be the heroine

Heroin is NOT beautiful. 
Heroin is NOT your best friend. 
Heroin is NOT the only thing that will never let you down. 
Heroin is NOT dependable. 
Heroin WILL destroy you.
Heroin WILL cause you to lose all of your friends.
Heroin WILL cause you to lose your family.
Heroin WILL leave you with sores and illnesses. 

It take ONE time to get you hooked. It take ONE time to convince you that its the only thing you will ever need. IT TAKES ONE TIME TO OVERDOSE. 

I know you know this. Why don’t you listen to it?

overdose alert, Portland Oregon

July 20, 2017

Multnomah County Health Department is aware of a recent spike in heroin overdoses concentrated in downtown in Portland.

Key messages for anyone who uses heroin or may be at risk of returning to using heroin:
Don’t use alone.
Don’t mix heroin with alcohol or pills.
Carry naloxone and have an overdose plan
Know that it may take more than two doses of naloxone to reverse an overdose.
Be extra careful if you have been clean for awhile (like jail, detox, hospital, or you just cut back yourself) because your tolerance level may have changed and you may want to use a smaller amount.
Consider getting some help. Call 1-800-923-HELP for free, confidential, alcohol/drug counseling and treatment referral.
If you think someone is experiencing an overdose, call 911 and give naloxone if you can.

Please find attached information to print and distribute.

For more information please contact:
Multnomah County Health Department, (503) 988-3030

Jennifer Vines, MD, MPH
Deputy Health Officer
Multnomah County Health Department


Lana Del Rey - Heroin live


[170720][MTV Chinese Music Award 2017]
✩ He received 2 awards:
«Best New Artist»
«Top 10 golden songs - Walk slowly (9th)»

✩ Performance : Understand dream + Fun

→ Although he couldn’t perform Walk Slowly, we’re still happy that he could receive an award for it. You know this is the most precious song for YuZhou fans ♡