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Best Friend!Wonwoo

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- You probably met through a mutual friend because, let’s face it, Wonwoo would be too shy to approach you

- He was extremely shy at first and a little awkward, but super fluffy and adorable so that’s okay

- As he got more comfortable with you, he’d send you jokes throughout the day

- And pictures of stuff that reminded him of you (”Look, this phone case reminded me of you!” or “Look, I was googling pictures of tigers (don’t ask why) and this baby one is you when you’re mad!”)

- His feet are always cold and that means he’s always placing them on you sorry

- You guys are on the same wavelength and even finish each other’s sentences, which really annoys Woozi

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The Signs as Uplifting Youtuber Quotes
  • Aries: "You are a human with one life and it is up to you to make it the best life you can." -Dan Howell
  • Taurus: "Love yourself because you're the only one who's stuck with yourself. Fall in love with who you are and if anybody want to join in on that: more power to them." -Tyler Oakley
  • Gemini: "Nobody is wired wrong because there's no wrong and right in the way we are." -Hannah Hart
  • Cancer: "There are too many people in the world to let just one keep you down." -Alfie Deyes
  • Leo: "It's a good thing to be strange, normalness leads to sadness." -Phil Lester
  • Virgo: "Be the weirdest little weird in all of weirdtown." -Grace Helbig
  • Libra: "Don't kill yourself, kill the part of you that you don't like." -Shane Dawson
  • Scorpio: "You're all very beautiful for spacious skies, don't let anyone think you're not." -Joey Graceffa
  • Sagittarius: "The world is your bitch. Make it bend and do what you want it to do for you." -Emma Blackery
  • Capricorn: "Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." -Troye Sivan
  • Aquarius: "You have to take an active role in making yourself happy. That's why I say happiness is a choice. Because you have to choose it." -Shay Carl
  • Pisces: "Don't be scared. Just try." -PJ Liguori

anonymous asked:

can you do a bts reaction to you (their girlfriend and also an idol) when you were told to show off your talents on weekly idol and it happens to be mimicking animal noises and making the weirdest faces? c:

Namjoon: Ok, you’re a little weird, but he’s still into it. If you can make him laugh then he doesn’t mind your talents, as long as you don’t showcase them all the time.

Yoongi: Girlfriend can imitate animals - that’s cool, girlfriend likes to make weird faces - aright how about you don’t? Yoongi’s going to be ok with the fact that you have the animal talent, but maybe cool it with the facial expressions.

Jin: Loves you no matter what, probably thinks your weird faces are still cute, but secretly tries not to cringe when you do them.

Hoseok: Tries to be supportive about your talent, but at some point he just makes a face at you like “No, no jagi I know you can be much cuter than this. Your cuteness should be your talent from now on.”

Jimin: “How about I teach you something better you can do on weekly idol, like a dance or something - just not that chicken imitation oh please god no.” 

V: Thinks your talent is hilarious and spot-on, encourages you to make weireder faces and better animal noises and practices them with you.

Jungkook: Gives you the infamous, wide eyed stare and asks if you’re for real right now. Jungkook is probably into that type of humor, so he’ll find your talent pretty funny actually. 

a letter to the trinity

here are the lines i need for the video i’m going to make most are only short as i never expected this many people would want to participate, if you have changed your mind or are having any difficulties please message me. Could you please record and get them to me at ALSO could you put your url/number in the email ASAP that would be fab, thanks.  lol at my email address x

1) Dear Grace, Hannah and Mamrie. - 1helbig-with2harts

2) We would like to say - 1-helbig-with-2-harts - received

3) How proud we are of you - prazethetrinity

4) Of 3 grown up women - radxcalscull - received

5) Who most of us have never met… - asunsetparadisee - received

6) Who get drunk on camera - jesshurr94 - received

7) Who make the best puns - harto-helbig-mames - received

8) And who talk alot about queefs. - schbli

9) You 3 started off as strangers - mydamnhartbig

10) But now look at you! - sometimeshunter - received

11) You guys made a movie! - katiethestarkid - received

12) An amazing movie at that -  consiquentlyhazedbynature

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Being an ISFJ and giving people compliments is so hard because I want to give people compliments but I notice the weirdest little things about people and I’m afraid it would be weird to say “I like your expression of surprise” or “I like how you have that speckle in your eye” and I end up feeling like a jerk to everyone because I end up complimenting no one