be the heroine

So I had to post this… THIS IS almost THE BEST HEROIN I’VE HAD YET. My friend said she felt like she was going to OD off this shit (she has less of a tolerance) so I thought okay should be good. HOLY SHIT i think this might be the best batch yet. I get great heroin but in 10 years only a few times has it been this strong.


So I only started this account about a month ago and really didn’t know what to expect. I knew I wanted to make a page thats #1 for heroin. I seen like every page and none were like mine, too many words like what im typing now (which ill be deleting this soon), and too mant repost that aren’t theirs, which is fine just I don’t personally like scrolling through that. I just wanted uncut, unfiltered, hardcore, just straight up EVERY post a personal post of shooting up video or pics of the process. So I made a page exactly like that. I didn’t expect to get shit for followers, I hate social media no Facebook, no snap, just a small IG so I didn’t expect ALL THE LOVE!!! So many messages saying how they are liking the content so far and thats cool as shit no lie. Just started this page recently and already hit 1000, I just realized how to check for follower count!!! Anyway rant almost over, more to come, more videos, more great black tar, more uncut fucking hardcore heroin use. Yeah I do get a few “drug addict this is stupid get clean” but thats only been a literally been like 2 lol. Everyoe has been cool as shit, even made a good friend I can talk to and a couple dope ass people I’d love to get lit with. Anyway I know 1k aint shit to most but at this rate im having some fun. Peace out everyone be safe, have fun, and no need to hate I just delete and continue. Thanks everyone for just being cool as shit tumblr is pretty fun. RANT OVER, (clearly someone is high af lol) great fuckin tar, followed by a huge dab.