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Well, I promised you smut if you all voted for my ship name, so here it is.

Enjoy, darlings! I know Margot did.


Unexpectedly Connected

Pure Fluff
For @elletromil ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ginger didn’t quite know how it had started. She knew when she had first become aware of it, of course, but it didn’t take a genius to see that wasn’t actually the beginning. This whole thing, this, this well, whatever this was, it had definitely started long before it came to her attention.
It wasn’t a bad thing, not really, but she had to wonder. Just sometimes, of course, but she still couldn’t help but be a bit curious. Whose idea had it been? What could have possibly been the spark for that line of thought?
Why her?

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One shot draco x reader


this is for uxx

_____ Draco walked down the corridors stressed and odly composed. Earlier that day he had been in a argument with that harry potter, and he couldn’t stand him. Every bone in draco wanted to fight the griffindor. “Argh, that wanker” draco hissed as he went on in the corridors. Not noticing you stending behind him giggling. You smiled and tapped his shoulder, only for him to turn and you to go behind him again. Giggling again, draco caught your hand and pushed you to his back. “Hmm, let me guess. A funny laugh and a playful personality. It must be Y/N” draco said and twirled around only to hold you closer. “Bloody hell draco. If someone sees us we’ll be ex–” “expelled, I know Y/N” he said and sighed. Instantly you felt cold as he let go of you. Giving you a cold eye and then moving closer to say somthing. “ you don’t get to mess with my feelings” he hissed and walked away. Leaving you stearing at his back. Cold. Later that week– You hadn’t talked or seen draco since that night and your friends begun to notice how you acted. All cold and sharp. All thoughts where rumbling through your head, leaving you with a massive headache. It didn’t help with the all the studying you had to do, or that pansy parkinson where giving you the stinky eye. Arghh, how you wanted to ask what her problem was. You hadn’t done anything wrong to her. You where in the library studying on DADA, when you heared Draco talk from the other side of the shelf. “She can’t know I like her” he whispered cold to somone else. “ I know Draco” He liked someone else? And he led you on the whole time? That bastard. You feet mivet bedore you thought and where suddenly stending before a suprised pansy and draco. “Y/N what–t ar” “ you bloody bastard , leading me on like that when. When you like someone else? I hate you!!” You said scraeming and running away. Tears rolled down your face and left you crying more. For how stupid could you be? Thinking the Draco malfoy could ever love you back. “I’m stupid, so so so stupid” you screamed and students in the hall looked at you weird. You didn’t care anymore. You did everything for him, everything and he just couldn’t even tell you he didn’t like you. “Y/N !! Y/N let me explain” he shouted from the end of the hall. He was pailer then usual and looked even more stressed too. Draco started sprinting towards you, and you where about to run away, however something just told you to stay. To see where this excuse where going. He where right infront of you, breathing heavily. “Explain” you whispered harsh as you cried. Draco pulled his hand up. Hesitantly taking his tumb to your cheek. Wiping your tears away. Your heart leaped like crazy and your whole body felt on fire. “ it was you, i was talking about you” he whispered into yoir hair. Taking in your scent. Exhale. Draco rumbled his tumb all over your cheek. Up and down. “It was you. It’s always you” he whispered again. Now cupping your face. Looking into your Y/E/C eyes. Exhale. “I love you Y/N with all my heart” draco said and bringed your face closer. Whispering it over and over again. Your mouth was against his. You where joined. You where we. You where joined and you knew all of the secrets of the planet. “I love you too, draco malfoy”

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"The French men-at-arms then hit the English men-at-arms, and had some success, but this is when the English archers counter-charged and absolutely massacred the French men-at-arms." How do archers counter-charge, they might have some side weapon but they'd be lightly armored and up against enemies in plate?

You jump someone from a direction they’re not expecting, while they’re busy fighting somone else, you knock them down into the mud, step on their chest or back, and then put one of these through the eyeslits of their helm, or up under their armpits or their groin where there was likely to be only chainmail, or into the join between two plates, over and over again:

This is a kind of stiletto that was called a misericorde, and while the name is meant to signify a merciful killing stroke, they were carried by common soldiers to, in the words of Ambrose Bierce, “remind an unhorsed knight that he was mortal.” 

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i just saw the Dylan pic you post and was wondering if dylan cheatead on Dayna and Duan is daynas best friend how come Duan still likes dylans pictures on sm? Your best friend cannot simply support someone who supposedly cheated on you right? this is smelling really bad

Hiya, Grayface. Thank you for the Ask. 

Here’s a super long reply. 

I have a lot of feelings on this subject.

It’s true - Duan liked Dylan’s newest picture on SM. They’re still friends on SM so it makes sense that she would. A month ago she was interviewing “her friend Dylan” for her vlog (note she didnt say ‘my bff’s boytoy’ in his intro) and she said she was someone she admired - one of the best people she knew. They’re friends irrespective of D&D being together. 

So yes, Duan is Dayna’s best friend. But she’s also in a long term relationship with Craig - who is Dylan and Cole’s childhood friend. Unless she’s going to cut out of her life one of her boyfriend’s best friends in the world - or break up with Craig (wtf?!) - then she’s going to have to deal with Dylan. Her friend Dylan. Who may have broken her bff’s heart. Maybe broke his own too.

And it’s not just Duan. In fact, they were /all/ a very very tight knit friend group with Doug (Dyl’s co-mead maker and business partner) and Caroline (also super good friends with Duan and Dayna and Dylan and Cole). Essentially they’re all family. This is why I mentioned in a previous ask how hard break-ups are for everyone - and by everyone I mean the family and friends of those breaking up (not overly emotional and weirdly invested fangirls like myself). 

Here is a visual:  This is from Caroline’s Insta and it was taken less than five days before the D&D breakup. All three couples. Bestest friends. Family. Cole’s one of them too - he was just on the West Coast for his birthday… With HIS girlfriend (who - coincidentrally still follows Dayna on Insta btw - I’m pretty sure they’ve only met a few times in LA and once on NYC but Lili still follows both D&D) This is that super tight support network that the Sprouse boys built for themselves. This is the family they chose. 

I can’t say this enough…. we aren’t and were never part of this relationship any further than the two of them allowed us to be by sharing tiny bits of their life with us through SM!

Dayna said - in a 15 second Insta story that remained online for less than 20 minutes that she found out her “boyfriernd cheated on her.” He may have. Did he cheat at cards? Did he cheat by sending nude selfies to an old girlfriend? Did he cheat by picking up a hooker while they were both in LA staying at the Chateaux Marmont? Did he bang somone else on their shared bed? Or did he brokenheartedly confess to emotional distance he’d been feeling and his growing attraction to someone else and that was what Dayna considered cheating? Whatever it was - it’s none of our business.  

Dylan addressed this situation simply with his statement - which he was never obligated to make in the first place - but I’ve added it here with a particular point circled:

I circled the part about the “people who really know” him know what kind of person he is. But I could also have circled the part about how the situation had two sides and the motivations will remain private. 

It 100% is none of our business whether it was Dyl cheating on Dayna at the New York Times Crossword or whether he’d been carrying on a clandestine affair with their dog groomer for the whole three years they were together.

Duan is one of this people he referred to in his statement - those who knows what kind of person he is. It doesn’t make her fail at friendship with Dayna to still have a friendship with Dylan. This isn’t junior high where you have to pick a side. Especially since they are essentially family.

I hate cheating. Hate it. It would be an unforgivable act in my own marriage. There is never an excuse for it. However - this wasn’t MY marriage. If Dylan did cheat and Dayna decided to forgive him - that would be their business. If he didn’t and this was just a huge disaster of a casual uncoupling? Still not our business. 

And if Duan - who is actually closer to this situation than any of us are - has decided after hearing many many more facts from both sides, I’m sure, that she is comfortable remaining Dylan’s follower and red-hearting his pictures - then maybe we need to give them all a freaking break.

(I apologize for my verbosity. I’m vey invested so I have a lot to say.)

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Is the gspot hard to reach like with fingers because I can't seem to feel it?

No it’s quite shallow inside the vagina and your fingers should reach it just fine. I don’t know if your refering to yours or somone elses but practice finding yours, try a vibrator to help you know you’ve found the right spot. It should feel good and build from their. If you’ve got somone else to do it for you even better because it will feel more intense when somone else is doing it.

Rashomon, is a short novel by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The title is the name of what was the largest gate in kyoto, the old capitol. Measuring 75 feet high and 108 feet wide, the gate was large imposing and also the setting for the story. The gate had fallen into disrepair and was now primarily a place people hid bodies left over from nefarious acts.
The story follows an impoverished ex-servant of a samurai, who was discharged due to declining wealth in the area. The main focus of the story is the mans internal conflict over weather he should steal to survive. Eventually the man decides after onswrving somone else steal to survive, that if it is necessary for him to live then it must be done.

This sort of survival of the fittest mentality can be easily seen in the character Akutagawa in Bungou stray dogs. He seeks to survive in the brutal world of the port mafia, which is likely the only place that could handle his destructive power. In the anime he looks up to Dazai because Dazai is stronger than him. When Dazai essentially replaces him Atsushi, in order to Survive and prove his worth Akutagawa feels he must fight and establish dominance.

This story rashomon has a movie named after it, however its plot is closer to another story by Akutagawa, named in a grove.

(Special thanks to Morikami museum and gardens, the book was found in their library)

  • Johnny and two bit at a diner
  • Waitress; omg are you johnny cade?
  • Johnny; yes
  • Two bit; well i am.....
  • Waitress; I knew you were johnny because of how attractive you are and sweet i mean you anamazing hero...
  • Johnny; well Thank you doll
  • Waitress; like omg what are you doing here you could be like getting girls i mean your hot and a hero
  • Two bit; umm i would like to order
  • Waitress; like i know this is a lot to ask but please take me out my parents would be so happy i mean theirs no one here with you so how bout i just eat with you?
  • Two bit; fuck you two im leaving, find a ride home with somone else.*walks away mumbling* wow hes so rude
  • Dallas;*walks in* two bit the fuck did you just say about my sweet honest pure cinamen roll.