My name is Micah Martin, a 24 year old Guild Wars enthusiast from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Through my teenage years it was GW1 that kept me sane and safe during hard times. While out in the real world I’d get bullied and never given a minutes peace, I always knew when I came home I’d have the guild/alliance I was in to chat to. We’d run duo Underworld runs or FoW and it’d always make me so happy to have that community to rely on when my mood was low.

I moved to Guild Wars 2 much later in life when I finally had my own gaming PC. And it’s all but consumed me completely.

This is why when I decided to go and get a new tattoo, I decided to start a Guild Wars based piece, starting with Dwayna on my upper arm. Money is tight so it still requires shading, but hopefully at some point I can eventually complete the piece with Lyssa, Melandru, Grenth and Balthazar.
No matter if in 10 or 20 years down the line I don’t have Guild Wars in my life, I’ll always remember how much it meant to me. The communities and friendships I formed and the fun and safety it provided during the tough times.

Tattoo by Joe Mullan of Joker Tattoo Studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

july 1, 2016 (friday) at 11:19 pm

perhaps i’ve written too little about the kaleidospic bits my heart fashions to add to the glass my soul is encased in. today, a piece of bliss was added to my ever growing hue of pieces.

maybe it had something to do with the picture of your laughter, your eyes like molten sunlight glinting. another vision, another dream to carve upon my memories. every moment with you is warmth and fuzz and high running through my veins. and even if i’m a jumble of awkward syllables and constant eyerolls around you, my mind has never been this at peace and my chest has never felt this much content.

these mosaic moments will scald and freeze and etch itself into my being like a tattoo. gosh. i am so happy, so happy.


Is Irminsul on the darkside of nordic imagry?

as in has it been appropriated and abused to the point that getting it tattooed gives most the idea that you’re some hate mongering fool?

i ask because i have a nordic tattoo theme and this piece would fit nicely in a place i want to fill. and i like the meaning ive seen so far, but does it connotate negative things too much to make this a good idea such as how the peaceful swastika was appropriated and made into a symbol of hate by Nazis, i hope my question makes sense

p.s. and is it even nordic? or is it saxon/germanic?