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hey there, it’s a-me, CHALCEUM i’m too lazy to make a promo but. reblog/like if you’re cool with rping/plotting with a canon div. DIO brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and i’ll cheque you Out. crossover & oc friendly. warning for: blood, horror, gore, decapitation, mutilation, cannibalism, murder, and violence. if you could rb this and get it around, i’ll love you forever…


hello cutie💕

Ok so… we were at a local market and we bought some pansy just because they reminded us about the McHanzo. Yes, we are THIS MUCH in Overwatch Hell but look at them!!!! On the left we have our little McPansy (lol) and Pansy Shimada on the right (ahahah)

And while we were paying for them our eyes set on this other work of art…

So in the end we also have our Widowtracer plant.
Moral of the story: Don’t let us shop at local markets ahaha