be suprised

anyways i ended up calling samaritans bc i was this 👌 close to kmsing and i spoke to a man who reminded me a lot of my grandad and it helped so much, i was on the phone w him for over an hour and my mood just went from -2 to like a solid 5.thanks to everyonr who messaged me and sent anons and replies, ur all great and wonderful and im lucky to have u in my life


The One.

So in my biology class today, while learning about genetics, our teacher had us doing this activity where we simulated the process of how a person ended up with the genes and traits that they do using the parents genes. We were supposed to draw an end result of what they would look like with the genes that they got, and we were told to draw the full body only wearing a diaper so we could see all the traits. But somehow i missed the memo that we were supposed to draw a baby, so I ended up turning in a drawing of a ripped 27 year old dude only wearing a diaper, and now it’s hanging on the wall next to all the baby drawings. This is going to be an interesting rest of the year…