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Emergency ICON commission

Okay… so I’m kinda short in money rn since I need to pay for some car repair and my bank account start to run really low with all the things that I have to pay for (rent, groceries, internet, fuel). Luckily I’m still living at my parents place for now but it’s not the most convenient situation as I’m still trying to find a part time job that would help me financially…

I can’t afford myself to work on BIG commission, but I can definitely work on little one such a those Icons!

Icon are 15USD (The price can raise depending of the complexity of your order)

I’ll take only 3 orders at time to avoid overworking myself, you can contact me through on tumblr and I would be more then happy to reply.

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Mini scenario about when Jason can't say no to his S/O because they are doing the sad puppy eyes and saying "I love you"??

“I hate it when you do this, (Y/N). You know I can’t say no.” Jason struggled to look away from your gaze.

“I know.” You pouted your lip out a little bit more, “That’s why I’m doing it.”

You were determined to get the last slice of pizza. You were the one that bought it, but Jason and Roy devoured almost all of it!  The last piece was supposed to be Koriand’r’s but she politely declined it for some of the leftover Chinese in the fridge and you will be damned if one of the guys got her piece. 

“Don’t you dare, Harper!” You scolded him without looking, knowing he would try to snatch up the pizza while you were tied up with Jason.

“How did-?” Roy put his hands up in defense even though only Jason could see his retreat.

“Roy, help!” Jason whispered. “They’re doing the eyes!”

Roy gave him the once over before leaving with a “yeet”.  Jason wasn’t going anywhere now. He was stuck.

“You’re an evil little thing, you know that.” Jason frowned, handing over the slice.

“I know.” You smirked as you took a bite right in front of him. 

“But I love you anyway.” He muttered, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

You munched on a pepperoni,”I know.”

“Did you just Han Solo me?”

I hate youtube comment subculture. Even if the youtuber themself is actually a good, decent, and entertaining person, on literally every video you’ll get countless shitholes in the comments using autism as an insult, calling people/things the r slur, f slur, and the n word. you can just tell by how they type that they’re all 15 year old white boys with no concept of respect or some creepy 40 year old man who acts like a 10 year old, there is no in between.