━ ༄ Buy a couple dozen chillidogs and sit somewhere with a nice view on Valentine’s Day it is then. ”

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my ex boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend but he asked me to take him back and I'm such a mess without him and he's a mess without me like we're both suicidal teens with anxiety disorders and we make each other feel bad sometimes but without each other we get even worse and I miss him like hell and I don't know what to do like I don't know if I can trust him but I can't live without him it's so fucking hard

codepending on someone for ur existing means it’s a toxic relationship. you can have happiness outside of him.

sleepover saturday yo

the struggle of being down to the last of your stash and knowing you should save it for tomorrow but you really wanna do it right now (and you know you’re probably gonna end up doing it now no matter how much you try to talk yourself out of it)

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Do you think them walking away from each other in he music video symbolized anything?? Like maybe possibly a break up?? But the promised right!?! And like Liam blew Harry a kiss and they all looked happy, I'm like confused they are coming back right?? Even after all this stupid baby drama??

I don’t want to shatter anyone’s dreams, and I sure as hell don’t want to keep anyone’s hopes up high. So it’s very hard for me to reply to this. Especially without upsetting or offending anyone. But many people (besides most I follow) are saying they believe it’s all over.

I remember when MCR released their last album. A break up wasn’t announced but fans were saying that one song sounded like they were saying goodbye. I said they were all crazy. But I didn’t let it slip by. A month later, they broke up. And it was upsetting, but I kept both possibilities in mind.

My point is, be prepared for anything, but don’t upset yourself every day with the thought of a possible end coming sooner than we thought. Think happy thoughts and stay relaxed. And if the time does come, you’ll have already prepared yourself with endless playlists to rock out to when you’re sad.

(Also to the thousands of anons or anyone in my ask. Fuck I’m sorry lol I’ve been away and I probably won’t get to your asks unless you’ve recently stopped by)

THAT’S Marinedevimon? I thought he was supposed to be Cthulhu…


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good luck going back to canon after hijack has taken over! its so much better than hiccstrid :3

“Taken over” would be a vast overstatement, though :D. I have been and I remain a primarily canon and/or extended universe focused fanartist, as those are what interest me the most. I will keep doing my separate httyd and rotg projects, while I consider Hijack a crack pairing whose primary appeal to me is the fact that I love both characters very very much and it’s fun imagining them hanging out, and it’s fun discovering their differences and communication etc. In other words, I won’t refrain from drawing Hijack when/if someone or something inspires me to do so. For example the way I’ve gotten into the wereweasel AU because I love ferrets/weasels so much! You know? :) Yep, so that’s the extent of my Hijack contribution: occasional crack dabbling.

class was so intense today bc the professor unexpectedly rushed to the back of the room and yelled at everyone to get off facebook thankfully i’m still that loser that uses journals to take notes

      That’s not very fuckin nice Linnea

12 Week Fitness Challenge

So, I have taken the plunge and joined in the “12 Week xUx Challenge.” I find it kind of funny because if this was a year ago or even two years ago I would normally laugh at people who join these things. My thought was that they are just doing this in order to get ready for Spring Break or Summer time. They want to kick ass for 3 months in order to fit back into things or to have those six pack abs to show off and then after its all over go back and be lazy and start the process the next year. 

The more I thought about it the more I got into it. 12 weeks is a long time and 12 weeks can yield a ton of results if I do it the right way. This is a chance for me to really focus on my health and fitness life and this focus can easily be transferred to other aspects of my life. 

Today was the first day with Heather going over the basics of health and nutrition and the rules of the road for this challenge. I got measured and weighed in. If you have been keeping up with me I got back into bad ways and got up to 230. Since getting back to working out and eating better. I am now at 221 (been going between 220 and 222) and my goal is to get to 195 perhaps below. 

This challenge will help hold me accountable for myself and help me to become the greater hero I can be! I cannot wait to get started but first I have to eat all of the bad food in my possession because the real work starts tomorrow! 

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Thanks for the thomas vibes pics. THat's great to look at =). Also; imagine emre nuzzling that chest hair?

I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

I think that emre would kind of play it off like “eh i don’t really care about chest hair, sorry.” But when they were lying together in bed Emre would inch his way over little by little until his head was resting on Thomas’ chest and his hand was ~casually~ playing with his chest hair. And Thomas would try to hold really still and hide his smile because he doesn’t want to scare Emre off.