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Favorite words by Namjoon - 1

- We’re so used to looking out at the world
When there’s a whole galaxy existing inside me

- I believe my father who goes to the office everyday, my mother who is a realtor, my sister, even the stray cats and dogs on the road and the pebbles, we all have a galaxy in our hearts. Many people fail to discover that galaxy even until they die, no matter how they lived, how they died. Our Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa PT.1, PT.2 are, as I said, risk and energy, but they’re also the story we tell with the wish that you could find your own galaxy.

-  I believe in your galaxy, ARMY!

- The ARMY Bombs are sparkling tonight. It feels like we are in the midst of the universe. It’s like we are entering the galaxy with ARMYs. I hope you won’t think that this galaxy, this universe would get bigger and wider and you will drift away from our hearts. Because your eyes, every one of you, they shine even brighter than ARMY Bombs. We are working hard to see and to light up those eyes, those starlights. Do you see this universe? In this galaxy, in this sparkling space, we are one. Please don’t forget that you are our galaxy.

- I think if you alll turn off the ARMY Bombs, we would fall from this universe, this galaxy we are standing in. Purple was my favorite color when I was a child. Looking at this purple sea today, I got goosebumps, because back then I once thought the universe was purple. Right now, I feel like I’m in the midst of a very special universe. ARMYs, I love you.

Cute things boys do

- kiss you and tell you they worship you
- sneak through your window and fucks you
- kills your best friend and enemy
- shoots the boys who bully you
- scares the shit out of you to make you fake your own death to get away from him
- attempts in bombing the school so you can cuddle by the fire
- and lastly blows up themselves leaving you there having to explain and clean up the mess

So cute…

Things you can do on NCT 127's website

▪Move the transparent words in the bg
▪Move the cute pixel member avatars
▪Move the weird cherry mascot cliparts
▪Double click the avatars to see them dance!
▪Glide your cursor over the transparent words to mess them up
▪If you click on the bg, the members’ individual teasers pop up
▪Click on them again to see the video teasers
▪You can move the teaser pics around too ▪Click on the word ‘Cherry’ and a weird puzzle game appears
▪Click on the word ‘Bomb’ and a giant pink explosion appears
▪Click on the sidebar. 8 BIT MUSIC!!!!!!
▪Upload your own picture and Bomb Your Pic with the given templates!

10 Easy Changes You Can Make To Your Lifestyle To Be Happier And Healthier Almost Instantly

I’ve been having some issues lately with staying positive and pushing myself to build healthy habits. At times I get too wrapped up in work and friends and my education that I forget that I’m a human being and that I need to put myself higher on my list of priorities. I have a major problems with articles that claim they have “easy” tips for being happy and healthy overnight. It’s really not that simple, and I’m not going to lie, the ones below aren’t a cakewalk for everyone, but I thought they were useful in my own experience and wanted to share them with you. 

  1. Every time you reach for a soda or an extra coffee, switch it out for water. It provides a healthier and more long term boost of energy by clearing out those mentally depressing toxins from your body. 
  2. Meditate once a day. Even if it’s only 30 seconds in the morning after you’ve finished getting ready, take a step back and devote some time to becoming calm and clearing your head to increase focus and encourage a peaceful mindset. 
  3. Exercise. Don’t create a hardcore 2 hour daily workout routine right off the bat after months of little to no activity. Start small, maybe 10 abdominal exercises, 10 leg exercises, and 10 weighted tricep curls on each arm paired with a 15 minute walk around the block. There. That’s only roughly 30 minutes of your day and you’re not even sweaty enough to have to shower afterwards. 
  4. Use natural ingredients as skin care. Moisturize with coconut oil, make your own essential oils and charcoal face wash, soap, and bath bombs, and maybe devote 1-2 days of the week to wearing no make up (if you wear it every day) in order to let your skin breathe. 
  5. Keep your space organised. When you’ve just changed and that sweater you wore today is on the floor, take the two extra seconds to hang it up or fold it and put it away. When you’re done with your meal, rinse it and put it in the dish washer. It’s not that difficult to prevent your home from becoming a pig sty. 
  6. Make your bed every morning. It’s a good habit to have, it makes your room look nice and clean, even if there are some things on the floor, and it makes it look even more appealing when you look over at 11 PM and decide whether to watch another episode of your Netflix obsession or get some beauty rest. 
  7. Speaking of sleep, do it! Regularly! It is essential to your health and happiness to get a good amount of sleep every night. 7-10 hours is the recommended amount of nightly rest you should fit in, so set a bedtime and your alarm and get that shut eye. 
  8. Spend the time to treat yourself. If you think a 20 minute sheet mask or some extra time to have a cup of tea and read your latest pick from the library shelves, set that time aside to enjoy yourself and wind down. You need the time to recharge, so keep that high on your priority list.  
  9. Keep a planner. It may be something you’re already doing, but if you’re not, this is a life changing habit to have. Every morning, write down your to-do list, your schedule, and any reminders. Save some room on your calendar for any plans that may pop up and your life will instantly be more organised and you’ll be way less likely to forget that really important due date.
  10. Don’t push positivity if it isn’t there. Nobody is happy and bubbly and super motivated all the time, so don’t spend all of your time reblogging positivity quotes on Tumblr or trying to ignore every emotion that is “negative”. You’re human. Life happens and sometimes you’ll be just plain blue. It’s healthy to acknowledge the feelings that make you feel hopeless and unmotivated and seem all too frequent. The sun will shine tomorrow and you will find more and more reasons to fill every moment with meaning every single day. 

Here’s to future health and happiness for you all. Cheers! x

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Feel Good

The Dawn Room- Get and Receive kind words.

The Thoughts Room- Watch your thoughts dissolve into space.

The Quite Place- Escape the world for a bit.

It Will Be Okay- Get some words of reassurance.

Soundrown- Extremely relaxing white noise.

Virtual Shower- Take a Virtual Shower and Relax.

Calm down- Nice music and background to clam you down.

Weather- Control the weather from sunny with birds to a thunderstorm.

Snowy Mood- Listen to the soft crunching of snow.

Self Harm alternatives- Don’t hurt yourself, baby, try these.

Feel happy- 10 thins to do when you feel crappy.

Stressed?- 99 coping methods for stress.

Take a break- Do nothing for two minutes and listen to waves.

Having a Bad day?- Things to keep in mind when you are.

Angry?- then look at these cute animals.

Need a hug?- Just click on it, guys.

Make every thing Okay- Press a button and make it all okay.

Was Someone Mean?- “talk” to them and get it out.

Important Mental Health posts- Take a look at these, it’ll help.

Encouraging posts- These are what you need.

Hotlines- Listed in order of hotline.

Re-hydrate- Cute app that grows a plant when you drink water.

Mental Heath and coping- Huge masterpost on multiple disorders and abuse.

Cramps- Yoga for Period cramps.

Napping- When to and how long to nap.

Bad day?- List of cute things to do to f=make you feel better.

Self care- 25 self-care tips to help out.

Need a Compliment?- Get an Emergency Compliment.

Relax with Sea creatures- Have cute babies follow your mouse.

Comfort Box- Make a box for your bad days, and be prepared.

Cut this and not yourself- Click and drag across the screen.

Open a window

14,000 things to be happy about for .16 cents

Watch a randomized tree grow

Therapy Coloring printables

Sexuality Definitions

Tips to Fall Asleep Fast

How to get up in the Morning

Fake Self Confidence

My Friend Needs Help

Panic Attack- My friend is having a Panic Attack.

Self-Harm- My friend self-Harms.

Addiction- My friend is addicted to drug or another substance.

Eating Disorder- My friend has an Eating Disorder.

Suicide- My friend wants to kill them self.


Color Collective- A collection of colors and photography.

Skintone Swatches- 2 great references for skin color.

Skin detail- Adding quick detail to skin.

Blending tutorial- Article and Video.

Concept Cookie- Huge collection of Concept art and tutorials.

Hair palette- Hair colors and mixes chart.

Draw the Booty- Mini tutorial or drawing the booty.

Clouds- Realistic clouds tutorial.

Bubbles- Look at these beauties.

Grass- Video tutorial on Grass.

Portrait- How to draw a portrait in Photoshop.

Lighting- An ADVANCED video on lighting in Photoshop.

Underwater- Beginners Underwater tutorial.

Color Zones- Color Zones of the face and head.

Eyes- Really basic eye tutorial and face sections.

Heels- Basic tutorial For drawing heels (shoes).

Self-taught Artist?- Try this website for tips you may not have known.

Hands- Really useful hand sculpture, first three aren’t hands, but keep going.

Poses- List of useful human poses and such.

Sitting Poses- Poses used for drawing sitting humans.

Understanding anatomy- Chart of Human Anatomy.

Great Pintrest Boards- inspiration, Ideas, Illustration, Draw, Fanart, Concept.

Lessons- FREE, i repeat FREE, art lesson websites!

Psychology of Color- Explanation and charts of color stuff.

Mixing skin tones- Mixing of multiple of colors and ways of skin tone.

Color palettes- make sure you get your colors right.

Contour and Highlights- C and H of the human face.

How to draw: Hoods- Quick tutorial on hood proportion and placement.

How to Draw: Boobs in a shirt- Really helpful do’s and don'ts.

How to Draw: Hair- Long and short beginner hair tutorial.

How to Draw: Cartoon Faces- Basic faces and eyes, nose, and mouth.

Face Placement- Easy to read face placement chart.

How to Draw: Cartoon Hands- Quick Gif tutorial.

Hot to Draw: Cartoon Mouths- Helpful gif for mouth stuff.

Expressions- Awesome Facial Expression chart.

How to Draw: Arms- Great gendered arm reference.

Clothing- Neat do’s and don'ts for clothes.

Hair- Basic hair styles and colors.

Eye- Nice eye drawings to go off of.

More Clothes- Literally Clothes for EVERYTHING.

Kissies- Face positioning and mouths and stuffs.

Programs- A ton of FREE art programs to draw with and such.

Pixels Galore- Beginner guide at pixel art.

Tutorial Masterpost- Huge masterpost on drawing stuff and things.

Glitch Effect- This Hella cool thing oh my gosh.

Draw your Hand in 3D

Writing (*Cracks Knuckles* My Specialty)

Falling Out of Love

Character building

Make your own family history

Plot a complex novel in a day

Punctuating Dialogue(English)

Tips for writing Smut

Naming Characters

Pixar’s Tips for writing a Story

Insecure about your Writing? Read this.

Make a Likable Protagonist

Character Motivations importance

Body Language

How to Write: Flashbacks

Is your Chapter Good?

How to Write: Action Scenes

Writing Multiple Point of Views

When not to Write(Important)

Constructive Comments

Writing a Series


Subtle signs of Love

Are you ready to get Published?

Genera Characteristics

Is that Plagiarism? Better check!

Looking for that word?

Writing exercises

Illegal Information

Amazing Masterpost for writers reference

Fill your Journal up

Writer’s Block? Try this.

750 Words a Day

Fancy Last Names

Greek Mythology Database

Writing Jobs you may not have known about


Planner- Neat print-out planner.

Prioritize and Stick to it tips- studying tips and habits.

Manage Exam Anxiety

Apps to control Procrastination

Be a master Note Taker

Find the right place to Study

Study daily, don’t cram before the test!

Planning an Essay

Dealing with School related Stress

Effective Studying Techniques

Manage your Time

Reading and Researching

Google Citations

Googling Tips

When Study Breaking(Three)

How to: Pull an all-nighter

School Supplies Masterpost


Orisinal- Absolutely adorable games to relax to.


Make- Burgers, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Pizza, and Tacos.

Piano Keyboard

Adventure Time Princess Maker(Awesome)

Lots of Pokemon

Trivia Galore

Free Indie Games(that will occupy you for hours)

Make a squid(Mine is so cute)

Dress up game masterpost

Make awesome Sand art

Flow(Kinda like spore)

Fly Guy


Draw a stickman and go on an Adventure

Make some Plants

Coma(Really cute, Kinda confusing)

Alter Ego(This game is so amazing, Please play it)

Terrifying irl games

Akinator(Actual Magic)

Chain Reaction(addictive)

Silk Art

Space Invaders

Balance some stuff

Go through a maze with your mouse

Holy mother of Pacman

Surround the cat

Portal knockoff(But it’s still good)

Sticky blobs

Free Cards Against Humanity

Cookie Clicker

Free Plants Vs. Zombies

Neat Color Game

The End(Really Cool Platformer)

Machinarium(This is so amazing)

Psychological RPGs that mess with you

RPG Games with Description(all free)

One and One story

Vocabulary Game


I saw her standing there(It has Zombies, guys)


Paint a Nebula

Pointer Pointer(check it out)

Light and shadow thingy

Paint with some Fire

Infinite Line

Play with a Blob

Shakespearean insult generater(for some laughs)

Interactive Movie

Make awesome figurines and buy them

go for a walk, or run, or fly…

Get your anger out and have fun

Try and stop watching this

Music Catch 2

Choice of a Dragon

Online Lego Builder

100 Best Free PC Games

Jelly Cannon

Kaleidoscope spinny maker Thing


Hungry Blocks



Ways to tie a scarf

Visual guide to a shitton of stuff

Vintage and Indie- 1 2 3 4 5

Punk/Grunge- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ten dollar Mall(where has this been all my life?)

Lily’s Boutique

Tons of Cat shirts

How to: Were X thing

Cheap and cute clothes(Sammydress)

Use the code “ThankU15” for 15% off

Flower Crowns cute and cheap clothes

Cute, Cheap, and free shipping to the U.S

Lingerie under 5 dollars!

T-shirts all under 10$

Cute ass skirts under 10$

Jewelry under 5$

Like 2$ Skeleton Tights

Skull sweatshirt for 20$

Lacey Thigh-highs for 2$

Cute Anti-Duck masks for 8$

6$ self defense Key Chain

Clothes from that TV show you liked

More Cute Ass leggings for 8$

Another Dust mask for 15$

Weird face Dust Mask(again) for 3$

Cool teeth printed Dust Masks for 5$

Red and Black under bust Corset For 18$

Just My size

Pastel Goth(Adorable asf)

How to thrift shop


Lazy Girl Workout

Yoga poses at your desk

Ultimate Booty workout

27 Squat Variations

Back on fire, back workout

Easier Push-ups for people who can do zero(like me)

2 Minute Pre-Shower Routine

Increase Flexibility

Tighten your abs

Before you go to school or work yoga

Workout Ideas Masterpost

Yoga Masterpost

DIY spa


Blueberry Yogurt Mask

Cucumber and Parsley Mask

Mango aloe toner

Apple Honey Acne Facial

Indian Cleansing Milk for Oily skin

Lavender Oatmeal Mask

Avocado Facial Mask

Peppermint Lip Scrub

Sugar Lip Scrub


Hair Color Booster

Protective Hair Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask

Avocado Hair Mask

Love Potion #9-Hair rejuvenation

Strengthening Hair Mask


Wake up Scrub

Dry Skin Creme

Almond Body Scrub

Sunburn Solution

Rose water body lotion


Overnight Foot mask

Foot Soak

Cracked heel treatment

Beach Sand Scrub


Hand Peel

Gardeners’ Hand Scrub

Lemon and sugar scrub

Lavender Hand Creme


Homemade Bath Salts

Tea Balls

Tub Tea

Bath Fizzies

Neat ass Rose Water

Sage and Fennel Bath Melt

Bubble Bath Paint(Woah)

How To: Make your Own Bath Bomb


How to: Hot Towel

Meditation- You can also go to your smarthphone’s app store and buy some guided mediation apps. Of course, you can always Google Meditation for Help.


Complete Text of Shakespeare’s plays

Read Any Book

Color based on the time

Some some books for .1 cents

Live Animal feeds!

The hobby masterpost

Watch a movie with an internet Friend

Pun Generator

How to: make a glitter jar

Masterpost of interesting Links

Masterpost of spooky stories

Look at 100,00 stars

Who do you write like?

Orca follows your mousse

Live porn search feed- seriously just click it

That spinny thing from when you were a kid

Check your Post Limit

Open Sea Cam

How to: Origami

Sleep calculator

Cute OTP things

How to: Blanket Nest

So many Documentaries

Adventure Time Masterpost

Wind currents of the earth RIGHT NOW(Really Neat)

Click to make rectangles

Listen to Wikipedia getting Edited

Acrobots(so much fun)

Cheap fidget toys- good for anxiety

Cheap ass books

Cool Fact Generater

Find Reaction Gifs(three)

One second on the Internet

Make a note that will self destruct after read

Make your Dream Home

Puppy licks you screen

NoSleep Reddit Forum

Urban Legends

Cheap posters

Dots move to your mouse

Buy your own groceries, you chair


Make your Pens as Beautiful as you are

How To: Not even give a Fuck

Funny Bloopers- 1 2 3

Crafts Gone Horribly Wrong

99 Life Hacks

How much of X food/drink would it take to end you?

How to: Pick the Perfect Video Game

How things have changed since you were Born

Have an out of Body Experience Tips

A Washcloth Getting Wrung out in Space

You can Actually Beat Snake 


Ramen Noodle Recipes:

Ramen Noodle Stir fry

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chili-Cheese Ramen

Egg drop Ramen

Spinach and Ramen

Ramen Spaghetti

Ramen Alfredo

Ramen n’ Cheese

Stuff in a mug:

Cheesy Eggs

Cheese and broccoli eggs

Mac n’ Cheese


Nutella Cake



Chocolate Chip Cookie



Corn on the Cob

Scalloped Potatoes

White Rice

Fried Rice

Baked Potato

Chicken Casserole

Garlic Chicken

Chicken Soup Casserole

Soft Chicken Tacos

Microwavable Pancakes

no-bake energy bars

vegan french toast

banana pops breakfast wrap

vegan pancakes

spinach and eggs  

baked eggs with red sauce and greens

honey butter chicken biscuits chocolate waffles  

pizza omlette

cinnamon sugar french toast sticks  

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pizza bites

parsely pesto pasta stuffed aubergine boats

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spice up your hot chocolate  

butterbeer recipe 100 cal snacks  

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magic cocoa recipe

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toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies

cinnamon rolls (gluten free)  

mini pumpkin cheesecakes more cupcakes  

red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars chocolate and pomegranate cake



Face Brushes

Eye Brush cheat sheet

Brush 101

Sponges and uses for ‘em


Routine Flow Chart

Even Skin tone

Contour your Face Shape

Right Blush for your Skin tone

Applying Liquid Foundation

How to use Concealer


Tips for the Smokey Eyes

How To: Winged Eyeliner

Bridal Eye Makeup

Fall Makeup Ideas

Perfect Smokey for your Eye Shape

Mascara Hacks

How to: Mascara

Using Mascara as Eyeliner

How To: Apply False Lashes


Grooming and Shaping Tutorial

Tips and Tricks 101

Eyebrow Tutorial(more)

7 Tips


Nude Lipstick Guide

MAC Lipstick Dupes

The Red Lip Rule Book

17 Perfect Lips Tips

Perfect Pin for your Skin Tone

Perfect Orange for your Skin Tone

Ten Commandments of Lipstick

Do’s and Don’ts of Dark Lipstick

Some YouTube Tutorials:


Tanya Burr


Lauren Curtis




Michelle Phan



Your Probably Washing it Wrong?

Longer, Thicker, And Sexier Hair

The Perfect Ponytail

Lazy Girl Hairstyles

5 Updo Hairstyles

29 Inspiring Hairstyles

Perfect Messy Bun

Ways to Braid

Three Braid Updo

no heat curls

straight hair with no heat

5 hairstyles for medium hair

5 ways to wear a beanie

Crafts (May have overdone this a bit)

Homemade Crayon Lipblam

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cloud Nightlights

Calm Bottle

Jellyfish in a jar

Craft on a Low Budget

Crochet for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners

Free Knitting Patterns

10 Other Uses for Nail Polish

DIY rainbow welcome Mat


Make your own Rock Candy

Unicorn Fart Vials

Tabletop Ice Hockey

Origami Paper Nesting Cats

Pixie Dust Pendent

Sparkly ass silly putty

Birthday Candle Crown

Glow in the Dark Water Balloons

Felt wire Crown

Oceanic Crafts

Sail Ice Cubes

Pipe cleaner Princesses

Origami Blinking Eye

Diamond Pipe Cleaner Tutorial

Melted Snowman Ornament

DIY Mustaches- One and Two

DIY Desktop Sandbox

DIY Glitter Tattoos

Hairstyle Doll with growing/shortening Hair

Googly Eye Flip Flops

Lunch bag Drawings

Pom Pom Necklace

Wooden Gem Illusion

Bread Tag Monsters

Cardboard Loom(I’ve done this and can definitely say to try it)

Blessing Bag

Tin Can Lanterns

Leak-Proof Water Blob

20 Uses for Cupcake Liners

Hanging String Balls

Make Stuff Out of Cereal Boxes

Turn an Old Hardcover Book into a Notebook 


What Kind of Nerd are You?

Are you more like Sam or Dean Winchester

Adventure time Character based on Diet

What LEGO Movie Character are you?

What Makes you Hot?

Can we Guess your Favorite Color?

What Teen Titan are you?

What Big Hero 6 Character are you?

Which Invader Zim Character are you?

Which Scooby-Doo Character are you?

Which Titanic Character are you?

Which Full House Character are you?

Which Walking Dead Character are you?

Which Grey’s Anatomy Character are you?

What do People Always Underestimate About you? 

I’ll Update as often as I can with new stuff so stay tuned! 


Yes, everybody I know there are no links! Tumblr updated one day and they just disappeared! Sadly, this was a great master post but that’s the end of that!
I can’t even imagine what it must have sounded like –
the alarms, the gunshots, the screams, the begging,
the praying, the laughter, the cheering, the crying.
I know the sound of Eric’s laugh. I know the sound
of Dylan’s voice. I’ve heard a fragment of a recording.
And I still can’t piece it together enough to hear the horror.

I can’t even imagine what it must have looked like –
the muzzle of a Tec-9 in your face,
the black boots walking past you as you hide under a table,
the boy in a trench-coat, in the hallway, with a shotgun.
Blood on the floor and blood exploding out of someone’s head,
and blood pouring out of a hole in someone’s back.

I can’t even imagine what it must have smelt like –
metallic blood, the stench of open wounds,
smoke from pipe bombs, shit and piss and sweat,
your own body odour, cafeteria lunch food,
linoleum floors, body spray, the inside of a toilet cubicle,
the inside of a storage cupboard, the smells of school and death.

I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like –
begging for your life at gunpoint while the killer laughs,
watching children being murdered
right in front of you, seeing TV violence in real life.
Closing your eyes and listening to people dying and begging
and crying and praying and whooping and whispering.

Realising that you might actually really die right here,
on the floor of a library, in an unlocked science room,
in a toilet stall, under the table of a cafeteria. Trying to pray
to any god listening that you want to live, please, please, please.
But what good did it do the other children? What good did it do
for the kids you heard getting killed?

Running out of the library and past a dead body and past
another dead body, with your hands above your head,
so the police don’t shoot you, of course.
Standing by a cop car with the images still playing in your head,
and the sounds of gunfire still ringing in your ears,
not knowing if your friends are dead or alive.

Being faced with cameras and reporters and microphones,
and an unending barrage of questions:
What did you see? What did you hear? How did you feel?
What happened? Do you know who the killers were? Why?
Where were you? What did you do? Did you talk to the killers?
Were you friends with the killers? Do you know the Trench Coat Mafia?

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like
to actually be a student or a teacher or a reporter or a photographer
or a cameraman or a journalist or a copy editor or an editor in chief
or a police officer or a SWAT team member or a paramedic or a nurse
or a doctor or the parent of a victim or the parent of someone injured
or a friend of a student or a bomb squad member or a family member.

We’ve all seen the chaos unfolding, live on the news.
We’ve seen the police standing behind cars and we’ve seen
students running for their lives, students bleeding on sidewalks,
parents hunting for children, parents hugging their kids,
people standing around and crying and holding one another,
ambulances racing and sirens blaring and cameras rolling,
but imagine living it.
—  Dear Columbiners, not everything is about Eric and Dylan, s.b.w.

Okay so basically I have a DIY video (there’s plenty more but these are bomb looking) on how to make your OWN wand ! Wands online & at stores can be $20+, & I know that isn’t always affordable for people… So I wanted to share the idea of MAKING your own wand! I’ve seen tutorials for wands that require simple items like chop sticks, a hot glue gun & spray paint. This video has other great ideas as well. I hope this helps if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want YOUR OWN WAND!!:D 🐍🐍

Bathe Me

Pairing: Josh/ Reader Warnings: Smut, Bath sex, Slight fluff Rating: Mature A/N: Funny backstory, this was a joke between me and my best friend and now it’s a smut.

Originally posted by lovablecouples

Your job was stressing you out more than you could’ve imagined. It seemed you couldn’t do anything right and everybody was mad at you at all hours of the day. While you were working, you decided since the store was empty, that you would just post a picture for the hell of it. You take a picture of the bath bombs that your store sold, and posted it to Twitter along with the caption, “I just want to take a bath with these. Having someone with me could be fun too. @joshuadun" You didn’t have that big of a following or any connections with Josh, so you obviously didn’t think anything of posting it. You were a mega fan of twenty one pilots, and any of your followers could attest to that. A few hours later, you’re helping the last customer before closing up, and your phone goes off. You ring them up, close and lock the store doors, and walk to your car ; finally pulling out your phone. You see a dm from Josh Dun, and immediately think it’s fake, probably someone joking with you because if the picture. However, when you open it, you notice the blue tick, indicating it’s real. Your heart does flips in your stomach as you open it, hands shaking, threatening to make you lose grip on your phone. “If the offer is still available, meet me asap at” and there was his address. Josh, fucking, Dun. You had already bought the bath bombs, figuring you’d just take your own bath and whatnot, but you weren’t going to pass this opportunity. You get in your car and drive to his place, hands gripping the wheel so tight your knuckles were turning white. The drive wasn’t too long, but you couldn’t stop your mind from racing at the fact that he actually dmed you and you were actually about to go meet him and….Whatever else ensued. You park your car and walk out, clutching your bag of bath bombs tightly to your chest, knocking on the door. It takes a few moments, but eventually the door opens, Josh’s face brightening once he realized who you were. “Hey!” He said, pulling you into a hug that lingered too long. He lets you go and you walk past him inside, the door shutting behind you. You’re speechless as your brain tries to understand what the hell was actually going on. You were in his house. You touched him. You’re going to talk to him. Take a bath with him. “So, uh, why’d you even dm me. What intrigued you to tell me to come over?” You ask, turning to face him. “Well, you’re tweet came at a perfect time, I just opened my phone and it was the first one to show up. After that, I couldn’t stop scrolling through your posts.“ He said, walking closer. You hide your face in your hands. “That’s so embarrassing” you say. He laughs. “It’s not! I like you. You’re funny, and witty. Not to mention you’re extremely attractive” he says, looking you up and down. “Ah, I’m nothing compared to you” you scoff, looking him up as well. “Don’t say that.” He starts, resting his hands on your hips. “You’re one of the hottest and prettiest girls I’ve seen.” You roll your eyes but smile at him anyways. He leads you down a hallway and then into a room, which was clearly his bathroom. The water had already been ran, so all you two really needed to do was get in. “You should put one if those bombs in” he says. You look through your bag, pulling one out that had Rose petals in it, that would turn the water red. You smirk to yourself, dropping it in the water and smile when Josh steps behind you to watch it. “Good choice” He says. You turn around to see him already down to his underwear. He steps in front of you so you can’t see his actual member, but you did catch an eyeful of his butt. He settled in, using bubbles to hide himself. “You getting in?” He asks, a new darkness now present in his voice. You look from wall to wall, feeling weird about having to strip in from of him. “I won’t look” He says, hiding behind his eyes. You turn your back to him and pull off your shirt, moving to slide down your pants. You turn back around, Josh not hiding anymore, but blatantly staring at you. You bite your lip and reach around your back, unclasping your bra and throwing it to the ground. Josh shifted in the tub, clearly turned on now, as if he hadn’t been before. You slide down your underwear, quickly getting into the tub and sliding down into it. The two of you talk for a while, getting to know each other, and you found that you couldn’t help but have a deeper infatuation for him. "I can’t believe I tweeted you and said we should take a bath together” you laugh. “I can’t either. It’s kind of weird” he says, obviously joking. But still, you mocked that you were hurt, and splashed the water at him, completely soaking him. “I’ll get you back for that one” He retaliates and splashes you back, the water overwhelming you. You start to go to splash him again, but he moves to fast and grabs your arms, pinning them above your head. The laughing dies down, but he doesn’t make an attempt to move or let go of you. Instead, he dips his head down, kissing you gently and letting your arms go. You kiss back, tangling your fingers into his hair. He was truly an amazing kisser, unbelievable, really. He moves down slowly, kissing along your jaw, your neck, your chest. He moves his hands down, spreading your legs a bit to slide two of his fingers past your entrance, the water working as a lubricant. You pull in a breath through your teeth, as he forces you to look at his face while he continues to work on you. He works his thumb over your clit, so you lean your head back and pull your lip between your teeth. As soon as it ha started, it ended. Before you could protest, he slipped his hands under each of your thighs and pulled your legs over his, positioning himself and thrusting into you. You grab onto the ledge of the tub and groan, your eyes rolling back because of his size. His thrusts were powerful and rough, and he maintained a rhythm, as if it was his entire purpose. He uses your thighs to pull you down against his thrusts, hitting you deeper than you had even thought possible. You had already been close to finishing when he was fingering you, and it was so incredibly hot still, so it felt like you were going to cum very soon. Not having wanted it to end so quickly, you push Josh back, and he slides out of you, resting on his side of the tub. “What? Did I do something wrong?” He asks, looking slightly terrified. “No. No, Josh. you didn’t” You say, moving slowly over to him through the water, a smirk clear on your face. He raises an eyebrow but soon understands what’s going on. You settle onto your knees that were on either side of him, and begin to ease yourself onto his length, as Josh rests his arms on the edge, letting you have control. Once you’re settled and adjusted to this new position, you pull off, and slam your body back down against him, causing Josh to gasp and set his hands on your hips. “Fuck, you really know what you’re doing” he laughs out, helping you meet his thrusts. You shake your head and pull his hands off of you. “Patience” You say. He groans and slowly drags his lip between his teeth, watching how your body moves against him. You continue to slowly ease off of him, and then drop yourself, taking him deeper each time. Josh looks at you in the eyes, his normal brown now nearly a shade of black. “Turn” He says. “What?” Instead of explaining, he pulls you off of him and turns you so your back is to his chest. He lowers you onto his erection, and waits for you to get back into your groove. Once you felt like you could take over again, he slides his hands to your front, taking both of your breasts into each hand, and squeezing rather harshly. You let out a soft whimper, and he lets up, beginning to massage them. You keep up your movements and lean back so your back now rests against his chest. Everything was going the same, until he mumbled something, and began thrusting upwards. You let out loud moans and groans, the feeling indescribable. While you’re bouncing yourself and he thrusts, Josh moves your hair and begins to suck on your neck, making sure to leave his mark. He moves one of his hands off of your boob, and slides it down to your front, rubbing your clit. “Yes, oh God, I’m gonna cum” You say, bouncing down harder. “Do it, I’m right behind you” He says. As soon as he finished his sentence, you also finished, and let out vulgar sounds. “Fuck, Yes, Josh” Just to name a few. It’s not long before Josh also finishes, thrusting sloppier to ride out your orgasms. After a moment. he slides out of you and pulls you back against his chest. “That was incredible” He laughs out after a few moments of silence. You curl up under his touch and wrap your arms over his that were on your waist. “Tell me about it” You say, the smile never leaving your face.

Seven Seconds in Heaven

Words: 5.8k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, smidgen of Smut
Summary: In the moment of your death, Heaven drops the hammer of punishment; making him travel back in time to relive memories that can never be changed. Seven memories. Seven minutes in each. Seven seconds before they are ripped away. 
Warning: Mentions of death and other sensitive things. Tread carefully.


It’s another argument.

He is helpless. Frustrated. He’s caught in a blind rage that doesn’t allow him to understand why you said the things you said, why you did the things you did but then the words spew out of his lips without mercy. When the tears cloud your eyes and you rip your gaze away from him, before he can even utter ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it’, you had already said in the calmest voice-

“We are not doing this here.”

Without looking once back, you ran ahead of him, picking up the pace as much your legs could muster while leaving Jin behind you, feeling helpless and frustrated. He watches as your form disappears meters ahead, amongst the crowds as the glow of the street lamps cast shadows on the pavement; they laugh mockingly at him and follow like tails as he begins to race.

“Y/N. Y/N! Y/N, wait!”

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Pulp Friction
Fool Heavy
Pulp Friction

“I drove drunk last night, home
I’m disgusting
No one showed, now I’m
Feeding the glutton
What a drag, what a joke, I’m a t.v. trope
And I spent the night alone
Slipping in and out of consciousness
Tapped out of my own existence
Got my fingernails caught in the shag of the carpet
Watching some old tapes, I’m as good as busted
Throwing up my guts, it’s just like Quentin Tarantino wrote my lifeI drove drunk last night, home
I’m disgusting
No one showed, now I’m
Feeding the glutton
Got eyes crawling out my skull,
I’m just a carousel of broken bones
Everything’s gray and dull
Except the blood coming from my nose
Throwing up my guts
When man, I should just go home
Go home
Go home

The Grim Reapers Girlfriend (Min Yoongi)Pt.5

Originally posted by yoonseok

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader (and a bit of JIn)

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

A/N: I am currently sick while I wrote this so I apologise for any mistakes and that it is extremely short. (Also if you’re going to listen music while reading this I suggest you listen to Goblin soundtrack)

“Uh no, no ones sitting there” Jin replied smiling, nudging your arm to get you to remove your bag from the desk.

“My name’s Yoongi” he bowed to you and Jin, he gave you a small wink and started to look at the board, trying to wrap his brain around what the teacher was talking about.

Ten minutes later You were forced to look at him.

“Hey, do you know what the hell she’s saying?” Yoongi asked the both of you, you lifted your head up and gave him a sheepish smile.

“Yeah I do. Instead of waltzing on in here, what three, four classes into the term? I got here on time and listened. ALSO I don’t interrupt in class” You snapped.

Both Jin and Yoongi made a baffled face and decided to stay quiet for the rest of the humdrum lesson.

Through out the lesson Yoongi couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, the way your attention was fixated onto the white screen and every time you put your hand up to answer a question your hair fell right into place.

You truly were the most beautiful thing he has ever laid eyes on and secretly he was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Your feelings for him were flourishing every day, and you knew it.

“Where are you going now? I was thinking we could go grab something to eat?” Yoongi spoke throwing is bag over his shoulder.

“I think I’m just gonna go to back to my dorm and sleep for a bit. I don’t feel well” you whispered.

“Whats wrong?” Yoongi asked, grabbing your arm and making you turn around to face him.

“I’m getting a headache…from you.”

You walked down the corridors swaying your butt side to side lightly to grab Yoongi’s attention, and boy did it work.

“I know you have a thing for her” Jin laughed, glancing at Yoongi as they both walked outside into the cold midday air.

“Oh yeah? How do you know?” Yoongi inquired stopping in his tracks, waiting for Jin’s marvellous answer. 

“How about you and I go grab coffee right now? Let the princess sleep before you go back to her?” Jin asked, and Yoongi happily obliged. Never in his life has he turned down coffee.

The two of them a grab a table at the back, they found out that they both prefer the back so you can easily see people, a habit Yoongi has always done.

“Now. How do you know I have a “thing” for Y/n?” Yoongi put down the navy blue mug and crossed his legs, giving full attention to the tall boy.

“It’s simple” Jin began leaning back.

“The way you look at her. I can tell you’re in love, its clear that you guys have seen each other before, I can’t tell you how I know that but you’ll probably find out soon. Of course I think she’s beautiful, she’s everything I want in a girl…Lets just say I know what you offered her and I know what she was going to say” Jin winked leaving Yoongi breathless.

The two of them talked more until night fall. They bid their good byes and went their separate ways. Before he went home Yoongi decided to surprise you.

In bed that is where you laid, where Mi Na was working away like a maid, you see what I did there? Mi Na threw your boots under your bed before anybody tripped over them.

“Jesus! we’ve only been in this dorm for what 2 weeks? And you’ve already managed to make it looks like a bombs hit it. Next time, you do your own cleaning up” Mi Na rambled on passing you a blue tablet.

“What’s this?” you asked taking the pill in between your fingers and twirling it around, inspecting every part.

“Its for pain relief, It’s strong to some people. When I say its strong…It will make you feel like your high and drunk at the same time” Mi Na laughed putting on her high heels, “Don’t worry. If you feel it, just sleep it off.”

You swallowed the hard substance and laid back down. “It’s a shame you can’t go to the party” Mi Na pouted, “Call me if you need anything okay?” she came over and kissed you on the forehead then left.

“I bring the good noods” Yoongi appears at the end of your bed, holding a bowl of hot noodles. “Yoooooongs!” You dragged out and sat up, seeing double of him.

“I guess the medication is strong on you” He placed the noodles down near your bed side table and sat next to your bed.

“Maybe. What are you doing here?” You asked laying back down, grabbing the ‘Totoro’ plushy. “I came to check up on the girl I lo-” Yoongi stopped himself before he could say anymore and saved it with a cough.

“Hope you’re not getting sick…” you whispered, “what do you wanna do?” you asked staring at him appreciating the way is black hair just cover his eyebrows, or the way his eyes are just the right amount of brown and black.

“We could watch a movie? I haven’t seen one in 112 years” Yoongi laughed, you eyes went wide “How old are you!?” you yelled sitting up, not realising how close you two are sitting.

“554 years I think?” he questioned, grabbing your laptop. “Which movie?” he asked, you pushed the fact that he’s 532 years older and found one of your favourites.

“Rose totally could’ve fitted Jack on. Or they could’ve took turns!” Yoongi hollered pushing the laptop off of the bed.

“Shhhh I know, just except the fact he died” you patted his back, Yoongi laid next to you and continued staring.

 You turned to him staring at his eyes, it was silent. Not the kind of silence where everything is awkward, but that good silence. “What?” You asked giggling, “You’re breathtaking” he sighed.

He crawled over you, struggling to hide your blushes you smiled at him. “Where are you going?” you pouted.

“Jungkook gets worried about me when I don’t return home by a certain time” Yoongi sighs again and throws his coat over his shoulder reaching for the door knob.

“Don’t go” you croaked. Yoongi turned around on his heel, a blank look on his face.

“What?” he asked walking back towards you. “Stay here with me, until I fall asleep” you whispered. 

Yoongi put his coat back and crawled back into the position he was in earlier, this time his arms were wrapped around your fragile waist.

Before you drifted off into a deep slumber you told Yoongi something your sub conscious mind was dying to tell.



“If I’m breath taking then that makes you…heart stopping”

At that moment, Yoongi swore he could feel his heart beat again.