The 5 Stages of Grief - Sherlock Series 4

So, I realised today that I’ve gone through each of the five stages of grief after the airing of Sherlock Series 4, and because I have now reached acceptance, I thought it was worth sharing as a bit of a lighthearted exercise. Obviously, I don’t mean to offend anyone here, love you all <3


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-          This is a fake episode

-          There’ll be a fourth episode


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-          Desecrated Canon Stories like Garridebs

-          Plotholes Galore }:[

-          Some narratives led nowhere?!?


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-          If only I hadn’t gotten involved…


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-          How will I ever love and watch this series again?

-          What will I do now without this source of happiness?


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-          Overall there were some very good + funny bits, the acting was great as            always

-          And the bad bits are laughable at this point, so I shall do just that and                laugh and find enjoyment through doing so

-          Eventually - “it is what it is”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hello everyone!! We’re back!! And we’re excited to announce the return of Seijoh 4 Week, a fanweek dedicated to Seijoh third years Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Hanamaki Takahiro, and Matsukawa Issei! Since we had such positive results the last time we held this event, we’ve decided to make it a biannual occurrence - once from July 20-26 (starting on Oikawa’s birthday) and once from January 27-February 2 (starting on Hanamaki’s birthday)!

As with last year, we’re encouraging people to create fanfiction, fan art, edits, graphics, headcanons, any and all kinds of fan work related to either the polyship or just the incredible friendship that these four share!

Rules - FAQ - Prompts:

Day 1: stormy weather // long distance
Day 2: note passing // detention
Day 3: aquarium date // child/parent au
Day 4: anniversary // hp au
Day 5: moving in together // soulmate au
Day 6: different kisses shared among them // youtuber au
Day 7: comfort // childhood

Please reblog to spread the word, and feel free to send us an ask with any questions you may have! We can’t wait to see everyone’s contributions!

Doyle Appreciation Week

So it’s been about two years since Donald Doyle heroically sacrificed himself to save the people of Chorus. And in those two years (and even before then) his character tag has been severely lacking in content. Not just on Tumblr, but even his Ao3 tag hasn’t even cracked 200 the last time I checked.

And that doesn’t seem fair to Doyle. He deserves a lot more than what we’re giving him as a fandom and I want to change that.

So I’m bringing back Doyle Appreciation Week, which will be from February 26 - March 4. Anyone’s welcome to participate by creating some kind of fan content centered around that lovable little noodle.

It can be fanart, fanfics, even just a post full of headcanons about him! It doesn’t have to be a big, huge thing, even the smallest contributions are good!

Haven’t designed a facecanon for him yet? Now’s the perfect time! Want to draw him looking cool with his sword, maybe slicing a merc or two in the process? Go for it! Want to do something shippy with him and another character? Why not? Want to rip our hearts out with more sad art of his final moments? You’re a monster (kidding), but please, by all means!

Just tag everything with Doyle Appreciation Week and his character tag, so that will also get a little more attention! Let’s give the general the love he deserves!

Sans Hazard Comic Group (Rules)

Artists who participate the comic Sans hazard Comic Group are (In order for turn): 

  1. @metakazkz
  2. @wolf-wrathknight or @wolfwrathknight same person
  3. @jakei95
  4. @hammie-heart 
  5. @metalphoenixxwolf 
  6. @rahafwabas (her turn)
  7. @superyoumna (finished) 

Rules ( read the rules very important ) 

  1. Cooperate/Communication. Let the group know if you the participants are busy or can’t at the moment. We are a group “not a one person job” don’t make others wait or worried, please communicate to the group if your having trouble or need some back up.  
  2. Time limit: 4 weeks at most. Remember this isn’t a race. Take all the time you need to concentrate your stuff as well. 
  3. Limit of how many pages: 5 pages, no more. Don’t want you guys to overwork yourself. Remember no more than 5 pages.
  4. Art of choice: Lineart at most, nothing too difficult and it doesn’t have to be colored but you can if you choose like practice.   
  5. This is an improvisation comic. The point of this comic is to be creative. Make you guys laugh and feel the moment with emotions. ALL DEM FEELS.

-What is Sans hazard?-

These comics are created by artists, not just one artist. Don’t take it seriously. This comic is not canon and not connected to the other comics, this is just for the fun! 

About the Artists a.k.a “us”, have an art block and wanted the do something new for change. Later, the group heard there is an island for artists who has artblocks or don’t have inspiration. A place for vacation. The artists decide to head to the island where it’s exactly what they heard and see the image of the Iphone. The artists are having a good time. But they notice something strange is going on in the island…

The story: Sans hazard  

Objective: Survive on the island full of Evil Sanses that try to kill you or try to turn the artist into one of their kind. There are stages: Infection and Possession. Who ever get’s stabbed by one of the villain Sanses is controlled by them. The Islands’ Guardians of Sanses group will protect the Artists from them. Captain Kaz and her group of Artists will solve the mystery of the mysterious island.


First Week Of Filming With Mark Gatiss

Let’s go back to April and the first week of filming #Sherlock series 4…

Warning: spoiler(ish unconfirmed) rant

Ok, i know there’s a ton of speculation about the season finale especially since Marie’s interview. But for real guys, I don’t think I could keep watching if they made b.echo a thing. 

I don’t think i could deal with the writers actually giving Bellamy a love interest who had a large hand in killing his girlfriend. And really to put him with anyone besides Clarke just makes no goddamn sense at this point.

They make Bellarke canon before they potentially (more than likely really) get separated in the finale, fine, I could do that.

But if they decided to separate Bellamy and Clarke without a kiss or at the very least a confession of their feelings for each other, and insist that they will start the next season with different people, I really don’t think I could keep watching.  


After six intense poll rounds and millions of votes, fans have crowned Brit’s sexy romp with G-Eazy the top music video of 2016!

We made it to the end, guys! Fans of all the artists in our Top 40 of 2016 showed up in full force to vote for our No. 1 video of the year. This time around, the Britney Army proved just how dedicated they are to their girl by crowning the Princess of Pop this year’s winner. After nearly eight million overall votes and six exciting rounds, Britney Spears’ “Make Me…” featuring G-Eazy is officially Fuse’s No. 1 video of 2016!

When Round 1 launched in November, there were 39 other major videos competing for the title. A few weeks later, three “wildcards” came back in Round 4 for a second shot at the top. But in the end, none of them were competition for Brit and G-Eazy.

So cheers to you, Britney fans! Light some vanilla candles and order your favorite Starbucks frappuccino in honor of the pop star’s win. 👏👏