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Now presenting the Demisaurus Rex, demisexual version!

(demiboy, demigirl, and demiromantic versions are pending but will be out eventually!)

He’s available for purchase on redbubble!

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Hey could you give me some fanfics recs? I'm new here to the fandom, luv ur blog btw :)

Hey beautiful!

Sorry this took me all day to answer but I promised I’d answer it so here ya go! Here are people in general that I would recommend because their writings are amazing! I have attached their tumblr name cause you should defiantly follow them and I also put their AO3 accounts as well cause you really need to read all their works! Everything is amazing! Also at the end I attached some series of fics I am reading that you might be interested in.. Hope this helps you my love and welcome to the fandom! It is so great to have you here and please don’t be shy because I would really like to talk to you more!! Please go to the AO3 website and search “robron” because there are so many more beautiful works :)
















@reformedcharacter They post works on their blog but idk if they have AO3









M_au pair  

His Savior  

By your side ( @snarfettelove fic is amazinggg! first fic and its great!)

Never was yours  

Between lines you fail to see  

Take my sins  

Dales United  

Big Spender  

The other side  

~Disclaimer: Just because you were not tagged in this does not mean I think you are a bad writer! There are sooo many people in this fandom who are beautiful writers but I have only been reading fanfic for a few months now and these are the people I found and loved! If you know of any more people then I more than encourage you to tag them and let me and everyone else know about them! I love you all so much and thank you for everything you do!!~

I kinda want to write a phantom of the opera AU for Yuri on Ice, with Yuuri as the shy but promising new star singer, Victor as his smitten fiance and an angry phantom Yurio (that will get over the rejection by Yuuri when handsome scene builder Otabek enters the stage)

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Jack Kelly x Reader

Dear Fansies,
I am sooooo sorry this took so long to come out! From all of the check ins you guys sent into my inbox, I can tell you were all super excited for this! So I hope this oneshot does justice for your expectations!
I did a lot of research about pregnancy symptoms and stages, so I hope you like it! It’s as accurate as I could possibly make it. Enjoy!

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i hope i got ur skin color right?? coz like, it looks one way in my monitor but idk how its gonna look on urs aflskdfjasdlkfjasdl 

anyway i hope u like it??? 

ignore this edit i did in five minutes 

So to celebrate being on summer vacation i thought why not do a follow forever!!! I just wanted to say thank you all for following me and making my time on here amazing. I have made so many good friends on here who are not only kind but also funny smart and very encouraging ^~^

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my gay ass wants a gay ass girlfriend but all the girls in my town are rude, homophobic creatures and I'm too Nervous™ to go out and meet people so please give Encouragment for other gay asses like me who are going through the same Problematic situation

oh buddy okay i am going to tell you a Thing. and it might not be the most encouraging thing, but it is a true thing 

one day way back when i was *cough* Straight *cough* i shaved my head cause i was feeling bored, and it wasn’t shit to me or any of my friends really, but there was this one girl i kinda hung out with at the time and she saw me with a shaved head, and not two days later she confessed to me.

apparently she’d had a crush on me for ages, but i was Straight™, so she’d never been able to work herself up to telling me she liked me. nothing about my attitude had changed, but just that one slightly more ‘typical butch’ aspect of my appearance was enough to give her the courage to out herself to me

i’m not saying “go out and shave your head”, but over the years i have learnt that by dressing a bit more typically gay - i.e. flannel shirts, pride wristbands, an undercut, whatever strikes your fancy - i’m more visible to those in the LGBT community, without being visibly gay to straight people. so basically giving out a subtle gay aura does wonders.

and yeah in case you were wondering the day that girl confessed to me ended up being the day i had my Gay Epiphany and she put up with me until i figured myself out and then we dated ;)

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