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Some girl called Stana Katic ugly. I said, ‘WHERE?’
She said, 'Under all that makeup.’ I said, 'BITCH WHERE?’

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Do you like BillDip? I mean, you know, when they are in relationship or like brotp

I honestly love brotp Billdip. :) 

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libby whats your #1 ship

i’m sorry i can’t i love everything so much 

bUT GUYS WAIT. IMAGINE fine art student Feliciano and engineer major Ludwig. Two faculties have negative stereotypes against each other; engineers think the art students are stuck-ups and are always caught up in their own world when the art students think that the engineers are self-centered, arrogant and big meanies. 

One day, Feliciano had to go visit the engineering building and he was all tense because IT’S THE ENGINEER BUILDING. It’s like the enemy boss’ home ground for Feli. He actually never talked to an engineer student before, but he heard rumors about them from Lovi A LOT. 

Then, naturally, he runs in Ludwig who was holding coffee. It spills all over Feliciano’s and Ludwig’s shirts. Feliciano’s face pales and he starts to freak out internally because DAMN Ludwig looks scary. Feli starts to stutter an apology and even thinks of running away when Ludwig sighs and asks him if Feli is alright. 

Feli is surprised by Luddy’s kind tone because that’s not what expects. And after that…. they start to break the stereotypes little by little; they manage to bring two faculties a bit closer with the power of love

*actually cries probably*

I can’t muster up the energy to write and I’m missing my family like crazy and I’m so tired ALL the time. But like, this work thing is good for my career and mmmmm.

But I’m so tired. So tired.

I want to make things and do something creative. I’m starting to feel all suffocated because I can’t rn and I HATE it.

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Like Real People Do lumos nox

They have an understanding.

It’s born of necessity. Their hands are soaked with blood and dirt, their teeth stained red; their nailbeds rusty; their bones weary from carrying the weight of other people’s souls.

They have an understanding, the two of them, that if one should stumble in late at night they will be welcomed, without question. Most nights it’s Katarina, covered in gashes, blood smeared on her cheek, reeking of alcohol.

But tonight, it’s Lux who stumbles in through Katarina’s window. Tonight, Katarina comes home to find her huddled in a corner, hugging her knees. Her beautiful golden hair is tangled in knots; her bright blue eyes rimmed ruby red; her freckles indistinguishable from the dirt and grime. There’s a bruise on her cheek. Her lower lip is swollen. And when she looks up at Katarina, god, she’s so…

She’s seen something horrible tonight. Gotten her hands dirty. Her knuckles are bruised, and she can’t close her hands.

And Katarina doesn’t ask her where she’s been, or what she’s done, or what it felt like to take a life.

She already knows.

But she scoops her up in her arms, and she holds her, and in the dark of the night she kisses Lux’s forehead. She talks about the minutiae of her day, the parts that don’t matter; she talks about Cass’s latest gossip, about Talon’s new knives.

And as Lux softly sobs on her, reaches for her and clings to her shoulder, they pretend they’re normal.

They pretend this is what real people do.


Some AUs bc we need some age appropriate school stuff:

  • We’re in a project together at school so we exchanged numbers but you accidentally butt dialed me and I found out that you kinda sorta like me a little bit au
  • You fell asleep in class and I covered for you even though we’ve never talked au
  • We take the same bus to school and there weren’t any more seats so you had to sit by me au
  • You moved after elementary school but came back for hs and we picked up right where we left off au
  • We follow each other on tumblr and decided to meet and it is actually the kid from my school that I always thought was a jerk au
  • I heard you talking shit about my fav so naturally I came to yell at you but found out you weren’t talking about the same show and you actually love the same character I love au
  • You laughed at my joke/pun in class when everyone else groaned and now you wanna hear more au
  • My parents told me to get a tutor in math so asked you for help bc I know you’re smart but the only thing I’ve learned so far is that you are cute au
  • You didn’t even know me but you saw I was sad and tried to cheer me up au
  • I noticed you looking at my test answers and I pushed my paper closer to you so you could get a better look au
  • We used to be friends in elementary school but we grew apart and now we’re in high school math together and you said one of our inside jokes out loud au
  • You’re a trouble maker so the teacher thought that changing seats so little perfect me was sitting next to you was a good idea but now we both get in trouble au
  • Meet in detention au
  • You saw me drop a lot of papers in the hall and were the only one who helped me pick them up au
  • We were both late to class and you asked me if I wanted to skip with you and I said okay au
  • We have a class set of books and when I opened mine I saw what you wrote and I wrote back so we’re kinda pen pals au
  • We don’t have any classes together but we smile and wave at each other in the halls au
  • You said something in class that made me realize you have the same secret obsession with (Zac Efron) as I do au
  • I saw your dog and ran to pet it w/o noticing who the owner was but now I see you and wow au
  • I created a hot sim in The Sims 4 and it looks EXACTLY like you au
  • I was reading fanfic on the school computer and you saw and realized it was yours au

“Whoa there, sweetheart, I just saved your life. Calm down. No need to get feisty.”

“Sweetheart? Feisty? Who the hell do you think you are?” you asked, your voice increasing in volume as your questions became angrier and more frantic. You waved the knife as you spoke; it glinted dimly in the light from a nearby streetlight. The man rolled his eyes and snapped, the knife disappearing from your hand and reappearing in his. You gaped at him.

“I’m pretty sure I just said to calm down,” he said again. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Who are you?” You punctuated each word with a harsh break and you squinted further each time. He paused for a moment, staring at you, before laughing. His laughter took you by surprise and you stood near your car without knowing how to react.

“I’m your guardian angel, cupcake. Gabriel the archangel to be exact,” he said with another laugh. You opened your mouth to interrupt—to ask how you had ended up with your own personal angel—but he stopped you. “No, I don’t know why I’m your guardian angel, they don’t even give us angels an information packet.” You began to ask another question, but he answered it almost immediately after the thought had popped into your head. “I’ve never showed up because you haven’t been ready till now. And no,” he continued to answer your silent questions, “I can’t read minds, I’ve just been watching you for awhile and you’re very predictable.”

“That’s creepy. How long have you been watching me, exactly?”


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