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What I know I look like when I’m talking about Narumitsu to people who aren’t Ace Attorney fans:

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I'm almost certain stydia is finally gonna happen. Stalia getting back together wouldn't make sense

to me, stiles and lydia getting together at this point would make even less sense

😳😳😳 I was just a bit masochistic and went through Jared’s tag and I recognized that some of those awful hateful peoples really go through Jared’s tag to find those questioning why Jared get’s hate and answer them with all the false accusations and twisted headlines! They literally take their own precious time to spread about something they hate so much for all the wrong reasons. Wow! So I guess they have nothing they love to spent their time on! How fucked up can you be? 😟

i want someone to volunteer to just have a thread w me where ellie is just… FURIOUS. idc why i just want her to be angry at someone right now. i want her yelling

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What’s your reaction if..

our-brightest-stars’ questions questions:

1 - What’s your flame, box-weapon, and/or “main ability”? Or are you a civilian/mafia member/yakuza member without a manifestation?

Can I be a civilian, please,, I don’t want to get caught up in magical rainbow mafia. If I had to be something, though, I would probably be an assassin with rain flames or cloud flames. 

2 - What is the most ludicrous situation or scene in the whole series?

Adult Reborn: Chaos 

Tsuna: New phone who dis

3 - Besides a pineapple, how else would you describe Mukuro/Chrome’s hairstyle?


4 - Honestly speaking, how you think the ensemble cast would react to you basically being from another world (with or without them knowing about the whole, “our lives are depicted in a manga/anime series) where you basically know a scary amount of information about them?

Like, I’ll most probably die? Or probably be kept in a room and interrogated for everything. Tsuna might be nice enough to let me go, though, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a liability who knows too much about them and, well, this is the mafia. 

5 - What would you do if you ended up reborn as Tsuna’s twin? What is your daily life like in the present and TYL?

Honestly my brother is enough like Tsuna as it is, I’ll probably end up being relatively overprotective of him. My daily life? Honestly I’m really good at acting oblivious so, probably a normal high school kid or part of the Family, depending on whether Reborn decides if I’m a girl or a guy. TYL, if Tsuna is dead then I’ll cut all ties with the mafia (if possible/any) and go my own way. I’m cold like that. I have a tendency to care strongly for one person and one person only; everyone else is just eh.  

6 - If you had a chance to know more about the background/lifestory of a character, who would it be and why? OR: you have the chance to go out for tea/coffee/whatever with a character of your choice to talk with and ask any question you want for a day (they must answer), who do you go with and why?

Kawahira. Please tell me all about your race. What is your deal. What goes on in that head of yours? I’m so curious. And confused.

7 - FMK, what characters? Why?

I’ll, have sex with, no one. Gosh, maybe, i really odn’t know, the act is repulsive to me

Marry Hibari. I would put Tsuna but I want no business in Mafia. And besides, if anything, it would be like a business arrangement between the both of us, he does his thing and i do mine. both of us also need a lot of space in our life so we can come to an understanding. i only want to possibly love-marry one person and they’re not in khr

Kill, Timoteo? He’s halfway gone, anyway. And besides I had two dreams on two separate occasions that I killed the ninth, so

8 - Meta/head canons for Lancia/Nana/Tetsuya/Hana/or some other minor character we don’t know much about?

Nana is a distant (very distant) cousin of Iemitsu, considering that Tsuna looks like her but also technically looks like Primo. So basically Nana looks like Primo? (a=b, b=c, therefore a=c???)

9 - Title & summary for an fan fiction featuring yourself and ensemble cast:

Title: Push and Pulll


If the Vongola Rings hold the spirits of their previous ring bearers, why wouldn’t the other pieces of the Trinisette do the same? 

Over a hundred years ago, a young adult was brought into the world of KHR, and chosen to hold the Sky Mare Ring. When they died, they found themselves sealed within it, their interdimensional soul as fuel for the ring until its next master came along. 

A hundred years and countless rejected souls later, they felt a familiar presence. 

Gesso Byakuran,’ something old and almost forgotten whispered in their head. ‘The bearer of the Sky Mare Ring.’ 

(Events of TYL arc narrated from the point of view of the Sky Mare Ring)

10 - You have somehow incurred Hibari’s wrath. He is now chasing you around Namimori and will not stop until you’re bitten to death! Quick, what do you do?

Submit to my bloody fate and lie there like a dead animal. There’s no use in running; you’ll just get tired and worn out on top of being Dead. 

11 - You have the choice to become one of the Arcobaleno, do you accept? Why or why not?

That’s a tough question but the answer is nah because there’s a person in my life that i currently care for very much and if i live past his death, there would be no reason for me to continue living anymore lmao

My 11 questions 

1. What is your opinion on TYL!Tsuna bringing along the children and the girls to TYL arc as “motivation” for the main cast? 

2. Would you rather have Hibari Kyouya be angry at you? Or Rokudo Mukuro? 

3. You hear a panicked and apologetic yell from Yamamoto and turn you head only to see a baseball flying towards your face at Top Speed. What are your final thoughts? 

4. If given the choice, and knowing that you would be dragged into the bloody world of the mafia and may endanger everyone you ever know and care about, would you befriend Sawada Tsunayoshi? 

5. What’s your best shot at a Darker And Edgier version of Tsuna?

6. If you had to choose a canon famiglia to belong to, which famiglia would you choose? 

7. You wake up to find yourself in the body of Federico, before the Cradle Incident. What do you do? 

8. Who is your favorite character in KHR? You have to dress like them for an entire week. How do you feel about this? 

9. You can choose one and only one KHR character to take into custody. AKA, you’re their parent now. Assuming that everything (expenses, school, therapy if needed, etc) is accounted for, which character would you adopt? 

10. If you had flames and a weapon, what would it be? How would your flames affect your weapon/fighting style? 

11. lasT QUESTION YEAH! You have to take over the body of one character of the main cast. Whose body would you take over and what would you do in it? 

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Football tag!

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Warning : this is going to be extremely biased toward FC Bayern and Die Mannschaft. Might as well say that from the start.

1. Favourite club(s): Bayern Munich and Arsenal! I also like Barca, Atleti and PSG.

2. Favourite coach(es): JOACHIM LÖW

3. Favourite striker(s): Lewy, Grizou, Zlatan, Giroud

4. Favourite midfielder(s): Manuel Neuer mEsUt Özil but also Basti, Thiago, Florenzi

5. Favourite defender(s): Mats is my fave but I also love Lahm, Boa, Koscielny, David Luiz, Debuchy

6. Favourite goalkeeper(s): MANUEL NEUER (honorable mention to Gigi Buffon and Hugo Lloris)

7. Favourite captain(s): Basti and Lewy <3

8. Favourite stadium(s): Allianz Arena

9. Favourite retired footballer(s): Zidane, Ballack

10. Favourite trophy(s): World Cup and Champions League

11. A moment that made you smile: MESUT ÖZIL’S GOAL AGAINST ITALY DURING EURO AAAAHHHHHCH MY BBY I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM HDUGEUHEHEJEJIHIHEJFKEJK Mesut’s goal against Italy during Euro. It was fantastic. And also BRAGER at WC 2014, I wasn’t really into football then but I remember being so happy bc that match was #iconic

12. A moment that made you cry: FRAGER at Euro……………….. Still not over it tbh

13. A player you used to dislike and now you like: Cristiano Ronaldo

14. A player you like from a rival team: Draxler, Reus, Götze, Zlatan, Basti :/

15. A player you respect for his talent: Messi, Ronaldo

16. A player you want to hang out with: Eeehhh if I had to choose only one I’d go with Mesut for obvious reasons but I’d also love to hang out with Pogba bc he seems to be cool af and Thomas Müller bc he seems to be the funniest person to be around hahaha

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Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!