Person A: *gasps*

Person B: What is it?

Person A: what if soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish?

Person B: …What the fuck?





Who do we appreciate?!

Every single person involved in a theater production, not just the main stars becuase without the ensemble, stage/tech crew, orchestra, directors, choreographers, costume designers, and make up artists there would be no show!!!!

how fans sound when listening to their favorite shows

Be More Chill: “These are my two OTPs, Fancy Earbuds and Panera.”

Falsettos: “no no no Marvin don’t do it dON’T DO IT OMG MARVIN NO WHAT DID I TELL YOU MARVIN WHY”

Newsies: “Do you see the fifth one from the right? That’s Mittens and the one next to him is Toto. They are my boyfriends and also each other’s. The camera will cut to them again in eight minutes and thirty two seconds! Go and look it up the poor GUY’S head is spinning~”

Hamilton: “Did you know that line has a triple meaning??? It’s referring to this Very Specific Historical Thing™, and it’s also a pun, and it’s also…wait THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART *unintelligibly fast yelling that somehow rhymes*

The Band’s Visit: enraptured silence

Next to Normal: shocked silence, even though they’ve seen this a thousand times already

Rent: awkward silence, because they’re listening with their family

Sweeney Todd: *recites entire page of Finishing the Hat*

The Phantom of the Opera: screaming_goat.wav

Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812: “no, Hélène is Anatole’s sister, Mary is Andrey’s sister” “no no no Marya is a totally different character, she’s the godmother” “yes, Natalie and Natasha are the same person” “no, that’s not Josh Groban”

The Book of Mormon: *uninterrupted obnoxious laughter*

Dear Evan Hansen: *uninterrupted sobbing*

Les Misérables: *listens to a single note of an audio boot* “Ah yes, this must be the 2007 West End production with Famous British Actor as John McJohn and Other Famous British Actor as Javier. I believe this was the Saturday matinee when Enjoltaire almost kissed and Ramin Karimloo was on as a loaf of bread.”

Waitress: *through tears* “She’s so beautiful…look at her…my angel who deserves the world…she…” (“Which one?”) “All…”

Dear parents,

Refrain from yelling at your child. No matter what they did, no matter how they react to punishment, be patient. Yelling can and will hurt your child. It will screw them up and make their teen and adult life much harder.

Do not INSULT your child. NEVER insult your child. Parents and caretakers are supposed to be the biggest supporters, parents are supposed to be the biggest inspirations, parents are supposed to give their children motivation and happiness. Insulting them, degrading them, bringing them down… It will make them feel worthless. It will make them feel unloved. Do you want your child to grow up thinking they can’t do a thing? Or that they’re horrible in some way?

Support your kid. If they tell you they’re gay, or lesbian, or trans, or non-binary. If they tell you their dreams, what they want to do when they grow up. If they believe they have a mental disorder, if they tell you they need help. Support them. Even if you don’t understand, try to. Try to understand, support your child. It will mean the world to them.

You can be their parent AND their friend. Make your child happy, make your child feel free, make your child feel like they can take on the world. But remind them that you are teaching them, remind them that you are still the parent, remind them that everything you do is so they can become a wonderful, thriving adult.

Raise your child correctly, raise your child with love, raise your child to become great. And you too will be great.




I realize that the first paragraph is insisting /never/ to yell at the child. That wasn’t my intention. In some cases, it could be beneficial to yell. I meant to say that always yelling at a child is what’s harmful. Parents can yell at children, but if it’s a constant, that will be a problem. I’m sincerely sorry for the misinterpretation.

Have a nice day/night.

EDIT #2:

Yes, I admit I haven’t yet raised a child of my own. I do not count babysitting my sister and younger cousins as raising them. I did this because I’ve experienced these from my own parents. Constant yelling for the smallest things, degrading and belittling, pushed aside and being unsupported, I’ve gotten these from my parents. And in the past, it led me to do things I wish I never did, it gave me thoughts I don’t want to have. It has interfered with my life. Could some of my information be wrong? Yes. Information isn’t always correct, it will always have some sort of mistake.

Again, have a nice day/night.

BMC NYC stuff!!!

-Will R. as Jeremy is Really Cute and very good but is less outwardly anxious than Will C.

-There were additions / changes to lyrics in a lot of songs!! But most noticeable being Squip Song, More Than Survive Reprise, Pitiful Children, and The Play.

-Michael Mell canonically has 2 moms!! After they show their boyf riends backpacks, he laughs and says “My moms would be so proud.”

-Rather than black outfits, all of Jason Tam Squip’s outfits are pure white.

-The new song is right before intermission!! It replaces the end of Upgrade. It STARTS with “I already know what it’s like to be the loser.” AAAAAND it has a few parts where the melody sounds like Touching My Hand!!!

-Michael in the Bathroom Good.

-We actually get to see Rich get the gas out to start the fire!! And his Squip has a women’s voice.

-Smartphone Hour has a part where it shows a selfie of Jenna in front of the burning fire lmao.

-Okay, this wasn’t a script change thing, but during the Pants Song, George slipped in his socks and straight up fell on his ass.

-They played into Jake being sad about his parents a lot more which I really appreciated.

-Christine’s Squip was changed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!

-Rich like, canonically likes Michael like this is a thing. In the hospital, after he asks if Michael is Jeremy’s boyfriend, he asks if he’s single. Then, later when they’re dancing in Voices in my Head, he reaches for Michael’s hand and holds it for a few seconds before Michael kinda swats it away.

optimal places to listen to these musicals

otherwise known as: “but theater is meant to be experienced live!!!” is a myth invented by capitalism

Anastasia: a sleepover at your best friend’s home 

The Band’s Visit: in a silent house with the lights off and the curtains drawn

Be More Chill: in the safety of your room after an exhausting school day 

The Book of Mormon: not in public

Dear Evan Hansen: a long drive home

Falsettos: walking around a city you don’t know well; it feels mundane and surreal at the same time

Hamilton: with friends on a road trip, yelling along and tripping over the words and laughing

The Last Five Years: stuck in an elevator with a stranger

Les Misérables: anywhere with a lot of durable furniture

Little Shop of Horrors: downtown, where the folks are broke

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: in an abandoned parking lot at 2 AM with Monster Energy in the cupholder and giant floodlights in the distance. And a hamster running on a wheel in shotgun just for fun.

Newsies: on the treadmill

Next to Normal: riding the subway, absorbing each word like you’re listening to a gripping audiobook, watching the world flicker by

The Phantom of the Opera: the shower, of course, so that you can sing along

Spring Awakening: sitting in an empty playground

Tuck Everlasting: laying in the sun, the scent of grass in the air

Waitress: returning to visit a favorite place from childhood, bracing your heart for the ways it has changed

you know how after a movie stops showing in theaters it’s put on streaming services like netflix and hulu well why can’t it be the same for musicals

things people pretend don’t exist

Dear Evan Hansen: Connor’s death

Waitress: Sara Bareilles’ dancing sperm song

The Book of Mormon: Nic Rouleau leaving

Spring Awakening: the cancellation of the DWSA tour

Falsettos: Act II

The Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies

The King and I: (1999)

Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812: September 3, 2017

Les Misérables: Nick Jonas

Heathers: everything J.D. did wrong

Be More Chill: Christine

Mean Girls: anyone who isn’t Ben Tyler Cook


Hamilton: Peggy

the previews of the off broadway version for be more chill are in 2 weeks! im totally hyped! but im worried about the fan behavior. i already made a post about this but it doesnt hurt to do it again.

1. be quiet and dont sing alone especially during michael in the bathroom. critics and broadway producers are going to show up to the showings. they will not put money behind it or leave good reviews if youre screaming at the top of your lungs. the actors are on stage, not you.

2. RESPECT THE ACTORS. dont address them as the characters they play. be kind to them and compliment their performance. please dont bombard them or harass them. remember they are people too.

3. please be nice to one another, people had panic attacks at a different showing for be more chill because everyone was so loud.

4. if youre hard pressed on wanting to bootleg, please be discreet about it. this is new york city, you can be charged for filming. if youre in the first 5 rows, just don’t do it. trust me, the actors can and will see you.

you can cheer and you can talk to the actors, just be good people and set a good example. that way the showing of be more chill will be fun for everyone!