be careful lovelies

Practice kindness always! <3
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why did you make an aesthetic for ivlis dating yosafire when thats pedophilia jw

Listen anon. If someone is kin with a character and dating someone who’s kin with another character and want an aesthetic because they love and care for their partner does not make it pedophilic unless the two people in are. And that’s that. If you have an issue take it to me privately. @pekonyamas.
- Mod Etihw

Update 08/18

Fuck my life again, I say that so often.

I say it at least once a day. I’ve managed to get a tiny crush on Louis but that’s all it is? It’s a crush, it will pass by and be gone in a week. Except he asked to be my date to the party tomorrow, keeps talking about kissing me, feeling me up and all I can think about is doing the same to you.

I also feel bad for Jesy, she thinks she’s with the Josh guy but he’s going around trying to dick other girls. Then blaming the girls for it and shaming them.. pathetic. She doesnt need that in her life she deserves to be treated with love and care and like she’s the only person who matters. Just like Louis should of been.

I fucking want to bang my head against a wall and scream it’s too early for me to think about other people, too early for me to think about feelings. It’s too early for me to want someone that way. It’s too early…. It’s too early

It’s …. too early for me to care

I’m still depressed, I still don’t have the confidence.. I still can’t trust people, even if he is sweet.

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Hello!! May I request an MCU and Star Wars ship, please? I have dark brown hair and eyes, and I'm not very tall. I can be very playful sometimes but I care a lot for those I love. I am also quite impatient at times. I enjoy exploring new places and I would love to travel the world one day. Thank you so much for this! : )

I ship you with Peter Parker! He’s not very tall himself but I can totally see him making short jokes and leaning on you. Given your playful nature, I bet you have the best jokes to throw back at him. He would love taking you to fun and exciting new spots in the city for dates.

Star Wars:
I ship you with Anakin. I think he would love to take you on dates all over the galaxy where the two of you could explore and find awesome places to experience together. He would love your playfulness and care for those you love.

(36/40) ships are closed!

Closed Starter

@bladeambrose10 (Hopefully, this is a good starter and sorry if it’s so long XP)

Samantha was mostly the new girl in World Wrestling Entertainment, but the problem was that she was really shy and gets stage fright easily. She wanted to join, so she can become stronger to protect the ones she loves and cares about back home. She didn’t go to the women’s locker room like the rest of the divas in the business cause she didn’t want to be part of any drama or gossip, so she mainly sneaks over by the men’s room, but doesn’t go inside or she would head towards the ring whenever there wasn’t an audience.

One day, she decided to head over there as she looked around to make sure the coast was clear, then walked around so she can get used to her surroundings. After a few minutes, she decided to sit on the top rope and started thinking about stuff while minding her own business without realizing there was somebody heading her way.

BTS Highlight Reel Theory

Nothing in the third highlight reel actually happened. It represents the fears each member has that’s keeping them from accepting themselves and therefore being loved by others.

Jungkook is afraid he’s going to be abandoned again, just as Yoongi pushed him away before. Jimin is afraid that he’ll hurt others and himself accidently because he’s not good enough. Yoongi is afraid that he’ll keep pushing people away and hurting them, so it’s better not to let them get close at all. Taehyung is afraid that he’ll get others caught up in his crimes. Namjoon is afraid that the people he cares about won’t love him back or even acknowledge him. Seokjin is afraid that he’ll lose the people he cares about through tragedy. I’m less certain about this, but I think Hoseok’s fear is that the people he cares about will be hurt. Since his scenes overlap so much with Jimin’s it’s harder to parse out.

In the last film, Seokjin decides not to go out on the date. He never gets the Smeraldo flowers which are supposed to communicate “the truth which can’t be told,” so he never reveals how he feels because of his fear. The third film reveals that all of them feel unworthy of love because they don’t love themselves and can only picture their relationships ending in tragedy.

ilucafe  asked:

happy birthday ten !!! i love you !! i can't believe we've been friends for over a year already :') pls know how much i love and care about you + i hope you have a great day <3

jin i love u so much thank u 😢💘💘💗💗💗💘💘💘💗💗💗💗💓💓💘💗💘

I love when makeup artists get me. This is Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in Light, same as the Foundation in Pearl. It’s literally illuminating. My permanent epilepsy induced undereye bruises are covered.
It’s rare that I find a concealer or foundation that works so well, since my complexion is basically a super light olive Snow White leaning toward neutral to yellow undertones. Some brands are a little too yellow. Light olive skin is ridiculously hard to match. Mediterranean, Moor, Central Asian, Eastern European, and I get the lightest complexion.

Next time I have a huge coupon discount, I’ll get the Pearl foundation. Thanks, Too Faced. Thanks, super kind Ulta sales lady who took one look at me and knew what matched me.

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8 please !

my crush huh..? hmm.. goodness its near impossible to describe them in words..! ive never met anyone who actually genuinely wanted to spend time with me and invest themselves with me. ive never actually felt this happy and safe with anyone before. ive never met a single person that i can trust 100%. but id trust them with anything. and i truly am lucky because i got the whole package and more! they have a wonderful personality, a great sense of humour, endless support/care/love, and theyre super duper gorgeous!

thats you, hajizuru!!



The Astral Hatchlings may stray but are never too far from the Astral Matron, Alarianna. She loves and cares very dearly for her children, which spread love and comfort to even the farthest of galaxies. 

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Hi Jen! I'm sorry that you're having a rough day and I wanted to say that I completely agree with the other anon that the rude or mean things being said are absolutely ridiculous and you do not deserve them at all. You're such a talented writer and your stories are incredible. In addition, you're a sweet person and it is clear that you care about your readers and friends. Please know that people love and care about you too!! So ignore those mean people, you don't need them in your life! We❤️You!

Thank you! I really needed to hear this today! I’m going to continue to keep reading over these words for the rest of the day to keep me going so thank you for that. You’re amazing! <3

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‘How many people do you truly love and what are you doing for them’

I only love 2 people in this whole world. And I give them all my love and they have all my respect. I dont know how to love or care for somebody else then them.

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daisies, pantone :)

Daisies: what is the greatest accomplishment of your life? - probably getting onto two different university courses, I think that’s quite big. Or passing my first year at uni?

Pantone: describe a person close to your life in detail? - brave, caring, resourceful, patient, loving, strong, resilient, perseverant, maternal, provider, a human being who makes mistakes, an abuse survivor, mum.

Thanks for asking :)

Send me an ask? :)