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hotrobin99  asked:

Lance did you have to choach Keith through his first day as a butler? Or did Shiro

Keith: No, Lance was taking a break at the time.

Pidge: Thank god too. Lance teaches through a bunch of role play and nothing is more cringe.

Shiro: I think Keith might have enjoyed that style.

Pidge: Never mind. That mental image was way more cringy.

Keith: …

I find it extremely funny that for the fandom otabek is the “adult” one in the relationship.
With the new informations that came out i just see him as one of those “i may be of age in my country but don’t be fooled, I sometimes feel like crying because i wanna stay up all night instead of going to bed to get up at 6 am and find the verb "swallow” funny", while Yuri is probably the one that has his shit together (mostly): goes to bed in time so won’t feel too shitty in the morning, listens to his choaches, rolls his eyes when otabek goes, with is stupid monotone voice “haha, you just said swallow”


Maybe, or maybe not, I did some coaches snooping past weekend :-)

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