be the type of guy you would want your daughter to be with

How Isshin would react (if various Bleach characters proposed to Ichigo)

As requested by anon. :)

If Ichigo ended up engaged after the following characters proposed to him, how would his dad Isshin react?

1. Orihime

“What?? A beautiful woman like that? Who is totally out of your league? How could that have possibly happened???”

Ichigo: Thanks for your support, Dad.

Isshin: My mind is blown!

2. Rukia


Isshin: You guys are going to live here after you’re married, right?

Ichigo: Um….no.

Isshin: Aw, come on!

3. Ishida

“Marrying a Quincy, huh? Just like your old man!”

Ichigo: Suddenly I am no longer sure I want to marry him.

Isshin: Ha! Like we Shiba men could ever resist a Quincy!

Ichigo: Dad…

Isshin: I bet he’ll wear white to the wedding, just like Masaki!


4. Chad

“The strong silent type, huh, son? …So much for children marrying somebody like their dad.”

Ichigo: We like to communicate in other ways.

Isshin: …

Ichigo: I-I meant like nodding and stuff!

5. Grimmjow

“This would be the same Grimmjow who kept trying to kill you?”

Ichigo: Yeh.

Isshin: You are so Squad 11.

6. Yoruichi


Ichigo: Um, she asked?

Isshin: And she’s seen your hair?

7. Hitsugaya


Isshin: Uh, does Hitsugaya know that he’s marrying his old captain’s son?

Ichigo: It hasn’t come up.

Isshin: …our tendency to not say things might come back to bite you in this case, son.

8. Keigo

“Keigo proposed to you? Man! His desperation to be with you really has gotten out of bounds, huh?”

Ichigo: I said yes.

Isshin: …

Isshin: I mean I’m super happy for you both!

9. Renji

“I-I can’t believe my own soul is marrying a dude who is COVERED in tattoos!!!”

Ichigo: Uh….since when do you have a problem with tattoos, Dad?

Isshin: H-he’s gonna be cooler than me!

Ichigo: Anybody would be.

Isshin: S-so mean!

10. Byakuya

“Wow. The head of the Kuchiki clan, marrying somebody from a fallen clan? Never thought I’d see the day!”

Ichigo: He married a peasant before. He says he’s moving up.

Ichigo: Very, very, very slightly up.

Issin: He said that to you? During the proposal?

Ichigo: I’m like 90% sure he was joking.

11. Kenpachi

“This wedding is going to be violent, isn’t it?”

Ichigo: Kenpachi says if we both survive then we’ll get married!

Isshin: …and you’re marrying him why?

12. Hichigo

“You’re marrying your own soul? Who looks identical to you? Son, I think we need to have a talk.”

Ichigo: Eh. Why change the nature of our relationship now, Dad?


吸血姫 ナイトパレード (Kyuuketsuki Night Parade)

Rabbit Candy has announced their newest series! In this series, you are a vampire seeking a human husband… for the purpose of making powerful children. (Why else would you want a human husband?*) ( ・` ᴗ ´・ )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“A child born of a vampire and a human holds exceptional power…”

On one beautiful night during a given month, the heads of vampire families host evening parties for the sake of their daughters.

Invited from the human world to join in these soirées are a variety of men who are of different backgrounds, ages, and nationalities.

Since you are a daughter of one of these vampire families, you must choose your groom from one of these humans—with, of course, the intention of producing offspring with said groom in mind.

Who among these viable candidates will you choose to make your husband?

The first candidate in this line-up is the cheerful type (featured middle), the second candidate (left) is the intellectual, and the third candidate (right) is actually a vampire hunter (?!).

CVs (Respectively): 杉崎和哉 (Taniyama Kishou), 雨宮孝之 (Tamaru Atsushi), 黒瀬鷹 (Kuroda Takaya)

Release Dates: July 13th, August 17th, and September 14th, 2016.

Reality (Woozi)

Originally posted by xiuchens

Type: Fluff

Request: Can u do a Woozi first day with the newborn baby? Thank U <3

Summary: The first day home is always a heart warming thing

You held the door open as Jihoon carefully carried the large baby carrier which held a small little baby. His darling daughter Sangmi, laid calmly in the carrier out cold just like you guys wanted her to be. He drove super slow the whole way home scared that even the tiniest bump would disturb his baby. “Jihoon I’m gonna call my mother, why don’t you two go lay down” you say as he took in your tired appearance “are you sure you don’t want to lay with us?” he asks “I will after I call her” you tell him as you walk over and place a kiss onto his lips. 

His free hand caught your cheek letting the kiss go longer than intended before pulling back “don’t be too long please” he whispers before carrying the carrier to your bedroom. He lightly placed it on the bed watching your daughter’s eyes open lightly looking up at him “good morning baby welcome home” he whispers as he lightly unbuckled her. He carefully picked her body out of the seat and setting it onto the floor before carefully placing her between the two of your’s pillows before climbing in. 

He did a mental checklist she was fed before leaving the hospital, she was changed before leaving the hospital, and well cutely dressed before leaving the hospital. He smiled at the tiny baby and placing a light kiss onto her cheek before settling into his pillow. His hand lightly went to her belly and began stroking it. When you walked into the room you saw him fast asleep with his hand over little Sangmi. You smiled as you climbed into bed beside them.