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Swamp Sounds aka FROGS PLAYLIST 2K16

Congrats to @rushingsnowy for winning my 500 follower giveaway! As requested, here’s a platonic Frogs playlist. This is my idea of what might be on a collaborative playlist that all the Frogs share, and I had a delightful time making it. It’s at least 1/3 chirps. Please share with me who you think added which songs. Track list below the read more. 

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Thank you, @palepvnk, for giving me the perfect opportunity to post my weird selfies ahaha ♥

🌻🐝 A body positivity tag game 🐝🌻

1. Post some selfies where you feel cute af

2.Something you love about your hair - It’s naturally wavy & that makes it so much faster to get ready for the day

3.Something you love about your eyes - lol they’re okay. I like the slightly droopy shape

4.Something you love about your mouth - my bottom lip is bigger than my top lip, and I like how weird that is lol

5.Something you love about your nose - lol honestly it’s the part of my face I’m most insecure about. I actually don’t know what to say 

6.Something you love about your legs - they’re pretty slender

7.Something you love about your butt - it cushions me when I fall

8.Something you love about your tummy - it looks pretty good with my navel piercing

9.Something you love about your chest - squishy :3

10.Something you love about your height - I’m tiny and it helps with my movements when I spar

11.Something you love about your weight - I’m gaining weight because I’m gaining more muscle (It takes SO long for me to build muscle)

12.When do you feel prettiest - after I shower lol

13.When did you last feel beautiful - yesterday

🌻🐝Tag people you want to feel pretty af 🐝🌻

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GOSH my hair looks ridiculous today. Sometimes it frizzes up, sometimes it’s wavy and other times it’s pin straight, sigh I’m blaming it on Sydney weather (it’s been storming for like a week and a half now)

Anyway, here I am in a room with way too much light b/c it’s still morning over here! I’m writing another bellarke meta (surprise, surprise) and trying not to think about Bellamy risking his life today,,,but it’s really not working whoops

Tagging these cuties: @bellamyblakesus @bellamyslaugh @allisonaergents @starkdelinquents @bellamyaugustus if u do it, tag me so I can see ur gorgeous faces!! but no pressure, of course ^-^

Happy The 100 day everybody!

anonymous asked:

Question: So, we know Mitch was spotted at dd's LA concert at The Roxy, right? But did he go up on stage? I spotted a few pics of him in the VIP section and it's frustrating because you can clearly see the eyes and forehead of, yes, quite possibly Gillian Lee Anderson. Except she has her hair down & it's wavy like those pretty black & white photos by Matt Holyoak. Is this a possibility? Please tell it is because if so, wow! mind blown. That would mean she was there on Valentine's Day😰

Mitch didn’t go on stage, but after talking to a bunch a people who were there, it appears that Mitch was spotted because he wanted to. For examples, Tom Kapinos or Chris Carter were there too, and many fans didn’t see them. A few known faces in the fandom such as Nancy Colini were there too but no one mentioned her either.
It appears there was indeed a possibility for Gillian or anyone else to sneak in unnoticed and attend the private after party that I’ve been told they had. So why not.
In my mind, she was there.

This episode was just honestly so good. I do think that they could have done a lot more with the crossover and involving some of this storyline within Supergirl and expanding on it so that parts of it didn’t feel rushed. I also love that the Music Meister ends up not really being a villain at all? He’s just teaching them a lesson about love - so the subplot about him using their powers was just shoved aside? That just felt a bit plot-hole-y and hand-wavy as did the whole him being called the Music Meister but the musical thing only happening because The Flash and Supergirl are into musicals? Still, I loved the episode and wish we just had more of it (which could have been done if they only used both hours to focus on this storyline). Also that last song that Barry sang to Iris was so amazing. 

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly and then send this to ten of your favorite followers (if u want 💕)

I also got this from @vixrotre and @cactuscreeks (but in my attempt to draft a response I accidentally deleted the ask. I’m so sorry ;___;). But thank you both for sending me this cute ask and tagging me. 

5 things I like about myself:

  1. I actually kind of like being short
  2. My weird wavy-ish hair (sometimes)
  3. I’m really hardworking (sometimes to my own detriment.)
  4. I like that my feet are small, so I can get away with shopping for shoes in the kids sections (i love saving money).
  5. I like that I always do pretty well in school. :^)
hair evolution???

So i’ve been watching hair evolution videos & decided to do my own ! ! it’s not gonna be that interesting bc im just now expirementing with colours other than blue but whatever. i’m gonna put it all under a read more so!! clicc to see me as a young child gal

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm looking to replace my (admittedly horrible) current Nepeta wig. What base wig did you use for her?

hello ! my condolences for your wig (let us pray to the wig gods) and the wig i used is this one ! the wig just had its bangs cut and curled a bit :)