Nino's Word

• EP.1
« I see… it’s finally my turn, You are hopeless without me, jean »

• EP.2
« Jean appears to still be ablivious well, he can’t escape me, anyway »

• EP.3
« The next audit will be in… i see it’s whole different story from the others, Will he be okay? »

• EP.4
« Good work… jean, I know what you did »

• EP.5
« You really don’t give a damn, do you? But i’m glad it was you »

• EP.6
« The next audit’s in Dōwā? He’s already on his eighth, Can’t you slow down for once? »

• EP.7
« Tonight’s special… on principle, I don’t do well on the past, after all So this is the first and only time »

• EP.8
« The worries never cease, but i’m sure those two will be okay, Our prince has grown into a fine man, Dad »

• EP.9
« A city without a sky, huh? Even if it’s all dark, I can always see the glimmer of the cigarette »

⚫️ Jean’s word for the first and only time

• EP.10
« Where’s Nino? Man… Didn’t you say I’m useless without you? »


• EP.11
« It will be fine, no matter where you choose to go, Just let me watch over you for a little while longer »