be truely glad

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Mancunian Man. Your sincerity & honesty in your Ask postings & feelings is what won me over to your blog. Have truely missed u & am glad that u are back. It doesn't hurt to be a bit more hard nosed at these trolls that try to hurt ppl's enjoyment as fans of Shefani. We all trust your judgement & love what u do. As us British say keep a stiff upper lip. 😘😘PS. What are your thoughts of him doing a tour early next year for TS. As a fan highly pis*ed of blake not wanting to tour the UK

Hiya! That’s really very sweet of you and I totally appreciate it. I was only off for a week, lol. 

For what it’s worth to those reading, I’m not going to publishing asks about the boys that are unrelated to Gwen and/or Blake (ie. about education/school…), even if they are nicely worded and perfectly polite and legitimate. Just opens a can of worms and seems a bit much. Sorry about that!

As for touring, Blake never stops, whether it’s selected festival dates or a full-blown tour (which isn’t ever that extensive anyway!). Going to the UK, though? Yeah, I don’t like your chances. Or mine… 😂