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One of my biggest pet peeves is companies NOT showing the blank head of their dolls for sale, only face uped ones. Especially if there is an option to buy the head seperately or blank. Some companies just don’t know how to bring out the full potential of a sculpt sometimes, so being able to see the blank head will make people consider buying who would otherwise never do so because the face up was not their thing.



There’s something to say about actors who lose an extreme amount of weight to play a role in a film. To become so thin that they look emaciated and close to dying, to be weak and irritable from the lack of food, and loosing whatever previous muscle tone they once had indicates an unflaggible dedication to their craft. To put their bodies on the line for the sake of realism so that we filmgoers can watch their deteroration happen before our eyes on the big screen and know that it’s quite possibly the only non artificial thing in the entire film shows a true passion for their art.


I’ve seen quite a few posts going around advertising cheap items from sites like banggood, aliexpress, and other wholesale sites that have really cheap prices and come from Asian countries. I want to let you all know, please please do not buy from there or reblog those posts! I know the items are super cute, but how they were made definitely is not. The workers are mostly women and children, and they are forced to sew and assemble until their hands bleed. The women work such long harsh hours that they either have to make their children work too or send them away and not see them for years. All the while, they get paid next to nothing. There have been several cases where the buildings these people work in have shown visible signs that they are near collapsement such as cracks up the walls, and the workers are forced to contuine working anyway, and the building eventually collapses, killing everyone inside. Not only this, but workers who try to unionize and get better working conditions are killed. This is only part of it, there are huge environmental impacts as well. So please, please, do not buy from these stores!! If you’d like to learn more, watch the documentary the true cost on Netflix. warning, it can be graphic at times.


Regular Style Full Body Prices: Lines - $25, Flats - $30, Full - $40

All Prices in USD

Commissions are finally OPEN!

Comic and icon commissions will not be a thing as of now but I am working to see if I can do them in the future. You can use the art I make you as an Icon though if you want to.  

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