be your own bomb

Cute things boys do

- kiss you and tell you they worship you
- sneak through your window and fucks you
- kills your best friend and enemy
- shoots the boys who bully you
- scares the shit out of you to make you fake your own death to get away from him
- attempts in bombing the school so you can cuddle by the fire
- and lastly blows up themselves leaving you there having to explain and clean up the mess

So cute…


Okay so basically I have a DIY video (there’s plenty more but these are bomb looking) on how to make your OWN wand ! Wands online & at stores can be $20+, & I know that isn’t always affordable for people… So I wanted to share the idea of MAKING your own wand! I’ve seen tutorials for wands that require simple items like chop sticks, a hot glue gun & spray paint. This video has other great ideas as well. I hope this helps if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want YOUR OWN WAND!!:D 🐍🐍

I can’t even imagine what it must have sounded like –
the alarms, the gunshots, the screams, the begging,
the praying, the laughter, the cheering, the crying.
I know the sound of Eric’s laugh. I know the sound
of Dylan’s voice. I’ve heard a fragment of a recording.
And I still can’t piece it together enough to hear the horror.

I can’t even imagine what it must have looked like –
the muzzle of a Tec-9 in your face,
the black boots walking past you as you hide under a table,
the boy in a trench-coat, in the hallway, with a shotgun.
Blood on the floor and blood exploding out of someone’s head,
and blood pouring out of a hole in someone’s back.

I can’t even imagine what it must have smelt like –
metallic blood, the stench of open wounds,
smoke from pipe bombs, shit and piss and sweat,
your own body odour, cafeteria lunch food,
linoleum floors, body spray, the inside of a toilet cubicle,
the inside of a storage cupboard, the smells of school and death.

I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like –
begging for your life at gunpoint while the killer laughs,
watching children being murdered
right in front of you, seeing TV violence in real life.
Closing your eyes and listening to people dying and begging
and crying and praying and whooping and whispering.

Realising that you might actually really die right here,
on the floor of a library, in an unlocked science room,
in a toilet stall, under the table of a cafeteria. Trying to pray
to any god listening that you want to live, please, please, please.
But what good did it do the other children? What good did it do
for the kids you heard getting killed?

Running out of the library and past a dead body and past
another dead body, with your hands above your head,
so the police don’t shoot you, of course.
Standing by a cop car with the images still playing in your head,
and the sounds of gunfire still ringing in your ears,
not knowing if your friends are dead or alive.

Being faced with cameras and reporters and microphones,
and an unending barrage of questions:
What did you see? What did you hear? How did you feel?
What happened? Do you know who the killers were? Why?
Where were you? What did you do? Did you talk to the killers?
Were you friends with the killers? Do you know the Trench Coat Mafia?

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like
to actually be a student or a teacher or a reporter or a photographer
or a cameraman or a journalist or a copy editor or an editor in chief
or a police officer or a SWAT team member or a paramedic or a nurse
or a doctor or the parent of a victim or the parent of someone injured
or a friend of a student or a bomb squad member or a family member.

We’ve all seen the chaos unfolding, live on the news.
We’ve seen the police standing behind cars and we’ve seen
students running for their lives, students bleeding on sidewalks,
parents hunting for children, parents hugging their kids,
people standing around and crying and holding one another,
ambulances racing and sirens blaring and cameras rolling,
but imagine living it.
—  Dear Columbiners, not everything is about Eric and Dylan, s.b.w.

This though. Like, everybody needs positivity, really. It’s awesome to create a blog like “hey, you’re great and you face unique issues related to your gender, I hope a fucking kitten bakes you cookies and declares you ruler of your own magic castle you goddamn fucking human glitter bomb of awesome”.

Talk about body positivity and all that fucking cool stuff, tell fat boys they are awesome, tell thin and lanky boys that fuck archaic notions of masculinity that try to pigeon hole what it is to be a man, you’re as much a guy as anyone.

Tell boys that cry a lot that they are just merman who crave the ocean and that tears are perfectly natural.

Tell trans boys that their experiences may be be full of struggle but they are loved are valid.

Tell boys that their masculinity will never need to be as narrowly defined as society will tell them, that their race or sexuality might make them feel like they have a limited frame on which to grow but they can be as versatile as any of the beautiful flowers they resemble.

Be so fucking positive that sparks shoot out your nipples and your ass smells like a precious cinnamon roll. That’s fine.

But your shit is negated when you have to have a whine about how awful feminists are or to stop and insult women.

Maybe stop building men up on the backs of the women you tear down.

Overwatch Mains: Defense Addition
  • Bastion: You always shoot at a reflecting Genji and only realise your mistake once it's too late. You feed on the salt you get from stealing Play of the Game. You often forget about your self heal and Recon Mode.
  • Hanzo: You shoot your ult from spawn and somehow get a triple kill. Most of your eliminations are accidental headshots or scatter arrows. You've been trying to climb this one particular part of the wall for about five minutes and refuse to give up.
  • Junkrat: You always kill someone at the start of matches by placing a trap and mine in front of the spawn doors. You think your Rip-Tire is indestructible. You panic in 1v1 situations and accidentally kill yourself with your own bombs or by blasting yourself off the map.
  • Mei: You wall the ulting Reaper in with the rest of your team so they can't escape. No one can tell if this was intentional or accidental. You jump on the objective in your Ice Block, but don't have a plan for when you jump out. You always say 'Hello!' to frozen enemies before headshotting them.
  • Torbjörn: You get a quad kill while walking back from spawn and it was totally because of skill. You have never actually killed anyone while your own hands. You probably have hammer envy towards Reinhardt.
  • Widowmaker: No one has seen you for the entire match. You sometimes jump down to get heals from the support, but then you disappear again. You have two eliminations ten minutes into the game but refuse to switch because one of them was a headshot on a Reaper who was standing still.
BTS reactions to you calling them “Papi”


Seokjin wouldn’t be into the concept. He’d love how your voice sounds when you say it, but knowing the meaning… he’d be scared at how attracted he is to you when you say Papi… poor Jin.

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He likes it. He likes it a lot. At first he had that ‘SHE CAN’T KNOW I LIKE IT’ mentality. But now, he’s accepted it and turns not so daddy when you call him papi… He’s a smoosh.

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LOVES IT WHEN YOU CALL HIM PAPI. Hoseok is daddy as hell and he absolutely goes crazy when you call him papi. It has this weird effect on him. In public he would literally take you now, if you call him Papi. He just… LOVES IT. 

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Namjoon has familiarized himself with your culture, and has lowkey been waiting for you to drop the “daddy” bomb on him in your own way.

When you called him Papi he would smile to himself and be happy you felt comfortable enough around him to  call him that.

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He would feel super awkward at first. Mentally he’d prepared himself for this, but in actuality he was not ready. He’d giggle like a floof until he learned to get used to you calling him that.

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Hella turned on when you call him papi. Similar to Hoseok he would practically do you on the spot. Pre-papi was a soft and playful tae, but post papi… you can turn his rough side on and off at your own will.

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He’d smirk at you once the word left your lips. He’d get cocky and tease you about it - until you called him that in bed. 

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Did'ja think I forgot about Amethyst Appreciation week? Nope! I just decided to hold off on doing it until February since she’s the month’s birthstone! Also because my schedule was crazy.

TONS of Amethyst-related content will be popping up on this blog until the week ends. You can also submit your own Amethyst appreciation stuff! 

The Bomb will run from Feb. 6th to Feb. 10th

anonymous asked:

Hello:) I saw the picture of the rainbow ocean and I noticed that each section had a different color, I know that the new army bomb changes color but I thought it only changed depending on the song being played. I don't have an army bomb, so can people change the color whenever they want to? Just curious😊

To do the rainbow ocean they just have different colored plastic bags that they put on the army bombs so that it will be a different color. They didn’t use the new army bomb feature. And yes on the new army bombs you can’t change color on your own.

So when will Yuuri stop idolizing Viktor and calm down when he’s around him and deal with Viktor’s teasing in a calm way and maybe even strike back?

It would be hilarious, though, to see Yuuri suddenly touching Viktor’s chin and hand and making Viktor blush.

Wouldn’t that be a surprise? The type of surprise Viktor loves?

You are all amazing and I love you.

Literally everyone in the TCC is so creative and dedicated and lovely and it makes me so happy? Like yall search the depths of the internet to make your own content and inform people and answer questions. You guys make bomb ass fan art and are all amazing writers and ???? It’s just a really good feeling to be in a community like this. So you are all amazing and I love you all. If any of you guys ever just wanna talk about literally anything just hmu guys. 

Super Bomberman R: Bom Cards

I…don’t really know what to call these, but the Japanese Bomberman Twitter posted a bunch of captioned images as part of the promo campaign for SBR that allude to gameplay things that seasoned Bomberman players will be all too familiar with. A few were posted in English…somewhere…but I can’t remember where so instead I just had BDR translate the Japanese ones. There’s 17 as of this post.

As a more general fun translation note, in a lot of their SBR promos Konami combines the word for explosion (bakuhatsu 爆発) with the word for launch/sale (hatsupai 発売). These guys are having fun.

“It’s Bomberman R.”

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