you belong somewhere. one day, in some place (probably unknown to you now), you will feel at home. you will feel loved. you will feel like you belong, which is what you have been waiting for. it is coming please don’t worry about it too hard right now. when you are there you will know. i love you, you will feel at home soon.


You have been through so much. Keep going. You got this.

you are fine. i know everything seems to be moving fast and it all seems so scary right now, but you are absolutely fine. take deep breaths and remember to remain in the present. keep your thoughts light and your burden will subside. your worries will blow away like a leaf on a windy day. the sun will come up tomorrow, the wind will continue to blow. you will be okay. you will be alright.

not everyday is going to be productive and happy. some days are going to be pretty tough and sometimes all you can do is lie down and sigh. but that’s okay! because you are doing your absolute best, even if your best is allowing yourself to cry, allowing yourself to sleep, allowing yourself to breathe.

Mental Health Awarness

Mental health awareness is very important. Not enough people talk about this to care. Your actions affect other people’s feelings and decisions, and it’s up to you whether that’s good or bad. Be aware that any one around you could need help, but are scared to ask.


There’s a YouTuber (@therealjacksepticeye) who uses the phrase, PMA. This stands for positive mental attitude. It’s important that if you you feel unstable in your life to stay positive, and take your problems one day at a time. There are people out there who can help you, and all you need to do is take one step and reach out.

You are not alone

To those out there who struggle with anxiety and or bipolar disorder like myself, you can get through this. Things like depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, and so much more are real in this world, but people don’t seem to know how big it really is. But you are never alone in the fight. You have the strength to keep going. One day at a time, crawling, taking baby steps, until you are strong enough to walk. Seek help, professional or otherwise. There is always counselors, therapists, family, and friends who you can lean on and trust. You can keep fighting, even if you feel to weak to do so.

Wow that was a long one! Thanks for your time!!! Click for better quality on the picture. I’m not very good with words sometimes but I hope this has touched someone out there! ✌

Check out Jacksepticeye on YouTube

Sometimes all that’s needed is a moment of silence.
A moment to quiet the mind.
A moment to be still.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

slow progress is still progress nonetheless. you are still creating change in your life and you are still doing your best. slow and steady wins the race, except this isn’t a race and the other people win too. everyone wins in the end regardless of what point in your journey you are at. you win because you are attempting change, you are making progress no matter how slow. you win because you are getting better.


you will have rough days full of sadness… BUT you are so strong and will be able to push through whatever you are going through :))

Sometimes, life can be extremely overwhelming. It can seem like it never gives a break. It is during these moments when being strong is the only option. It may gradually become more difficult, hurt, or completely drain you. However, it’s a major test against your character. So show life who’s boss, and summon that infinite strength that you possess.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

some days you are going to be sad and you will feel helpless. this is okay, don’t pressure yourself to feel happy. please be gentle with yourself when this happens. stay patient the lows are only temporary and they allow us to feel the true extent of happiness when it comes.