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Abigail Hobbs expressing concern/general angst over Will Graham

#i mainly made this to show the subtle ways abigail expresses concern for will #because i don’t think she hates him like so many strongly believe #in 1x9 she showed instances of almost wanting him present #because at the time she thought he was the only one who could understand what she was going through #and in the original script #she was very sassy with him for not having visited earlier #will thought she wanted a father #but in actuality she wanted a friend/someone who could understand #and was abigail resentful of will? #absolutely. he killed her dad/robbed her of the chance to avenge herself and those girls #was she afraid of him? absolutely. she thought he killed marissa #but did she hate him? no #i think that in 2x13 we finally see abigail more openly expressing her concern #because at this point she knows who and what he is #and that he wasn’t who she thought he was #and i love the instance where she lunges as if she might try and help him #but ultimately hangs back because she’s scared of hannibal #in that moment it’s like the dynamics have flipped #because in s1 she was afraid of will and in s2 she was afraid of hannibal #at RDC kacey said quite a few things suggesting that abigail cared for will #she even went as far as to say she loves him (though i wouldn’t quite go that far) #so i felt pretty justified hearing her spin on things #it’s just a shame that the writers didn’t develop them more b/c they had so many parallels and a lot of potential #because we probably would’ve seen more instances of her expressing concern for his well-being/a yearning for friendship


Michael Jackson zipping up his fly during performing Another Part Of Me. (x)


we just keep our pumpkins inside at night and only let them out during the day.