be the goat

Just discovered this blog and I’m loving the story and artwork! You all draw with so much charm that I wanted to try a shot at drawing Goatgurt myself.

I’m kinda really nervous showing this to you, but at least I hope you’ll all like it!

Goatgurt looks adorable!! Thank you so so much!!

-Mod Egg


Wild Palm City

I feel the new day coming on strong
I see Cindy and she’s talking up a storm
I remember her, and I see who she’s bringing
It’s you, only it’s bigger and thinner and wider

I touch the leaves of the plant next to me
They’re thicker than they were the last time I touched them but it
Curls quickly around my hand
There are stars up there even when you can’t see them
I’ll tell you something that really bothers me
How are we supposed to get anything done
With those stars casting shadows that look just like spiders
Yeah it’s you, but this time you’re coiled up much tighter

from Back to the Egg, Asshole (1991)

“I had moved to Norwalk [California], where I was living on the grounds of a hospital. My friends were all back in Claremont, and they had met this guy named Dennis Callaci, who was trying to start this label. He was putting together a Beatles tribute tape, and I told him I couldn’t play a Beatles song, but he said, "Just give me one of your songs and we’ll give it a Beatles title.” So I gave him one he called “Within You Without You” and he put it on there.“ 

- 2011 SPIN interview