Guess who’s the happiest person in the world right now 😊
Now, thanks to redbubble and @lorna-ka’s perfect art, I have my own T-shirt with my sweet Blueberry child and a beautiful phone case ♡
Oh gosh! I love it so much!!!

damianstark  asked:

Jeff, I just found a website that has amazing game t-shirts, like one that says "If you don't play Family Stadium 2003, then you probably WON'T LIKE ME... and I'm ok with that" and another that says "THIS GUY (thumbs pointing up) PLAYS ZOOL". Are we living in the golden age of video game merchandise?

This whole site is amazing.


My not cute selfies

Fullish outfit from my Harajuku Fashion meet at Anime Expo!! ♡♡♡ whoop whoop Got the awesome sweater from @acdcrag and the amazing shirt from Hard Decora!! ♡♡ props to Yuukiria Photography for the awesome photo! Check em out at ! #acdcrag #harajukufashion #harajukuday #jfashion #fashion #decora #デコラ #animeexpo #ax2016 #colorful #ootd #outfit #decorakei

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