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Rena Rouge

Okay so foxes are known to be mischievous and tricky towards other people right?

As what we can see here, Ladybug asks for the fox miraculous back because Master Fu ordered her to do so (do you get it people? pls stop blaming/hating on mari for that)

And Alya hesitates, because being a superheroine is what she wanted, plus, she newly formed a bond with trixx.

And when Ladybug left/hid herself, trixx then begins to tell Alya how she’s fit to be a superheroine then all of the sudden, Trixx bursts out the word “Trustworthy”

Now let me tell you my perspective, kwamis aren’t dumb, they know what’s up (but sometimes they just don’t show it to other people) So what if Trixx is testing Alya to see if she is worthy enough to hold the fox miraculous and to see if she’s trustworthy of holding one of the miraculous? It could be Trixx tempting her to test her, who knows? Foxes aren’t predictable after all. 

And just after she heard the word “Trustworthy”, she made up her mind to keep the promise and return the miraculous.

But I don’t think that’s the end of Rena Rouge. Why? Because of this scene.

This scene may prove that Alya is fit to hold one of the miraculous (specifically the fox miraculous). She holds on to justice and keeps her word, someone Master Fu is looking for when giving out miraculouses. I don’t know, I may be wrong but I have a strong feeling Trixx and Alya are going to meet up soon. Maybe Master Fu will give it to her himself after he studies the book. All I’m saying is that this girl deserves the fox miraculous. That’s that.

Reminder that Marinette Dupain-Cheng...

The girl who almost gave the LADYBUG miraculous to Alya in the beginning, Alya whom she recently met and befriended and that had her back with Chloe’s bullying from DAY ONE of seeing it, who inspired Marinette to stand up for herself after years of just dealing with it, Marinette got to give that same girl, her best friend,  her dream.

It’s Alya’s DREAM to be a heroine. I’d cry if I got to give my best friend what they want most in life. What an amazing chance! 

Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s choice was obvious. But it makes me so emotional. She gave her BFF who she hates having to lie to every day about such an important part of her life, a MIRACULOUS of her own to wield and FIGHT SIDE BY SIDE TOGETHER. 

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She, Marinette, AS LADYBUG got to give her best friend something she not only deserves but WANTS and ROCKS at and is passionate about, and got to  see her be amazing and trustworthy and take the responsibility sERIOUSLY. Got to see her interact with Chat and fit in so perfectly to their team. All while KNOWING who it was. She must be so proud.

She got to share that with her. And Alya doesn’t know that yet but she will someday and it’s going to be amazing. I know the Renoir/RenaChat interactions kinda stole the spotlight because they were INCREDIBLE, but this stood out to me too, and I just had to make a note of it for the fandom to see.

I love Alya and Marinette’s bond. I love them. 

Sorry I’m just…kinda emotional about it. 

Alya’s Miraculous (spoilers ahead from the new episode)

I know some are upset that Alya had to give back the miraculous (I’m a little sad too) but it had to happen.

Hear me out, please. This is gonna be a bit long, sorry.

So we know that Alya is *obsessed* with superheroes, idolizes them, and continuously tries to uncover the identies of her favorite heroes. What I gathered from her conversation with Marinette is that Alya, although ambitious, isn’t really ready to be a hero at at that moment because of her romanticized idea of her heroes. She still wouln’t have understood that, best friend or not, she has to keep the identity secret. Something important that Trixx told Alya was how she was courageous, brave, but most importantly trustworthy. To be trustworthy, Alya *had* to stick to her promise to Ladybug and give the miraculous back despite what she wanted in order to be deemed trustworthy. To be a trustworthy *hero*, Alya *had* to learn that there are things that must remain secret when being a wielder, such as identies. I think that in those frames after Trixx tells Alya of her great qualities, Alya transforms. Trixx made Alya realize how she had to let go of her romanticized ideal of being a hero and be the bigger person. This was her test. She gives the miraculous back, and her true colors show. *Now* she is ready to be a member of “Team Miraculous” and I’m confident we haven’t seen the last of Rena Rouge.

*idk if any of this makes sense lmao*

Tldr: Alya had to develop as a person before she was ready to be a miraculous holder, and that development came when she gave back the miraculous.

Also noteworthy: I feel like Trixx totally knew how their little pep talk to Alya afterward the akuma attack would have made her react, I’m really excited for more Trixx.

I wonder if Trixx intentionally said that Alya was trustworthy to trick her into returning the Miraculous.

Because if he did, I really respect him. Because once Alya takes the Miraculous off, Trixx will go back to (what I assume to be) a dormant state and won’t wake up until someone opens the box again. If I were a kwami, I wouldn’t want to go back in.

So I can appreciate Trixx a lot; he understands the risks of putting the other Miraculous out there and that he needs to go back to Master Fu’s place. Even if it means that he won’t wake up for a while longer, he was willing to do it for the safety of Paris and the other Kwamis.

So I saw someone comment on this and I want to retype it. So credit to: @miiiraculous

All the Kiwamis have the personalities of their respected super heroes.
Tiki is lucky and a great leader and encourager.
Plagg is wild and crazy.
And Trixx is manipulative.

Trixx’s last words we hear him say are; “Trustworthy.” He’s manipulative. He wants Alya to be able to keep the miraculous, and if she did right there, she wouldn’t have earned it. Him telling her she is trustworthy was on purpose so she would give back the miraculous and have proved herself to be able to get it again.

solobagginses  asked:

How do you find which god(s) speak to you most? I feel drawn to Odin since he is the All-Father and I believe he helped me stay strong during a hiking trip last year but I am wary of him because even he himself says that he isn't very trustworthy. I also feel drawn to Freyja and Thor but it has been difficult for me to start conversations with them.

Velkomin, gestur minn!
(Welcome, my guest!)

That, my friend, is something you feel from within. If a god (or gods) speak to you, then you will feel yourself drawn to them. I would describe it as a sort of resonance, although it need not always be stable or consistent.

That said, if you felt drawn to Odin while hiking, then he is someone you can call upon (or think about) when you need more strength for your wanderings. He is, of course, a complicated personality, as the sagas demonstrate. But his ambiguous nature does not mean that he must be avoided, rather that one must tread with caution. Be prepared for the unexpected. But, as many sagas also show, if you accept his gifts, he will grant you a reward. Follow his teachings, and keep your wits, and I am sure that you will be able to interact with him in a way that suits you both.

In regards to starting conversations, the sagas also have insight to share. I will use Thor as an example, since you wish to converse with him (and because I recently made a page with references that may help). In Eyrbyggja saga, a man named Thorolf Monster-beard talks with Thor at his temple, and they are described as being close friends. Similar interaction (via a temple) takes place in Kjalnesinga saga, where Thor is often referred to through a temple idol of him. While that may be the result of Christians trying to fathom Heathen practices, many people in the sagas start conversations with the gods through the idols at their temples. While they are not always necessary, idols are the most common medium used in the sagas for communicating with such figures.

My personal words, however, are that conversations need not always be verbal. At times actions may suffice, or even just thinking to yourself. There may also be long delays in response time. My advice is to do what is most comfortable for you. Do what resonates with you best, for that is the right path to take. And have patience! Building such relations takes time.

I hope that helps.

Vertu vel, vinur!
(Be well, friend!)
– Fjorn the Skald

Latest Miraculous episode spoilers below! Needed a tiny fixer….


“You’re brave, strong, and above everything, trustworthy!”

The words slapped Alya across the face hard and she flinched back, turning away from Trixx and lifting a hand instinctively to clutch at her necklace. Even after only a few hours with it, it already felt like a part of her.

“I have to give it back,” she murmured after a moment.

Trixx tossed her a sad smile. “Yeah. I’m afraid you do.”

“You just said-”

Trixx flew closer and patted her gently on the cheek. “I said you have all the best qualities of a superhero, Alya. That’s true. I have a feeling they’ll need you again.”

Alya bit her lip and tugged the necklace over her head, tracing the tail with a thoughtful finger. “You didn’t appear until I opened the box,” she noted. “So…”

She lifted her gaze and Trixx tilted his head. “Yes. Sadly, I have to say with the miraculous.”

Alya nodded once and swallowed. She had barely had a five minute conversation with Trixx, but she already adored him. “Can I just…ask a question?”

Trixx bobbed his head and Alya peeked back up. “I really did okay?”

“Absolutely wonderful. Of my foxes, you picked everything up the fastest. And a bit of advice, Alya?”

She nodded and Trixx floated down to her hand, patting it gently. “Lay off on the heroes. They’re just like you, in more ways than one. In time, you’ll come to understand everything.”

Alya managed a smirk, and she lifted a finger to stroke the fox’s head. “You sound like my mother.”

“She’s smart. Come on, now. I want to go get a cupcake.”

That made the girl giggle. “You eat cupcakes?”

Trixx shot her a look. “Are you saying you don’t?”

Alya shook her head and tucked the necklace back into the box, giving Trixx a final scratch behind the ears before he vanished in a flood of lights.

With a deep sigh, Alya cracked open the door Ladybug had vanished through carefully and set the box down on the floor. She stepped back, satisfied, and then turned to head home, hoping to catch up with Chat on the way and pick up her sisters.

She was treating them to a cupcake before bed.

RWBY: Gods of Remnant, Pt. 2

Ozpin was a more gentle, orderly God. When humans prayed to him, he made sure to answer them. But while he enjoyed helping the Light in the world, he began to tire.

Salem was a cruel, chaotically controlling God. She sent Grimm upon innocent villages. Made the humans feel spite, anger, sadness. But eventually, she, too, became Weary.

They agreed to create New Gods; ones that would control a part of Nature, be it the Moon, Wisdom, or even Death. They would be the Council. The ones who control all.

After many attempts to create gods on their own, they turned to the World for answers. The humans were nearly their only option. They whispered to humans they believed to be trustworthy, giving them a mission: seek out the ones worthy of godhood within the month.

The day had come, as the ones selected traveled to the Sacred Mountain of Vytal. Ozpin and Salem looked over these humans, giving each an element of Nature to rule over. In Six Days and Nights, they created Gods out of Humans.

The First Gods they created controlled the basic elements; Jacques was the God of Ice, and the first to be created. Ironwood was the God of the Earth, and the second. Third came Cinder, the Goddess of Fire. Summer was the name of the Air Goddess. And finally, the god of Water was named Neptune.

They then created gods for Fundamental parts of Nature. Fox and Velvet, siblings, were named the God and Goddess of the Moon. Wukong was named the God of the Sun. They chose a man obsessed with the history of the world, Oobleck, as the god of History. Deciding to take roles themselves, Ozpin became the God of Time, and Salem, the Goddess of War.

Finally, they created a god for each essential part of humans. Nora was the Goddess of Joy. Ren was the name of the God of Calm. Qrow, for Sadness. The god of Fear had the name of Lionheart. Yang was the God of Anger, although she could be happy at times. A girl by the name of Blake was selected to be the Goddess of Wisdom. An egoistic named Roman was the God of Mischief. Weiss, a daughter of Jacques, was named Goddess of Family. Adam, an emotionally unstable person, became the God of Hatred. Pyrrha was the name of the Goddess of Peace and Marriage. And finally, a Farmer named Ruby became the Goddess of Death.

Soon, they had organized each of the worthy into these categories. But one remained, whose name was Jaune. He had begged to be chosen, dreaming of helping people and becoming a hero. Salem refused, not letting a boy with any redeeming qualities become responsible for any part of this world. Ozpin, however, saw something in Jaune. And alone, he turned Jaune, a weak, teenage boy, into the God of Humanity. And at last, the Council was born.

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Hm... Myst, would you consider yourself... trustworthy? Somethin’ about you seems shifty.

* (He seems surprised, maybe even a little hurt by the question.) Shifty? I like to think I am a trustworthy individual… I certainly endeavor to be, in any case.

* (Myst smiles a little and voices a thought) That said, if I were an untrustworthy individual, and attempting to mask that fact, I would hardly be inclined to admit it so easily, don’t you think?

Ok, I’m confused tho… if Lorca was 100% evil, how we’re now supposed to think, why didn’t he leave Ash on that Klingon ship?

I’m willing to accept him telling the story how he didn’t want to let his old crew be tortured to get Ash on his side - it’s easer to escape when you’re not doing it alone - but later on? There weren’t any benefits for him in it. By getting back he risked getting killed. You could say he wanted to get Ash on his side, have someone who would follow him unconditionaly but he couldn’t have been 100% sure it will work out. That’s only one example - his mico expressions many scenes are another thing.

I still think there is more to Lorca. As of now we only have one side of the story from the Emperor - not very trustworthy source.

As of now Gabriel Lorca is still gray to me.

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Hello!! Can I get some headcanons for a shy reader finally building up the courage to tell Albert they like him?

Sure thing! Wow this is longer than I intended it to be lol

• You were so hopelessly infatuated with him
• The way he smiled, talked, laughed, everything
• A couple of the newsies you were close with knew about your crush on Albert
• Crutchie knew because he’s a kind soul and wouldn’t tell anyone
- He was the first one to know since he helped you confirm the fact that you liked Albert
• Davey knew because he’s a trustworthy person and might give some advice
- You told Davey about your crush because you were hoping he’d know any signs on how to tell if someone liked you back
• And Race knew because he kinda sorta forced you to tell him
• Once he found out about your crush, he told you that Albert liked you back
- Of course, Race would know because he’s Albert’s best mate
• But you thought Race might be playing a prank and try to humiliate you
- Because you’d never ever thought that Albert would be crushing on you
• After a lot of convincing from the three boys, you finally made up your mind to confess to Albert about your feelings even if he liked you back or not
• So you approach Albert one day when he’s free
- “H-hi, Albert..there’s something I n-need to tell you…”
- “Hey, (y/n). What is it?”
- “Ilikeyoualotbutimafraidyoudontlikemebacksoitsfineillleave.”
- *super confused look* “Excuse me, what did you say??”
- *deep breath* “I..l-like you..a lot…”
• As soon as he hears those words, Albert thinks he’s dreaming
- Because how could you, beautiful amazing (y/n), of all people, like him??
• Albert’s tongue tied at first, and you start to worry
• But he manages to get some words before you leave in embarrassment
- “I r-really like you too, (y/n)..”
- “Wait, are you s-serious??”
- *nods* “Of course I am.”
- *cue the widest smiles on both of your faces*
• Bonus: Crutchie, Davey, and Race were eavesdropping on the confession and break out into loud cheers once the two of you admitted you liked each other

WAIT. We must be getting Carapace here soon too, because hear me out, okay, listen.

We already know that when Chloe gets her Miraculous, it covers multiple episodes. And there was also a mention awhile ago of Chat and Ladybug needing a team to deal with the threat in that episode. The threat, as a lot of people suspect, is probably Chloe with a tainted Miraculous. Either in the sense that she gets akumatized again, or is simply convinced to join Hawkmoth briefly somehow (I have a hunch it will have something to do with her mother). Before these episodes though, we also have to introduce Nino as Carapace, and he will also have to prove his merit by returning the Miraculous.

It will be because Nino and Alya return their Miraculouses the first time that they will be allowed to keep them after facing down an evil Queen Bee. Presumably, Chloe will get to keep hers by displaying a similar act of trustworthiness in her episodes.

Or at least this is my theory in clinging to because I’m still royally pissed Alya didn’t get to keep Trixx and I’m terrified I won’t get my fucking squad I was promised.

These “look how dumb white people are,” posts are fucking racist.  That’s not how you change the world.  That’s how to repeat history.  

Once upon a time Black Women were considered to be more trustworthy maids than Irish women.  Think you can’t be racist against white people?  Here’s proof from the late 19th century.  

I’m of Irish blood.  My great grandmother used to tell stories about how her father removed the “O” from the beginning of their last name to throw people off.  Once upon a time the N-word was used as a slur against Blacks and Irish.  As recent as the 1940′s to boot.  So stop your shit people.  One dumb person doesn’t represent the whole.  That’s just one dumb person in a sea of other dumb asses.  The color of skin has nothing to do with it.  

the body is trustworthy. from gut feelings to food cravings, it communicates its needs to us directly, and we’d do well to listen. even the best-intended advice (i’m being generous) from external authorities telling us how to eat, how to move, when to rest, when to act or retreat, will never serve us as well as our body’s wisdom

You think confessionaries are like that just because? Of course they aren’t. The cramped, dark quarters in addition to a trustworthy dude who is willing to hear you out is a setting intentionally reminiscent of cars in the dark. Jesus was on a lot of road trips, and that’s why he was so close with his 12 bros, because he had a lot of car in the dark conversations with them.