Coming Out

yeah so i guess you should know (even though i have about 9 followers lmao) that i am gender fluid. i have wanted to come out for a very long time and today i managed to work up the courage to tell my rather old fashioned mother. she was fine with it and in fact told me that is how she has felt for years. i expected her to be very patronising or cynical so when i got such a positive reaction i burst into tears. after that i also told her i liked girls too and she was completely fine with that too.

“as long as you are happy, just be yourself”

I never thought I would receive that response

I have been smiling since i told her and this lead me to post it on facebook. I have recieved nothing but love and support. I am the happiest person alive.

What I’ve learned so far:

-allow yourself to cry sometimes, but not for too long

-don’t be afraid to say nice things to strangers (you may meet some amazing people!)

-it’s okay to mess up, as long as you learn from it

-allow yourself to be okay with feeling any emotion, (don’t be constantly striving to be happy, just accept every feeling)

-everything you feel is valid

-there will always be someone who loves you, whether or not you see it

-things will eventually fall in place, so don’t stress too much

-it’s okay to cut negative people out of your life

-it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes

-love yourself first, so then you can love others with a whole heart

-acceptance of yourself, and then of others

-love, just pure messy love of life, yourself and everyone around you

-don’t be afraid to try new things

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

Lucille Ball

How to Love Yourself First was inspired by the quote above.

Here are the steps!

  1. Ask yourself: Who am I?
  2. Ask a friend who knows you well to help you.
  3. Look up the meanings of words that you’ve designated as your weaknesses and strengths.
  4. Look at your list of weaknesses. 
  5. Learn to be humble. 
  6. Keep it real. 
  7. Stop telling yourself negative stuff. 
  8. Speak to yourself as if you were your friend.
  9. Never put yourself down. 
  10. Make peace with yourself. 
  11. Keep learning and allowing yourself to change. 

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