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for a about “You weren't meant to see that." :3

AN: I know I’m like known for writing fluff but idk. This is where my mind took me. I hope you’re not disappointed! 

Natsu sat at Lucy’s desk, waiting for her to return home from wherever she was. They’d just finished a request late the night before, and hadn’t arrived back in Magnolia until the early hours of the morning. The two went their separate ways once entering the city, both desperate to go home and sleep. But after half a day of resting, Natsu awoke, and almost immediately decided to visit Lucy. He was sure he’d find her still in bed, considering how lazy she was, but she wasn’t home at all (not even taking a shower, Natsu had checked).

So the pinkette did what he always did when he climbed through Lucy’s window into an empty home: he waited. He plopped himself down at her desk, and tried to busy himself with whatever was around him. All he found were stacks of empty paper and some ink, though. Or in other words, Boring Lucy Stuff, as Natsu would refer to them. Seriously, only someone like Lucy would find writing fun.

“Huh?” Natsu wondered out loud, something catching his eye. There was something sticking out of Lucy’s top drawer - the edge of a piece of paper, from the looks of it. That peaked Natsu’s interest. Lucy usually kept all of her paper neatly stacked in her side drawer, or on her desk if she was working with them. What was on the paper that she hurriedly stashed in this drawer? Only one way to find out!

Natsu opened the drawer of odds and ends, and found a few papers among the randomness. He pulled them out, and started to skim the writing on it.

He push the blonde against the wall, his lips quickly finding her neck.

Whoa, Natsu thought, pausing. Lucy was into writing this kinda stuff? Maybe it was part of her novel; there was romance in it, right? It was probably just a quick love scene. For whatever reason, Natsu kept reading. It had to be something special if Lucy felt the need to hide it, right? His eyes skipped a few lines, not trying to read the entire thing.

…A breathy moan escaped her lips at the feeling. She’d never been kissed like this before; it was rough, and desperate, mirroring their passionate feelings for each other. Tugging at his pink hair -

Natsu stopped reading, and instead reread the same line again. Wait. Pink hair? Lucy didn’t…he couldn’t finish his thought, feeling much too embarrassed. Instead, he skipped a few more lines, reading a bit more urgently now.

…Hooked her legs around his waist. She curled them tighter around him, pulling their waists flush together. She could feel just how badly he wanted her, and if her moan was any indicator, she wanted him just as badly. When she looked into his dark eyes, she couldn’t stop herself from whimpering his name, “-


The pinkette flailed, almost falling of the chair he was sitting on. He turned around to face an angry looking Lucy, who was walking his way right now. She’d caught him red handed. Or maybe it was the other way around.

“Hey Lucy! How’s it goin’?” Natsu inquired, a smirk evident on his face. He made no move to hide the papers in his hands, and for a moment, Lucy didn’t realize it. She just continued to frown at him.

“How many times do I have to tell you NOT TO SNEAK INTO MY APARTMENT!” the blonde roared, placing her hands on her hips. She didn’t like the smug look on Natsu’s face either. Why was he - ? “My desk. Why is that drawer open?” Lucy asked, her eyes finally falling on the piece of furniture.

“Hmm? Oh this drawer? I opened it because something inside caught my eye,” Natsu confessed truthfully, his smug grin growing as Lucy paled. Her eyes darted from the open drawer to his hands and she shrieked, leaning forward to snatch the papers from him.

“What are you doing?! Y-you weren’t meant to see this! I told you, you’re not allowed to read my writing!”

The bright blush on Lucy’s cheeks was enough of a reward for Natsu, but he decided to push her even farther. Standing up, he started to move closer to Lucy, who stood frozen staring at him with wide eyes. “Not even when it’s about me?” he asked, feigning innocence.

“It’s not about you!” Lucy attempted to deny, taking a few steps back to put some distance between her and her best friend. “It’s a part of my novel! That’s all.”

“Oh yeah?” Natsu teased, his smirk coming back. He crossed his arms, still moving closer to Lucy. “So why’d you stuff it away in some random drawer?”

Lucy frowned, clearly not happy with how he was outsmarting her. Of course that only made Natsu’s confidence grow, and Lucy hated to see that. “Because I was having writer’s block and it annoyed me so I stuffed it in my first drawer without thinking!” she lied out of anger, just trying not to let Natsu win.

It was a losing battle for Lucy though. Natsu had her successfully backed against her bedroom wall now. He pinned her in place, putting both of his palms against the wall on either side of her. Lucy gave a girly squeak when Natsu leaned down close to her, making him smirk harder. His eyes stared deeply into hers before they dropped to her lips. When he spoke, his voice was husky with an emotion unfamiliar to Lucy.

“Want some inspiration?”

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I haven’t been posting about too many of the houses I’ve gone to look at because I feel like I’ll just jinx it or something. But after viewing more than ten properties, and making three offers on two different homes that have fallen through, I’m just going to say screw it. Maybe if, by sharing some of these photos, I can garner some good vibes from you folks, things will turn out different. 

So here it is: My new dream home. This updated 1940s cabin/house is three-and-a-half hours outside of Portland (further than I wanted to be, but screw it), has two bedrooms and one bath, is connected to city electric but has its own well and septic, features a great work shop and a year-round creek, and sits on 77 acres of deep green forest, backing up to private timber land at the end of a dead-end road. It is over my price range, but not so far over that it will stop me from making an offer on it if everything checks out when I go to view it next week. 

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Jeonghan scenario where he works in a cafe, and you were waiting for your date to come pick you up for two hours and in starts raining, so Jeonghan invites you to come inside? Super fluff please!*^*

I’m REALLY sorry for the late reply ;-; There were some craftsmen in our house who will be here for another 3 days or so and I didn’t have internet connection and then I had practice which I skipped because I have hurt my stomach and I had to wait for my brother to finish and our parents to come and then I came back and please forgive me, I had a bad day xD

Thankfully I hope you like it <3

Your best friend had set you on a blind date as she insisted that you had to find a boyfriend. Although you tried to avoid the whole situation, she was your childhood friend and you couldn’t refuse it. Though, you were the person who wants to fall in love and be with your other half for eternity. Cheesiness level over 9000.

And here you were, dressed up in your favorite dress and waiting for your ‘date’. The location was a small coffee shop near your house. Though you had never been there before. Deciding to wait for him outside, you stood next to the door and hummed some of your favorite songs.

One hour. 

Where is he? Hm.. I should wait a little more, something might have happened..

Two hours.

The waiter in the cafe was observing you-or more your back and hair-since you arrived. Sometimes, when he had to clean the table behind you he glanced at you, shyly smiling.

OK I’m leav-

“Excuse me, miss..”

You turned to see who was calling you and your eyes met the most beautiful brown orbs you had ever seen.


Why did I stutter, darn.

“I see you’re standing there for quite a while now. Do you want to come inside? I could treat you to some chocolate” He smiled and you swear you could faint right there.

Deciding not to let the opportunity slip away, you nodded smiling and let him guide you to a table.

“Wait a minute” the boy smiled again and disappeared behind the counter.

After some minutes he came back with two hot chocolates and placed the one in front of you, him sitting on the opposite seat.

“I’m Jeonghan” he smiled yet again and you noticed his beautiful eye smile.

“_____” you smiled back.

“So, _____, may I ask why you were waiting before?”

Your smile faded and you told him all about your bestie and her plan.

“Well..” Jeonghan coughed. “It’s really bad a pretty girl like you being ditched.” He looked like he was thinking hard.

Afterwards he looked at you and smiled widely, his cheeks turning a light pink.

“Would you like to go on a real date?”

Your heart futtered and your eyes opened wide, cheeks stained with a bright red colour.

“O-Of course..” you looked down.

“Don’t worry” he placed a hand on top of yours on the table. “I will be there, or should I say, earlier.”

With a huge grin you leaned over the table and placed a tender kiss on his cheek, making the long-haired boy blush deeper.

“I-I.. I h-have to go back to w-work.. H-Here’s my number” Jeonghan took a pen from his pocket and wrote the number on a napkin. He winked at you-who knows where he had found the courage-and you both sat up.

Thanking him for the chocolate, you turned to leave, holding the napking titghtly on your chest and trying to stop grinning lke an idiot.

As you left the shop, Jeonghan glanced at you and smiled to himself.

True love actually exists..


I HATE my criminal law class! My fucking dirty bald head fat ass professor pissed me DF off today! So I had a class yesterday that ends at 5 pm and then right after that I have to go to work until 12. I get back to my dorm after 12 and I put my  clothes in the machine than I spend two hours reading this dumb ass book we’re assigned to read for his class. So I finally fall asleep at 2 AM. This man’s class starts at 8 so I plan on waking up for 6 but I wake up half an hour late. I am a GIRL so you know it takes a while for me to get ready. I wouldve still been able to get ready if SOMONE didnt turn the fucking dryer off while I was sleep. So I have to sit there and wait for my wet clothes to dry because I dont feel like digging for something to wear and my sweatshirt is in there too! I finally get to this mans class EARLY and with dry clothes. Once class starts he tells us to take out our laptops so we can continue the stupid book. I take mine out and I see the shit is at 18%. Then I realize I forgot my damn charger rushing trying to get to class on time. I kindly walk my ass up to him and PRIVATELY ask him if i could return to my dorm to get my charger. Mind you my dorm is a FIVE MINUTE walk from the building. This nigga gonna start yelling and carrying on in front of the whole damn class. Telling me how im unfit for the class and irresponsible and hes gonna look into getting me out of the class. In my head I want to check this nigga and ask him who TF he think he talking to butttt: I’m not trying to get kicked out Temple so I just sit there. He tells me I can’t get the charger and if it dies to SHARE with someone else. I walk back to my seat and this BITCH next to me gon fucking LAUGH. I swear I wanted to punch her white ass right then and there. Im still fucking heated at this shit and that class is long finished. 


My new boss can only give me 8-10 hours a week
Which is like half my old pay
But I would rather stay here then try to figure out a new job. Thankfully, I live with wonderful and giving parents and have no bills to pay. This just mean that I will have less money to spend on Cosplay and things I want. I also like having money to donate and give to people that need it.

So if you guys could, could you maybe take a look at the etsy store my sister and I run, PerpetuallyConcoctin? It’s perler bead creations that you might have seen me post. It would be great if I could actually start making money off of it, one as a return on my investment, two to be able to pay back my sister for her contributions, and three so I can still have some more spending money

I totally understand if you would rather spend money on people that need it to live, but if you could at least take a look that would be great


Kaidan thoughts, vol. 2

The story of “Tru romances Kaidan due to ravenclawnerd and aphreal42‘s nagging” continues.

So, currently on my way to Ilos. I did a speed-run where I just went for the major missions without assignments (I know the game like the back of my hand, so I didn’t mind missing out on some things). I’ve been playing over two or three days, and so far this playthrough has come to about eight and a half hours. Not bad. Anyway, thoughts:

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Kinda really wanting to take a road trip, but I can only drive for like an hour and a half to two hours before my back starts to hurt, and Asa can’t drive stick…

so you see my predicament.

okay so i have to explain to people who may not know what an absolute treat it was to go see Return of the King in theaters

and no it’s not because ‘oh wow i got to see it on the big screen’

no it was because of the like 10 or so times the movie fades to black (or white in one case) and like half the theater would get up and start to leave, and then the movie would come back on

and the first time it happened everyone was just like oops and sat back down

then it happened again and again and by like the fifth time everyone was like wtf is this movie going to end or not? you could feel the exhaustion permeating the air, we’d been in that theater for well over two hours at that point, the popcorn was gone, everyone’s drinks were empty, and their bladder’s full

and by the time it actually did end everyone’s just sitting there like is that it? ‘the end’? are you sure? really? you don’t have one more ending in you? we can go now?

Does anyone else ever get irrationally scared of finishing things?

Like you binge the first 30 hours of a video game over four days then as soon as it starts to feel like it’s heading toward the final boss you keep putting off finishing it because then it will be done? And then suddenly is six months later and your save file is still two hours from finishing the game but you barely remember the controls.

Or you’re completely in love with a book but then you feel like you’re reading it too fast and so you stop but then you just keep bouncing back and forth between picking it up and putting it down but still thinking about it and by the time you actually convince yourself it’s “okay” to finish it you have to start over because you don’t even remember who the bad guy is.

Bluuuugh, after like two days of terribad sleep, I finally get to sleep what I think will be a full eight hours so I can wake up in the morning and feel fully refreshed and have many hours to work on my creative stuff before a short work that’ll be not so bad.

Lol no. I get woken up at 5:00 AM by my boss asking me for like the ninth time in this past week and a half I swear to work again, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I’ve had four hours of sleep, couldn’t fall back asleep after she called, and I’m just a wreck. My sleep’s been like this for like the past three days now. I swear she’s gonna ask me to work a certain coworker’s entire work week when I get in and I’m just going to tell her flat out no if does. I already made plans this whole week based upon my very light schedule and damn it I cannot just keep flipping my life around for this stupid fucking job.

Taco Bell is my job. It’s not my fucking life.

My brother was like ‘yeah so I don’t think I’ll go to uni tomorrow because I only have two hours of lectures”

and my dad was like “oh no you can’t start missing lectures you’re better than that seriously you need to go to uni!!!”

and I’m just like

oh father thank god you don’t know what my actual uni timetable is…

bogisms ( x )

It was almost like an ENDLESS chill that blew through her, making her shiver & her jaw chatter as a result. Winter was becoming BRUTAL, Quebec wasn’t getting any hotter. So she stood FROZEN against the facade of a building. Another day of STAKING out her potential target, observing his moves – – taking NOTES until she finally each movement like the back of her hand. The bench she had been constantly ADJUSTING herself on for about two & a half hours had finally become unbearable. A stretch was in order, standing to her full height & raising her arms high above her head. It was then that she had noticed someone staring at her, to which she only stared back. 

            “ You want a NUDE photo me be buddy? “

idk what’s wrong with me but for the past like week i’ve just been tired all the time and i sleep like 10 hours a day minimum. i’ve lost all motivation to run and when i try i can barely do 2 even though i’ve trained my body to do 6 without stopping. i get really dizzy and have a hard time focusing on anything for an extended period of time. also i have like a permanent headache and my stomach is shit. it’s too late for me to schedule a doctor’s appointment but i’m worried because i leave home in like two days for the semester. ugh what if i can’t get focused enough to keep up with my classes and what if something’s seriously wrong. i know my body pretty well and it’s not bueno. not bueno at all. also my month and a half break from depression is slipping away so yayyyy that’s what i get for letting toxic people back into my life. honestly surprised it took this long for it to creep back in

so I got in a match where only three squids showed up, which is always sad. On top of that, our third player either disconnected midway or turned off their console. So theres us two little squids and we’re already pushed back to our base so you know what, we just START HAVING A SQUID PARTY, AND IT WAS SUCH A GOOD TIME. The next match I was looking for them but couldn’t quite remember since their name was in Japanese, but when an enemy squid started partying instead of shooting, WELL. 

So for like the next two hours we like half-threw all the matches and just followed each other, inking and partying, whether on the same or opposing teams. We tried to pause to shoot at the others teammate so we could resume partying if on opposing teams, but often we got splatted and just tried to find each other again. (I would fling ink at my teammates if they splatted them to try to tell them NO DON’T DO THAT, I thought it was funny that we obviously were just goofing off and we would get splatted for it.) 

Although a couple times we got a few more people to join us, and that was the BEST ASJHDFGKSD I was laughing so hard this whole time and honestly it was the most fun I’ve had playing Splatoon yet. I didn’t care about ~strategy~ or competition, it was just ink my way as fast as possible to get to my friend, and splat inklings who splatted them or came near us to defend them (and resume our party dfgjsk). Not trying to play seriously made wins and losses meaningless and I enjoyed my goal just being FIND FRIEND. Ironically, I think it made me play better, and it definitely kept me more interested in continuing playing for an extended period and my cash count reflects this sdhfgs. Of course, I added them to my friends list. This comic and the one it links to are ridiculously correct - Kelp Dome is indeed where friendship blooms :D

Today is a very special day.

It has been three years since I met imustbelovedrunkonyou.

I remember it pretty clearly. It was August 27, 2012. It was our first day of college. I had just moved back home after transfering out of a college in New York and was very unexcited to be going to any school at this point.. It was the morning Intro to Psych class. I got there about 10 minutes early, there were already a few girls sitting in different seats around the room. Since I didn’t know any of them I sat in the middle seat in the last row (that way I could sleep). I noticed a girl sitting two rows ahead of me, I don’t know why I focused on her but I did.

An hour and a half later the class ended and it was off to the next class. This girl and I were walking the same direction and I was working up the nerve to ask her some questions so it wasn’t so awkward (I don’t know if it was awkward for her but it was for me!) Eventually we had gotten out of the building we were in, around the little pond and into the next building when I asked what class she was going to. She told me and I got kind of excited because we were going to the same class - so we sat next to each other. That class was a required interdisiplinary class. The professor told us to pick one of the people sitting next to us and get to know each other because we would basically be introducing each other to the class. This is when I learned her middle name is Lynn, her birthday is August 13 and that her favorite color is rainbow. It was the beginning of a relationship I knew would be so important to me.

In the past three years we have gone through more than I had ever gone through with my friend of almost 12 years. TeeTee and I have developed the best friendship I could ever ask for. She is literally my soulmate in friend form. Hopefully at our 4 year friendiversary I’ll be able to say we are finally living together somewhere warmer than here and with our new dogs.

Remember, I’m only one call away - always.


and now.

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have you read the fic called "children of loss"? im currently reading it (chapter 29 oh my gosh) and i didn't think i would like it because it focuses on percico (but also luke x nico and a bit of solangelo too probably idk ive only finished half of it) and i just.. i really like this fic because its super well written lol and it's so easy for me to get so absorbed i think i'm actually nico and yeah idk i was just wondering if you read it because im bored af right now :)

I have not read that one!! I’ll put it in my list, for sure. Thanks for the rec!