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Why King Harkinian is the best King of Hyrule:

  • Cares more about peace than war: “This peace is what all true warriors strive for.” [1]
  • When Gwonam came to the King to tell how Ganon had seized Korradai his first instinct was: “How can we help?” Clearly a selfless man willing to help another Kingdom in need.[1]
  • When he thought that Duke Onkled was under attack from Ganon, he went straight to Gamelon to help him out - another selfless deed and willing to go all the way there just to help him out in the flesh [2]
  • He soothes Zelda’s fears, and makes a smart decision, by taking the Triforce of Courage to protect him  [2]
  • Another smart decision by suggesting Zelda to send Link if he isn’t heard from within a month [2] 
  • Clearly an assertive King as he is able to silence everyone with a simple “Enough”, it’s clear he has power but isn’t feared for it [2]
  • A simple man - still thinks about dinner so he must obviously be respected by his people as he could be considered a relatable ruler [2]
  • Clearly a formidable opponent in duels as Link claims Ganon would be “no match for the King”  [2]
  • Thanks Zelda for saving him - not condescending or unbelieving but genuinely thankful for his daughter saving his life [3]
  • Gives proper punishment for those who deserve it, doesn’t let Duke Onkled get out scot free [3]
  • Respected by his royal guards: he calls him “Your Majesty” and “My Liege”, and follows his orders once again showing that Harkinian has power [3]
  • Enjoys spending time with his daughter, holds her dear to him - doesn’t put a ton of pressure on her, and just enjoys her company (see the ending) [3]

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,361

Cassie’s Classics Challenge - “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Gone with the Wind @death2thevirgin

Summary: A family gathering at the Winchester household turns into an embarrassing mess for Dean and the reader. 

“Ha! Suck it, Winchester!” You boast obnoxiously, dancing around Sam in a circle. You just won the third air hockey game in a row and the feeling of victory never gets old.

“Just wait, Y/N. You’re awesome at air hockey but everyone knows you’re shitty at pool. And I can’t wait to kick your little ass!” Crouching down to your level, Sam condescendingly pats the top of your head with a shit eating grin.

“I can’t wait to see that, Sammy. Honestly. We all know you need some confidence…since that hot girl Erica shot you down. Must hurt the ego.” You giggle at his bitch face before bolting out of the game room. You may be ridiculous but you’re not crazy, Sam’s go to move when annoyed is chucking his drink at you.

Growing up across the street from the Winchester family has equipped you to easily deal with the two brothers in any scenario. It definitely comes in handy knowing how to push their buttons.

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She's Like The Wind - Part Five

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. moderate violence. verbal harassment.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, of course.” You responded to Marie in confusion. You opened your door and stepped inside, letting her enter as well. You shut the door behind her tightly.

Following her to sit on your bed, you fiddled with your thumbs in anxiousness. You were nervous and confused as to why Marie had been waiting for you at your door. She sounded desperate to talk to you, and your mind instantly went to the worst possible scenarios. Had Jesse gotten hurt? Had she gotten hurt? What had happened that was that drastic while you were gone?

“What’s going on?” You finally asked her, feeling the bed shift slightly as she adjusted her position. “What happened?”

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Also for Wind, because you’re a horrible enabler.

Leia kneels in front of the young boy - he must be…eight? Nine? - ignoring the dirt and sand that instantly coats her dress, and asks, “What’s your name?”

The grimy blonde child gives her a friendly smile, but she notes his eyes sweep over the lightsaber clipped to Luke’s belt before replying, “I’m Anakin, Anakin Skywalker.”

She registers the sharp intake of breath from Luke behind her as she sways, thrusting a hand to the dusty ground to steady herself - it can’t be.

This one’s also Wind’s fault. I shouldn’t talk to her in the mornings when I’m susceptible to AU ideas.

Basically, it’s a Luke and Leia time travel AU, where they meet lil Anakin, because no one seems to write that; they just have them meet Clone Wars Anakin.

Like, my heart is split between wind aesthetic with it’s greens and yellows and light browns and arcane with it’s pinks and faint blues. But tbh, I think I tend to lean more towards the wind aesthetic in terms of what feels most natural for me. I only like a specific brand of arcane dragons, but give me any combination of yellow/gold and soft greens and I’m die