be more chill(Pt.1)

BMC but its Kermit

Jeremy’s theme

More than Survive

I Love Play Rehearsal

The Squip Song

Two Player Game

The Squip Enters

Be More Chill (pt.1)

Do You Wanna Ride?

Be More Chill (pt.2)

More than Survive (Reprise)

A Guy that I’d Kinda be Into

The Squip Lurks



Do you Wanna Hang?

Michael in the Bathroom

The Smartphone Hour (Rich set a Fire)

The Pitiful Children

The Pants Song

The Play

Voices in my Head

- Mod Jenna 📱 (With Help from Mod Rich and Christine)

be more chill; a summary
  • more than survive: masturbation and suffering
  • i love play rehearsal: girl gets very excited about play rehearsal
  • the squip song: fun fact i'm not all that cool i cheated
  • two player game: NO HOMO BRO
  • the squip enters: ouch
  • be more chill pt 1: dude you fucking suck
  • do you wanna ride: do you wanna ride my ;)))))))) moms van
  • be more chill pt 2: listen here bitch
  • more than survive reprise: no masturbation and less suffering
  • a guy that i'd kinda be into: things are looking up for nerd then everything goes to shit
  • upgrade: bitchy character development
  • halloween: underage drinking the musical
  • do you wanna hang: he don't wanna do the fuc
  • michael in the bathroom: give this poor kid a hug, some ice cream, and a decent friend
  • the smartphone hour: chaos and gossip
  • the pitiful children: fun fact; everyone else is suffering too
  • the play: everything starts to go to shit then michael saves the day
  • voices in my head: he got the girl
Alternate Titles For Every "Be More Chill" Song
  • Jeremy's Theme: Sp00ky
  • More Than Survive: Spoiler Alert: You Actually ARE The One Who The Story's About
  • I Love Play Rehearsal: That One Theatre Kid™ You Knew In High School
  • Two-Player Game: Gay but Not Quite As Gay As "Sincerely Me"
  • The Squip Enters: Hello Naughty Children It's Possession Time
  • Be More Chill Pt. 1: Local Teen Still Kinda On The Fence About Being Mind-Controlled
  • Do You Wanna Ride?: Girl Who Just Called Jeremy "Jerry" Five Seconds Ago Offers Him Both a Ride and Her Body
  • Be More Chill Pt. 2: Local Teen Now Fully On Board With Being Mind-Controlled
  • More Than Survive (Reprise): Please Just Let This Poor Boy Beat His Meat In Peace
  • A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into: So Say, Hypothetically, There's This Hot Guy, Who I Like, Who's Definitely Not You,,,
  • The Squip Lurks: S p 0 0 k y
  • Upgrade: Damn Jeremy Why'd You Have To Do My Mans Michael Like That
  • Halloween: Brooke, Honey, There's a Reason No One Ever Goes As a Sexy Dog
  • Do You Wanna Hang?: I'm Kinkshaming Joe Iconis
  • Michael in the Bathroom: You Think This Is A Funny Song At First And Then Suddenly You're Crying
  • The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire): Aggravated Arson Has Never Been More Catchy
  • The Pitiful Children: Beep Bop Boop Beep Bop Boop
  • The Pants Song: Recruit Your Son's Gay Best Friend To Get Him To Stop Stealing Your Car
  • The Play: Okay But Where's That Post-Apocalyptic Midsummer Night's Dream Bootleg
  • Voices In My Head: Everyone Inexplicably Forgives Jeremy For Almost Getting All Of Them Fucking Killed
Be More Chill Pt. 1
  • Squip: add some swagger to your gate or you'll look like a masturbator
  • Jeremy: but I am a masturbator
  • Squip: I guess you could say you're playing a...
  • Jeremy: wait don't
  • Squip: <b> a one-player game </b>
  • Jeremy: I'm going to shoot up this mall if you ever say something like that again
alternate be more chill pt 1
  • chloe: is that a girl's shirt?
  • jeremy: no
  • squip: yes
  • jeremy: ...yes!
  • squip: repeat after me;
  • squip(and Jeremy over-lapped): i saw it in the window and i couldn't dismiss
  • squip: i was dating a girl
  • jeremy: i was dating boy
  • squip: *facepalms*
  • jeremy: fuk

anonymous asked:

so i listened to be more chill for the first time and don't fully understand it. could u explain the plot??

Here’s script by the way: read here  I’ll go by songs to summarize it. Also this took me an hour to write up. That’s how much I love you guys.

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Be More Chill Soundtrack Masterpost

Alright everyone, I’ve seen a lot of people saying they haven’t been able to find the Be More Chill soundtrack anywhere, so I am here to provide!!

Jeremy’s Theme (Instrumental)

More Than Survive

I Love Play Rehearsal

The Squip Song

Two-Player Game

The Squip Enters

Be More Chill (Pt. 1)

Do You Wanna Ride?

Be More Chill (Pt. 2)

More Than Survive (Reprise)

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into

The Squip Lurks (Instrumental)



Do You Wanna Hang?

Michael in the Bathroom

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire)

The Pitiful Children

The Pants Song

The Play

Voices in My Head

George Salazar singing Michael in the Bathroom

The making of the cast album


BMC: my thoughts on the songs

Jeremy’s theme: creepy techno lullaby

More than survive: I’m weak, horny and tired someone help me pls

I love play rehearsal: play rehearsal? More like drugs gimme gimme gimme more roles

The squip song: I can make you less like suicidal me, just take the drugs Jeremy THEY. ARE. FROM. JAPAN.

Two player game: this dude? Right here? this is my ride or die and that’s great because I’m dying on the inside

the squip enters: discomfort level may increase™

Be more chill (pt. 1): you’re tacky and no one like you, kys

Do you wanna ride: look, my mom has a minivan let’s just fuck already.

Be more chill (pt. 2) did I say kys? Lemme rephrase, if I wasn’t here you should but I’m here now so don’t!

more than survive (reprise): this Eminem shirt might bring me into the realm of chill…

A guy I’d kinda be into: oblivion is the new flirting!

The squip lurks: rad tunes dude, but that won’t cancel out Jeremy’s lust for death.

Upgrade: wanna be cool? Be a dick, and give the dick while you’re at it #protectjakedillinger

Halloween: guys… let’s celebrate with…. adult times

Do you wanna hang: I’m filling the void in the heart by filling my diaper

Michael in the bathroom: I will live out my life in the restroom as long as I’m avoiding human contact #protectmichaelmell

The smartphone hour: guys…… rich did a bad… THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW

the pitiful children: you all suck BUT I can make you suck less

The pants song: pants = off, Weed = out

The play: MiChAel MaKEs a ENtrEnce I N E E D MT. DEW REEEEED

Voices in my head: now that the shit storm has calmed down, its time to date™ and accept myself \(uwu)/