was wondering where I was
I was just taking a bit of a break and then I decided that coming back in August was a pretty long break so ehhhhhhhhhhh I’m back now

Fun fact- I’ve spent 19 minutes writing this because I’m a socially awkward person who re-reads everything 57,000 times =/ that’s cool I guess

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8 for AW

Thank you for the prompt! Here’s some fluff for Andraste’s Witch:

8) “You know what? This place feels like home.”


Metal clanged as the two swords struck one another. Dodging back, Cullen was already moving for another attack when he saw that his partner was yielding. Stopping himself before he could do any damage, he eyed Yorric Trevelyan, a single brow raised in silent question.

Both of them were shirtless and covered in sweat, having spent the last half hour sparring on the training grounds. Normally, Cullen trained in the mornings, but he’d needed to do inspections at the base camp in the valley, and hadn’t had time to work out properly today.

Ser Yorric had been Maker sent when he came in and offered that they relieve some stress. While Cullen wasn’t sure what the templar’s problems were—so far as he knew, Yorric and Cassandra were as madly in love as ever, with no complaints from either, aside from Yorric’s tendency to wear socks to bed—he had seemed to need to stretch his muscles just as much as Cullen.

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I spent a good 5 hours at @misskim’s work and I started talking to this rather attractive British guy that I was sitting by. Let me start off by saying, his wife and child were upstairs in their hotel room. We talked for hours about everything and there wasn’t any weird sexual tension, it was two people just having genuine conversation (which I love and I’ve been craving for so long). Anyway, time goes on and he’s putting back beers like it’s his job. For the last hour to hour and a half he’s hammered, then he pulls the whole, “I bet a lot of guys chat you up.” I explained that they don’t because I’m usually with guy friends so no one tries to. Then he says, “That shocks me! Are you serious? You’re a very pretty girl.” I was flattered, truly, but why does it always have to turn to that? He kept saying how cool I was and how he was happy to meet me tonight, but why do they always end up flirting with me? I get it, he was smashed, but he knew better. They always know better.

ive always had like….this weird relationship w my crush where we lowkey flirted and then after we dated we just. stopped talking. and now we’re friends again

and i kinda feel like nothing has changed and hes still lowkey flirting tbh???…..And all our mutual friends go on about how we should get back together bc we go so well together but like!!he has a gf lmao

I’m flying back to school on Saturday and I’m so not ready, especially since next week is the beginning of an intensive two-week course where I’m in class for 4-5 hours a day Monday-Friday.

Also I have to live in a hotel until Friday of next week because my apartment won’t be ready, which sucks a little bit but is not really that big of a deal in the scheme of things.

On the upside, I at least get to go to the Mall of America before I leave because we got a hotel near the airport since my flight leaves at 7:20 A.M. and we didn’t want to have to do the hour and a half drive down there at like four in the morning.  I’ll probably be grateful to sit down all day after spending the previous one walking around in a giant-ass mall.

As much as I’ll miss my sister and the (mostly) tolerable Midwestern weather, I’m glad to finally get away from my dad and to try to figure out the whole friendship and dating things so that I’m not totally alone down there again.

Today is ??? ??

This morning around 9am I went hiking with some of my family.

It all went well, the weather was beautiful, we walked a ton. It was our first time in this place and we used a cable way/car to get to the top of the mountain which is about 1850m. So our idea was to have lunch, walk around the mountain and walk back down to the parking lot. A long way to go but we like walks.

Some guy working there told us it’d take like 1 hour and half to walk to the parking lot and it was past 5pm already so we started walking. Except the parking lot was nowhere to be seen after two hours??

Then a nice old man who looked like italian Hayao Miyazaki stopped on the way with his car and asked us if we wanted a lift, saying, “you guys aren’t even half way there!”

Mind you it wasn’t a Cute Looking Street, it was more like a rocky mountain small road full of rocks and full of holes, and past that point it just got worse ??? Basically a regular car can’t possibly go there. Like I’ve never seen a road so shitty in my whole life.

So phew he gave us a lift. Saved. And when we got to the car the car wouldn’t open or turn on at all. Nobody else but a couple was around there and it was getting dark and our car was as good as dead. Stupid crappy car. Their friend got there in 10min and helped us so we were saved once again. HOW ARE STRANGERS SO NICE ANYWAY.

Once we got home (finally) our gate wouldn’t open. After a few tries it did and we headed home. Except the door wouldn’t fucking open. The lock is completely broken we barely even managed to get in. Cheers.

What the fuck is today anyway what the hell.

Also I walked SO MUCH today and Pokemon Go didn’t work the whole day lmao.

I had my first real cheat day since starting the ketogenic diet, where I actively ate things like pancake batter and chocolates. I’ve kept my carbs around 20g or less daily. Today, I probably ate 100g easy.

Immediately after, maybe a half hour later, I’m feeling like crap. And yes I knew this would happen (the cravings I get signal to me that I’m pretty carb sensitive and sugar sensitive) and honestly this feels so crappy that I am no longer tempted to cheat.