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A preview! I’m making a species swap thingy. No, it’s not an AU. No, nothing else is changed. It’s a “what if” scenario where I have fun designing all the main cast (plus four side characters) as different species.

Red- Classic. The skelebros.
Orange- Spider bros! Sans keeps his extra arms stowed away under his coat, Papyrus keeps half his eyes closed to be less intimidating.
Yellow- Ghost bros!! Sans is basically a floaty gumdrop. Papyrus possesses a ripped AF looking suit of armor, BUT he doesn’t become corporeal in it so he can maintain the advantage of not being able to be killed.
Green- Fire bros. Nothing much to say here except that design of Papyrus is from June and is also what initially inspired me to make a species swap.
Teal- GOATS (not boss monsters)!!! Sans here doesn’t trim his fur so he gets overheated easily, thus why he wears more summery looking clothes, plus his jacket doesn’t have a hood because horns, and he has corks on the horns because Papyrus was sick of being stabbed or having to fix holes in Sans’ shirt. Papyrus is very good at trimming his fur, otherwise, he’d have a very nice beard, and he has strange looking ears because they were clipped. He doesn’t like to talk about it.
Blue- FISHIES. Pap isn’t any type of fish in particular but Sans is a blowfish.
Purple- Lizards! Kind of. Papyrus is basically a rattlesnake with arms and legs, while Sans is one of those very smol and round frogs that make cute squeaky sounds.

The original Fire Pap pic under the cut:

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Be next to the people who need you. Save them, heal them. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re a good doctor.


Does Malcolm have this on a tea towel at home?  Because Malcolm really SHOULD have this on a tea towel at home. 

Since, you know, he’s pretty much got a total lock on the cunning AND the beguiling…

(And not just men’s minds either, am I right?)