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"Well it's good to see you back here again. It was getting to a point of sheer silence."

"Well, I’ve been studying so I don’t have to rely on somone else to stay alive. Now I’m back in full force!"

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My ex didn't even date me when i lost my virginity to him and 2 weeks after he said he lost feelings for me he's with somone else.

I think he lied about having feelings for sex, because feelings for someone doesn’t just go that quickly. im really sorry I hope your okay

He was walking around the hospital, feeling annoyed he couldn’t find Sophie and/or her little friend anywhere. 
He walked in the room, thinking he was alone, he closed the door and looked through the window, it was only after a while that he noticed there was in fact somone else in the room. Thomas turned around slowly facing them.

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Hi, I completely agree that there's an overuse of Eren chasing levi in the Ereri fandom and was wondering if you could recommend some of your fav fics without that? Also I'm loving your new heterochromia fic, I've had such a hard time finding good fics in the snk fandom recently - probably cause the anime hasn't been airing for a while now. Do you think more art and fics will release once season 2 starts up again? Sorry, I kinda threw a bunch of random questions at you >_<

Mmm, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t read many fics nowadays since they’re all mostly the same. However, Sex Bomb got some mutual pining and it’s absolutely lovely.

I think the problem with most of the fics for this fandom is the whole view of Eren is so twisted, so he’s always left to run after Levi while Levi can’t do anything wrong, so why should he bother to run after somone else? 

And thank you so much! I’m definitely trying to write that fic as far away from all those toxic things we always see in other fics. (And it will most definitely contain some mutual pining later on)

I think the whole fandom will grow larger once the second season comes out, that’s always the case in all fandoms. So yeah, I think there’ll be lots of new fics and fanworks then! Hopefully the fandom doesn’t ruin the series for the new people, or scare them away. And if we’re really lucky, we’ll have some good quality fics then with some healthy relationships become popular.

So, followers and everyone who reads this. Got any fic rec for this sweet anon?

Dont ever ask your ex to get back with you when they’re happy with somone else. You are their ex for a reason please step off.

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its not the best idea to use someone elses deck but if you do make sure you soak them in salt to cleanse them from somone elses energy just to be safe you dont want any negative energy

i mean, it’s just my moms! we live together and she has like 6 or 7 decks. i’m not concerned that we would be have a negative energy swap!