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Chillby and Grillby is enjoying this M!A more then I thought they would. Chillby I knew he liked it and honestly after seeing how much of a kick he's getting out of it I would be surprised if he puts his shirt back on after it's all over. But grillby. I thought he would be annoyed haveing to strut around half naked this entire time.

* Looking at the situation right now… how can you not having fun?

M!A Over

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I'm also here to support the boys, but there are theories going around on babybs that I do not agree with. If they're taking one of those routes, I'm out. Might come back after it's all over, but hell. This is supposed to be a band, not reality TV.

I’m sure I know which theories you’re speaking of. I think it’s interesting to reference something one of Angela’s anons said, though, about this fandom being so mad and down in the dumps lately that we had definitive proof Harry and Louis were together last night and it was just kind of… okay. 

I think that says a lot.