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Hey, so, this is a dare by Enderandest. So.. Here we go. *Deep inhale* You're beautiful whenever you're happy, sad, or angry. Don't let anyone tell you're ugly, don't let anyone tell you're not perfect. Because you are. You're the center of my universe. You're my special sunshine ^w^. (Blushing intensifies in the background.)

•//-//• I’m flattered, oh my ^//w//^ hahaha! You’re so sweet🍭🍫If you got any cuter this whole world would be an ending.


baekhyun collecting the duckies from the stage and arranging them in height order

just when i thought he couldn’t get any cuter than he already is, he go do something like this ; A ; there’s no limit to the adorableness that is byun baekhyun

me watching X-Men: Apocalypse:

- look it’s baby scott
- storm looks hella awesome
- kurt wagner could you be any cuter?
- erik NO
- charle’s hair looks so great don’t take it from me
- my smol babies i love you all
- great flirting charles 10/10
- erik WTF
- i love quicksilver so much you don’t understand
- erik PLS
- noooo the HAIR
- erik get your shit together 
- jean you the real mvp
- look it’s true lovetm