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*Denki voice* the only fast thing about those two is their speed during fights


This is for @tikkish, who requested some shippy Jaspearl for their birthday! Happy (belated) birthday darling!! ♡  

EDIT: I’m sorry about the fabric you guys, that’s my fault, not Pearl’s, it won’t happen again I promise ;A; 

Mchanzo NextGen Family - Meet the fam!

Their baby is an adopted baby girl, who they named Jinora Riko Mccree Shimada. She’s very spoiled with cowboy themed clothes and toys, which Hanzo disapproves of, but secretly loves the smile on his daughter’s face when he see’s her grin when Jesse gets her a pony of her own. The pony’s name is Isabel.


anyway we had no wifi the other day so I drew some lousy Black Sails/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover sketches to pass the time

(probably going to have to zoom in because tumblr can’t resize for shit)


➸ 07.12.2017 | I decided to try to combine a weekly spread with a habit tracker to help me get into a daily routine - and this was the result! The areas that are blocked off are times when I have work, but everything else is meant to have something going on. It’s been overcast all day so my lighting isn’t the best ; u ; but I’m looking forward to more productive days?


Which Defenders would win in a dance off?