be the only girl


I am slowly reaching 2,000 followers, but I don’t really want to wait for that to do this. I’m opening up requests as a way to thank everyone for following me!

I am still working on the palette challenge from last time, but I added a clothes challenge which is by @hoopoeghost because I want to draw the sailor moon girls in cute clothes.

Rules: Send me a color palette, a clothes set (example B3), and a sailor moon girl. ONE (1) request per person! Send the request to my ASK BOX, please DO NOT send me request through direct message!

I have uploaded a version with palettes that have been crossed out because I don’t want to repeat palettes. There’s still 67 remaining so there’s still plenty of choices! The ‘8 pending’ written are things I’m personally working on; that isn’t the limit to the requests that can be sent in. Give me some time to work on them. Thank you guys again for following me for the past years!

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