be texan

underappreciated memes from voltron fandom:

  • Pidge the vent gremlin
  • voltron team as a whole shitting on lotor in the most petty way possible
  • shiro minorly inconvenienced and telling keith “he wants him to lead voltron”
  • The entire team making meme jokes and passing it off as serious things from earth culture to Coran and Allura
  • Keiths obsession w/ bonding 
  • The Lions acting like house cats
  • Voltron doing things like dabbing or flicking off an enemy
  • Zarkon the obsessive ex to the black lion
  • Texan keith
  • Shiro: I’m like…6

add ur own

You guys really seemed to like the other comic I made, so here are a couple more ideas that didn’t make the cut.

And some Lotor in the spirit of new season 3 information!

Thank you guys for all your sweet words and compliments. I hope you enjoy these bonus scenes as much as you loved the original comic. GBFs (Gay Best Friends), Keith and Lance, appreciate it too.