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Thank you for being brave and sharing your voice. I think your perspective is something not a lot of people have experience with and Tumblr is often quick to vilify those who don't conform to the common view. I know I really appreciated the information and I'm sure others do as well

Thank you.

Someone on Twitter pointed out that the worst part of the year of deaths is not simply that we’ve lost celebrities, but that we’ve lost a whole group of the celebrities who helped an entire generation realize that being different was somehow okay. That your sexuality and sexual identity/presentation didn’t have to be set in stone, or conform to the conservative standards. That you could have a mental illness and still be happy and successful and loved. The people we lost this year helped so many people come to terms with who they were, and losing them hurts precisely because they were so comforting in those ways.

This year has become a parody of itself. I cannot wait to toast its end on Saturday.
Canadian Scientists Explain Exactly How Their Government Silenced Science
It wasn’t just climate research. Rock snot, sharks and polar bears: All were off-limits during the Harper administration
By Joshua Rapp Learn

“A survivor’s guide to being a muzzled scientist.”  

Get a personal e-mail address, start your own blog and make sure there are multiple copies of your datasets. “Get anonymous, get online. Let people know what’s going on,“ Rennie says. “Folks that are in academia, that have tenure, that have a bit more job security and have more of an ability to speak their mind can help those in the public service that are challenged with these situations.”

“Disservice is too mild a word” to describe the effect of this muzzling, says Steven Campana, a shark scientist who spent 32 years working for Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

 “It’s a cheat for the taxpaying public because it’s the taxpaying public that is funding this government research. When that research leads to very positive things, or even if it’s negative, the people that paid for it deserve to hear about it.”

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

2017 is exactly the year where racist, antisemitic, just allround bigoted “”“humor”“” has to stop.
It does nothing but normalize the things you “”“joke”“” about. You wonder why hate groups support your “”“comedy”“”, its because youre fucking helping them.
With every “”“joke”“” about killing minorities, about hurting them, them being worth less, you give the people who want those things a platform.

And if you support people who make these “”“jokes”“”, youre no better than them.

1. you will lose friends over time,
2. you’ll gain a few back though
3. most of them are just there to have a laugh with, that’s okay
4. for those you do have more than meaningful conversations with, keep them
5. because if people find a way to your soul, they are meant to be there
6. Family will always stay family, you do not have any obligations towards them though
7. make the best of every situation, make sure you can leave with pride.
8. if the people who are supposed to love you don’t really show it, show it to yourself.
9. Being your own best friend is not always the best thing but it sure can help you out a lot
10. If you love someone, tell them.
11. Share what’s going on inside your head, it won’t make it go away, but believe me, it’ll be less heavy
12. Sometimes things happen to you and you don’t really know why, it’s okay, you don’t always need to know everything. Let it go, you’ll figure it out along the way
13. sometimes the biggest changes lead to your best self, it is scary but you’ll gain a lot
14. never stop figuring yourself out
15. keep learning from others
16. stay focused on your goal, it’s hard and somedays will feel like the end of the world but tomorrow is just a new beginning.
17. It’s okay if you stay in bed
18. but try to at least shower, it’ll be something really energie-taking but i promise you, it’ll make you feel better
19. being 20 years of age really says nothing, it’s in the way you approach things and your additude towards the world
20. be yourself, be more yourself than you have ever been, fuck what others think. Be you, be you, be you, be you.
21. You got this
22. You got this
23. You got this.
—  2017 advice for myself
  • INTP: Why do you randomly close your eyes, INFP? It's super creepy. Do you have eye problems? Are you sleepy? Are you being possessed by Satan?
  • INFP: Ah, well, you know those stories where some small creature has to get through a house without being seen by the humans, and it's like super scary and stressful?
  • INTP: I think you're the only one who would find that scary, but yeah, I know what you're talking about. What about them?
  • INFP: Well, I thought the least I could do is close my eyes every once in a while to help them out a little!
  • INFP: :D
  • INTP:
  • INFP: :D
  • INTP:
  • INFP: :D
  • INTP:
  • INTP: Why are you like this?
As a white-passing Jew to other white-passing Jews:

We’ve reached a point in America where our conditional whiteness may be revoked if we are open and public about our Jewishness (based on the fact that fringe members of both polarized parts of our country are getting increasingly antisemitic and Trump’s presidential win just emboldened many of them), but it is not time to hide. We have to use the time we have left to fight the good fight. We need to take our privilege of being light-skinned and work to help secure protections for people of color right now.

As scared as we are, it is our duty, as a people who have been through so much and enjoy relative luxury in the very recent timespan of being generally assimilated into white America, to fight and make sure that we are constantly working toward helping those who do not have our privileges. Help secure places of safety for people of color, for Muslims, for LGBT+ folks, for undocumented people. Use your privilege to lift others up, not hide.

We, as Jews, are commanded by HaShem to partake in Tikkun Olam, or making the world a better place. We have stayed complacent for too long. 25% of us voted for Trump. We cannot say that we as a community are innocent, for as long as we pass as white and are considered white, even conditionally, by society, our silence is violence.

Calling all Tumblr writers and #NoBanNoWall friends

I am a filmmaker and student in California. I am watching what is happening to our country with heartbreak and outrage. I will be making a short film starting in April, and I’ve been working on a script, but as of this moment, I am scrapping all my current ideas.

I want to tell the story of today. Of being kept from home, of being terrified of your own country and then being forced away from the only hope you have. I have the start of a story, but I need your help.

If you want to be a part of fighting this, if you want to help me take a stand, please help me tell a story that will speak for those who can’t raise their voice above the noise.

If you know of any specific stories happening today at the airports or in regards to any of Trump’s actions, if you have ideas of how to help me write this, please message me. I want this to be a genuine, real, powerful story to join the protests around the world, and I know this is the place to get help doing that.

Thank you for reading. Please reblog or post around if you can. I need all the help I can get!

I hope Thedas has self-help books, and I hope one of them is called something like “So You Love a Fereldan, And They Have a Mabari: How to Handle Not Being the Most Important Someone in Your Beloved’s Life”

Have you ever messed up so badly that it left you believing God wants nothing to do with you? And if that’s you today, I want you to know that Jesus loves you and will do anything to reach you. Jesus left heaven and came to earth to restore anyone who is willing to be cleansed. Today, you can meet with Jesus, bring Him all your mess, and allow Him to cleanse you. Whatever the mistakes, give it all to Jesus. He is willing to forgive you and give you a fresh start.
Because He Himself suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted. Hebrews 2:18

I think [being in Fifty Shades] changed my life and a lot more people know who I am, I guess, as a result of it. It opens doors in the industry and I have to be honest here, if you are in a movie that makes over 600 million dollars worldwide at the box office, that helps your career and that means that you can get things like The Siege of Jadotville and Anthropoid made, based on your involvement. I wouldn’t have been able to do those projects that I was desperate to do, had I not been in a film that made that much money.

Even though I, myself, have always wanted children, I really admire and respect y’all who are choosing to remain child-free because honestly? Having a kid isn’t something you should do unless you are really, truly sure that you can handle the responsibility of taking care of an actual living person and helping them reach their full potential. And not everyone can do that, which is totally fine. If you have other plans for your life that don’t involve shaping it around a small human, you’re not going to be doing the hypothetical small human any favors by begrudgingly abandoning those plans. 

Also, those of you who shit on child-free people, let me ask you this. Are you aware of how selfish you’re being? Do you know how difficult it is for a kid to grow up in a house with people who don’t want them? Because I do, and it’s fucking hell.

Let the people who want to have and take care of children do so. Let the ones who don’t, make their own choices. 

also re; Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill was a fantastic example of adults who can see exactly what your problem is, care about you intensely, and want to help you with every fiber of their being, but who are too economically disadvantaged or sociologically oppressed to be able to help even if they wanted to.

What an important and nunanced lesson to put in a book series about all the different kinds of adults who can fail you.

That of all the selfish, violent, cowardly, and wicked adults, there can be adults who most know how you feel and most know your suffering but can sometimes be so oppressed themselves that even their largest sacrifice (gum and coupons and a peach) simply isnt enough.

And how the Baudelaire kids felt about those adults, and how intensely they valued their small but ineffective sacrifices, changed me as a person and taught me more about God and tithes than the Bible ever did.

Save Aleppo

For those of you who don’t know Aleppo is a city is Syria that has just recently been blown up, I don’t care if this fits into your blog or not, thousands of innocent lives, children wives and husbands have been taken, most people wouldn’t care, Why? Because its a Muslim nation. Now I have a question: The whole world went into chaos when Trump won the election and no one even got hurt, CHILDREN ARE BEING BLOWN UP WHY ISNT ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS?! Because its a Muslim Nation, Shame on humanity for being so blind and not help a brother in need. People need to understand that we are all the same, Help save Aleppo, Spread this, Help those Wives who lost their Husbands, Help those children who lost their parents, help those husbands who lost their families, Help those poor people who are suffering in Aleppo.
Devastated, That is how they are currently feeling.
Keep Aleppo in your prayers, Help them, in any way you can, Shame on those people who read this and scroll down without a second thought, Shame on you.
Just because they are a muslim culture doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them, Shame on you people who scroll down this without thinking of helping. Shame on you.
I will try to support this country and All Muslims nations as much as I can, and you should too.

When You Have a Shitpost Blog


He gives you this look that lets you know that he’s a little weirded out by how often you reblogged photos of him with “yasssss daddy 😩😍🔥”

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He’s got no problem with it other than the fact that you used to stan D.O. very hard and it made him a little jealous.

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He thought you were joking, no way could his girlfriend be one of those hardcore fangirls. He soon found out he was terribly wrong.

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He wasn’t one to judge someone who was so close to him but even he couldn’t help the thoughts of you being secretly crazy from coming up.

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As expected, you only reblogged and posted photos and posts that highlighted his cute, funny, and greatest moments. He was happy you ran such an innocent blog. Until he came to the bulge post.

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He found it by accident when he was using your laptop and reading your posts/comments made his year.

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Him: “So when you asked me to rock your world all night long, did you meant it?”

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The poor guy didn’t know what to do or say after finding your blog. On one hand, he was flattered you thought of him so much. On the other hand, he was shocked by the amount of vulgar words you use in a single sentence.

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Him: “I didn’t know she ran a blog just for me. That’s so cu–oh.”

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Him: “So you can say this on a blog to other fangirls but you can’t say you want me to bang you to my face?”

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You noticed he was being a little too smiley lately and couldn’t figure out why. Little did you know he was thinking back to the things on your blog.

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Him: “Don’t worry, ‘papa frita’ is here now.”

GCSEs are getting harder. Like, way harder. The A*-U grading system has now changed to 9-1, coursework is a thing of the past, and more exams are being added to most subjects. 

English Literature is going to get ridiculously hard. The grade boundaries are getting larger, so the difference between getting a 6 or a 7 is huge! 

I’m hoping to take English Literature as an A Level, so getting the highest grade possible is vital for me so I can continue studying it. So for those who want to continue studying English after GCSE, or are struggling to get the grades that you want, this little guide should be a bit helpful. 

Have a clear opening statement

In your exam, you will be asked a question about the novel/play/poem which you have studied. For example, say you are given a question asking how a certain character (or group of characters) are presented, you will need to have a powerful statement that will open your paragraph, and let the examiner know what you will be talking about. With your opening statement, get straight to the point, if you waffle on too much when you open your paragraph, you will bore the examiner. If you can, try to add what you have deduced from the text, rather than including your analysis. 

Have relevant evidence and a strong analysis

Evidence is the key to getting marks. Without having relevant quotations from the extract, you won’t be able to go into detailed analysis. The examiner will want you to think outside the box, so don’t be afraid to use more than one inference of one quote. Alternative views are what will get you into the higher levels, (for example, you might say that the colour red connotes to blood, but alternatively, it can also symbolise love)  try to be perceptive with your analysis, contrast your ideas, and explain the effect of that quotation you have used. Having good evidence will help support your statement, read through the extract more than once, and choose the quotation(s) that you feel will stand out and impress the examiner. Your analysis should never be on long quotations, find short quotes and either analyse the technique used (e.g. a simile or metaphor) or choose a work which you can pull apart and explain the effect of that word. 

Reader’s response and writer’s intention

In your paragraphs, it is important to include how the reader will react to the text you have studied. You are the reader. Think about how you react towards a certain character or towards a plot twist. You will also need to explain why the reader may react in that certain way, for example, you could say that the reader feels unsure of a certain character because of the lack of description that the author has given them. The writer has written their play/novel/poem for a reason, so you will need to think about their intention. Think about why the writer has used that metaphor or oxymoron - what is the purpose? 


Just like using relevant evidence, context is important. The play/novel/poem that you have studied has been inspired by the events that are happening around them - for example, Frankenstein was based off of Mary Shelley’s loss of loved ones, and a dream that she had of her dead child coming back to life. Context links in with the writer’s intention, you will need to include this within your paragraphs as you will gain more marks for having an idea why the writer has written whatever they have written. Is the writer trying to say something to society? You will need to think about this during the exam. 

Have a strong conclusion

Obviously, you will need to sum up your essay with a strong conclusion. If you tend to struggle with summing up your essay, try to think about a strong sentence that gives the image of you dropping a microphone. This will allow you to leave a powerful impact on the examiner - giving you those marks and moving up those grade boundaries. 

Hopefully, this guide was fairly useful! Do let me know! =) 

And like, there are different levels to trans mothering too

Like there are those highly visible trans celebrities you latch onto, who first start helping you find your identity. For me that was Bailey Jay. Maybe those are more like trans aunts lol.

Then there are the girls who are far into their transition who, while you’re still an egg or just starting, you interact with and whose example and encouragement starts to situate your understanding of what being trans means. That was what was thinking of when I made the original post.

And then you have your sisters. Those girls who you found who weren’t icons, whe are as behind on their transition as you are, who you become best friends with, you grow alongside and serve as each other’s number one cheerleader. Some of us have a whole group of folks like this, others have just one special girl.

All of these influences are important as we fully develop into our womanhood.

Tupac Shakur with Chi Modu

Over the years, people have always said that my images of Tupac let them see a side of him beyond the Thug Life image, more about the human being. Before he was loved by the world, he was a young man trying to make his way in a society that is extremely cruel to the less fortunate. He made it his mission to speak for those in his community who needed to hear “keep your head up!” As I travel the globe, I’m amazed at how many people have told me that Tupac saved their lives. His words and passion inspired a generation, and these pictures that we created together help to keep that inspiration alive.

It’s always sad when people die young, but if you leave behind the kind of legacy that Tupac did, you never actually die. You remain forever in the hearts and minds of people for generations to come. I knew that about him when we first spent time together in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1994. We both knew the importance of images and we set out to do a thorough job, not knowing what the future would hold. He died two years after that meeting in Atlanta, but his words and these images are all part of his lasting legacy.

When I met him on location in Atlanta in ’94 he was quite cooperative and a really nice guy. It was a shoot for The Source magazine, and he arrived early. Tupac was the ultimate professional, and he respected my time and my skills. The public might not know that about him. They think he was just this crazy guy who had no real limits, but he completely understood who he was, and if he understood what you brought to the table, he was easy to deal with. In fact, we got along great. I think a lot of people want to buy into the ‘thug life’ image and the younger side of him, because he was still a young man. Let’s be clear, you kind of forget the ages of these folks. To be so prolific and so young, and have so much power — it’s hard to imagine

Even with all the childishness — which I believe was age appropriate in a lot of ways—when you throw power and money in there, even with all that, he had a lot of care and love for his community and for the less fortunate. He always spoke on behalf of black people who were struggling.

Even though he wrote songs that many would consider typical hip-hop party music, he also included a lot of black empowerment in his lyrics — “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” “Dear Mama” — which I believe is why women liked him. They loved him because he was real and he cared. We knew the silly side of him too, but who isn’t silly at the age of twenty five? So that never surprised me when he did the zany stuff. He was young and full of power in a world that’s biased against blacks, so what do you expect?

Normally when I would see Tupac, I would always think of him being on blast — excited and moving at a hundred miles an hour. But when I first met him he wasn’t really like that. It’s funny how everyone always thinks about Tupac and the ladies, but I never really saw him chasing women that much. He was much more focused on his mission. I think that’s what made him stand out so much from his peers. Because while everybody was partying, this man was trying to make sure he created his legacy. And so here we are decades later talking about the man as if he’s still around. I don’t think you can take lightly the fact that this is two decades later and we’re still talking about this man.

After we finished his first Source cover shoot in Atlanta, we went back to his home in Stone Mountain, GA to hang out. He called me aside and showed me his entire gun collection in his bedroom—all his AKs, banana clips, Glocks, everything. Then he moved a picture on the wall in his bedroom, revealing a bullet hole. This was from when he fired a shot in his bedroom because he was on probation and prohibited from going to the firing range. We all laughed afterwards.

We would’ve all been in our 40s together, but he never got to his 40s, he didn’t even see his 30s with us. So that’s quite a body of work and experience that he put in during his short time on this Earth.

He was one of the few stars who could cross over without compromising his roots. Tupac wasn’t going to compromise, that wasn’t him, but Versace still wanted to use him for their campaign. It’s funny when I see rappers trying to do that sort of thing. I think when you start to move in those commercial circles they make you change yourself to fit. You lose your authenticity, but Tupac wouldn’t allow that of himself. He took the streets with him wherever he went.

The portrait shots of Tupac, like the one that’s on the cover of the book, were actually done with a 4x5 camera, which is a view camera. It’s the camera where you put the curtain over your head to focus. It’s large format. It sits on a tripod, and you put the film in, come out from behind the camera, you click it, then you switch the film. Kind of like the old style cameras. At that session in Atlanta, I photographed Tupac with my 4x5 with no assistant. It was just me and his people. When you shoot using a 4x5 you’re really very close to the subject. I was no more than three or four feet from him. I’m there but the gap between us is the camera, even though I’m right there with them. When you’re that close to someone frame after frame, that’s really how they get to know you. You’re almost breathing on each other, and I’m telling him, ‘Lift your head, bring your eyes down.’ I’m giving him instructions so he can look better.

Once you spend hours with someone like that, you know them forever. I’m looking at every pore on your face. I’m on your team. In doing that first photo shoot in 4x5, I think that’s what made Tupac so comfortable with me because I was looking in his eyes, he was looking in mine at the same time, and real recognizes real. Once we got to that place we were cool. He gave me pictures he didn’t give anybody else and he said, ‘These are for you, Chi.’

Everybody knows the Thug Life Tupac, and we know that well. But they don’t know the Tupac in the quiet moments. Like that picture of him tying his bandana over his head, the profile shot. That’s an outtake. He was fixing his bandana with a cigarette in his mouth but he was relaxed enough around me where I could just photograph him.

As a result you see a picture of a much more gentle Tupac. For me gentle and soft are not the same thing. Tupac was gentle but you wouldn’t dare step to him. He was prepared to take it where it needed to go. He wasn’t afraid. That’s who he was to me, and we got along from the first time we met. We were cool, so I got access to him that no one else could get.

Tupac wanted me to shoot his album Me Against the World, he told me to get in touch with the art director in New York. By the time I went there to meet, they had already given the assignment to someone else. What’s funny is I had already taken what would later become the most iconic imagery of Tupac. So when you look at the more famous portraits of Tupac like him tying his bandanna and the Rolling Stone cover, I had already created those pictures before I went to meet the art director to discuss the album. No one knew at the time that the photos I took of him would be the images people remember and not the ones they used on the album. In a way you end up getting your justice if you wait long enough

When I set out to take these photographs I knew they were important. I wanted to make sure the images stayed within the community. I wanted to make sure the person who created them was from the community. Historically that never really happens. Most of the visuals of the greats are owned and controlled by other people. That’s tricky because then they can put their interpretation on it. But when you look at my photographs, I’m there with them. I’m one of them even though I’m an observer. I was close enough to live it and I had the skills to document and record it.

I had four sessions with him, and since we were close he let me in close. It’s friends hanging out with friends and there just happened to be a camera present. You can see the closeness and the warmth because I didn’t really look at my subjects as just celebrities. I saw them as young black guys like me. It allowed me to get closer and it allowed them to be comfortable and just be who they were. I offered no judgment. I was just there to document and make people look good.

Even though I was the creator of these images, I’ve always felt more like the caretaker of them, because he was the world’s Tupac, not just my photo subject. He burned bright when he was here and his flame continues to glow. Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless, Tupac. Rest in peace, brother.

Excerpted from Tupac Shakur: Uncategorized by Chi Modu, a 200-page hardcover book featuring over 100 powerful images of Tupac Shakur.