|Tate Langdon imagine|

“You better stay away from Y/N, my daughter doesn’t need anymore distractions from her life, especially a psychopathic maniac like you.”

You hear your father shout at Tate as you stood behind your father with tears streaming down your eyes.

“Dad pleas-”

“Shut your mouth Y/N! You deserve a better man than this lowlife scum” Your father sneers

Tate looks at you with such sad and remorseful eyes, (gif) as if to say ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough’

“Sir, I love your daughter. I don’t care what anybody thinks or says about me anymore but I love Y/N and I’m not ashamed to admit it. She’ll forever and always be my heart and soul, no one can take that away from me”

Peter did the exact same thing as Walter

It seems like one of Peter’s goals in Fringe is to “Be a better man than his father”, but when faced with a problem he reacted in a nearly identical way.

When Walter lost Peter he became obsessed with getting his son back, even going to another universe to retrieve him, but it destroyed his relationship with those around him, including his wife who ended up committing suicide because of his actions.

Then there’s Peter, whose daughter is taken by observers. He becomes obsessed with finding her, unable to move on with his life. His obsession and unwillingness to accept reality causes him to loose Olivia.

Peter isn’t a better man than his father.

He is the same man as his father.

Be a Better Man than your father

Ummm…wait a second Fringies….

Olivia didn’t say the Greek phrase? Seriously, all that hype and excitement on “Be a better man” and she didn’t even say it???

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the episode, all the beautiful POlivia was perfect so I can’t complain :D

…but still a bit disappointed, argh


I could hear Carl yelling for Lori as I woke up alone once again.  

“damn it merel”

I knew Daryl’s brother came in got him this morning before I woke up to go hunt or smoke some weed. Merle was my brother in law yes but doesn’t mean I have to be nice to the ass. He almost stood up at our wedding to stop it just cause we didn’t let him bring his tweaker friend. I married into the Dixons before the end of the world. Coming out of my tent Shane said good morning while Glenn and everyone got ready for a run.

“im going with you guys.”

Glenn through me a backpack, he knew I was the best person to go with cause I could keep up. Daryl and merle came back from their trip bloodshot eyed and hands full of deer. Daryl dropped his deer coming over to me grabbing my hip and spinning me to him stopping me in place with a kiss.

“where ya going baby?”

“on a run, with the others we need medicine and clothes.”

“ I don’t like it, im going too.”

“actully daryl”

Shane came over placing a hand on Daryl’s arm.

“ I could use your help with a geek problem”

Darly sighed kissing me one more time before turning to merle.

“you go with her bro, keep her safe for me.”


I glared at merle, knowing he would sooner throw me from a roof then catch me, we headed out kissing Daryl one more time for good luck as we took off into the city.  

It’s always so dead in the city, geeks walk everywhere down the streets and through the stores, the smell of bodies rotting filling the air. Passing by a old safe camp body bags everywhere and geeks eating what they find. Makes me want to vomit the thought of coming back to become one of those things. During our run Glenn saved a man named Rick Grimes, lucky for us he had a bag of weapons and the know how on how to kill. We hid on a roof after merle decided to let a few rounds off calling them right to us.


I ran over socking him in the jaw causing him to step back.

“fiesty sis”

Hitting him again Glenn restrained me while Rick handcuffed merel to the roof.

“there now play nice you too.”

“sure thing officer friendly”

“shut the fuck up merel, you fuckin dumb pig!”

Glenn hugged me calming me down.

can’t believe you married into that.“

’‘darlys not like him when he’s not around to influence him.”

“if you say so.”

Glenn was my best friend in the whole dead world. We decided to go find a exit handing t-dog the key to merle we went downstairs.  


We ran to the loading dock getting ready to throw open the door and jump into the truck Rick got. T-dog came downstairs with no merel.

“where is he?”

“im sorry y/n”

I couldn’t leave him he was family. Running upstair I shook the door but t-dog chained it shut to give him a chance. I could hear merle screaming my name begging me not to leave my brother to die, ramming into the door I slipped cutting my arm open, blood going down my arm. Tears running down my face I ran to the others and hopped into the truck and heading to camp.

“how am I gonna tell darly?”

“ill help you, oh my god, your arm y/n!”

“I cut it trying to get the chain to break.”

Glaring at t-dog.

“sorry y/n”

We got back to came and Carol ran over with bandages for my arm , coing to me asking if I was okay. She was such a sweet mom, Daryl ran over expecting the worse.


’'im fine hunny, but we need to talk.”

“about what?”

“well, while on our run. Your brother decided to shoot rounds into the air drawing them too us, I got mad we fought. Glenn and Rick separated us and handcuffed him to the roof. I couldn’t save him dearly , he’s alive and we are going back, but I couldn’t get to him I tried that’s how I cut my arm.”

“That fuckin prick handcuffed my brother.!”

Daryl ran over socking Rick in the jaw while yelling redneck slurs. I ran over getting front of Daryl.

“baby your better than this.”

“fucking pig cop!”

Daryl pushed forward my feet sliding back.


Daryl grabbed my wounded arm throwing me out of his way onto the ground.“


He stopped dead in his track looking down at me, tears streaming from him grabbing my arm causing pain to surge through it. He dropped to his knees picking me up to his chest, lifting me off the ground he took me to his truck sitting me on the tail bed. He check out my arm closely as possible.

“did I hurt you y/n?”

“not at all my love.”

Pulling him to me he laid across the tail bed his head in my lap.

“im so sorry y/n”

“daryl we will try our best to save him I promise.”

“I know, I just lost my temper.”

“I know, I love you with all my heart, be a better man than your brother or father, show these people what I see, a strong man, a brave man. My husband and the love of my life.”

Running his thumb across my chin, he smiled at me.

“ how did I get you?”

“your accent.”


“priomise me something y/n”


“I don’t wanna ever be left, promise you won’t leave me to die.”

“I promise if something happens to you, I will go down with you by your side and ill go down swinging baby.”