be careful lovelies

Hey darlings! 💜 So it’s not necessarily witchcraft related but I was thinking about making a 31 day personal growth and self care challenge. It would probably get a little personal but I really want to focus on accepting and loving yourself while still aiming for being your best self. I know it can be hard to push towards being a better you without putting yourself down along the way. What do you guys think?

what i appreciate is that even though jake did like an elaborate, personalized proposal, it was still private. it so easily could’ve been in front of the whole nine nine, but it wasn’t and it’s such a small thing but i respect jake so much for that?? like public proposals are Gross and Shitty and im just. really happy.

for those who have struggled through bullying, abuse, mental illness, and any other hardship and are still fighting to this day, keep going forward. i’m proud of you for getting to where you are now. you’re alive. you’ve survived so much and you’re going to make it. please, do not give up. learn from your mistakes, from other’s mistakes. get to where you want to be but don’t let that stop you from doing something great, or greater, even.

you are not the negatives you’ve been called. you are not stupid or dumb, you are not lazy or too ill, you are not a failure. you have this, you do. do not let a GPA or rejection letter keep you from still going forward. do this for you. not anyone else.

Appreciation post:

I have to say it, again, for the millionth time; @raspberi is hot - a beautiful human being. She’s the most talented person I know and the most kindest soul on Earth. If you haven’t checked out her stuff yet, you need to change that. This is a semi-old edit she did for me a while back and I’ve saved it for myself because it was too pure for this world, and now I’m sharing it with everyone, not only because I want to show off how talented she is, but because this art deserves to be out there. 

I want you to know that if you ever doubt yourself, or second-guess how much you mean to me and to everyone around you, to remember that you are a stunning individual with a beautiful mind and gorgeous heart. Keep doing you and never give up! I’m always by your side through thick and thin.