be you be me

the coolest thing about green day’s discography is the fact that you can literally grow up with them by listening to their albums in order.

a 17 year old singing about crushes and being scared about their future. a 23 year old singing about anxiety and starting a family. a 32 year old singing about their anger and dissatisfaction with the government and world events. a 45 year old singing about overcoming addiction and reflecting on past experiences.

and all this just makes me feel so much….relief. because all my current struggle are only temporary and even though i feel consumed by them right now, one day i’ll grow up and be so happy and look back at all this and realize that it’s all in the past.


Q: Why did you put Jun as the bottom 3 in visuals on Weekly Idol?
Wonwoo: Because he just wasn’t handsome that day

Fan: Why did you put Jun in last place?
Wonwoo: He wasn’t handsome.
Fan: What about now?
Wonwoo: Now everyone’s handsome.
Fan: Eh, that’s unfair, there’s nothing to look forward to then.
Wonwoo: (eyes wide) You don’t think everyone’s handsome today?

Q: Draw the handsomest Jun cat for noona!! Also, if you were to reorder the visual ranking, which rank would Wonwoo be now?? kekeke
Jun: (puts cat ears and whiskers on his own pic) <- This is the handsomest Hahaha~ then I’ll put him one rank below me kekekeke

Fan: Why didn’t we see any explanation on Weekly Idol?
Jun: Wonwoo actually gave a really long explanation, but it was cut.
Fan: Ah, everyone was so curious about it.
Jun: Oh well, it’s just joking around anyway, everyone’s very kind.
Fan: Then without joking, answer me what rank Wonwoo is right now.
Jun: Second. I’m first.


I….have….a self-insert au with @omelette-douche-fromage;; u may kill me now ha ha ha

I have this entire plot of merged routes ahah, I linked zen’s and seven’s routes together via saeran crashing into the apartment. 

@mysplaced-pen, @therfasquad, @reluctantrfamember, @cynnicynni, @vess-hs do u guys want a drawing of you and your favorite characters? It’s the least I could do for being awesome friends!!!

(it’s a good day to have a good day)
(it’s a good day to have a good day)

… i sure did spend a terrible amount of (occasionally distracted) time animating a shitpost of a ditty. 

just saying, Papyrus drunk = Good Times. not advised to mix with local ceiling fans.

(also i slightly blame lovely @asksansallthethings for this one, she tagged me in a decidedly more… risque ditty and i got the idea for animating drunk Pap from it because of course i did)

Thank you all so much for all of the follows and support recently!! So I thought I’d give a lil re-introduction.. my name is Sydney, my pronouns are she/her/herself, im white/Mexican and I’m currently 22yrs old! In a month I’ll be transitioning out of the US airforce after 4 years of service (it wasn’t… For me to say the least) and I’ll be going to school full time starting in August!

Look out for a commissions post in the near future, since my income is going to be reliant on disability- and I probably won’t receive that for a few more months. :( Also I’ll be starting a patreon soon, I may start a comic or it may be for requests/early access to finished draws or commissions

But thank you all for being here, and I really appreciate all the love!! And I’m always open for asks, whether it be any critique to my art, actions, or if you just have a personal issue that you want to trust me with! I’d be glad to help the best way I can. :) Anon is always open as well!