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Hi guys! I finally fixed my masterlist, so here you go! I’m not proud of these and have thought about deleting them multiple times, but apparently you guys like them??! So uh, enjoy!!!


Connor Murphy X Reader:

Stop It

I’m A Freak

I’m F—ing Sorry

Good For You

Why The Hood?

Late Night


The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture


Step Bros (BMC Crossover)

Jared Kleinman X Reader:

Not So Bad

Perfect Night



Evan Hansen X Reader:

Never Again



Bad Combo


Existential Crisis


Check Yes

Will Roland X Reader:

Never Have I Ever

With You

Ben Platt X Reader:

Dead Boy Walking

Freeze Your Brain


Jeremy Heere X Reader:

Mt. Dew Red

Michael Mell X Reader:

Stuffed Cat


Imagine Cuddling Jared Kleinman..

Imagine Cuddling Connor Murphy..

Ben Platt Taking Care Of You While You’re Sick..

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Since my stuff is growing and growing, I decided to make a masterlist for everything
** Smut/Smutty
* Fluff
^ Angst
~ Smutty-ish / fluffy-ish

Be More Chill

Michael Mell x Reader:
Jealous Michael
Hair Pulling Kink UnLoCkEd **
Possessive Mellby **
All the Clinginess  Part 1 * | Part 2 | Part 3
Getting Stoned *
No Slushies for Michael
Deaf Reader Headcanon
Meeting Her Parents
Meeting the Cutie
Origins of “Gumdrop”
My One and Only
Michael in the Bathroom * | With You **
Bad Day ^
Michael Hears You Singing
Out of It *
Power Outage at Michael’s **

Rich x Reader x Jake:
I Love You, Both

Dear Evan Hansen

Connor Murphy x Reader:
Catching Murphy  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 * | Part 7 * | Part 8 | Part 9 ** | Part 10 ** | Part 11 ** | Part 12 |
Welcome Back, Dork **
Who Knew This Would Happen ^  Ending 1 ^~ | Ending 2 ^

Dear Evan Hansen Cast

Ben Platt x Reader:
On Vocal Rest Headcanon *
Kitchen Sex **
Lazy Fluff/Sex **

Mike Faist x Reader:
Special Birthday Gift **

Will Roland x Reader:
Will Roland Sin **

The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes x OC:
Just a Fight, huh? **

Eye Contact series

Evan Hansen


Ryan McCartan x Reader:
I’m sorry, Ryan Likes WHAT?! **

Fluffy A-Z headcanon game

So I made a list of my own of a fluffish list of headcanons so send in a character/s and a letter/s and I’ll answer them! Hope everyone likes the list and please feel free to use!

This is based off @fairy-tail-babes NSFW list but a fluff version of it. Anyway show them some love while your at it!


A = affection (how affectionate are they in day to day life? Do they show affection publicly or keep that more in private?)

B = best memory (what is the best memory they have with you)

C = cat or dog person (this is pretty obvious)

D = dreams (what do they want to do in life?)

E = evenings (how do they spend their evening? So they go out? Do they read?)

F = first date (what was it like?)

G = giggle (what is their laugh like? What makes them laugh?)

H = hugs (do they like hug? What kind of hugs do the give?)

I = instrument (do they play an instrument?)

J = joy (what brings them joy in life?)

K = kisses (what kind of kisser are they? Shy? Passionate?)

L = love (how do they act when they have a crush)

M = memory (what’s their favourite memory?)

N = no (what is their pet peeve?)

O = occupation (what’s their dream job?)

P = parent (what kind of parent would they be?)

Q = questions (do they believe in the super natural? Aliens? Anything along those lines)

R = romantic (are they romantic during the relationship?)

S = smile (what makes them smile without fail)

T = together (how clingy are they? How long do you two spend together per day on average)

U = unbearable (what habit do they have that’s unbearable? What habit do you have that they find unbearable)

V = videos (do they take lots of videos or photos during your relationship?)

W = wedding (what was the wedding like?)

X = eXtra (what’s an interesting fact about them that they don’t tell anyone about?)

Y = yuck (what do they hate? Could be a food, sent, word anything)

Z = zzzz (how heavy of a sleeper are they? How do they sleep? What mood do they wake up in? Really any sleeping headcanons)

Step-bros (Connor M. x Heere!Reader)

a/n: im back bitches— this is unedited and confusing acuz its 2am,,,, credit to @edenleicester for the lovely stepbrothers au!!!!!!

w/c: 1,614

t/w: WeEd and,,,, OooOOH uNdErAgE dRiNkInG,,,OOOooohhOOH >;O

You glared out your window, your earbuds blasting the newest music you were into. You were trying to ignore your brother and new step-brother, as well as your father and Heidi. The boy in the middle of the seat, Evan, was practically radiating anxiety. He would never say it aloud, but you reminded him of Connor Murphy.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and you glanced to your left, seeing your brother Jeremy looking at you and gesturing towards Heidi. He had snuck his arm above Evans’s head to tap you gently.

“What?” You said, pulling your earbuds out of your ears. Heidi laughed.

“I asked, are you excited to start senior year?” She glanced at you in her side mirror.

“No.” You grunted honestly, making Evan glance at you with curiosity, then back at his fidgeting hands. You were the oldest sibling in this now conjoined family, a few months older than Evan and a year ahead of Jeremy. You slouched slightly as you saw Heidi’s face fall at her attempt to make peace with you. You hated this new change in your family. You hated almost all change.

“Alright, kids. We’re here at our new home!” Your dad grinned, parking the car. You opened the door and tried to keep yourself calm, you wanted to yell and cry and try to reason with your dad. You stepped out and scrunched your face up in disgust as you glanced at the new house. Your father and Heidi had gone out of their way to already unpack almost the whole house, except for your rooms.

“Do you like it, (y/n)? Jeremy?” Your dad asked hopefully.

“Yeah, dad, we love it.” You mumbled, not wanting him to feel bad. You started walking into the quite large house, looking around at the way your father and step mother had decorated. You heard footsteps behind you so you turned around to see Heidi smiling sadly.

“Hi, honey.. I know you don’t really like me, but I hope we can be like mother and daughter eventually.” Heidi smiled sadly, like she knew everything about you. Your face fell and you subconsciously tugged down on your sleeves, feeling slightly bad.

“I don’t dislike you, Heidi. I dislike change.” You mumbled, turning around and going up the stairs. Once again you heard footsteps behind you, practically running to keep up with your long strides.

“Can you believe we have to share a room?” Jeremy snorted, following you into your room.

“Yeah, I know. How will you ever have sex with Michael again?” You said dramatically, laughing and bending down to start unpacking a box. Jeremy turned bright red and started to unpack on his side as well.

“No, but really? We couldn’t just get a house so every kid gets their own room?” Jeremy mumbles.

“I’m fine with sharing a room with you. I’d rather share with you than Evan- not because I don’t like the kid or anything, I just don’t want to make him uncomfortable, y'know?” You grunted, making your bed.

“With all your satanic posters and crystals, you make me uncomfortable.” Jeremy joked.

“No, we um, actually really need a curtain to separate the room in two.”

“Most definitely, you nerd.” You agreed, watching him hang up a Pacman poster.

You were sitting on your bed listening to music one day when the curtain between the room was ripped open.

“H-hey, can we have like, three friends over?” Evan giggled, making Jeremy hit his arm and laugh as well.

“Um, sure?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. It was date night for your dad and step-mom, meaning you were in charge.

“O-okay, good! Because they’re already here!” Jeremy laughed, probably high.

“Come chill with us!” Evan and Jeremy had managed to grab your arms and drag you down the stairs and into the gaming room.

“Hi, (y/n)!” Michael laughed, waving at you. The whole room smelt like weed. There were two boys on the couch who you had seen before, but never cared to talk to.

“O-okay! These are my friends Jared,” Evan grinned, pointing to one boy. “And Connor!” He pointed to another boy.

“Sup, hot stuff!” Jared said tipsily, winking at you. He had a beer in front of him, and another one in his hand. Connor was sitting quietly and smoking weed. He waved slightly at you, and you turned pink.

“Hey,” you laughed, sitting down on the couch and grabbing a beer. “Who brought the weed this time, Michael?”

Jared, Connor, and Evan looked a little shocked you didn’t get mad. Michael laughed and blew smoke into the air.

“Actually, Connor brought it!” Michael giggled, leaning into Jeremy.

“Sweet.” You giggled, taking a hit and glancing at Connor. Connor turned a deep red under your gaze and he shifted uncomfortably. You liked the way he would glance at you and turn red all throughout the night. The way he would shift and gently lean on you when he talked to you.

“Oh my god, oh my god! We should play Just Dance!” Jeremy cries, standing up quickly and stumbling towards the Wii. “We only have four controllers, though!” 

“I’ll sit out.” You and Connor both offered at the first time, glancing at each other. You smirked as the other four started to dance drunkenly.

“Hi.” You giggled, scooting closer to Connor. Connor stared at you, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Hi?” He muttered, his face turning a pale pink. You leaned on him slightly, mumbling your next sentence.

“How come we’ve never spoken before?” You smirked at him as Evan turned around and hit Jeremy, both of your younger brothers now staring at you flirting with Connor.

“Holy shit?” Jeremy whispered, glancing at Evan then back at you.

“It worked?!” Evan whisper shouted, jumping happily. Michael and Jared glanced back at you and Connor as Evan and Jeremy pulled them out of the room.

“You were intimidating.” Connor mumbles, taking a sip of his beer.

“And you aren’t?” You joked, tilting your head.

“True. But I mean you are so pretty, it’s almost intimidating.” Connor crossing his arms after he sets the beer down on the coffee table.

“Oh, you’re the hot, brooding type of intimidating, Connor.“ You giggled, mocking him by crossing your arms. He pouts slightly, making you giggle even more.

The four boys were watching you and Connor from the kitchen, drunk amazement on their faces. “They should just date already.” Jared snorts.

“We heard that.” You giggled, glancing behind you and growing a bit tired.

“Oh-oh my god!” Jeremy cried, glancing at a text message. “Mom and dad are going to be home soon!”

Your eyes widened and you launched up from your seat. “How long?” You asked, suddenly wide awake.

“Five minutes!” Jeremy read, glancing up at you then at Michael.

“Super speed mode!” The three of you shouted like dorks, each of you launching into action. You were throwing away beer cans while Michael hid the bongs, throwing the weed at Connor. Jeremy ran into the bathroom and came out with a giant bottle of febreze, practically choking everyone while he sprayed it. Evan and Jared started to sweep and vacuum the floors, picking up all the dropped food. Connor started to do the dishes, cleaning all of the snack bowls and silverware. Everyone moved surprisingly fast for being drunk, high, or both.

“Okay, kiddos! Get your sleeping bags out and pretend to be asleep!” Everyone rolled out their sleeping bags and crawled in, except for you. You sat on the couch and pretended to be exhausted. You had purposely placed a bag of popcorn on the floor, along with a few pieces in between the boys, so it didn’t seem suspicious.

“Hi honey,” Heidi smiled at you, ruffling your hair and speaking softly. “How did everything go?”

“Good,” You smiled up at her and glanced at your father.

“Why does it reek like febreze?” He mumbled, squinting slightly.

“Oh,” You laughed nonchalantly. “The step-bros keeps farting up a storm.”

You were surprised when none of the boys on the floor broke out in laughter, since you did giggle to yourself. Your father and Heidi wished you a goodnight. When they closed their bedroom door, all of the boys sat up in sync.

“Really, (y/n)? We keep farting?” Jeremy mumbled, making Michael and Jared laugh and agree it was true.

“God damn, that was smooth. Lying on the spot like that, that was kinda hot.” Connor flirted, raising his eyebrows at you. He was drunk, and definitely high.

“Connor- please, stop, that’s my sister.” Evan complained, laughing slightly.

“You’re right, Evan, they should save it for the bedroom!” Jared snorts, earning a kick from you.

“Wait, how come I didn’t know about this sleepover until a few hours ago?” You questioned, making all of the boys go quiet.

“Goodnight!” Jeremy laughed, flopping into his sleeping bag. The other boys followed his lead, all except for Connor.

“Night, babe.” Connor smirked, laying down and drifting off the sleep. You shook your head and laughed, blushing slightly.

anonymous asked:

How does Michael cuddle? O:

fdgsdgdf my bo y mic ha el

  • i like to imagine that michael’s always the kind of person who keeps an arm around you and he’s just always warm but like??? cuddling??? he l l y e s
  • michael would cuddle with u anywhere???
  • on the couch??? you two are probably cuddling and taking up the whole couch and everyone is mad because gdi stop hogging the couch u fucks
  • but like ur lying on him on the couch and ur head is on his chest and his arms are around u and its rly sweet and warm and while most ppl are annoyed you probably get at least one person whos like ‘daw’
  • michael!!! likes!!! spooning!!!
  • big spoon? little spoon? he will be either!! he likes holding you in his arms but there’s also just someting??? great about being in your arms
  • but also just him being big spoon = you can n e v er l eave
  • u gotta pee??? too bad michael is holding u
  • also sometimes he just??? peppers lil kisses on your cheeks and neck when he can while cuddling??? it’s rly sweet and only happens when he’s Really Tired but sometimes he’ll do it bc it makes you smile
  • like michael is just a soft and warm boi so like
  • he’s great for cuddles
  • also he’s totally fallen asleep with glasses on a couple times because taking them off??? means moving??? and you’re so comfortable??? and so is he??? e f f o r t
  • that’s all i got but i can guarantee u that cuddling with michael is Good

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uh could you do some hcs bout Michael or Connor confessing to someone they've been pining over for a while? thx fam and good luck on your portfolio!

hello !!! i hope you like these HCs!! and i m sorry they aren t very good aaaa i hope you enjoy!!! and thankyou!!!!


-          Please, let this boy be happy

-          Michael probably had a whole thing set up okay

-          Like either you two are downstairs, playing video games, drinking Pepsi Crystal and he was planning on having a sleepover with u

-          He!!! Was!!! Shaking!!!!!

-          ‘michael wth I m beating u in Mario kart u okay’

-          ‘the student has surpassed the master’

-          Okay but his face would be all red and he d just look really cute

-          He honestly just doesn t believe that he deserves you and thinks that n o matter what u say, you will always be able to find someone better and it just ???? fucks him up and scares him

-          But the two of you will start calming down a bit and maybe u guys are just talking about school and he just turns to u and is like

-          ‘do u wanna share a slushie with me sometime? And maybe go to the arcade?’

-          And at first ur really confused like ???? we go to the arcade and stuff all of the time w Jeremy ??

-          And he sees the confusion, and he quickly adds

-          ‘I mean without Jeremy, yknow? The two of us? And,,, I ll pay for everything and all’

-          And u finally get it and !!!! ur face lights up !!! and Michael sees ur smile and he starts smiling and!!!! He s just really happy that ur smiling !!! and wow!!! This might work!!

-          U tell him that u ll totally go with him, but only if he confirms that it is a date

-          And while blushing and giggling he just responds ‘it’s a date !!!’ and he s all gushy and just !!! wow u actually want to go on a date w him!!!

-          U just made Michael a vvvv happy boy and he s so in love w u ???? he ll do anything for u and will buy u all of the slushies and honestly he just has a heck ton of tokens at the arcade take good care of him <3


-          Lbr connor would repress all of his romantic emotions for u

-          U wanted to hold his hand? No big deal, not like he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach or anything ahhhahah what

-          The poor boy would sometimes be a total dick??? Just so u don t suspect anything???

-          But one day the two of you are star gazing and the moon light just looks sososo pretty reflecting in ur eyes and ur hair and u just look so kissable and he just loses himself in ur eyes

-          Once u notice and look at him, he immediately looks away and his face just explodes into a bright shade of red that the moonlight can t show and he s so embarrassed??? Ur going to think he s a creep?? Why would u want to date him??? Wth???

-          He slowly just starts yelling at himself mentally and all of his doubts are coming back but u just kinda slide ur hand onto his and he ??? nearly screams

-          The two of u just kinda sit there like that for a bit and then connor just sputters out

-          ‘I think I like you’

-          ‘you think?’

-          ‘okay, fuck, no’

-          ‘you don t like me?’

-          ‘no – I do like you’

-          ‘are you sure?’

-          ‘why the fuck wouldn t I like you?’

-          And then he just goes on and  o n about everything he loves about you and he doesn t even realize but he just slowly starts adding comments about how he doesn t get why someone as cute as you would hang out with a fuckwad like him

-          And it just breaks your heart?? Bc here is this tall, tough looking dude just g u s h I n g about everything he loves about you and how much he despises himself and he just wants you to be happy and ???

-          Instead of saying anything, u just gently hold his hand and lean ur head on his shoulder and u guys just stay like that for a while, just in each other’s presence and just making sure that connor knows u are here and that u are there for him

-          Connor is doing his best right now, and that s all u can ask for

Michael In The Bathroom... But Not By Himself.

Authors Note: I DID IT, GUYS. MY FIRST NOT-HC WRITING. AND WITH MICHAEL, LOOK, IT’S AWESOME! So, enjoy, I guess? I love my boy so much, omg.

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of alcohol, mention of drugs, panic attacks, female reader, bad grammar, boring title.

Summary: Michael in the bathroom having a panic attack, when a girl storms in. 

WC: 1781, I guess?


Michael looked at his phone. 10:09 pm. This didn’t help him — he forgot how long he was here, in the bathroom. He didn’t even remember when exactly Jeremy left him here. Five minutes ago? Ten? Half an hour? No, not the last option, that would be too long.

He sat in the bathtub with his legs pressed to his chest. Bathtub was actually big enough for him to straighten them. But, even though his legs were starting to feel sore, he didn’t do this. All he wanted to do is curl into a ball. Or, even better, he wanted to teleport in his room, get stoned and forget about this party, about Jeremy, about everything that happened today. Maybe it was just a dream. Or a nightmare more likely.

Michael sighed. He could hear the loud music through the door, screams and loud, obviously drunk laugh. Maybe he can go now? It’s not like anyone would notice that he is not there. After all, no one invited him in the first place. He didn’t even know half of people here. No one will notice if he’ll disappear from party, so there’s no harm done, right?

No one knows him. There, at this party, no one knows anything about him. Maybe his name, but anything else? He doubt it.

His thoughts became more and more depressing. Is this how anxiety works? This is what people feel when they have an attack? Even the thought about attack made him more nervous.

Who will help him if he’ll have a panic attack? Jeremy is somewhere there, having fun, drinking, maybe making out with hot girls. Isn’t it is what “cool” people doing at parties like this?

Oh, just stop thinking about your best friend, who left you in a bathroom alone, Mell! He thought angrily, gritting his teeth. It’s not like you should care that he called you a fucking loser. It’s not like anyone cares. Michael buried his face in his arms, hugging his knees closer to his chest. And then little voice at the back of his mind spoke, almost snickering. It’s not like anyone cares about you, loser. His eyes widened, when he realized that little voice was Jeremy’s voice.

Michael felt his eyes watering. Great. Now he is crying. A crying creeper in the bathroom. What could be better than this?

He didn’t know how long he was there, sobbing in the bathtub behind the curtain. He almost lost himself in thoughts, full of self-loathing. Maybe that’s why he almost jumped when he heard sudden noise of the door, opening with a loud slam. Oh. He forgot to lock it. Well, at least the person, who stormed inside of the bathroom and shut the door, clearly closed it; Michael heard the snap of the lock. He didn’t even think that he is now locked in the bathroom, at a party, with a stranger, who is… crying?

Person rushed to the sink and turned on the faucet. There was no light, but Michael’s eyes already accustomed to the darkness, so he could at least see that person was definitely a girl. He didn’t know what to do. He felt like shit and now there’s another girl, who will shout at him if she’ll find out that he is here. She will call him a pervert and yell, and everyone will know that he is here. And everyone will laugh. And gossip about the stoner Michael Mell who sits in the bathroom at the party just to get off looking at people. Yeah, something like that if not worse. Awesome. Awesome party. Oh, he is so fucking glad that he came here.

He heard girl splash water at her face, her sobbing growing quieter with each sob. She turned water off, walked a few steps and sat down on the floor with her back pressed against the wall.

“God, I hate parties…” Michael heard her whispering. He tried to stay as quiet as possible, his breath hitching now and then. He didn’t recognize the voice. She must’ve been one of those people, whose names and faces he didn’t know at all.

She… She won’t go away, will she? She is just like him, he realized. Hiding.

Someone knocked at the door, but neither Michael nor girl made a sound. Someone knocked again. And again. Someone obviously was growing impatient. The girl didn’t answer. Michael shiver. Person behind the door was probably drunk. Oh no, they’re gonna start to shout soon. Yeah, they’re shouting now. Too loud. Why won’t she just answer?


Can’t they just go away?


Just tell them to go away!


Why the fuck can’t you just shout at them, goddammit!



“Hey! Hey, can you hear me?”

Who’s that?

“Just breathe, ok? Focus on my voice! In and out…”

In and out? I can’t even feel myself breathing, how am I supposed to breathe at this speed?

“Come on, in and out… You can do this. Slow. In and out. In… and out…”

Michael obeyed the voice, trying to slow his breathing. He was sobbing again, he realized, sobbing and whining and clinging to something soft and warm. And his eyes were closed.

So he opened them. Only to find himself squeezing the hands of the girl. Michael looked up to meet her worried gaze. He couldn’t see the color of her eyes in the dark, but he noticed now that she was in the bathtub with him. They were lucky that the tub was big enough for them both to fit. “In and out,” she repeated, smiling at him. She looked like mess. Just like himself, he was sure.

Michael was shaking but at least his breathing was calm now. She waited a few more minutes and then spoke up.

“You shouldn’t sit there alone with a panic attack. Michael, right?” He nodded, then looked at her questioningly. “We have math together. I’m Y/N.”

Oh. He knew her after all. Well, at least he heard her name during the roll call.

Now, when he was calm enough to think, he studied her. Huh, simple green hoodie with two blue vertical stripes and two yellow dots at the end of the stripes and jeans and white gloves and green cap… Oh. My. God.

“Are you… Are you Luigi?” Her costume wasn’t accurate, sure, but it looked good. Not on her. Just good. Well, on her too, but.

“Yep. I would’ve dress as Peach, but I didn’t want to go here in dress, so.”

“Oh my god…” Michael couldn’t suppress a laugh. “This is amazing!”

“Hey, stop laughing.” Despite her tone, she smiled. “I just calmed you down from a panic attack, that’s not how you supposed to act after it.”

“No, no, thank you, actually, um… Y/N.” He coughed for some reason. “Aren’t you… creeped out or something? I mean, it seems like you were going to hide here and then there’s me, sitting here… It’s creepy, no?”

“Not if you’re crying in the bath.” She let go of his hands - Michael only now noticed that he was still holding them, — and moved to the other side of the tub. “So. Wanna talk about it?”

“There’s not that much to talk about.” Michael took off his glasses and wiped them with his t-shirt. “My buddy kinda left me alone. Called me a loser and left.”

“Fuck him.”

“I guess. You?”

“My friends left me to get the drinks and then some jerk tried to get in my pants. So I ran off.” Y/N shrugged, looking at him.

“Fuck him.”

“I guess.” She laughed and smiled at him a little. Michael returned the smile. “So. Have any good music?”

“Marley. Mostly 90s. Why?”

“Tired of shit playing downstairs. Some drunk girl find a mic and started singing…”

“Whitney? ‘I wanna…”

“…dance with somebody’, yes!”

“I heard it too. She was awful.”

“Actually, it was pretty good. I mean, she made a great impersonation…”

“…of a dying seal.”

They’re both burst out laughing. It wasn’t even that fun, but for some reason Michael found himself laughing his guts off till his belly hurt. After glancing at Y/N, who threw her head back at the wall, he knew she felt the same. Who would’ve known that there’s still someone to make fun of drunk girls with him.

“We’ve just met and already finishing each other sentences? What are we, soulmates?” She joked and Michael chuckled, rubbing his neck. “So… About music? I have earbuds and I can tolerate Marley and 90s.”

“We need to get out from tub, then.”


“Floor it is.”


Michael never actually noticed Y/N before. But turned out that they have something in common. They both liked music, sushi and slushies. She wasn’t as nerdy about 90s as he was, but she had old Dendy from her older brother and a bunch of games she liked to play sometimes.

She was actually nice looking too. Not the most beautiful or the hottest girl he ever saw, but still very pretty in her own unique way. And Michael liked it. He liked her laugh, even when she sounded a bit too loud. It was strange, but it helped him forget about whole Jeremy thing.

Michael didn’t even notice that watch on his phone showed 12:13 am (i dunno how to write midnight right, so, sorry). The party still was going on full-on and no one knocked again. It was weird, but Michael and Y/N didn’t want to think about it.

It was actually amazing. They didn’t know anything about each other when they met in here. And now, after hour or more of talking, they were almost like friends. Not close and not best, but definitely not strangers.

“Want to get out of here?” Michael stood up, stretched his back — it ached a little after hours of sitting. Then he turned around to look at Y/N with a smile and, for some reason, with a blush. He held out his hand without a second thought, and realized that it’s probably stupid too late. Michael almost panicked, but was more than surprised when Y/N took his hand and stood up too.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” She smirked, but it was more of a soft smirk than a smug one. Michael coughed awkwardly and smiled a little.

“Get stoned in my basement?”

“I don’t smoke, actually.” She looked a bit embarrassed, almost as if there was something she should’ve been ashamed of.

“Oh. Then video games?”

“I guess I’m lucky that my parents are out of town, huh? Video games it is then. But only if we’ll stop by 7/11. I want to mix all of the sodas in one cup!”

Michael laughed and led her to the door. “Sounds good to me”

They walked out of bathroom hand in hand. It would’ve been awkward. It should’ve been awkward, but it wasn’t. They didn’t notice a few stares and whispers. Because right now, for some reason, it all felt right.

Even if his best friend was an asshole because of this SQUIP — it didn’t matter right now. Y/N and her hand in his, video games and 7/11 — that’s what mattered.

Awesome party. Michael thought. I’m so glad I came.

To be continued?

Finding out (Cam boy Jeremy part one)

Tag list: @sea-creature-anons @queen-duke @sunglasses-anon @watch-the-whole-world-disappear @stargirl-murphy @gaymur @diamond-anon @unicorn-anon @avocado-anon @imperfectanatomy @piano-anon @spade-anon @spooky-scary-endoskeleton @8-bit-anon @joystick-anon

•you never expected you’d be spending your Friday night like this, a tab opened on your laptop directing you to a cam site

•you were introduced to the site by a friend, their exact words were something along the lines of “you can’t work up the courage to ask Jeremy out so why not pretend and have some fun?”

•at the time you had blushed and denied everything but… here you were still. They did have a point though. You had been crushing on the lanky Heere for close to three years now and in that time frame you had been shoved into the friend zone

•you sighed thinking back about Jeremy… each time he smiled you felt your heart raced and that laugh, oh that laugh could brighten your day instantly.

•as you scrolled through the site one video took your attention, the stream seemed to have just started due to the growing viewing count. You took a quick look at the thumbnail, it was of a man, his body lanky and pale… it almost reminded you of Jeremy

•before you could stop yourself you had clicked the video. The boy didn’t show his face, the shot cutting off bellow his shoulders. Your eyes scanned down the mystery mans body

•just like in the thumbnail the man was thin, skin pale with freckles littering over his shoulders. You had to admit he was attractive but looked vaguely familiar

•quickly you looked over to the chat to see everyone excitedly asking what he was planning, some people were already tipping

•you couldn’t tear your eyes away as he pushed his chair back, now giving you all a full view of his body. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of boxers, hiding a very obvious erection from view

•slowly you run your tongue over your bottom lip. How did you get drawn into this so easily? Pushing the thought out of your head you found your eyes being glued to the screen as the boy starts to talk

•"I’m going to do something a little different today…“ you draw your brows together slightly that voice sounded very familiar “if you’ve watched me before you may know there’s this one girl I like” he was playing with is hands, his long fingers intertwining with each other nervously

•you glance over at the chat, seeing a few people discussing what he was saying and trying to figure out what this different thing was. Your attention was drawn back to the screen when the guy started speaking again

•"recently she came over… we were just hanging out nothing special” some people on the chat sounded disappointed, were they hoping this girl would come on screen?

•"she… she left her gym bag here yesterday and I looked through it" his voice trailed of for a second as he looked at the chat, you could hear him laugh lightly “I couldn’t help myself and… I figured I’d give you guys a quick little show while I was at it”

•you raised your brow as you saw him bend down to reach for something, you could catch a glimpse of brown hair… this guy really did remind you Jeremy. When he moved back up he was holding something in his hands

•you leaned forward to have a closer look, were those yours? No they couldn’t be… you had lost those panties after you misplaced your gym bag the other day.

•the chat exploded as people figured out there were panties and when the mystery man held them up properly everything clicked…

•no way, those were yours… it even had the small red ribbon bows on the side you added to make them “more appealing” speaking of that this guy said this girl left her bag there yesterday too. You were at Jeremy’s at that time as well. Your eyes went wide as you realised… this cam boy didn’t just look like Jeremy. He was Jeremy

•your heart thumped against your chest as everything ran through your mind. You should log off and pretend nothing happened, but you couldn’t do it, your mouse hovering over the exit button hesitantly. Everything Jeremy said since you joined the stream echoed in your brain. He…he liked you? And he… was he going to jerk off with your panties?

•"I… I waited until now to actually use them… I know it’s dirty and creepy but I couldn’t help myself" the boy… well Jeremy said. His hand moving under his boxers to stroke his length, a deep moan leaving him “I… I need to know how they feel”

•you felt your core dampen as his slowly slipped off his boxers, his hard cock showing up on screen. You couldn’t help yourself as you quickly shimmy out of your pants, eyes never leaving the screen

•you watched as Jeremy wrapped the lace undergarment around his aching cock, the second the fabric touched him he let out a sinful moan

•your body heated up as your fingers quickly found your clit, you never knew this side of Jeremy before now… and by god were you happy you found this out

•you long forgot about the chat as Jeremy started to pump his length, his moans a mixture of breathy and needy. You could easily become addicted to those sounds. Quickly you pressed a finger against your core, trying to match the quick pace of Jeremy’s hand

•"a-ah i-its kind of rough, t-the lace feel weird but I keep imagining her. The fact she was wearing them" and loud moan escaped his mouth as his hand speeds up “its dirty I know… but I can’t help think about her wearing these after this. Her walking around in the panties I came in without knowing about it”

•before you could stop yourself a moan of his name escaped you, your mind wondered to how it would feel. If you were there would he make you wear them with his cum dripping from them? Would he part your lips and push them into your mouth as he bends you over and fucks you? Each thought caused a new wave of excitement to wash over you

•you added another finger as your mind wondered to all the possibilities. You knew Jeremy had an effect on you but not to this extent… in a matter of minutes you were a mess just watching him

•Jeremy whimpered, hips stuttering in a wild series of bucks. What would his face look like? You can only imagine his flushed face and glazed over eyes… his brown hair messy from his hand running through it.

•"a-ah shit… are you guys enjoying the show? I’ve never gotten so many tips before" he purrs, you imagined a small smirk on his face as he glanced down at the screen. “Huh?… I-I can’t do that! It’s embarrassing”

•frowning you glance back over the chat, you hadn’t really been paying attention since Jeremy started his little show. Your eyes widened as you saw the chat flooded with requests

•all of them were asking for Jeremy to put them on, some even offering large tips in exchange for him doing it. Your mind wondered… Jeremy would look good in them you had to admit

•the black lace would compliment his pale skin… his cock being restrained by the lace causing a mouth watering bulge to form. Before you could stop yourself you were typing three simple words

•"please do it"

•you watched Jeremy hesitate, pulling the panties away from his cock before sighing “okay… ill put them on but only for a second” your heart jumped as you saw him stand up, your eyes never leaving his glorious dick

•eagerly your eyes followed as the lace undergarment slipped up his pale legs, settling along his hips as he showed the camera. You didn’t know if you liked the view more from the front or the back

•the chat went crazy. People started complimenting him, others sending in massive tips. You couldn’t help yourself but send in a small $5 donation yourself… I mean it was your underwear right? It would only make sense to give something

•"s-so? Seems like most of you like them" Jeremy let out a soft moan as he sat down on the chair again, his legs spread open slightly “all of you want me to keep them on… w-why don’t we say if we reach $200 I’ll do the rest of the show in them”

•your eyes widened as you saw the tips roll in, in a matter of seconds Jeremy had well gone over the goal he set. A small chuckle left him… a deep and husky laugh that forced a moan to escape you

•with your full attention on Jeremy again you watched as he palmed his bulge, deep growls leaving his lips with each movement

•"f-fuck… a-ah god" he whimpered, hips grinding against his hand “I-it feel good… a-ah the fact she wore these before it… I’m going to cum soon”

•you whine your thumb quickly circling your clit, you were determined to cum at the same time as Jeremy… at this point you had to

•he slid down on the chair lightly, just enough for you to see his lips on screen. Your heart jumped as you saw his lips parted, rough moans flowing freely from him as he brought himself closer and closer to release

•your eyes watered, hips desperately bucking into your hand as your nerves burned. You weren’t going to last much longer… you couldn’t stop yourself as your fingers curled against your g-spot, brushing against it as you saw stars

•you could still hear Jeremy’s loud moans and gasps over top of yours, your body nearly shaking as you climaxed… you don’t think you’d ever cum as hard as this before.

•you collapsed against your chair, eyes half lidded as you stared back at the screen just in time to see Jeremy’s body tremble as he came undone. His hands palming his crotch harder and faster then before, some of the most sinful noses left him as the chat started to explode with compliments

•then Jeremy started to mumble something, at first it wasn’t overly loud. You could barely make out what it was but then as his voice rose in volume it started to become clearer “Y/N… a-ah shit I’m-I’m going to come Y/N!!”

•never in your life had you seen a better site. Jeremy’s hand still grinding against his cock through your panties as he rode out his orgasam. A damp spot forming on the front of the black material… if you weren’t so tired you could have probably started touching yourself all over again from that image alone

•it took awhile for Jeremy to catch his breath, his chest raising and falling as he slowly adjusts himself upright on his chair again. “S-shit… now I have to clean these before I return them” he mumbled, laughing lightly as some people typed that he shouldn’t… you couldn’t help but type the same thing

•"I can’t do that, she’ll hate me forever if she finds out" you could only laugh… there was no way in hell you could hate him after this. Jeremy spend a couple of minutes answering some questions, most of them sexual but some were surprisingly innocent considering what everyone just watched. You even found yourself joining in near the end but unfortunately it couldn’t last forever

•"Ah crap looks like that’s all the time I have. Thank you for all those who tipped today… ah be sure to tune in next week" he didn’t wait for anyone to reply, his hand quickly covered the camera before the stream disconnected and kicking you back to the home page

•your mind was fuzzy, you still couldn’t believe it… Jeremy, the sweet and kind Jeremy you’ve love for years just masturbated to your panties. This had to be a dream right?

•you shook you head, glancing back to the laptop. Without a second thought you hit notifications… you really couldn’t miss Jeremy’s next show, especially now when you have a few ideas running through your head on how to make these shows a little bit more interesting

•maybe you could leave a few other things at his place during your next study session…

third wheel [michael m. x reader]

prompt where michael x reader are dating but for some reason jeremy doesnt like the reader and the reader doesnt want to ruin their friendship so they end things and michael just loses it and jeremy sees hes fuked up and then goes to the reader to explain and jeremy and reader are friends and michael and reader are haply and everyone is happy!!! or whateves you wanna do with the prompt just like reader n’ jeremy beef lmao )

omg y e s i l oveit because jeremy. i love jeremy a lot guys

i said this in the tags but the dots at the end are typing dots which is why they’re bold


    Jeremy was looking at you. 

    Not just looking - he was staring you down, and you didn’t really get why at first. The way his gaze lingered on you whenever you’d slide into the seat next to Michael and greet him with a kiss on the cheek, just blinking in the sight of the two of you. The way his grip would tighten around a fork or the strap of his backpack or a pencil when you’d press a quick kiss to Michael’s cheek. The way he’d greet you, voice shaking slightly at your sudden entrance as he said your name as if something was wrong with it and you and what did you do to him what’s wrong. Michael apparently didn’t see it, for he was enamored with you in every way - his hand always slipping into yours without a second thought and pulling you slightly closer so your shoulder would gently bump against his, apparently unable to feel the burning stare into his back - which was always the exact moment you realized Jeremy had been pushed back behind the two of you.

     And it affected everything. The awkward silence between you and Jeremy the moment Michael left the room; the delay in texts when it was just Jeremy asked what Michael was up to when the answer was that he was with you; the fact that Michael asked you if Jeremy seemed different, like someone was telling him what to do when he grew too distant, only for him to suddenly reappear, acting as if everything is alright even though his eyes would never meet yours and he just seemed so damn far away from you - and you noticed how he’d retreat from conversations if you and Michael started taking over with your own couple-y stories.

     So one day you hid in the bathroom during lunch - just as an experiment to see how Jeremy would react. You texted Michael you had something to do for a class before heading upstairs, away from where anyone could find you easily. When you saw Jeremy in the hall later, he was different. He was happier, more sure of what he was saying - the way it was with them before you and Michael started dating. So you started making excuses, either skipping lunch entirely or leaving early or “suddenly” having things to do when the three of you would hang out. Jeremy was happier, Michael got his best friend back in little, subtle ways, and you?

     You were conflicted. Could anyone blame you? Your boyfriend’s best friend didn’t like you-

    Holy shit.

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Possessive Michael Mell Headcanon

I had too much fun with this again. Michael Mell is too fun to do this with

- This starts when you start talking to this guy on a game on a regular basis, he flirts hardcore with you and you laugh it off, saying you have a boyfriend
- But this does not stop the guy from flirting with you
- Michael is always there when this guy flirts with you
- One day, he has enough of this guy and starts trailing his hands up your thighs and kissing your neck
- He get super possessive and starts getting really touchy with you, while they can hear you since your mic was still on
- He starts whispering obscene things into the mic, mainly things that he would be doing to you soon
- Despite him usually being reserved when it come to talking about your sex life, when he gets jealous and possessive he gets nasty and even can flaunt how sexually active you both are
- Loves to use iNnUeNdOs!!

- “(Y/n), come on and use that mouth for a better reason than barking orders at these losers”
- “M-Michael!”
- “Do you wanna ride, (y/n/n), cause I’m tempted to take you for one”

- You start blushing heavily and hold back moans as he was still kissing your neck and his hand travelled up your shorts leg
- “Babe, I’m still playing here, c-can’t you hold on?”
- “I don’t care, (y/n), I’ll puncture you with love and then let’s get rid of that gag reflex”
- Gasps can be heard from your online friends, the guy flirting with you stutters stupidly
- Michael’s hand creeps closer to your core and when his hand reaches your core, he skillfully enters two fingers into you
- He says in a singsong voice, into the mic, “Michael makes an entraaaaaaance~”
- “Mi-Michael!”

- Makes it his mission to get you to throw down your headseat and fuck him
- Therefore he fingers you at the S L O W E S T pace, nipping at your neck
- You squirm against his hand, trying to get him to go faster, vaguely focusing on the game, bitting your lip to suppress moans
- Michael continues his slow pace, grinning against your neck, then starts peppering your jaw with kisses
- You glare at your geeky boyfriend, hissing at him through clenched teeth to knock it off

- He doesn’t stop, in fact, he picks up the torturous times by playing with your clit to increase your pleasure
- Michael hears the guy flirting with you say that your moans and sighs are really hot and it makes him THAT much more possessive
- As a means to stake his claim, he curled his fingers to tease your g-spot
- “THAT IS IT!!!!!!!”

- You throw off your headset, Michael removes his hand from your precious area, and you tackle him to the floor
- Your hands are pulling at his shirt and kissing his jaw
- Once Michael’s shirt is off, you undo his pants, all too happily
- “Whoa, whoa there, (y/n), too eager”
- “Shut the fuck up, Michael and fuck me!”

- So you and Michael fuck, and ALL your online friends hear you both moaning out each other’s name
- The guy who flirted with you never flirts with you anymore

anonymous asked:

I HEARD BMC AND DEH WELL GOOD MORNING !!!! anyways hey o: could you do a Michael x Reader where Michael n R have their first kiss?? Or maybe an Evan x Reader where Reader helps Evan study for history and they get distracted and start messing around? Thank you !!! C:

soft&warm  ➩ michael m. x reader

1306 words

joke’s on you. i’ll write em both. here’s the michael one.


School had been a bore; nothing more than a whirlwind of more homework, more worksheets, more extra papers you didn’t need and information you wouldn’t keep in your head for more than a week at best. By the time the last bell rang, you were ready to sleep for ninety hours. While you were entirely ready to pass out upon taking your first step towards your weekend, you stuck it out and brightened up significantly when you noticed your best friend standing at your locker, seemingly waiting for you.

You were lucky to have a friend as wonderful as Michael Mell, your resident ‘90s geek. He was always for you, someone who’d always have an open shoulder to cry on and an open spot in his bed to sleep. Even in your darkest times, when you were snappy and irritated at everything, he was there with warm hugs and the words to bring you back up. Despite his anxiety, he was still there to guide you through your own dark tunnels.

“Hey, [nickname]!” your glasses wearing pal greeted, a dashing smile on his face. Just the sight of a friendly face with a familiar smile for you made you feel just a little bit better.

“Hey, Michael,” you replied, turning your code into your locker and starting to load your unneeded items into it. “What’s up?”

He fidgeted for a second, pushing up his glasses and clearing his throat: a quirk of his that you’d picked up on throughout the years. “I was thinking we could hang out tonight. The parents are going out and I know you were complaining about this week being a drag, so I just figured…”

“Video games?” you asked, shutting your locker and turning to face him.

“Just movies, if that’s okay with you? If you want to play video games, too, that’s fine-”

He was rambling and you laughed quietly under your breath, effectively hushing him up. “Movies are perfectly okay by me. I just want to lay down and sleep for a million years anyways.”

“Alright, okay. Sounds good. Let’s go then?”

“Let’s go then.”

With that, you were off, walking out of school together. Michael talked animatedly about the new level he and Jeremy had gotten to in Apocalypse of the Damned, his hands moving deftly and his lips always quirked up into a little smile. He was absolutely adorable, especially when he was so passionately talking about something he loved. Somewhere along the way, you were so zoned out, you hadn’t realized that he’d stopped talking. Only until his hand slipped into yours were you alert once more.

It was like you were hyper-aware of everything: Michael’s skin was soft, his hand was warm, there was a bit of calluses on his fingertips. The shared heat between your interlocked fingers was almost unbearable. You wondered if this was just something he’d done on accident or if there was more thought put into the simple action; you scolded yourself mentally for reading into it so much.

His house appeared too soon and he slipped his hand out of yours to unlock the front door; you silently yearned for the warmth to come back. He held the door open for you, bowing jokingly as you passed by him. The house, usually so full of warmth and the quiet murmur of his parents, was near silent.

“Are there any movies you want to watch? Or are we free to watch whatever?” he asked, guiding you towards his bedroom, almost as if you hadn’t been there a million times before. “It’s just that you’re the guest, so I’m trying to be a good host and all-”

“Michael, calm down,” you said, nudging his hand with yours as you entered his room. “Take a breath. Is something on your mind?”

The boy shook his head almost frantically. “No, no. Everything’s fine. So which movie do you want to watch first?”


In the end, you had settled on some Marvel movie or another, Michael’s choice. While he urged you to help make a decision, you’d brushed him off, telling him that you didn’t really care as long as you got to spend some time with him. This seemed to satisfy him because he’d stopped pestering you about it.

Now, you were resting silently next to your friend, tucked ever close to his body. Your eyes were shut, but you were far from asleep, your mind too focused on Michael’s warmth and Michael’s breathing and Michael. He was impossibly warm and right there next to you, sending your thought process into a flurry.

You were vaguely aware of Chris Pratt making a joke in the background as you looked up at your friend. The room was blacked out as much as it could possibly have been, but the laptop screen casted a glow onto his face; he looked absolutely ethereal. You hadn’t realized how long you’d been staring at him until he glanced down at you, embarrassment clearly etched onto his face.

“Sorry,” you said, quickly turning away and trying to focus on the movie that you hadn’t been watching in the first place.

The space between you was silent, aside from the movie playing. One second, you were drawn into the fictional world sprawling before you and the next, you were feeling your cheeks heat up at the contact of Michael’s hand curling into your own once more. The sudden action caused you to look up at him again and when you did, your faces were closer than you’d imagined they’d be.

Michael’s eyes were blown wide behind his glasses, the lenses partially reflecting the laptop screen. He looked nervous, but like he was trying to talk himself into doing something he wouldn’t normally do. You didn’t have the nerve to move away from him nor make the move for him. It was like you were suspended in a timeless hole with him that would only end when one side of the war in his mind won.

He muttered a nearly silent apology before his lips brushed gently against yours. It could have hardly been classified as a kiss, but you were too shocked to really do anything about it. Instead, you foolishly allowed himself to pull back, a look of regret already forming on his face. He was extremely embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. You just looked really cute and I’ve liked you for so long, it just felt right-”

“Michael, calm down.”

His mouth closed and he looked expectant. The suspended time came back as you fought your own war, balancing whether or not you should kiss him. Ultimately, you forced yourself to lean forward, pressing your lips right against his. This time, neither one of you pulled away; his arms were around your waist, your hands finding purchase on his cheeks, and the movie forgotten about.

It was, in all honesty, a moment of complete and utter bliss. Not once had you looked at Michael and imagined you’d be kissing him in his bed after a long week of school, but now that it was happening, you didn’t want it to end. You wanted to freeze this moment, live forever in this piece of time where nothing else mattered except for you and him and the feeling of his lips against yours, soft and warm and safe.

Time moved forward though, unfortunately, and Michael was the one to pull away. His face was flushed and his eyes were still closed; he looked peaceful and giddy all at once. The air was silent again, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or forced; it was almost like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer had settled over you.

“Do you think we could do that again?” he finally spoke up, breaking the tranquility between you.

“Michael, I’d do that with you a million times over.”

Jeremy Heere x Chubby!Reader Headcannons

AN: Sorry this took so long anyways enjoy this from a fellow big girl!!! Love y'all!!!!

-okay so obviously Jeremy is a lightpole like he can eat whatever he wants and not look any different 

-you on the other hand were the total opposite 

-but that didn’t interfere with your growing attraction towards the tall nerd, if anything your stomach filled with more and more butterflies the more you saw him 

-so you being your courageous strong beautiful self decided hmm it’s time for me to make a move on this dork

-when you started making moves on Jer, you got a lot of mixed signals from him so you weren’t too sure how he felt about you, you had caught him staring at you multiple times and then quickly looking away and whenever you would smile at him in the hallway his face would go red which were signs that he was into you according to your friends but whenever you tried to talk to him he wouldn’t really speak and when you would walk over to him he’d make eye contact with you and speed walk the other way

-you were kind of unsure of yourself and how this boy felt about you, you honestly thought he didn’t like you

-but the thing is Jeremy Heere was actually really into you

-he just didn’t know how to show his attraction due to him being so anxious

-so when you cornered him in the hallway he was so surprised that you wanted to go out with him

-you, Y/N Y/L/N, one of the most pretty and smart people he knew wanted him, Jeremy Heere? 

-he was shook lol

-but he said yes tho lol

-fast forward to some other stuff

-okay so let’s be real Jeremy is that typical boy who gets off to your typical unrealistic supermodel type kind of girls

-but when he met you, a real person with a real body he was floored 

-everything about you from your thick thighs to the pudge under the button of your jeans to the swell of your breast and your round face was amazing and he could hardly form sentences whenever he saw your smile stretch causing your cheeks to swell

-let’s just say he wasn’t able to jack off to that basic ass porn hub shit since he met you

-headcannons about your relationship!!!

-whenever you see pictures of the two of you standing next to each other or you’re looking at you and him in the mirror you giggle bc you guys look like total opposites and you think it’s cute

-Jeremy love when you wrap your arms around his neck for hugs and kisses bc your arms are warm and soft

-lowkey Jeremy got a boner the first time you hugged him bc he could feel all your softness against him and it was so hot 


-you’re always the little spoon and the length of Jeremy somehow surrounds your whole back and basically swallows you

-but sometimes you’re not always down to spoon bc you feel uncomfortable with your tummy vs gravity situation (if you have chub you know what I mean) 

-so you guys either spoon with Jeremy’s arm over your arm or cuddles where your head is laying on Jeremy’s chest

-you don’t really fit in all of Jeremy’s clothes so Jeremy is the one who wears your clothes most of the time

-if you have hoodies or tshirts they go missing and you usually see Jeremy stroll into school talking to Michael wearing them very often

-if you don’t have hoodies and tshirts, Jeremy likes to steal your cardigans and socks, he will show up to school in a light pink cardigan and you will swoon at how cute he looks 

-Jeremy is honestly head over heels for you and it’s so sweet

-like he bring you a bottle of water every day and carries your books and gives you forehead kisses very sweet boy

-one time you guys saw Jake lift Christine up to kiss her and Jeremy was like hey we should do that and you were like looking into the camera like the office and he would just keep telling you how much he wants to lift you up to kiss him and eventually you just dipped him down and gave him a long passionate smooch and he may or may have not fell on his back bc he was shooook


-your relationship with him is actually really good because you’re both a little self conscious about how you look(even tho you shouldn’t be)

-like you guys are both smoking but there’s always that little voice in the back of your head that says that you’re too big for such a thin guy like Jer

-honestly fuck that voice bc you’re big…and what? You bomb af end of story and Jeremy? He bomb too end of story

-even with those little doubts you guys are actually perfect for each other  

-Jeremy loves you and everything about you chubs and all

-chubby girls for the win

-and chubby boys

-and just chubby people!!!


anonymous asked:

What would the DEH and BMC boy's soulmarks be?


I’ll do words but let me know if you want me to do an image one as well! (Or any other soul mark)

Connor (On his arm): “I could never hate you”

On your arm: “What?! I bet you hate me too”

Evan (On his arm): “So do you make it a habit to talk to trees?”

On your arm: “How could people just break off pieces of you like that…”

Jared (On his arm) “Ew I can’t believe my soulmate likes such outdated memes”

On your arm: “Heres Dat Boi!!!”


Jeremy (On his arm) “I wouldn’t mind if you talked to me”

On your arm: “I cant just talk to a pretty girl like that!”

Michael: (On his arm) “I prefer chocolate for my munchie fix but hey slushies are also good”

On your arm: “I’m too high to make this decision” 

Rich (On his arm) “I said you were cute”

On your arm: “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!”

Jake (On his arm): “If you don’t shut up I swear to god I’m going to throw you out that window”

(On your arm): “LET’S DO THIS!”

anonymous asked:

omg omg could you please write a jeremy heere x reader where they both want to buy the same drink, but there's only one left and he's like "oh dw, the pretty lady can have it" but then he realizes what he said and he goes all "did I.,;; just., say tgat:,;. outloud,:¿," thank you so much!

Mt. Dew Red (Jeremy H. x Reader)

a/n: couldn’t help myself loll

w/c: 550

You pulled the cash out of your pocket, heading into the store.  You could hear the voice slightly taunting you. You winced and walked faster, heading towards the back room. You saw the two boys in the room as well, searching for something. You shrugged and headed towards a crate, moving it aside. You reached into the crate to grab the last Mt. Dew Red when another hand touched yours. You looked up and hit heads with a boy from school, Jeremy Heere.

Jeremy had surprised you so much that you had let him take the Mt. Dew Red into his clammy hands. “Oh, uh, sorry, (y/n).” He smiled awkwardly, rubbing his forehead.

He tried to remain calm, since he was talking to his all time crush. He noticed the sense of panic on your face as you looked down at the now empty crate, searching for something.

“Oh god, no, no, no!” You cried unintentionally, hearing a familiar, evil laughter in your head. Jeremy’s eyes widened, and he looked back at Michael. Michael shrugged and gestured to give the bottle to you.

“Here, for the pretty lady.” Jeremy smiled, reaching out to hand you the bottle. Michael snorted in the background, shaking his head and walking out of the aisle.

“Oh my gosh, I love you Jeremy, you’re a life saver!” You cried, grabbing the bottle and launching into Jeremy’s arms to hug him. As soon as you had launched yourself into his arms, you were running out of the room to pay. You had handed the cashier a ten dollar bill and ran outside, telling them to keep the change. You popped the top off and started to chug it frantically, stopping to take a deep breath. The bottle was half gone by the time Jeremy and Michael headed out of the store.

“I can’t believe you called her pretty, but where are we going to find more Mt. Dew Red?” Michael questioned, noticing you.

“I know! She’s so pretty, my gosh, I could just kiss he-” Jeremy notice you standing there, your eyebrows raised and your lips formed into a smirk.

“You need Mt. Dew Red, yeah?” You handed Jeremy the half empty bottle, knowing it only took a drop to get rid of a squip. Jeremy nodded gratefully, and prayed you didn’t hear him saying be could kiss you. You watched as Jeremy raised the glass bottle to his beautiful lips and slowly drank, his gorgeous eyes closed.

“I’ll be waiting in the car.” Michael coughed, jogging to a PT Cruiser. Jeremy emptied the bottle and smiled slightly, his lips a faint red. You took two strides forward and placed your lips on his. He slowly kissed back, and was the first to pull away.

“Woah.” Jeremy whispered, his eyes focused on you.

“You taste like Mt. Dew Red.” You licked your lips, grinning evilly. “I’ll see you at school, Jeremy!” You ran back to your car and waved as you drove away.

Jeremy glanced at Michael in the car, then back at your car going down the road. Jeremy waited until he couldn’t see your car anymore. Then he cheered and spun around, making Michael laugh and clap.

music battles [michael m. x reader]

hi! i saw this post with soulmate aus and there was one where whenever one half of the pair listens to a song or any music, the other half hears it as well, no matter the distance or whatever they are doing.. do you think you could use it with a michael x reader? it reminds me sm of him.. thanks! :) )

this is such a cute au like honestly you had me at soulmate au to begin with but then i was completely sold by the end of it

warnings: n o ne

     There it was again. You weren’t familiar with the artist or the song this time, but half-way through your math test you were hit with whatever your soulmate was listening to. You were used to it - music coming on at the worst time sometimes, sometimes waking you up at the least expected times. But it was fine at times - the thought that you had a soulmate to share music with was warming, even with everything it came with. Normally, you’d have slipped your own headphones in if the song wasn’t good and turn on something else a little louder than your soulmate’s music. If they didn’t like it, they’d usually end up turning their music up a little louder, and eventually it’d be a little battle until one or the other turned off the music. But you were in the middle of a test and you didn’t need to fail it, so you let the song continue as you scratched out another answer.

    Then it switched. They were playing something you actually enjoyed - probably because you played it after hearing it from your soulmate and sometimes it’d end up in the mix of songs they’d listen to. Your leg started to bounce slightly to the music, and you attention slipped from triangles into the lyrics. Damn it. You didn’t need this. You’d find your soulmate and punch them for all the times they played songs associated with memes when you were in the middle of a test.

    Then there’s another change, half-way through the song. You frowned a little - it was just getting to the good part, what the fuck? - but look back to your test. Soon you’d be done and free for the afternoon. Soon.

    There’s a pause.

    You’re gonna punch your soulmate for rickrolling you again.

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