be warned this is super basic


Summary: Everything about Bucky Barnes drives you wild…that’s basically the plot…

Warnings: smut, sexual tension

A/N: I spent today writing my own mini thesaurus, by hand, and I came up with this idea during my breaks.

“Fuck!” Your back slammed down against the thick mat, air shoot out of your lungs.

“If you’re not paying close attention to your enemies you’re going to get yourself killed. What the hell has you so distracted?” Steve stretched a hand out, helping you up.

“N-Nothing.” You huffed, avoiding eye contact with the super soldier in front of you.

That was a lie, a big fat lie. You were completely distracted by the man across the room, the one with the glistening metal arm and the chocolate brown hair. Motherfucking Bucky Barnes. 

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Originally posted by jeonsshi

Note: This is so out of order, but this was supposed to be a scene from a super long modern day royalty AU I had planned. Basically, you’re the new crown princess of a country because your sibling abdicates from the throne over INSTAGRAM and… arranged marriage…etc. Anyway, this is just a short thing I wrote. I had to post. Thanks @nottodayjeon and @hayjeon for proofing and feedback. 

Summary: You’re too busy these days to have a decent meal with your husband let alone spend quality time with him, but Yoongi is determined to make things work. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Modern Royalty AU
Warnings: sexual content
Word Count: 2723




“My approval ratings are down,” you huff, scrolling through the media summary your secretary had prepared for you as you walk into the kitchen. You know Yoongi will be here in the mornings, hovering over the pot of coffee he prefers to brew himself.

“Well good morning to you too,” Yoongi sniffs, frowning at the way you’re immersed in the news without even the smallest glance in his direction. He hands you a cup of coffee made just the way you like it (splash of milk, no sugar).

You take the cup with an absentminded “thanks” said in a soft tone, too distracted by the polling data showing a dip in approval after the news of your impending ascension to the throne was released. It hurt a little that a percentage of the people liked you well enough as a princess, but wouldn’t support the idea of you as an active, ruling queen.

“Put the tablet down. No reading the news until after you give me a morning kiss.” You nearly jump out of your skin when Yoongi sidles up behind you to kiss your neck softly. “Tablet. Down. Now.” And who are you to deny your husband when he orders so nicely?

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Sparks and Sugar

// Here is the fluffy fluff Jerome x reader that was requested by a lovely angelic Anon! Hope y’all like it.

Warnings: Fluffy Jerome, Cuddly Jerome, Loving Jerome, Flirty Jerome, Jerome trying to flirt, ALL THE FLUFFY JEROME STUFF.

(This contains a headcanon {sorta} that me and one of my friends came up with. It’s basically that Jerome is super flirty with everyone, and he’s pretty good at flirting-except when it’s with the person he likes. Then he gets super embarrassed, cant talk, and all his smoothness is gone, etc.)

Title: Sparks and Sugar.

Need to know: Y/n is a member of the Maniax and Jerome has been crushin on her for a long, long time. (even while they were in arkham)

Rating: Fluffy Fluff. //

As y/n walks into the room, Jerome’s voice drops instantly, his gaze landing on her as a light blush spreads across his cheeks. Ever since they’d all gotten out of Arkham, Jerome had been non-stop flirting with Barbara, although he had no interest in her. Barbara raises her eyebrows, a small smile on her face.

“If you’re going to flirt with someone, why don’t you go flirt with her?” She whispers, motioning at y/n.

“Don’t be so obvious!” Jerome hisses. He glances at her quickly, a small sigh slipping past his lips as he plops into the chair next to Barbara. “Doesn’t she look amazing, Barb? She’s so gorgeous…especially in that dress.” Barbara smiles and sets her magazine down.

“Hey, y/n!” Jerome’s eyes widen slightly as she looks over, and he immediately picks up the magazine and pretends to read it. “Jerome likes your dress,” Barbara calls out, causing Jerome’s face to heat up, turning a shade of crimson red. Y/n smiles brightly at him.

“Well, that’s great. Too bad he’s not here to tell me himself.” Y/n jokes, casting a teasing glance towards Jerome. “Tell him I said that’s really sweet,” she spins around and flounces to the couch. 

“She said-” 

“I heard what she said, Barbara!” Jerome whispers. “How could you do that? That was so embarrassing, Barbara. She probably thinks I’m some freak now…” Jerome’s face falls, and he stares at the table. “I just want to talk to her.” He mumbles. Before he knows what’s happening, Barbara stands up. 

“Go talk to her then. You flirt all the time, it can’t be that hard, can it?” Jerome frowns. 

“Just watch.” He mutters, standing up and plopping down on the seat next to her.

“Oh, hey there.” Y/n says, smiling. “I heard ya like my dress?” She raises her eyebrows, grinning widely. “That’s really nice of you, Jerome.” His eyes widen slightly and his cheeks once again turn a rosy pink as he looks away. She tilts her head.

“Y-yeah, well, it’s a nice.” Y/n’s eyebrows furrow in confusion as he stops his sentence suddenly, picking at the loose threads on a pillow. 

“A nice? A nice what?” Y/n laughs.

“Dress- a nice dress,” Jerome murmurs, daring to make eye contact with her. Y/n tilts her head, her smile widening.

“Sorry? What was that?”

“I- I said, I said…your dress is nice.” He looks away. “I don’t think it’s your dress though. I think it’s you.” Jerome whispers, not meeting her e/c gaze. Y/n’s eyes light up, and a warm sensation fills her heart at the faint blush on Jerome’s cheeks, the uncertainty in his eyes. He stands up to leave, but y/n stands up too, blocking his way. Jerome stares past her, trying not to make eye contact. Then, y/n does the last thing he ever expected. She reaches out and wraps her arms around him, hugging him tightly. 

Jerome’s whole body stiffens against hers, his lips parting as a small gasp slips past them. He reacts in an instant, wrapping his arms around her, in his urgency tripping backwards onto the couch. Y/n erupts in laughter, snuggling into his hug as he wraps his arms around her, burying his face in her neck. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hold you,” Jerome whispers, his heart beating faster. Y/n smiles, shaking her head slightly. “You are too ridiculously cute, Jerome.” His cheeks turn red as he laughs, shaking his head. “Yeah, well your beautiful.” He murmurs, kissing her cheek quickly before meeting her gaze. Y/n’s eyebrows shoot up.
“Oh really?”
"Yeah, really y/n. You’re-you’re beautiful.”

Unexpectedly: Part 9

A neighbor!Dean x Reader/ AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here is Part 9! I hope you guys like it. It’s super fluffy and really cute and, I just love fluffy Dean okay? Please let me know what you think. I love hearing from you! ♥

Word Count: 1,253
(not a drabble, I know. but it started out that way sooooo….)

- none, just a lot of fluff and cuteness.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

It was your first day off in a while, and Dean had basically begged you to stay over his apartment. You agreed of course, happy to wake up in his warm arms on such a chilly day. When you fluttered your eyelids open, only a small sliver of light peeked through his curtains. You rolled over as softly as you could, propping yourself up on your elbow to take in his face. The sun illuminated the dusting of perfect freckles that speckled his nose and cheeks. His lips were set in a pout, looking even more plump and delicious than usually. His hair was mussed on one side from sleeping on his arm, and you tried to stifle your giggle. Dean looked so handsome in this moment, and you wanted to cherish it forever.

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Bright Lights

Pairing: Fred x Reader

A/N: The request ends is basically a spoiler to how the Imagine will end, fair warning!

Request: Can you do an imagine where, after the reader finds out Fred dies, has her moment to deal with it she goes on this rampage with George and once everything is over they return to his body and he is alive? It’s all super fluffy.

Squicks: Fred dies… Or does he?! I got a little bit sad while writing this I will admit, I refuse to accept Fred’s death in my Imagines!

The deafening sounds of loud booms, screams and crashes are the only things you can hear in the castle. You were sprinting through the halls trying to find someone to team up with, since you didn’t want to be alone against Voldemort’s Death Eaters. What would be preferable would be being with Fred and George, your two closest friends, but they were nowhere to be found. You got separated when a giant pillar came crashing down, narrowly missing you and the twins. Since then you hadn’t seen them at all, and were beginning to get more and more fearful without them.

You ran around the huge castle that was slowly crumbling down around you, being sure to step in and help any student who was battling it out with a Death Eater.

“Sectumsempra!” you shouted as red sparks shot out of your wand, hitting the Augustus Rockwood, a Death Eater fighting a young Ravenclaw boy, and causing him to fall to the ground with a disturbing amount of blood appearing.

The boy thanked you repeatedly before you set off again in search of Fred and George — or anyone, really.

You ran around the corner, looking around frantically when a bright blue light grabbed your attention,

You look ahead to see Fred being thrown back across the room, when George begins to scream.

You can’t take your eyes away from Fred’s boy lying on the ground, motionless. It was as if all the deafening noises that were happening all around you were now all muffled and virtually silent. All of your attention, focus and worry was on Fred.

You felt helpless, standing there frozen; until another bright blue spark flashed.

Your head quickly snaps over to where George was now, also lying on the ground, however he was getting up, meaning he dodged the Expulso blast.

You were suddenly filled with anger and bloodlust, as you charged down the hallway, your wand held in front of you.

“Confringo!” you shout, as the orange flash beamed from your wand. There was a loud explosion, causing more rubble to fall from the ceiling, but more importantly, the Death Eater was no more.

“Y/n…” George said quietly, covered in cuts and dried blood.

You look at him, but without saying a word, the two of you immediately sprint towards where Fred was still lying.

“No…” you hear George’s voice crack, as he falls to his knees beside his brother, breaking down into a fit of tears.

Obviously, you were heartbroken. Fred was lying motionless and covered in blood, with no signs of life whatsoever. You couldn’t show how you were feeling, because this was George’s twin brother, you didn’t have the same connection as he did. Fred was your best friend… Maybe even more to you.

You placed a hand on George’s back as he sobbed loudly, while you remained silent letting the tears roll down your cheeks, the severity of the situation slowly becoming more real to you.

“Y/N, GEORGE, MOVE!” Mr. Weasley shouted as more sparks of brightly coloured light flashed all around you. Four or five Death Eaters had found you, and if it hadn’t been for Mr. Weasley, you’d be suffering the same fate as Fred.

You and George jump up immediately, brandishing your wands in front of you, shouting any curse that would come to mind, your vision blurred from the constant flow of tears streaming down your face.





The three of you successfully knocked out the Death Eaters in front of you, with no serious injuries to any of you.

“Y/N!” George shouted, and as you turned around, Bellatrix Lestrage was standing no more than ten meters away, a curse already flying towards you in a matter of brightly lit sparks.

“Protego!” Fred shouted, leaping in front of you just in time to block the curse.

Mrs. Weasley quickly cast the Avada Kedavra curse at Bellatrix before any more spells could come from her want, resulting in her falling straight to the ground, eyes wide and empty of life.

FRED!” you scream with a sense of overwhelming delight, as he falls onto you. George runs over too and engulfs his brother in an impossibly tight hug, before Mr. Weasley demands that everyone give him room, however Fred held onto your hand.

“Oh my god, you’re alright,” you say breathlessly as you sit on the ground with Fred, his face smiling slightly through the pain.

After about an hour of everyone crying with relief and assessing the damage done to Fred (nothing more serious than a broken leg and deep cuts), you and George were free to hug the hell out of him.

After Fred let the two of you fuss over him and continuously thank Merlin that he wasn’t dead, he finally spoke to you,

“Y/n…” Fred says with great difficulty, the shock of the blast still having winded him, “I don’t… want to lose.. you… again” he wheezes, taking hold of your hand again.

“We thought you were dead for the past half hour and the first thing you do is tell Y/n you fancy her, honestly I—“

“Shut up George!” you interrupt loudly swatting in his direction, “let him profess his undying love for me!”

Fred laughs, and then immediately regrets it when the pain shoots through his body, causing a series of groans and swear words.

“Look what you’ve done George…” you say quietly, giving George a teasing smile.

“Y/n I do… Love you…” Fred says quietly.

“You look down at him, your brow slightly furrowed, “you what?”

Fred tries to repeat himself, but he ends up coughing violently instead, followed by more swearing and coughing,

“Don’t make me repeat it,” he says almost inaudibly fast, “Just accept… it… and maybe.. kiss me… it’s up… to you…”

For the second time, you were practically frozen, not knowing how to react.

“This is exactly what you wanted, just kiss him for God’s sake we all know you want—“

“yES thank you George,” you say loudly with a smile of mock-annoyance,

“Fine, I’ll.. do it… Christ…” Fred says as he slowly lifts himself onto one shoulder, his other hand shakily rests on the back of your head as he pulls you down towards him, and kisses you.

“Oh, yep, I’m going to.. I’m going to go over here now,” George mumbles as he goes over to stand with his Mum and Dad.

You two finally pull away, a smile on both of your faces,

“I don’t want to lose you again either, Freddie,” you say, tears rolling down your face from what has been quite possibly the most intense amount of emotions anyone could ever have in the space of no more than two hours.

A/N: aw :) also, I’m really overwhelmed by the amount of notes some of my Imagines have gotten of late, my first ever Imagine from back in 2015 received OVER A THOUSAND NOTES?!?!?!? I am in utter shock honestly, thank you all so very much!


Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, sexual content

Summary: Being on the road for so long makes AJ super appreciative to be home.

Basically I’ve been in love with the idea of a pussy worship fic for weeks but I’ve only just found enough time to write it! It’s hard to write a lot of description without getting repetitive, so I’ve kept it quite short! Requests are closed until I can catch up on the fics I haven’t written yet!

Tagging my faves @toosweetme @llowkeys @livingthestrongstyle @alexahood21 @the-geekgoddes @wrestlingbabe @that-lolachick @lolabradbury @vebner37 @reigns420 @crowleysqueenofhell @iwannadiehere @devittslegos @mox-midget @blondekel77 @thephenomofdeathvalley-blog @skrillexslays13

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One Dance (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Losing your friends at a Drake concert doesn’t turn out so bad after all.

Warnings: eh none

A/N: I saw Drake last month and it was basically this imagine only Ethan wasn’t there :( still it was literally the best night of my life. I’m thinking about doing a continuation/part two to this but it would probably just be pure smut, let me know what you think and leave requests!

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She’s Perfect

Request: Hey!! Can you do a Bellamy imagine where Bellamy is super infatuated with you and you’re really good friends so he doesn’t think anything could ever happen and one day you overhear him talking about you with someone and he’s basically just raving about you and you eventually tell him you heard him and they get together in the end!!! Thank you so much!

Requested by: anonymous

A/N: aweh! This idea is so cute, I had no problem writing it for you. Thank you for requesting.

Warnings: fluff.

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

Ever since landing on ground, things had become exceptionally better. Sure you were hunted by grounders and everyday was a struggle for survival, but you had made a family. Things hadn’t originally been so well, and everyone got in arguments but now you could stand back and watch as everyone got along and everyone cared for each other.

The Ark had been terrible for you. You’d never found someone up there who truly cared for you and your family had been floated. You hated it up there. But now, on ground where you could feel the sun on your face and relish in the fresh air instead of filtered air through the Ark, you finally felt happy.

You’d met amazing people but one truly stuck out. Bellamy Blake. He wasn’t actually part of the 100 like you were, and you’d knew he’s done some terrible things but you also knew that he did it all for his sister. Which swarmed your heart. He was undoubtedly attractive and sweet and ever since you’ve started talking to him, he always knew how to make you laugh.

He was protective of you, which you still haven’t completely figured out why but you didn’t let it bother you.

Even right now, you let your eyes wander on his as he sat by Raven. It was dinner time and you’d just finished all your work so you’d come out to grab some dinner. Only to see him chatting with Raven, you weren’t jealous only caught up by his smile as he talked fondly about something. You couldn’t hear what he was talking about but you could tell he was animatedly talking about something.

You blinked, luckily no one had caught you just staring at him. You turned to the pit of fire, grabbing some dinner. “Evening, Y/N.” Turning your head you looked up to see Clarke already holding a piece of meat out for you. You smiled, straightening out as you gently grabbed the stick out of her hand.

“Thank you.” You nodded at her. You wanted to go to Bellamy but you couldn’t be rude.

“Go to him.” Clarke said and turning your head up from looking at Bellamy, you saw her smile knowingly at you. Nodding appreciatively at her, you let your hand fall on her shoulder before walking towards Bellamy.

You smiled, happy to engage in a conversation with him before your words caught in your throat and you heard what he was saying. Quickly to be undetected, you turned and went by another group of people. Pretending to mingle but you let your ears drop on Raven and Bellamy’s conversation.

“I mean, she’s so beautiful.” Bellamy gushed and you felt a pang in your heart as to who he could be talking about. Was he talking about Clarke? Those two have become really close recently.

“Maybe you should just talk to her about it, Bellamy.” Raven suggested, putting her hand on Bellamy’s shoulder. You narrowed your eyes, who were they talking about.

“I couldn’t. She strictly thinks of me as a friend, Raven.” Bellamy sighed, resting his head in his hands and he shook his head. You wanted to go over there and console him but you were too embarrassed now.

“I don’t know, Bellamy. Y/N seems to really enjoy spending time with you.” Your mouth fell open and your hands went slack. They… were talking about you? You would’ve never thought. Shaking your head again, you refocused on Bellamy as he smiled, proudly almost as if he was thinking fondly of a memory.

“She’s just perfect.”

You’d avoided Bellamy for days. You had to think over what you heard. You truthfully had always liked him but never dwelled on it, you never thought he would like you back but now. Now… apparently he did and you had no idea if you should tell him that you heard everything he said or go back as if nothing had happened.

When you caught sight of him today, he was staring at you worriedly. Over the past few days you’ve been ignoring him, he’s been worried sick. He’d always try to talk to you but you would make some excuse as to why you couldn’t talk right now,

But now looking at him and seeing how worried and upset he truly was, you realized you didn’t want to keep ignoring him. 

So, you marched over to him, your heart beating and your palms sweaty as you thought of what you could say. Truthfully you had no idea but your feet carried you and on instinct you reached him.

He smiled, happy to see you actually paying attention to you. And when he turned to say, you acted on impulse. Pulling him down, you pressed your lips against his ignoring the way he gasped and made a noise of surprise. Instead you focused on kissing him and making sure he understood everything you were trying to tell him.

He finally relaxed after a few moments, enough to place his arms around you waist as you pulled back from the kiss. “I, uh…” You stuttered, looking up to see his baffled and confused expression. You smiled softly at the cuteness behind the smile. “I heard you.”

“What?” He asked, still in shock from the kiss. His eyes were dazed and you giggled at his lovestruck expression.

“I heard that night with Raven.” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. You bent at the lower back, leaning into him as you smiled shyly up at him. You watched as his face grew red and he panicked at something to say.

“Oh…” Was all he said, and you shook your head. Leaning up to peck his cheeks.

“It’s okay.” You reassured, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I… feel the same.”

He instantly smiled, the biggest grin growing over his face and he hugged you tighter to himself. “I love you.” He confessed, staring down at you lovingly. You gasped, now going red in the face as you felt your own grin coming.

“I love you too, I have for a while.”

“Me too.” He confused and suddenly remembering what he said that night, you smirked.

“So i’m perfect huh?” You joked, looking up at him slyly.

“Oh shut up.” He feigned being annoyed but you could see the smile growing on his face as he kissed you on your forehead. You closed your eyes at the warmth, relishing in the feeling of finally being able to hold him this close.

“Hey, you’re not too bad yourself.”

Hope you enjoyed!

anonymous asked:

i'm so confused what happened with some girl named katie?? and her being under aged?? it's all over my dash and i'm super confused

basically, we all used to be in a group chat with this girl @soloharried and she kept disrespecting people, including our minors members like katie and parker, she used to send nudes and porn videos of her masturbating on snap chat. also she always disrespect our triggering warnings and subjects, always brinng depressing things and suicide to a happy conversation, kept asking parker (who has 14 years) to “say my name please” over and over again which made him uncomfortable. i  tried to talk to her about that and she said that she’s not going to change. you can see some of our posts here


Bullshit alien things that I love:

  • Aliens thinking Humans are little bean toed weirdos like “Why do you have less eyes, doesn’t that make it harder to see” or “ONLY TWO ARMS, WHAT ARE YOU.”
  • Humans showing Aliens basic things and being so excited because hey, aliens might not know about it, and aliens being like “I heard about this stuff existing a thousand years ago” because to them its like archaic.
  • Aliens thinking Humans are cute primitive creatures because all their stuff is archaic in comparison to the fact that they’ve already discovered inter-dimensional space travel.
  • Alternatively, Humans thinking Aliens are cute super advanced creatures that forgot about how awesome even the basic stuff is and really likes showing them these things and loves learning about the alien stuff they have now too.
  • Aliens doing weird things that freaks human buddy out at first but human buddy’s just like “Dude warn me first” or “THAT WAS SO COOL, DO IT AGAIN.”
  • Humans doing weird things that freaks alien buddy out at first but alien buddy’s just like “How did you do that” or “I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT, DO IT AGAIN.”
  • Difference in cultural understanding and explaining things to each other.
  • Alien is hunter that could legit kill human buddy.. Just brings human buddy latest kill and teaches them how to cook it up because they might starve out here and alien friend needs to look out for little bean toed weirdo.
  • Staying up late talking about how different things are where they’re both from and the discovery of hot chocolate is amazing.
  • Weirdo alien thing with two eyes and only a few sharp teeth looking at you funny while you’re looking at them funny because you’re both aliens concerning each other. They’re called Humans and you don’t understand a thing they’re saying and they can’t seem to understand a word you’ve said either. Better break out the translator.
  • Differences in weather and the like causing one or the other to freak out because “IS IT RAINING MOLTEN LAVA WHAT THE HECK” or “WHAT IS THIS WHITE POWDER LIKE SUBSTANCE, IS IT POISONOUS”
  • Things one would consider normal being ultra weird as fuck to the other and explanations are needed pls.

simplycj  asked:

For the prompt things stressful cuddling with Steve "move my arm is falling asleep” “i can’t breathe” “just jam your knee right up my crotch. this is fine”

Warnings: None? A very cuddly Steve.

Word Count: 548

Tags (If you want on a list, go here. If you want off, send me a message!):  @shamvictoria11 * @addictivewriter * @fangirlnyxx * @meatballevan

A/N: I slightly modified the lines but they’re basically the same. I haven’t proofread this because I’m tired and I forgot it was Chinese New Year today. (Hence why I’m only getting to these now lol)

Originally posted by peoplealwaysleave-99

Cuddling with a super soldier sometimes had its disadvantages, especially when you were forced to share a space smaller than what you were accustomed to.

You and Steve had been begrudgingly sent on vacation together after spending too much time working, as you were both wont to do. Tony sent the two of you to his townhouse in Paris for the next month and a half to hopefully unwind and forget about saving the world for a little while. 

In was springtime, about halfway into your trip and you both decided that today was a lazy, stay in bed kind of day. Both beds in the apartment, however, were queen-sized while the bed you shared back home was a California king to accommodate Steve’s height. Here, he had to snuggle closer to you to make sure everything was on the bed and you were fine with it…

Most of the time, anyway.

Somehow during your 2nd midday nap, Steve had managed to roll the two of you so his head was on your chest with both his arms caging you in place. His arm under you made your back arch uncomfortably but you were too tired to move and Steve’s deadlock on your torso wasn’t helping. A few minutes went by and you were about to fall back asleep for the umpteenth time when he drew in a slow breath, his arms tightening around you uncomfortably.

Steve, I can’t breathe,” you groaned as your tried to wriggle out of his arms. He didn’t reply, only sleepily nuzzling his stubbly cheek against your chest. You whined and started kicking at him. “Let gooo, you giant nerd.”

He huffed and slowly let go of you, adjusting himself so that he was starfished as much as he could. You jokingly pulled in a ridiculously big breath to be funny, earning a scoff from Steve. He arm shifted under you a few times but you stubbornly refused to move of your own volition.

“Move. My arm is falling asleep,” he groused.

“Your big buff body is taking up 75% of the bed, Steve. If I move, I’m gonna fall,” you reminded him.

“Just curl up next to me or somethin’.”

You let out a highly exaggerated but genuinely annoyed sigh and moved so you nestled against his broad chest. You purposely mimicked his previous position, tangling your legs with his as he shook the sleepy tingles out of his arm.

“Just jam your knee right up my crotch, doll. That’s fine,” he chuckled as you just wrapped an arm around his waist to pull him closer. He tried to detangle your limbs from his but you clung to him tighter, knowing full well that he was only playing since he could easily overpower you in the blink of an eye.

A few minutes went by and Steve’s hand shot out when you tried to wriggle out of bed. “Where’re you going?”

“It’s hot,” you complained. “You’re like a furnace. Plus we should probably eat a some point.”

“I’ll order in.” He shifted so his face was close to yours so he could press a chaste kiss to your lips. “Plus,” he pressed another kiss to your lips, deeper this time. “I have no intention of letting you out of this bed, doll.”

I Was Worried About You (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I want to say thank you for all of the love and requests! I haven’t had this blog for that long and I wasn’t expecting to have followers or even requests until a long time but you guys are super sweet and gave me both! Anyways here is my first request
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer x Reader
Prompt: could you do an imagine where spencer and the reader are dating and the reader comes home drunk and spencer was up all night worried about them and he takes care of the reader as they are drunk and stumbling every where (basically cute little bean spencer takes care of drunk reader and it’s so cute) love you and your blog ❤
Request: ✅

Spencer’s POV
I unlocked the door to the apartment and slowly walked in.
“Y/N I’m home.” I said softly shutting the door.
I looked around the empty apartment and there wasn’t a trace of her.
I looked at my watch.
8:36 pm.
Where is she?
I pulled out my phone and dialed her number, but the phone rang and rang without an answer.
I started to panic, thinking where she might be.
She could be at the store getting dinner.
She could be hiding.
“Y/N if your here please come out. I’m worried about you.” I said walking into the bedroom.
I looked at her closet and her leather jacket, black heels, and favorite dress are gone.
She went somewhere.
I pulled out my phone and called her again.
Not to my surprise, there was no answer.
I sat on the couch with my head in my hands, having no clue what to do.
Is she missing?
Did someone… take her?
Am I wasting precious time?
I don’t know what to do.

2 hours later.

I have paced back and forth for 2 hours and then I saw a taxi park out front.
I rushed to the window and sure enough I saw y/h/c stumbling to the stairs.
I quickly ran out the door and down the stairs. Before she approached them I hugged her, instantly smelling alcohol.
“Hey hey… is this the right place? I think you missed the… the turn.” She said looking around her.
“No Y/N, it’s me Spencer. Your home. Come on let’s go upstairs.” I said putting an arm around her.
She struggled walking up the stairs so I decided to pick her up and carry her to our apartment.
We entered the apartment and I set her down on the couch.
“Stay here I’m going to make you tea.” I said rubbing her forehead.
“I forgot my purse!” She said sitting up quickly.
“I have it, you didn’t forget it.” I said pointing to it on the table.
“Lay down okay?” I said laying her down.
I went to the kitchen and started boiling water and I heard her run from the couch to the bathroom.
I quickly followed and got there in time before she started throwing up in the toilet.
I held her hair back as she gagged and puked.
I gently rubbed her back, wondering what drove her to such a state.
When she stopped I grabbed a wet wash cloth and wiped her face.
By now, she sobered up a little bit and started crying.
“Darling what’s wrong?” I asked her standing up.
She still looked dizzy as I helped her rise to her feet.
“I’m so sorry Spencer. You shouldn’t have had to come home to this.” She said tears running down her cheeks.
“Why did you go and drink? You never do and I was so worried about you. I thought someone took you or… or I don’t know. I wasn’t sure if you were coming back.” I said hugging her shaking frame.
“I-I was so lonely. I didn’t know what else to do so I went and drank.” She said guiltily.
“Oh Y/N I’m sorry. I shouldn’t leave you for so long.” I said hugging her tighter.
“It’s your job you have to.” She said into my chest.
“You know what? When I can, I’m going to come and check on you ok? During lunch I’ll come here instead of staying, alright? I hate seeing you like this.” I said wiping tear soaked hair out of her face.
A small smile crept upon her lips.
“I’m a wreck.” She said looking in the mirror.
“Your my wreck.” I said hugged her from behind and kissing the top of her head. “And I will take care of my wreck no matter what.”

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Foreseer (LetoJoker)

AN: Firstly Hi! How’s things? Secondly, this is actually an OC. Basically me and my brother are collabing on this project and she is my contribution, but J would love her so I had to do this. I have left out all identifying features so that you can fully immerse yourself in it, but PLEASE let me know what you think of her as it would be super, super helpful! Anyways enjoy!!

While Mr J is away, Frost is left to deal with business, at a loss for what to do he involves the one person Mr J may just kill him over.

Warnings; swearing, blood, mild sexual content, casual murder, guns. If I missed anything lemme know and i’ll update this.

Word Count; 4,601 (i’m not even gonna apologise for this one)

(Frost POV)
Frost sighed frustrated with the situation he had found himself in. Rubbing at his temples vehemently, scheming to find a way that this could end in his boss’s favour.  Irritated he loosened his tie, violently tugging at the material in an effort to ease some of the stress.

He was pacing his boss’s office in the man’s insanely lavish home, knowing that he shouldn’t be in there, fully taking advantage of his rank in the boss’s absence. It was the only place he could think clearly everywhere he turned there was more questions.

To top it off the Queen was growing impatient by the hour, and God help the poor soul who angered the Queen.

His racing mind kept coming back to one conclusion his eyes darting around the expansive office, compiled of dark woods and burgundy rugs hoping that there would be some other way.

The room much like him, had seen its fair share of violence at the hand of the criminally insane clown he was so devoted to, and he let out a silent prayer that he wouldn’t be the focus of such violence when the boss man found out.
(Her POV)
She sat adorned in golden chains and rings, some of them she had stolen from J’s closet, but it wasn’t like he was wearing them anytime soon.

She was wrapped in a silky white blazer, again belonging to Mr J, which hugged her in all the right places. The flesh beneath the blazer completely bare except for her ink and her chains, seen only through a plunging neck line that would make Satan himself blush. It was held in place by a chunky black leather belt adorned with a shiny golden jester.

Her signature black leather booty shorts became visible as she threw her legs over the side of the golden throne she was lounging on.

His throne.

She was glaring down upon the dancing crowd in her lovers club. Hidden in shadows watching each and every one of them assessing them as her eyes roamed, looking for the weak and exploitable. Smirking to herself as she watched Frost greeting a couple of men by the bar, he fixed them with a cool glare as he waited for them both to follow him through to hi- her booth.

The deck of cards in her hands she shuffled expertly, not even having to focus on her movements. The action grounding her and helping her focus.

As she stood she caught sight of her reflection in one of the many mirrors around Mr J’s booth. He was a vain man but, a man with so much power over one city could afford to be. She narrowed her eyes at her outfit choice, she shouldn’t have worn white.

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[Request] Multiple anons said: Hey, I have no idea if you’re taking requests but if you are I was wondering if you could write where Y/N is dating Jack Maynard and lives with him, Conor and Josh. Thank you <3 ; Hey could you please do a super fluffy Jack Maynard imagine please if you’re taking requests. Thank you xx ; Hey! I love your writing and was wondering if I could get a Jack Maynard imagine where we are together but the fans don’t know (just our friends know) and we get outed in one of Joe’s vlogs at a creator party at vidcon?

[Summary] Basically the requests above.

[Pairing] Jack Maynard x Reader

[Universe/Fandom] Jack Maynard Fandom

[Warnings] Cursingggg, implies that the two have sex at some point. BUT YO FLUFF

[A/N] This is my first time combining this many requests, but I did have this story in mind which managed to be what all these people were asking for!! I hope you enjoy :) By the way, Vidcon is in LA in this imagine?? Not sure if that’s where it is actually held, but heY!

I slowly open my eyes when sunlight comes sneaking into mine and Jack’s shared bedroom. We had been in a happy relationship with each other for almost a year and last month he had asked me to move in with him, Conor, and Josh. Even though we had been dating for months, we still hadn’t put our relationship out in the world for our fans to know. Jack and I had been thinking about telling our viewers ever since we started dating, but we valued the privacy we had in our relationship. However, we still had to tell our viewers eventually. Today, Jack, Conor, Josh, and I are all going to Vidcon, where we may tell our viewers everything. I smile as I look to Jack’s side. He was still in a deep sleep.

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“You’re very knowledgable about this kind of stuff…thank god, I’m sure I’d be lost without you.” He joked, reaching out to run his fingers over the silky straps and dainty lace of the lingerie, the gold of the material glimmering underneath the store’s brilliant lighting. She tried not to stare, only watching him curiously as he seemed to get lost looking at the lingerie, as if he was imagining how it would look on his husband.

“Uh…of course, thank you sir.” She shifted, trying to gauge the alpha’s reaction. “What do you think of this one?”

hi this is really really bad please head warnings for super duper implied noncon and kidnapping and just awful things

super badwrong rhack basically 

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Storybook Romance

Requested by Anon

Summary: “A stranger comes to Camelot from a far away place, and Merlin falls head over heels for her. She’s pretty and silly and clumsy and awkward and loves books and never seems to stop smiling. She’s basically the Girl version of Merlin. Merlin can’t help but to smile like a fool whenever she delivers books to the physician’s quarters.”

Warnings: Fluffy fluff and suspicious parental unit Gaius

A/N: This is a super cute trope. Also, this isn’t exactly like the request that was sent in, but I combined some elements of this request in one of my upcoming fic requests. Thanks for requesting, Anon!

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Music Speaks (M)

Originally posted by markjin

» jinyoung x reader
» 1.9k
» Helloooo can I request something super smutty with Jinyoung (got7). Where you’re watching random music videos with him then a really sexual one comes on and the tension rises so much that it leads to you know what… 
» warning: smut  

“Oh boy,” you comment, staring down at the laptop that Jinyoung has on his lap. “Look at those dancers. They probably had to go through the Jay Park Test to get a spot on this music video.”

“Yeah, holy shit they’re hot.” Jinyoung nods, basically ogling all the girls that were a feat on the Mommae music video. He barely even looked up at you, instead completely interested in what they were doing.

Really, you didn’t mean to get jealous but how could you not want Jinyoung to look at you like he was with those girls. Cue the lightbulb in your mind. “Hey, look, I can do it like they do it!”

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His ass is mine. Joker x Reader

A/n: so this is super random ….. Enjoy

Plot : the reader is sick of the new dancers at the club being all over J .

Warning : swearing, guns , drug use and killing .

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader

His ass is mine .

 Being J’s queen ment a lot of things. 

For example life was never dull or boring. 

But at the same time it was stressful. 

Especially with all the new girls at his club. 

Basically almost all of the dancers and singers quit and J had to hire new girls witch you didn’t mind only if it wasn’t for one thing .

They were all over him .

You knew this little trick . They try to get close to him to use him in their own selfish pleasures . You didn’t like that at all . Joker on the other hand . He either didn’t mind or ignored their attempts to get close to him . But it still ticked you off when one if them would sit on YOUR place in J’s lap . You hated it with a burning passion.  He was yours and yours alone. 

But when ever you tried to show it a different girl would outshine you .

You were stressed out . You were supposed to go to the club tonight but you stayed at home , surprising J at the same time.  You never stayed home .

But after a few hours your friend Ellie from the club,  the bartender,  texted you and sending a pic with the text .

“Hey girl in think you need to see this bs and take care of it .” And as for the pic it was if J at the VIP room talking to someone while 4 girls were basically on him .

“Ok this just crossed the line . I’ll be there it 5 , shits going down ” you text her,  but what Ellie didn’t know was the fact that a few hours ago you decidedto relieve the stress.

So you smoked some cannabis and right now you were high as all hell itself.  If you usually were a quiet girl and usually didn’t show much emotion , under drugs you were completely the opposite.  And right now you were pissed. 

You felt insane . You wanted to show this world how crazy you can be and oh boy some one will die tonight .

You decided to play tonight and be naughty. 

Taking your gun holsters and your 2 favourite guns you were out the door . Your hair lose , only in short shorts,  a tank top and white converse. 

Getting in to your lamborghini you drove off . Basically breaking all traffic laws on your way as you drove at high speed , changing lanes when you felt like it .

You pulled over to the clubs entrance and getting out of the car you entered the club.  The music blasted and there was a ton of people around,  some passed out drunk and some bearly hanging to their consciousness . Your eyes landed on Joker , he was as usual in the VIP room talking,  and of course all the bitches were there . You growled and walked right it to the VIP. 

J looked at you,  a smirk on his lips “oh doll you finally decided to join me ?~” he slightly purred at you but you ignored him and the other guy he was taking to . Your eyes fixed on the 4 girls behind J , that he seemed to ignore. 

2 blondes , 1 brunette and 1 ginger. 

“One your knees and in line . ” you say to them and one of the blondes started taking with the most annoying voice “Ummm sorry there girly we only listen to J here ” she giggles at you as she wraps her arms around Joker from behind. 


Wrong move .

Taking out your gun you shot it millimetres from her head . She and the other 3 screamed jumping back.  Joker didn’t move at all , you saw the interest in his eyes along side with amusement. 

“Do i need to repeat myself now ? ” you asked , a smirk started to form on your lips as they did as you commanded .  You started to walk around them in a circle and stopped right in front of the annoying blonde.  You started pointing your gun at her “now now girls , I’m only proving a point.  You crossed the line many times but it seems your luck run out today ” you giggle.  In the corner of your eye you saw that J was enjoying this . He loved the wild side of you , especially when you let it all out and show your dominant side .

You started pointing the gun at each of the girls.  “ eeny , meeny , miny , moe . ” you pointed the gun to the next girl,  the next and the next “who’s the whore that has to go ?” You smirked as the gun landed on the same blonde girl.

“Look I’m sorry,  please,  don’t do this ! I have a sick mother and a baby sister!! Have mercy!” She screamed as tears started falling from her eyes .

Out of the corner of your eye you see J stand up and walk behind you . He wraps his arms around your waist “Now , now doll,  I just got the floors all nice and clean . Don’t mess it up for me ” he whispered in your ear.  His hot breath sending chills running up your spine.

You still didn’t look at him , eyes fixed on the sobbing girl.  “You have disrespected the queen you worthless slut .” You say in a growl “I’M SO SORRY! ” she sobbed.  “You tried to take what’s mine . I don’t like that.  No one , takes what’s mine . So I just might kill you to prove a point,  or if could always skin you alive.  Choose your own poison ” you laughed in her face . “Your sick! ” the ginger yelled , and with one shot to the head she was laying on the floor dead as the others screamed “ How rude ” you say .

“Pay attention lady’s.  I hate to repeat myself.  This guy ” you say glancing at the amused Joker “his ass is mine and mine alone , anyone thies to take him will die in a matter oh 4 hours.  AM I CLEAR?!” “YES” .

With that same smirk on your face you shoot at the ceiling,  scaring the girls of , leaving you and J alone. 

“You were bad today ” you say looking at him. 

“Really?  And here i though you were the one being naughty.  Look at the mess you made doll ” he said to you , turning you around to face him . “Well we could have averted that if you behaved ” you say “oh what do I see here? You were jealous weren’t you ”

“Just proving a point darling ” you say before kissing him .

Need You - Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested: Hi there! Could you write one where Y/N is a very stubborn and independent woman (does everything by herself, even stuff like carrying heavy things etc., doesn’t really need anyone’s help) and Jack always wants to help, but Y/N just politely says there’s no need to, so finally he says that it’s his job as a boyfriend to help with stuff like that and she finally agrees? Not in a mean way, just a sweet banter :)

A/N: Okay so I saw so much of myself in this character that I ended up basically writing something super personal and meaningful to me. It’s not really the banter you asked for but hopefully you still like it!

Warnings: Anxiety, panic attacks (kinda?)

“Do you need help with that?” Jack asked from his spot at the table. He’d been watching you in the kitchen, struggling to open a jar of pasta sauce for the past minute.

“No thanks, I got it.” You said politely, although it came out a little forced as you were throwing all your strength into twisting open the lid, but it still didn’t budge.

“Are you sure?” Jack said, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Really, I got it!” You said, moving on to plan B. You ran some hot water over the lid and pulled out a towel to add some friction. Taking a deep breath, you twisted the lid with all your strength until you heard a small *pop*. “See?”

Jack laughed at your proud expression. You were incredibly stubborn but it was one of the things he loved about you. He knew you’d try literally everything before asking for help, which sometimes led to trouble. You’d once needed to film a video using Jack’s equipment instead of your own and you were unfamiliar with his microphone. You spent an hour fiddling with the thing instead of just calling up your own boyfriend to ask for help. But in the end, you always figured out some way to make things work on your own. You were truly the most independent person he’d ever met.

That night, you and all the boys went out to a club to celebrate Joe’s birthday. You were having a great time, the club was extravagant and the drinks were super fancy. You had just stepped off the dance floor to get a new drink when you checked your phone and saw a text from your best friend.

“Just a heads up, I think Max is headed to the same club as you tonight…”

Max was your ex-boyfriend and your friend was still dating one of his housemates so she knew where he would be tonight. You checked the time stamp. 10:22pm. Twenty minutes ago. He was probably already here.

“Oh no…” You replied.

“Yeah I think he wants to try and talk to you.”

You’d had a particularly nasty break up with Max. Well, it wasn’t so much the break up that was nasty, more the relationship as a whole. He had been incredibly emotionally manipulative, and after the break up, you’d found out he’d been cheating as well. You were happy to be out of that toxic relationship and with Jack now, but you were still dealing with anxiety over what had happened. Of course, like everything else in your life, you were dealing with it on your own, and you hadn’t even told Jack about it. Besides, it had never been bad enough to actually affect your relationship.

After reading the text, you could feel your heart rate start to quicken at the thought of Max trying to confront you. You were determined not to let this ruin your night though, especially not on Joe’s birthday, so you took a few deep breaths, your eyes scanning the club. You didn’t see Max anywhere, so you told yourself you were just overreacting and made your way back through the crowd to Jack. When you got to him, you started dancing again, but you couldn’t take your mind off Max, and you kept on the look out for him.

“Is everything okay, Y/N?” Jack asked, noticing your eyes darting around the club every few seconds.

“Yeah I’m fine!” You said to Jack. As long as Max doesn’t show up, you thought to yourself.

As if right on cue, you spotted his piercing blue eyes, staring right back at you. Your immediate reaction was to run but you wanted to be strong. You could handle a little bit of anxiety, no problem! Just like with the jar and the microphone, you’d pull yourself together and deal with it.

But you couldn’t really focus on your dancing anymore and you were suddenly finding it hard to breathe. You couldn’t understand where all this anxiety was coming from. This was literally someone you’d spent a year and a half of your life with and now the sight of him had you in a complete panic. But that’s the thing about anxiety. It doesn’t make sense. Max began to make his way over to you and your heart stopped.

“I have to leave,” You blurted out to Jack and turned towards the exit. You don’t really remember what Jack did or yourself leaving the club, just the overwhelming feeling of being trapped and needing to get out. Your vision was tunneling and you noticed the sweat on your hands the second you gripped the door handle, twisting it open as you practically fell out of the club.

“Y/N, what’s going on?!” You hadn’t noticed but Jack had been right behind you the whole time. He was now standing in front of you, looking possibly as terrified as you did as you propped yourself up against the wall of the club.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You replied, trying to shake off the panic, but your voice still quivered.

“No, you’re clearly not,” Jack said sternly. “You looked like you were about to have a panic attack in there. And you’re shaking!” He put his hands on your shoulders to try to calm you down.

You sighed, knowing you were going to have to explain things somehow.

“Max came out to the club tonight. Apparently he wanted to talk to me and… I don’t know, I’ve just been dealing with a lot of anxiety about that whole thing, I’m sorry, I know it doesn’t make sense.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” Jack asked, but he wasn’t angry, just upset because he couldn’t protect you from something he didn’t even know about.

“I thought I could deal with it on my own so I didn’t want to ask for help.” You explained, just as you had so many times before but the difference was those were all problems you could handle yourself.

“Y/N,” Jack said, taking your hands in his and holding them tight to stop your shaking. “It’s okay to ask for help. I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to help you with things like this.”

You avoided looking at Jack, still uncomfortable with the idea of actually needing someone else.

“Okay?” Jack said, ducking his head down so you had to look into his eyes.

You watched him, his beautiful blue eyes so different from the ones that had caused your panic only moments ago. Looking into Jack’s eyes reminded you of the ocean and you finally felt calm again.

“Okay.” You took a deep breath as Jack pulled you into a hug. You rested your head on his chest, feeling the fatigue of the past few minutes, and although there was vulnerability in needing someone else, you knew that with Jack, there would also always be comfort.

A/N: I tried really hard to make sure I wasn’t just romanticizing anxiety in this one! I think the reason I wrote it was partly for myself but partly to remind y'all that it is okay to ask for help when it comes to these things. And I’m always here if you want to talk!!