be with me

Don’t take off your clothes. I’m not interested in that. Take off your mask and let me see the face you haven’t shown anyone else. Peel off that layer of skin and let me get deep into your soul. Open up and let me get into the depths of your being.

-You’re an onion that I want to unravel piece by piece 


That was the thing… I can’t tell you how I feel because I want you to develop those feelings on your own. I don’t want you to want me just because you found out that I wanted you. I don’t want you to change how you are or what you feel just to accommodate to my emotions. It should be on your own terms; because you want to, not because I wanted you to or anything like that. Fall for me because I’m someone you want to be with.
—  Even if that means that you’ll never fall for me, I’m fine with that.
You didn’t have to do anything to make me fall for you. I didn’t fall for you because of what you could or couldn’t do for me. I fell for you simply because you were unapologetically yourself. I fell for your beautiful soul and big heart. I love you for everything that you are and everything that you’re not. You are so perfectly flawed, but also perfectly you.
—  I don’t know when, what, why, or how, but it just happened.
I just really fucking miss you and it’s driving me insane.
—  Losing my mind but trying to act like I’m fine.
You became a stranger that knows all of my secrets.
—  I am now a stranger that knows all of yours.
I want you..

I want to cuddle with you, feel your hands on my body, feel your hand in my hand, your body up against mine and the warmth that radiates off of you. I wanna feel your lips against mine softly and fiercely, feel your lips brush against my neck, and in my hair. I wanna lay in bed with you and talk about everything, I wanna lay next to you and just look at you in silence..