demeandtuerefanclub asked:

5, 8 an 9๐Ÿ˜Š

5. piercings i have


8. top 5 (insert subject)

I’ll do top 5 anime(At me partners suggestion)

1. Eureka 7


3. Michiko to Hatchin

4. Toradora

5. K-On!

9. tattoos i want

SO MANY. I want a circuit board pattern on my left forearm, on my left shoulder I want the anarchist symbol, but with a gun for the bar in the A with the words “Peace by Piece” around it, I want on my left like upper back shoulder area the outline of Africa, somewhere on me I want a chaos star, also a tattoo of a bunny because why not. Oh, and going up one of my legs, maybe just to like the knee, I want vines w/ roses on them.

Peace and pieces

Posting pieces and peace signs
Trying to stand up not stand behind
Find the line to lead
As the line is what I read
From grass roots
Where weave with reeds
And create crosses
From the good book we read
Lines from psalms proverbs and poetry
Might as well tattoo these words on me
Cause in the mirror they are what I see

Sign the cast
Cause we all in this play
And I broke my leg
That’s what they say
And its lost its meaning
After being over used and abused
Trying not be one of the tools
But I can’t help if I drool
Cause I feel like I’m dreaming
Cause this nightmare got me screaming

How can we imagine and manage
To get our ducks in a row
Cause I won’t count these chicks
Till they hatch
Keep em off in a stash
So they don’t get cracked and scrambled
And brambled or mangled
Cause I don’t want to be a man handle
But something to grab onto
Like monkey bars
Or the stars
Reach high for me
And I will help you to see
What these lines mean
From genesis to revelations
See Michael Angelo’s paintings
And understand creation
And this pain thing

while I get these needle lines outlined
With my first horns name
Someone I stand up for
And keep dry in a down pour
Safe from the flood
And if that is not enough
I hope to give them more
A world with a peace sign
Or anything but it in pieces

A snap while i was getting my tattoo done…i am in awe of this piece! To say it looked awesome on paper doesn’t do it justice and how it has now come out….simply WOW!!!!
I am in the hands of an artist woth mad skills and a passion for his work…@ketanvaidya you are awesome bro..much love โœŒ#lordbuddha #love #peace #inkforlife #tattoosarelifenotjustXmas #tattoosrule #loveink

For my Padre. They say it gets easier it just gets a Lil less painful. I wish you could be here, i miss your loud grumpy voice. Now i have this beautiful piece in memory of you, rest in peace my grumpy Angel.
Thank you Tattoo D for this amazing piece. @mister_daniel