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Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Kate Kane AKA....



FUCK YES! i love Kate Kane’s Batwoman! she is my favorite female superhero. But i am going to put aside my fangirling to explain why she ranks among the long list of good female characters. 

Upon your first look she’s a copy of Bruce Wayne, Heir to a wealthy family, There was a tragedy in said family when she was a girl [Though she still has a living parent afterwards] and of course she wears a bat costume and goes around Gotham fighting crime. She even gets her own personal Robin [Firebird] later. However Kate has come into her own and become a superhero in her own right.

After her mother’s death and her sister’s…death. Kate was brought up by her father and was at one point enrolled at West Point before her expulsion because she refused to hide she was a lesbian. And the next few years of her life were basically her spiraling downwards until her chance encounter with Batman that inspired her to don a mask herself.

As well as being incredibly competent when it comes to fighting. Kate is also the definition of Tough. She has shown strength both mentally and physically during circumstances such as successfully killing a man after he’d stabbed her in the heart, often pushes through recovery quickly so she can return to work rescued her father while battling nasty hallucinations at the same time and after being crushed by a rock she willingly overdosed so she could be brought back Lazurus-Pit style and then just went straight back to work. [HOW DO YOU EVEN!!!] 

Personality-wise she is extremely dedicated to her work and is respectful and proud of her military upbringing. She’s also bluntly honest, particularly when it comes to topics such as her sexuality and refuses to conform to expectations of her behavior, giving her a rebellious streak. She also absolutely HAS to have a cause to support or she believes she will drift in life again and despite her claims she has a deep-seated need to be loved and this shows through her interactions with Renee Montoya and Maggie Sawyer. But throughout it all Kate Kane is a tough, proud, honest LGBT crime-fighter who hates mornings and is always prepared for the cause. [And she can just marry me right now]

Also she has an action figure so get out your Christmas lists.

Next Time: We go back in time before Wonder Woman to look at a forgotten female superheroine.

Nem tudta eldönteni, hogy menjen vagy maradjon. Így hát nem maradt tovább. Mert hiába álmok, célok és vágyak az a bizonyos érzés. A magány. Sokkal erősebb volt mindennél és mindenkinél. Így hát szíve utolsó taktusára végleg álomba merült.
—  Kate Moore