But have y'all ever seen this gem? I swear this video just had me feeling all tingly inside about how pefectly it captures the essence of kagehina
I think I’ve watched it on repeat for like half an hour the first time around???
There’s not one thing that can better express how I feel about this ship, how I don’t even care if those two date or not, for all I care they can get married to someone else because whatever relationship choices they make the link between Kageyama and Hinata is just so amazing, they understand and complete each other so perfectly and whatever label they use, nothing else will ever quite match how perfect they are together.
And now I’m ramblig again because this glorious video bought back the feels.
Just, shoo. Go and watch it.

Guess who is the coolest kid?🤓

The story that comes with this photo is quite exciting, for me at least. It was my first day in Budapest, on my way to meet some friends, but I arrived to Deák earlier (as usually).. When I left the metro, two pretty girls caught my eyes.. One of them was smiling at me, so I smiled back, but only after a few seconds did I realise who she was and I felt like going back to say hi.. I didn’t, I had to ask my friends where they are. I entered Starbucks and got a message that they are still at an exhibition, they finish in a half an hour.. Just as I read this message, the girl who took this photo, the one at the metro station smiling at me entered the cafe.. 🤗 This is the Budapest vibe I’m in love with, these are the moments I long for, that was a magical half an hour.. 😚

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that anti post saying how f(x) slayed their concert and performed countless songs all while dancing for two hours when gg "half asses" their performances and whatnot. Why the fuck are you even comparing these groups? F(x) is literally forgotten by SM ever so often that they've had little to no chances of getting as strained and overworked as gg has. Gg was a very hardworking and energetic group back then, they could easily perform just like F(x) did. The comparison is just bizzare to me.

You do realize this is an anti SNSD tumblr, right?

Somewhere out there is a person who is great at writing opening paragraphs to fics, and right now I just want to strangle em?

Two of a Kind

Wilson never quite liked the red berries that grew on the islands.They had a stinging taste and left a bad aftertaste in his mouth for what seemed hours. The one thing to the berries credit was that they weren’t poisonous. He recalled learned somewhere that half of all red wild berry species were poison, so as long as Maxwell didn’t introduce a second berry type that was poison he should be fine. Granted, he did one if the berries from the more spiked berry bushes were a second type, but also safe to eat. Non of them caused irritation in the tests though, so he had to assume any berry he came across was safe. 

And at his current size, berries were proving very useful. Wilson eyed a nearby bush, fixed the eyebone on his back, and headed over. Once near he observed where all the berries were, reaching up towards one near the ground. He stood on his tiptoes, wrapping both hands aroudn the berry and twisting it in his hands, plucking it easily. Once he had the berry he turned it over in his hands, considering eating it now or saving it for later. 


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Tapping his fingers against the tabletop, Evan waited for someone to call or text him back. He’d been sitting like this for the last two hours. Joseph wasn’t home, either; he had gone to meet Shelly for something, but he wasn’t worried about them. He would visit Astoria, or ask Zyphire to come over for some company, but he couldn’t; neither of the had been answering their phones for the last two or three days.

He normally wasn’t this impatient, but something felt off to him. Two and a half weeks ago, both had said they were going to be gone. Astoria said she was going to Sinnoh to visit her grandmother–and her mothers told the same story, as they were caring for Matcha, Takara, and the other Pokemon she normally left behind–and Zyphire said she wasn’t going to be around because she was going to be busy elsewhere; she never shared much about her life. They answered their phones normally when someone called up until a few days ago, when the messages stopped being answered. Their friends tried to pass it off as the being held up, or too tired to call back, but Evan wasn’t sure; he knew Astoria like the back of his hand, and she ALWAYS answered on the third ring.

The third hour passed with no results, so he went and dialed someone else, who would know them the best.

“Taali?” he asked. “Has Astoria or Zyphire texted you in the last two days?”

Depressed (Calum Hood Imagine)

Possible Trigger Warning
A/N: This is me right now and this happened. Send in requests!!


I had been lying face down in my bed for nearly two hours, occasionally stopping to look through my phone. Calum was with the boys and I didn’t want to bother him. I had felt like shit all day. It was like, I wanted to cry, but no tears came out, leaving me even more frustrated than before.

I had fallen asleep but woke up when I heard the front door open then close. “Babe?” I heard my boyfriend call for me. I decided not to answer, he’d find me eventually. Within a minute or so the bedroom door swung open and I felt his previously uninhabited half of the bed dip down.

“Babe, are you okay?” Cal asked, rubbing his hand up and down my back.

“No, but I’ll be fine. Just a shitty day,” I confirmed.

“Is your medicine not working?”

“No, I ran out a while ago,” I answered hesitatly, still not facing him.

I felt him stand up briefly and heard the bedroom door open and close once more. There was slight chattering coming from down the hallway.

“I called and got your refil, I can pick it up tomorrow,” my boyfriend said as he laid next to me once more.

I finally rolled over to face him, the tears welling in my eyes.
“Woah, why are you crying?” Calum asked, freaking out momentarily.

“I’m crying because I love you, calm down. I’m so happy that I have you to help me,” a tear fell down my cheek and Calum wiped it away with his thumb.

“I love you too. And I understand that sometimes you feel bad and do nothing most of the day, I’ll always be here for you,” Calum said before gently setting his lips on mine. “Also, you can always just call me and I can come home. Even when I’m with the boys working, understand?”

“Okay. I will next time, I promise,” I swore to him.

“And you really need to take your medicine.”

“Okay, Mr. Hood.”

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I had a giant crush on my straight best friend and one time the whole squad was having a fire and she ended up holding my hand there for about two hours and at one point i got up to get wood and stoke the fire and as soon as i sat back down she reached for my hand again (i highkey died inside) but it turns out she wasnt so straight after all and we've been dating for almost a year and a half!

Why you gotta make my heart all melty like this

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Ok for a SamBenny prompt: Benny gets really mad and so he doesn't snap and hurt Sam or fuck things up or whatever he just walks out. Like. Yeah. And Sam freaks out because he thought Benny left him forever because, idk, he's a burden or some other angsty self-loathing thought Sam has about himself and so when Benny comes back he feels awful because Sam's flipping out and hyperventilating and hehe destroy me

It’s been two hours since Benny walked out. Well, stormed out. He didn’t say anything. One moment they were arguing, and the next… Sam was staring at a slammed door and Benny was gone.

Sam had been frozen. Did… was Benny finally sick of him? Was he gone for good? It’s not like he had many personal belongings he’d need to take… he could just go if he wanted. 

How did the argument even begin? What did Sam do? He was such a fuckin’ pain in the ass.

Two and a half hours. He frowned at his watch, pacing the war room and looking up at the stairs every few seconds.

It was so stupid. They seriously had a fight about furniture. Their bed, specifically. Benny was just trying to be helpful… he’d gotten the bed frame that Sam said he wanted. He also put it together and got rid of the old one while Sam was away. As a surprise.

And it would have been incredibly sweet. It was incredibly sweet. But Sam reacted terribly. He got freaked out when things got changed around when he wasn’t there. It reminded him too much of being possessed… losing time… things changing without him remembering.

So he may have yelled. And argued.

And Benny had every right to want to leave someone as messed up and crazy as Sam. 

Two hours and forty-five minutes. He started fidgeting as he paced. Crossing his arms, uncrossing them, wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans, biting his cuticles. 

“Oh God, I fucked up…” He moaned. 

He’d just left. Didn’t say anything. Benny was just gone.

Sam had driven him away. Because he was a failure. A dark spot. A vile monster not fit for love. 

A freak!


He whirled around and watched Benny coming down the stairs, two at a time.

“You- you came back?” Sam whispered.

“Of course I came back. I was only- Oh… Oh, Cher… no, darling, I wasn’t leavin’ you.” Benny took Sam’s face in his hands, stroking a lock of hair back behind Sam’s ear. 

“But… you left. You didn’t say anything. And I fucked up so bad and I-”

“Shh, shh, shh…. didn’t you check your phone?”

“My- what?” Sam’s voice was a little wobbly, a little watery, as he was finally relaxing enough to get lost in his emotions. 

“I texted you. Said I just needed some time to cool off. Went fishin’…”

“Fishing… you…” Sam sniffled. “My phone is in the bedroom.”

“You been out here since I walked out?”


“I’m so sorry, Cher. Today’s been one missed communication after another. I didn’t think of the repercussions of changing things around. I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“No, Benny… I freaked out. I flew off the handle. No excuse. I’m sorry. I really do love it… and I love you. And I think it’s amazing you take time to do things for me. I’m so sorry.”

“Well, then…” Benny stepped back and smiled softly. “How about we try out that new bed frame?”

Sam startled laughter was a little choked from the abrupt change in mood. “You want to-”

“I wanna lay with you, that’s all. We can test the limits tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay. I love you, Benny.”

“Love you too, Lil Cher.”

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11. Yoonjin please!

  • 11:“I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.“ 

Yoongi is a big softie when it comes to Jin because how can people even resist Jin, he so caring and take cares of everyone whenever he can, even when he grumbles a lot when Jin just ask to wash the dishes or to fix things around the house he could never do half of the things Jin does.

When Jin left for a trip for a day leaving Yoongi and their two puppies that needed attention he thought he could handle it as Jin giving all sort of instructions with notes all over the fridge, Jin is worried but Yoongi assured he got it under control and told him to relax for a day and come back rested by the next day.

Seeing the situation right now just 5 hours Jin left, their two puppies, Mong and Ming is whining and he is not sure what to do as he about to pull his every bleach hair that already done enough damage, he sigh longingly at his phone with Jin and his picture on the background, he can do this and great Ming just peed on the floor, god damn it.

Yoongi decides to call Jimin but of course he’s busy it’s the weekend, “Sorry hyung, Taehyung is taking me to an exhibition and maybe they just miss their mommy” Jimin said cheekily and Yoongi just sigh, “Why even I called you in the first place” they said their goodbye and Yoongi hang up, at least the puppies is quite for a little bit as they taking their nap, he knows he should’ve get cats, they are much more convenient and less hassle, he’s trying to work on his music but just about half an hour pass the puppies start to bark wanting to get out from their cage, Yoongi sighs again, it’s fine tomorrow Jin will be home.

Just as the day passes, he’s already use all his energy as he lay on the couch, he take the puppies for a walk and he almost lost them thinking he have to run to catch up when the the leash is loose, he’s feeling drained and immediately fell asleep on the couch, when he woke up he feel something licking him, he groan, “Jin stop licking me” and he can heard someone giggles Yoongi wakes up and sees Jin on the other side of the couch while petting Ming but wait , he saw besides him is Mong licking him, “Are they troubling you Yoongi?” Yoongi shook his head, “Nah, they are absolute angels” Jin giggles and smile as he sit besides Yoongi and whisper, “Liar, but it’s okay you did a good job considering you don’t lose them and all”

Yoongi pout and held Jin closer, “I miss you and I don’t want to think what I’d be like without you honestly not just because of the puppies but I can’t live without you” Jin blushes, “Is the puppies getting to you that you start to talk nonsense now?” Yoongi grin, “No, but I am sure glad you are home honestly never leave ever” Jin chuckles and kisses Yoongi cheek, “Fine, you big baby”

A series of misadventure

So…. Firstly, I made it back to Singapore alive & in one piece. Secondly, if you’re following me on Twitter (or on here even) you’d know I got stranded on an island for like… A day and a half, I think. 

While it is still fresh in my mind, I have to write this down in the comfort of my kitchen, drinking hot Milo which my dad made as one of my travel tales so that a year from now I can look back at this memory and laugh, and know that I’ve gained a life experience, somewhat.

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Chapter Forty-Four

first a big thanks to all those who liked the previous chapter.  I hope you enjoy this one as well

The weekend had indeed been successful. I had been able to relax even if it was for just two days. Today we would be leaving for New York with Gabby, my two brothers. Gabby was staying over at my place, so we could leave together. I knocked on the door she was occupying, before going to wake my brothers.

“Come on guys, wake up. we need to leave for New York.” I shook them awake. “I put your clothes on the couch, get dressed, we’re leaving in half an hour,” I told them, leaving the room when they were both out of bed.

“You sure, you don’t want me to bring you to the airport.” Harry asked me, when I got back into my bedroom. He was still lying on my bed without a shirt, tempting me once again to crawl back into bed and start something else then dressing.

“I’m sure Harry. Go back to sleep, it’s only four in the morning.” I replied, walking over to him, leaning down and pecking his lips. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back in bed and underneath him. I was sure to get some teasing from the shriek I let out.

His lips collided with mine as he put my hands above my head, with his one hand and the other ran down my body. “I’m going to miss you.” he muttered, leaving butterfly kisses up my cheek to my ear, pulling my earlobe in his mouth.

“Harry.” I bucked my hips. “Don’t start something we can’t finish, love.” I muttered, trying to get my hands back. “Yea, we’ll just have to be quick.” He muttered, slipping his fingers in my knickers.

I don’t know what managed to convince me, whether it was his fingers in my knickers or his mouth sucking my nipple. “Harry.” I moaned, bucking my hips into his hand. He slipped off my knickers, got rid of his boxers and slipped inside of me.

His mouth covering mine tried to catch the moans and I tried to do the same with Harry. It really had been a quickie, like Harry put it. his smug face looking up at me as I quickly dressed. “You’re an idiot.” I muttered, kissing him one last time before I left the bedroom, making sure my hair was alright.



We had just arrived at our hotel The Mark. we were lucky to get the three-bedroom suite. “Are you sure, you don’t mind watching them?” I asked Gabby. “No, of course not. They’re great kids. Go see Luke come back and keep your promise.” She chuckled.

“Okay. I owe you one.” I told her. Taking my stuff and I headed towards the offices in New York.


“Hey Luke.” I smiled, going into his office. “Liv.” He said, getting up to give me a hug. “You look amazing. How are you doing? Was the flight okay?” he asked.

“I’m great. The flight was alright. Routine to me.” I chuckled. “I know, but your brothers came along, not.” He asked. “Yea, they’re at the hotel with Gabby. Tired.” I chuckled. “I can imagine. So you put some subject on the agenda, I saw.” He said.

“Yea, one is only since last week, Ellie Goulding approached us to be a tour manager of her. We looked through everything, I put the procedures in motion and everything, so if other’s should approach us, we can offer them the same. But I think we should really discuss how far we are willing to go and stuff.

then I put on the agenda, to maybe expand on another continent with MICE. I’ve heard a lot of things and requests from Asia recently, all things we had to decline.” I summed up.

“Yea, they’re all good things. I can’t believe how this exploded, myself. You really have done amazing with the business you know. You’re the CEO of that one and I couldn’t be prouder of what you’ve accomplished.” He praised. “Thanks, but it’s really the team you have to thank.” I redirected.

“A team is great, but only a good leader can lead a great team. So don’t tell me you don’t deserve the praise you get.” He directed. “It’s just, I don’t do it for the praise or recognition. I saw an opportunity in that and took it. I don’t want to be made out this huge person, because of it.” I admitted.

“But you deserve it, so many people would kill to be getting the recognition you get. I know you’re not that type of person, but appreciate it.” Luke advised. “I don’t know.” I muttered.

“Well, you better, cause I was requested to give an interview in with entrepreneur magazine about the success of Intrepid MICE. I told them I would discuss it with you, seeing as you’re the boss of it.” he informed me, leaving me stunned.

Never had I expected this, when I approached Luke almost a year ago to start this business. “I don’t know about this Luke; I’ll have an answer for you tomorrow. I promise.” I assured him.

“I understand.” He nodded. “the meeting start tomorrow at nine. Just take the day of today. I made sure that you have each afternoon free from 2, so you can do some things with you brother.”


“Thanks, Luke I really appreciate it.” I thanked him.


“Okay, so I managed to get tickets to the Lion King on Broadway, but first I arranged something at the Space and Air museum and the Discovery Times square. Come on.” I said to my brothers in the elevator.

“Thanks I could come along.” Gabby said to me. “Of course, you’re a good friend, I would feel bad if you didn’t come along.” I admitted. We got into a cab and drove towards the Hudson where the museum of air and space was.

The entire afternoon had gone great. I’d taken lots of pictures. Before we went to the musical we went out for dinner. When we got back to the hotel Nathan was already asleep from the car ride back.

I quickly changed him and put him in bed, Jesse for once not complaining at being send to bed. “God, glad that day is over.” I dropped down on the couch, next to Gabby. She handed me a glass of red wine and dropped her head back.

“jet lagged.” I chuckled. “You could say that.” She agreed. “I don’t know how you did it those three years.”

“I just did, I loved what I did, so I didn’t mind to wake up at ungodly hours and stuff. I just loved doing what I did, but yea, I think you know what happened in Africa, everybody knows.” I confessed.

“I know the big lines, what the papers wrote and what I read from the reports. I can’t even imagine what you went through there.” Gabby stated.

“Yea, I can’t believe it will be a year already in a week. So many things happened, it feels like years have passed.” I confessed, turning my head towards her.

“I can’t begin to imagine how tough this year has been for you and for harry. I can’t imagine what I would do if I were in your place, I was already getting annoyed by the photographers following us this afternoon.” She sighed.

“I have to get used to that fact, I think I already am. I just don’t see them anymore. You know what I mean, although I was a bit more watchful with Jesse and Nathan present. The British privacy law doesn’t apply here in America. And here there isn’t a thing I can do about.” I commented.

“but doesn’t it bother you that your privacy almost doesn’t exists?” she asked me. I sat up and turned my body towards her, my one leg underneath me.

“It doesn’t, not any longer. It used to bother me. But they’ve thrown everything at me they can. They brought up my past and tried to destroy me with that. They tried to insult me and my family with out past financial status. my father together with them have tried to destroy me with telling lies, they didn’t expect I would hunt them down and sue them. neither did the Belgian justice system think I wouldn’t. somebody in my building recorded the yelling of me and Harry yelling at each other and sold it to the highest bidder. My miscarriage that should have been kept between us, was published around the world. I don’t think there’s a thing they can throw at me. They haven’t got anything left.” I explained with a chuckle and it was true, what could they throw at me.

“I guess you’re right.” Gabby agreed, dropping her head to the side.  “So you and Harry going strong now?” she asked.

“yea, we are. I might even say stronger then before everything. We took things slow in the beginning and yea, we’re going incredible strong.” I admitted, a smile on my face, just by thinking about it.


“So, anything else?” Luke asked, it was Monday evening, pretty late and we were just finishing the meeting, going over the conclusion. “No, I think we got everything we needed.” I replied, looking around the table with advisors, lawyers and financial people.

“So the things we agreed on with MICE are all up to Liv, now. I will make sure the changes are put to order with Travel. And then we hand each other the details so we are up to date of one another.” Luke closed the meeting.

Everybody ran out of the meeting room, happy to have closed the deal, it was already 11 at night. “So have you thought about the interview?” Luke asked me. “I did, I will do the interview.” I replied.

“they will have to come down to London, but I’ll do it.”

“Great, I’ll give them a call tomorrow. So are you happy with everything.” He asked me. “Yea, really am. it’s great that everything is running this good.” I replied.

“I’m happy as well. I do feel sorry that you have to have meeting for the company that is basically up to your running.” He commented. “Hey, my company wouldn’t exist with the help of yours, getting the agreement of both company advisors is something I gladly deal with.” I replied.

“I’ll be visiting you in London next month then.”  He said. “good.” I chucked. We said our goodbye’s and I was on my way to the hotel. Tomorrow morning we would be taking another early flight.


“I don’t want to go home.” I whined, not wanting to deal with my mother who only came to see us once a year, but I had promised my grandparents that I would make sure that she saw us, but I was seriously tempted to take back a flight to NYC when we arrived in London.

“To late for that.” Gabby chuckled from the other side of the aisle. “unfortunately.” I muttered. “I thought you wanted to see Harry.” She asked.

“I do, it’s other people I don’t want to see.” I explained.


“I’ll see you in the office then on Thursday.” I said to Gabby. “Yea, thank for giving me the day of tomorrow.” She said. “I’m not going back to work either. And you could use the sleep.” I replied.

“Do we really have to see mom?” Nathan whined. “Yea, sorry bud. But first we are going to see Harry.” I told him, getting in our car.

We drove to KP and Harry’s butler Joseph had made his delicious lasagne. That guy was an amazing cook. “Thanks Joseph, for this.” I nodded to him. “You’re welcome miss. I know how much you like the lasagne.” He chuckled. “That I do, but you do make the best one I’ve ever eaten.” I praised.

“Thank you, Miss.” He said.

“So, New York was a success?” harry asked me. “Yea, it was. The decision has been made to look for an office in Asia, so MICE is going to expand over there, we’ll set up a part for tour managers as well, and the training program will now give courses for those who want to become a tour manager. The training program is going to be an individual and recognized education program in Britain. So people will be able to apply for tuition fee’s as well. But those who want to train with us, will have to move to Britain for the time.

We’re not going to move that training program. We might look at a new location, but things will be revised on the next meeting week.” I ended.

“Wow, I had no idea that so many things, were on the agenda.” He chuckled. “that was alone for MICE, Travel had some points as well. And I agreed to do the interview, I’ll set up borders what can be discussed and what can’t.” I assured him.

“Good.” He replied, with a smile, before turning to my brother. “So you like the lasagne?”


“YEESS!!” they both screamed back. “Well, I’m sure Joseph will love to hear that.” Harry commented. “So you looking forward to tomorrow.” He asked me with a smirk, which only got bigger when I threw him a pissed glare. “I swear to god, if they even say one thing wrong I’m taking off and taking them with me.” I nodded my head to my brothers.

“They aren’t really looking forward to it as well.”

“she’s your mother, Merida.” Harry pointed out once again. “yea.” I agreed. “But what for mother.”

He just ignored my statement and asked if my brothers had fun in New York. They started rambling off the thing we had done and gone to see.

“The empire state building was so much fun.” Jesse stated. “but I know what I want to do now.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him. “I want to go to the army after Eton. I want to fly helicopters or plane’s, like the once we saw in the museum of Space and Air. “ he informed us.

I looked over at Harry with surprise, not really knowing what to say. “Really?” Harry asked. “Yea, I want to be like you, fly helicopter and help people.” He stated sure of his thing.

“Well, then you should. It’s a great thing to serve for your country. Are you going to go in the army here?” Harry asked him, leaning his arms on the table.

“In the UK, you mean?” Jesse asked. “Yea,” Harry nodded. “Of course, this is my country, not Belgium. Although some people say otherwise.” He said, but ended in a sad tone. I looked over at harry and saw him smile at his statement, but a bit worried as well.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Some people at Eton said I didn’t belong there, cause I’m not a British civilian,” He informed us, playing with his fork. I looked at Harry for some help and he did exactly that.

“Do you want to be a British Civilian?” he asked Jesse. “Yea, more then anything, I consider this my country and I’m as ashamed as Liv is about having a Belgian nationality.” He stated.

“Well, do you want to apply for a British nationality?” I asked him. I should probably consider the same thing. I couldn’t before cause you had to live Britain for a while to be able to apply.  

“Yes, I’d like that.” He smiled at me. I looked at harry and he nodded. “I guess I’ll be filling in some papers then.” I chuckled.

That night when they had gone to bed, Harry helped me apply for the British nationality for my brothers and me. I’d ask my grandparents what they wanted to do tomorrow.

“You’ll need it anyway, Merida. When we get married you’ll need to be a British National. You might want to look in changing to the church of England as well.” He had suggested. I guess I really should look into all of those things.


“Can’t we just go back to London?” I looked at harry with a smirk as I was driving down the motorway. “no, you can’t.” he chuckled. “Okay. Okay.” I replied with a chortle.

“Will you call ahead, tell her we’re on our way and ask If she needs anything?” I asked Harry, which he did.

“she asked if you could pick up the thing, she’d sent me in a message.” He chuckled. “Sure. What’s so amusing?” I asked him. “I think we’re going into a bigger thing then you might expect.” He noted.

“What has she done?” I asked, getting suspicious. “I think the entire fleet is there from the previous time.” He noted.

“you think that’s amusing. I haven’t seen them since last year after Africa. I’m not in a good mood because tomorrow it will be a year and we’ll have to answer all sorts of question from the papers this year to the miscarriage so yea, I think we’ll need some humour.” I summed up.

“Oh, shit.” He muttered. “Yea, oh shit.” I agreed.


we arrived at my grandparents. Lucas having checked everything out before we arrived, walked towards our car and told us it was good to go.

“Jim, won’t you take us back?” I asked, smirking. “No, Ma’am.” he chuckled. “Oh, come on. What have I deserved to get the Ma’am back.” I raised my arms in the air, dramatically. “no reason, Liv.” He smiled. “Good, that’s better.” I chuckled.

“GRAN, GRAMPS.” Nathan and jesse ran off around the corner. “How many are here?” I heard Jim ask in front of us. “ 27 people, it’s the same bunch as last year, plus some new one’s.” lucas replied.

“Everything will be alright.” Harry mumbled against my head, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, I leant my head back against his shoulder and muttered a quick. “yea, right. I haven’t seen her in two years now. Only had a couple of calls”

he kissed the top of my head and rested his head on mine as we walked around the corner. “Great, Candice is back here as well.” I muttered.


“What happened, with her. I thought you were close.” Harry asked me, never lifting his head from mine. “remember that story of us getting engaged and all.” I told him. He nodded and I confirmed:” that was her. I found out that the paper wrote some things, that had been said that day. I confronted her and she said it was her.”

“We’ll have to watch what we say, or would you like the rumours to start again.” He chuckled “Let’s be careful of what we say.” I warned, looking up at him and pecking his lips.

We reached the table and my gramps asked with a smirk: “So you had a good time in New York I assume.”

“We did, we had a great time.” I confirmed, smiling at my grandfather. “And you had to stay home?” He smirked at Harry. “Yea, the missus had to do business, I would only have been a distraction.” He replied with a cheeky grin, his hand going to my backside and giving it a slight squeeze.

I looked at him and gave him a smirk of my own, placing my own hand on his bum, before turning my head back to the group and said: “Yea, I needed to get some work done. Him being there wouldn’t have helped at all.” I chuckled.

“Yea and we went to a museum of space and air.” Jesse and Nathan both said enthusiastically. “Yea, I decided I want to go with the army or NASA as a astronaut. “ Jesse said enthusiastically.

“Right and last night you said it was just as a pilot for the army.”  Harry chuckled. “Well I can start there and work up my way to NASA.” He said, surely. “Sure. You can.” I assured him with a chuckle.

“By the way, I’m sure that Nathan and George will do the same. He had to say. “Those two will be the downfall of me and Kate.” I said, dead serious. “Who knows they might fly as co-pilot in search and rescue, they do have a great interest in that.” Harry suggested.

“Yea, definitely when Will took them for a ride in the Royal family’s helicopter. And in the rescue helicopter” I lilted.

“Yea, they did enjoy that.” Harry chuckled. “didn’t you bud?” harry said, petting down Nathan’s hair. The two of us sat down, across from my grandparents. “I did, can we do it again?” he asked him, looking up at harry. “Now, you said something.” I snorted as Nathan went to sit on Harry’s lap.

“I’m sure if you asked will, he’ll take you along.” Harry said. “don’t encourage him.” I warned him.

We all caught up, I talked a bit with my mum, introduced Harry to her, but ignored my stepfather completely, even when my mother motioned her head towards him. I just raised my eyebrow in a way of saying like ‘you better go to hell, before I even talk to him.’

“So, Nathan and Jesse are doing well?” she asked. “They are, better then ever. Jesse’s doing great, no longer having fights to get him to school. The boarding school makes him actually make his home work. His grades are better then ever. And Nathan, yea. Let’s just say that he and George are as close as brothers. He’s doing great as well, Autumn will have them in her class this year.” I informed her.

“Really?” she asked surprised, this was really annoying. She barely cared during the year, why would she want an update. “Yea, really what do you want me to say, lies to make you feel better. We’re all doing fine, even better without this stupid tosser and eejit getting his business where it shouldn’t be.” I threw out, tired of pretending.

“Nathan is still is our son.” She said, “Yea, ask him if he even wanted to see you.” I nodded my head to where Nathan was running around. She did and the answer made me feel great. She had asked him, if he wanted to go to Belgium and his answer was: “No, I’m good here. Here at least I can do something. I’m never going back with you, I’m good here.”

I barely managed to keep my smile hidden.

that’s another chapter, I hope you liked it.

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Hey Dave. You seem pretty well versed in the souls games. Was wondering, is DS2 as bad/disappointing as everybody says?

[sorry if this ends up being a little more scattershot or difficult to parse than usual, i spent an hour and a half on this question a couple days ago and lost the answer to the “Back” button on my browser as I was doing the final spellcheck on it. D: As a result, I’m recreating this from scratch and memory. But I want everyone to rest assured; I’ve installed a form-saving extension on Chrome, so that the ashes of this tragedy will keep us vigilant against future ones]

I like it quite a bit!

(wow, did I write that two years ago? yikes. i’d go back and edit a lot of those filler words out, if I could)

My baseline opinion is “the worst game in a series of some of the best games of the past decade is still an all right game.” Of course, after you’ve devoted 40-120 hours each to three other very similar games, you might look at the least of the lot and be like “yea, na. I’m good.”

And I get that! There’s a matter of burnout. Souls games requires stricter engagement and concentration than the average video game. They’re not like Skyrim, or nightly matches in Call of Duty or Destiny, where you can sink yourself into them and thoughtlessly putz around for a few hours. 

I’m not saying that to be like “these are real games,” (the tenor of the conversation around Souls games being OMG! SO! HARD! has done the series a huge disservice, they’re some of the most sensical, surmountable “hard,” games, once you learn their rules) just to acknowledge that there are variable levels of effort different games will ask of you, and sometimes the challenge of fitting in, say, an Etrian Odyssey or a Shin Megami Tensei game Every Single Year without fail is, like, daunting. Who’s got the brain power for that? On twitter the other day, I got asked “what’s the best Monster Hunter clone?” and my response (unrestrained to 140 characters) is like, “Monster Hunter itself requires so much mental bandwidth, I barely have space in my life for the authentic product, let alone whatever half-rate spinoffs exist.”

(by the way, Final Fantasy Explorers has cute costumes, but it’s pretty bad)

(also what’s with that creepy moogle pervert? what’s his deal?)

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at 5pm i put my car in the street so the dudes could open up the driveway (it snowed kinda a lot today). 3 hours later i go outside to put my car back in its place (cause the last time i forgot and got a parking ticket overnight ugh) and there’s like a THICK LAYER OF ICE sitting on it cause of some freezing rain. but like… THICK and it would take at least half an hour for my car to defrost and to scrap it off and i didn’t feel like just sitting in my car waiting for it to do its thing (and i hate doing that because of the environment). so i opened the two front doors and drove like that back to my spot between 2 other cars lmao. i couldn’t really see really well through the ice and with the doors slightly opened but it worked~ now i feel like a canadian redneck hahahaha


sometimes I’ll go for a half hour, or forty five minutes, or an hour, and I’ll have no brain zaps at all or maybe just one or two. this is immediately followed by a period of brain zaps every thirty seconds for the next two hours. the only definite trigger I’ve found is moving my eyes to the side (which science says is a thing that often causes it) but they usually happen randomly, so it’s not like I can stop them by just remembering to move my entire head

“Brain zaps” is a weird term because it doesn’t feel as much like electricity as I thought it might. it feels more like your brain is being fried and the zaps are the little grease bubbles popping constantly like eggs and bacon. or like a joint is getting dislocated/popped back into place, except in your brain. at least that’s what it feels like for me, it might be different for other people, idk

for extra fun, every brain zap also brings a dizzy spell with it. for double extra fun, this is going on at the same time as the less physical antidepressant withdrawal symptoms (like mood swings and irritability and decreased concentration).

and also I slept extremely shittily last night due to what I can only assume were nocturnal brain zaps (remember how science says that moving your eyes rapidly can trigger them? there’s literally a phase of sleep called “Rapid Eye Movement Sleep” so the end result there is a forgone conclusion)

TL;DR I better lose some weight and come out a better person because so far stopping my antidepressants has not been a happy fun time

Random Prompts!
  • “I was at a party at my friend’s house, and a peacock fell through the roof.”
  • “I went to my school’s prom and danced by myself for the whole four hours.”
  • “In a game of Spin-the-Bottle, I landed on the same person seven times in a row.”
  • “I hid in the back seat of my parents’ car when they went to a movie alone.”
  • “My twin tried to kill me in the Louvre.”
  • “I have a half inch deep, claw-shaped scar on my back, and I have no idea where it came from.”
  • “He’s probably after me because of what I did last summer.”
  • “I remember the day I gained my powers, and the day I lost them.”
  • “That’s a random place to be asleep.”
  • “I meant to send the text saying ‘I love you’ to my girlfriend, but I sent it to your mom instead, and shit this is awkward.”

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(kind of urgent??) im trying to go back to (a special) school to get my proper education and get it over with after dropping out of a bunch of programs; i had my first class two days ago and i stayed for the whole three and a half hours and participated in class and i was so proud of myself but i had class again today and i just wouldnt move from my bed?? i couldnt will myself to get up and i ended up relapsing and i should be in class right now (continued)

and i can do the work online its not like im missing out but the same thing happened the last time i enrolled in this program, i could go for the first class but couldnt do it again and i dont want it to happen again and i feel like such a failure and i dont know what to do

hey anon, 

you’re not a failure. if you really set your mind to it you’ll be able to finish this class. try to go for the sessions you can make, and make sure to keep up with the assigned course work. focus on your end goal of completing your education. try to let that inspire you and give you motivation to work hard and keep working hard. 

it sounds like your mental health is really suffering right now, and you seem really overwhelmed. if you need to take a few days off every now and again, do so as long as it won’t negatively affect if you pass the class or not. 

i’d also suggest talking with the teacher/school about possible accommodations you might be able to receive and steps you can take to get those.  these might help ease your way a lot, as i know they have for me. 

most of all, take care and stay safe, 


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i don't now why i just like knowing weird things about people so could you just say 3 random facts about yourself? (example: i am not blood related to over half of my 8 siblings, one time my brother's snake bit me because it thought my hand was the mouse, when i was 10 i carried two teenage boys on my back for 10 minutes because someone said i couldn't do it.)

Meg- *crack knuckles* 1.) One time when I was eight, I was in the nurses for four hours because I pulled out a loose tooth that wasn’t ready in the slightest to come out yet, just because this bitchy girl in my class said I wouldn’t. (I actually got really dizzy from blood loss and almost passed out, but it was so worth it.) 2.) I can fall asleep on almost any surface: kitchen counter, gravel, the bottom of a pool, you name it. (And yes, I have fallen asleep on all of the listed surfaces.) 3.) I have a big brother who I am not blood related to, but he is my brother none the less.

EXO’luXion in Dallas

EXO in Dallas was so amazing i want to cry. 2 and half hours didn’t seem long enough. Sehun was so freaking gorgeous i can die. all of them were so handsome! Kyungsoo and Xiumin were so freaking adorable. Suho, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were such dorks. Chen was amazing live. i’m still salty that Kai and Lay couldn’t come but i don’t regret going at all. i would do it all over again. i wanted to cry when it was over. I NEED EXO AGAIN IN TEXAS! depsite what you wear on twitter about My Music Taste, they did an incredible job! the workers were nice and everything was well organized. everyone sat where they were suppose to, it was WAY better than my experience with TGM with BTS. fancams and my vlog will be up in two weeks. i just got back home and now its back to reality which means i have a test next week. so promise when its over i will edit the videos. would you guys like to see my trip to Dallas for EXO? and how was your experience in Dallas?