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What’s Love Got to Do With it?

Your opinions are so interesting… So I ask you, what you think about Furuta’s love for Rize? What was revealed recently with Mutsuki makes me think they are same in a some way, I mean a twisted love and unhealthy obsession in a one-sided.
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An interesting question posed to me in an ask that I’ve decided to turn into a full meta because I think the asker is missing that Furuta and Mutsuki are not the only ones with unrequited love this arc. Luckily I’ve drawn up a chart.

Why all of this unrequited love all of a sudden? Is it because Ishida wishes to write a Shoujo manga with corpses, and has decided to convert the last arc into one? It goes deeper than that, so let’s analyze it under the cut. 

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lup thoughts:

-liches are sustained by strong emotion, and barry started to fall apart when he found out the thb didn’t trust him. “trust barry, love barry” are instructions for keeping barry alive
-lup’s corpse was in wave echo cave, and nearly every time she’s taken control of the umbra staff its been to cast some kind of fire magic. therefore lup created the gauntlet and fire was her thing
-lup could be lucretias initials? barry talked in the flashback about how he needed for lup to not know he was still alive, and that she’d ‘vilified’ him (probably in the eyes of the other red robes?), and he said more or less the same thing about lucretia to the thb. either way lucretia is definitely a red robe
-chalupa theory time. you knew this was coming
-when istus was scrolling through taakos memories, the ones of his childhood had some pretty significant parts missing. griffin made a point to draw attention to how we “aren’t seeing the whole picture” and a missing twin would fill that gap pretty well
-evocation is the destructive school of magic. since thats what lup specialises in, it’s perfectly plausible that taakos instinct to stay out of fights comes from lup being the one to always pick them
-there’s no reason to pronounce 'lup’ as 'loop’ instead of 'lupp’ unless it was part of a longer word
-i would like to point out that i totally called the umbrella being a phylactery, like, as early as the crystal kingdom. i called that shit
-griffin joked on day one about taakos family coming into play as a major plot point later on. griffin has joked before about bringing barry back. i would put nothing past him

Decisions - part 3 of It’s Over


It’s not easy. Love is not easy. No one said it was going to be easy. No one ever said marriage was going to be easy. There was going to complications down the road. Y/N knew that. But what she didn’t know how complicated it was going to be since her husband cheated on her. Because, never did she think her husband was going to cheat on her in the first place. 

And here she was, coped up in her apartment with her knees against her chest as she sits on her couch in wonder with the television playing in the background She wonders what she wants. What she truly wants. Her mind and her heart speak two different things. She didn’t know which one to listen to. 

The vital organ in her chest aches from the heart break she’s had to face yet it still feels the same unconditional love for Harry just like she’s had all these years they’ve been together. As much as she wants to hate him, she can’t. But her mind speaks that leaving Harry, divorcing him so he could leave her alone for good is the right thing to do. It’s the logical thing to do. He brought her all this pain when she did nothing to him. He broke her heart for his own selfish reasons and he did not deserve a second chance from her or any of her compassion.

She just didn’t know what to think. She doesn’t know what she feels. What she did know is that she wanted to feel hate for Harry. She wanted to hate Harry ever since she found out he was no longer hers; that he gave himself to someone else when he was only suppose to be give himself to her like he promised. But she couldn’t Harry as much as she tries to. Because he’s the man who owns her heart. He’s the man who she loves unconditionally. It’s irrevocable. 

Y/N hasn’t heard from Harry since the night he got drunk. Well he did text her to thank her for bringing him home but after that, no words were exchanged. Harry no longer calls her or texts her. She wonders why. She wonders what he’s been up to. She wants to know why he no longer floods her phone with calls and messages. Deep down, she felt disappointed that he no longer calls. She thought he’d continue fighting for her. But she is the one who left him. And she left him for a good reason so why should she care?

He doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. Not when he cheated on her. Not when he took off his wedding ring. Not when he let another woman mark his skin. But why is she thinking about canceling the divorce? Why is she giving herself time to heal? It’s not like she’s going to run back to Harry anytime soon. Not after all the shit he’s done. Not when it practically felt like he shoved his hands right in her chest and squeezed all the blood out from her heart. 

It was wrong.

But being so blindingly in love with someone is what makes them rethink everything. It’s what makes them give their other half a second chance. And maybe that’s why instead of getting a divorce, Y/N thinks it’d be better off to stay separated for now as husband and wife. 

Maybe that’s why Y/N picks up the phone and decides to call Harry. Just to hear his voice. Just to hear him; to see if he’s okay and if he’s still drinking because the last time she went to their house, she could’ve sworn he was becoming an alcoholic. 

The phone rings agonizingly slow as she waits for his deep voice to sound through the phone. Y/N was so close to hanging up after the sixth ring but before she could, she hears the other line pick up. 

“Y/N,” his raspy voice croaks through the phone. 

Y/N feels the lump in her throat form, her eyes shutting and she sucks in a sharp breath because she didn’t know what to say. How could she tell him? She couldn’t just spit out ‘hey, I’m no longer going to divorce you but that still doesn’t mean we could be together right now’. Well she could straight up say that but she wasn’t going to. 

“Hi…” She trails off.

“Uh…I–Hi?” He says in a surprised tone. He didn’t think she was ever going to call him again. He had been the one calling her ever since she left, leaving endless amounts of texts. Seeing her call him out of nowhere around this time made him anxious and worried. 

“How are you?” She asks him honestly, wondering if he was okay. What she really wanted to know was if he was still drinking. He wasn’t slurring his words so that was a good sign. 

Harry clears his throat, “’m fine, pet.” Y/N’s heart clenches at the term of endearment but she doesn’t say anything and Harry doesn’t either. “H-How are you?” He stutters out nervously. 

“I’m okay,” She lies, not knowing if she really was. It was getting difficult for her to talk to him; to breath. The man who once gave her breath and air is now making it more difficult for her. 

“S’everything okay?” He wonders, not knowing why she would call him when he thought she hated him. 

“I…I was just–have you signed the divorce papers yet?” She asks him, nervous for his answer. 

Harry sucks in a sharp breathe, his eyes stinging with salt water, “I mean,” he clears his throat, “No, not yet. But I think ‘f it’s really wha’ you want then I guess I could–”

“Don’t.” She stops him, making his eyes go wide in surprise. He thought she called him so he could hurry up with the divorce papers since he hasn’t them yet. 

“W-Wha’ do yeh mean? S’not wha’ you want?”

A hefty sigh blows past Y/N’s lips, “I don’t know what I want, Harry. I want to hate you but I-I can’t. I can’t hate you. But I can’t just go back to you either because what you did…I can’t even…I can’t even think about it without feeling this deep pain in my chest–I feel sick.” Harry’s eyes shut as he listens to her words, the tears already streaming down his face. “But I’ve been thinking about this divorce and I just don’t know if it’s what I actually want. I think for now…maybe we could just stay separated. Maybe j-just…maybe we give each other some time. I need time to heal.”

Harry’s heart races, the corners of his mouth lifting up just an inch, “Love, yeh have…yeh have no idea how–” He shakes his head in frustration with himself, “Look, you could take all the time yeh need. All the time. ‘m gonna wait fo’ yeh. Know tha’ I don’t deserve this, yeh’re just too good fo’ me an’ I-I blew it and–”

Y/N interrupts his ramble, a small chuckle leaving her lips, “Harry, slow down,” she hears him exhale, “I think that with this separation, maybe we shouldn’t talk. We need time to ourselves, Harry. It’s not easy for me and I shouldn’t even…I shouldn’t even be thinking about this but I can’t help it when I…” She couldn’t say that words. She wasn’t going to. Not yet. If she ever would. “I don’t want a divorce yet but I don’t know if I even want to be with you. I don’t know if I could trust you ever again.”

Harry feels his heart crack but he quickly recovers, clearing his throat, “’f tha’s wha’ yeh want then okay.” He complies. He was going to wait for her. He was going to wait for her final decision. If she needs time, he was going to give her time. If she didn’t want to talk then he wasn’t going to call her if it was going to help with her decision. 

Harry knows he shouldn’t let his hopes up. Just because she couldn’t come to a decision now, who knows that maybe with their separation and god knows how long they won’t talk, will this effect her decision drastically. What if she falls out of love him? What if she does want to divorce him after all? What if she meets someone else?

His endless pessimistic thoughts get interrupted by the sound of Y/N’s voice calling out his name through the phone and he forgot he was even on the phone with her. 


“Oh yeah, sorry,” he apologizes. 

“So it’s okay then? We’re not…we’re not gonna talk then. Not until I-I figure out w-what I want.” 

“Mhm,” he agrees, nodding his head even though she couldn’t see him. “’ll give yeh all the time yeh need. Won’t call yeh anymo’,” He promises but he couldn’t imagine not being able to hear her voice. Not being able to see her. But he has to just for the sake of her. After all, he did deserve this. He’s the one who got them here in the first place. He has to face the consequences. 

“Okay,” She breathes out a sigh of relief, wiping a small tear that left her eye. “Okay.” She repeats to herself. 

“Can I just…can I just say one thing?” Harry asks her timidly.

Y/N feels her heart race in her chest, swallowing thickly, she says, “Sure.”

“I love you. I love you so much and I’m so sorry,” He says hoarsely, the tears dribbling down his chin. 

Y/N feels her heart ache in chest at his words because she couldn’t answer him. The words were lodged in her throat but she couldn’t say it back. The only thing she was able to say was, “I know, Harry. I know.

And Harry felt his chest ache because she didn’t say it back.

But after all, he was the reason why. 

It’s been a four months since Y/N called Harry about wanting time and distance. Harry did exactly what she asked. He hasn’t called her nor showed up at her doorstep unexpectedly drunk or crying. Y/N would still ask her through Harry’s friends or sister if he was okay. If he was still drinking because she was still worried. But she was relieved to hear that he hasn’t drank since the night she picked him up from the club, drunk out of his mind. It’s been four months since she last heard his voice or saw him. Y/N felt okay. She felt at ease. 

She no longer wanted to fall apart. She didn’t let herself. She was determined to pick things up. She made a goal to bring a piece of her back. One that she wasn’t going to let anyone ever have. Because she wanted to be strong and she wasn’t going to let this separation kill her. It still hurt that couldn’t talk to him. She still felt lonely when she’d wake up to an empty bedside. But she was okay. Maybe more than okay. Her smiles are more genuine and real. She no longer felt like she had to fake a smile. Everything felt good. 

She hasn’t heard from Harry in months. She hasn’t even seen him on the media lately. Not a single picture sometimes she contemplates whether or not she should call him to ask how he’s doing. They were still married. Y/N hasn’t called Harry yet to tell him that she was going to divorce him because she hasn’t made the decision yet. 

The thing is, she forgave Harry. She hasn’t told him that she has forgiven him and she didn’t know if she was going to anytime soon. She just doesn’t trust him anymore. He’s her husband and she loves him but she doesn’t trust him because he physically gave himself to another woman. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she’s worried that if she ever had to face this problem again, she was going to make it. She’d be torn apart for good and she doesn’t think she’d ever recover from it for giving herself to him again. 

It amazes her that after all this time, she still loves Harry. She hasn’t lost her feelings. She still thinks about him. There’s always a reminder of him but it no longer hurts her. It only makes her smile and reminiscent their memories. 

She just didn’t know how long Harry could wait. He said he would wait for her but did he really mean it? Does he still love her? Does he still think about her? 

She doesn’t know and she’s afraid to find out

It was around three in the afternoon and Y/N hears a knock on the door. She’s greeted with a polite smile from her mailman who holds a bunch of letters in his hand. She quickly thanks him before shutting the door. 

Shuffling through her mail, she throws the ones she didn’t important onto the coffee table. However, she feels her heart race in her chest when she sees a a large yellow colored envelope, familiar cursive writing written in black ink. Harry’s handwriting. She could recognize it anywhere. 

Y/N stares at the large envelope, wondering what’s inside due to it’s slightly heavy weight. Maybe he could no longer wait for her. Maybe he wrote it in a letter that he could no longer wait; that’s found someone else. Her chest aches at the thought of Harry meeting another woman but for a different reason this time. Technically they’re still married but still separated because Y/N hasn’t decided yet. So maybe it was heavy because this time Harry has sent divorce papers.

She tries to get rid of her negative thoughts, sitting down on her couch. She tears open the envelope and a CD falls to the ground, catching her by surprise. She looks into the envelope to see a paper as well. She pulls it out and looks at it in wonder. What was this CD? The only thing that was written on it was HARRY STYLES in black marker across the disc. She decides to read the letter first instead, seeing that it might clarify what the CD was. 

Her hands tremble as she held the paper, eyes scanning the entirety before she decided to read it even though she was afraid of what might be written. 

Dear Y/N…

I don’t know where to start with this. To say that I was a total idiot would be an understatement. God, I just wish I could go back and pinpoint the time where I thought it’d be okay to hurt you. Till this day you probably wonder, ‘why? why did Harry do it? What did I do?’ but it wasn’t you, Y/N. It was me. It was me being selfish. I was the one who ruined everything. You did nothing at all.

I was drunk. I cheated on you the first time when I was drunk out of mine. But there is no vindication for the other times that I did. My love, I’m so sorry. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder what I’ve done. I ask myself everyday why I did it. Why did I ruin us?

If I could go back in time and change it all, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I understand why you finally broke, why you left. I didn’t even realize you were giving me a chance. All those times you decided to stay even after you found out because you were giving me a chance. But I blew it. The moment I saw you in the kitchen without your wedding ring on, that’s when I knew that you knew. I saw your bare ring finger every night when I came home when you were already asleep so I didn’t think too much about it. But the moment it all came crashing down, I felt this deep sorrow and regret. Why didn’t I feel it before? I don’t know. 

It’s been hell without you. Staying in the home we’ve picked out together all alone has been hell. I can’t even lay in our bed without reminiscing all the times we’ve laid together after making love or just cuddling. When we’ve talked about kids and growing old together. We’ve talked about have four kids; two girls and two boys. Getting them a dog to play with. I’ve fucked it all up because I was being selfish. And who knows if that will ever happen now. 

You held on until you just couldn’t anymore. I would do anything just to change what I’ve done but I fucked it all up with my stupidity. I took you for granted because you’re my wife and I thought you wouldn’t doubt me. I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost the only one whose made me the most happiest I’ve been and the only one I want to be with.

I can no longer look at another woman. It’s always going to be you. I can’t even describe it. You’re the only woman I ever want to be with! You’re my home, you’re the one who could only cure a bad day. You’re the safest place I could run to.You’re the only one I could talk to. You matter to me so much. I’ll only ever love you and please don’t ever doubt that. Don’t ever doubt that I didn’t love you because I did. And I still do. I need you. I love you so much and I’m so sorry. 

I don’t blame you for wanting to distance. I don’t blame you if you hate me. I haven’t heard your voice in four months and it kills me. I’m staring at picture of you that I have as my wallpaper. It’s the one where we decided to bake that lemon cake you wanted to try on pinterest and there’s flour on your face with your nose scrunched up adorably when you were laughing because we forgot to add sugar and it turned out horrible. But I thought it was the perfect moment to capture. 

Memories like these make my heart ache because it may never happen again, all because I fucked it up. 

Now you’re probably wondering what the CD is. A bit narcissistic to have my name on it and I can imagine you pointing that out if we were together at the moment and I’d roll my eyes at you

I’ve been in Jamaica for a while now. Ever since our phone conversation, I knew I couldn’t let myself fall apart. I had to get better for you, for us, for me. So I went to Jamaica and I’ve been working on my solo album. You’re always on my mind. I always think about how you are and what you’ve been up to. It’s like a part of me is missing. This CD is my finished album. Ten songs. There are ten songs I’ve written in here. I want you to listen to the lyrics closely. You’re the first person I wanted to show. I’m pretty proud of this album. I’ve worked quite hard on it. So listen to it when you get the chance, please. 

One more thing. No matter what you decide for us, I’m always going to love you with everything I am. Always. I love you so fucking much and I miss you. 

Yours Forever, H. 

By the time Y/N was finished reading the letter, she was left speechless with the tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. She felt like the vital organ in her chest was going to burst from so many emotions she was feeling overwhelmed with. She looks down at the disk. Her throat felt constricted and her stomach was fluttering. 

She decides to listen to it. 

A week later

Y/N walks into the a cafe on Monday afternoon with a book in hand. The smell coffee beans and fresh baked bread fills her nostrils as she inhales the air around her. She decides to order her regular coffee and waits on the side. As she grabs her coffee with a thank you, she turns around to find a place to sit but bumps into a large body, causing her to drop her book. 

“Sorry,” The person who she bumped into and her speak simultaneously.

Her eyes go wide at the hand that holds her book. A cross tattoo is inked into the the skin between the thumb and forefinger on the left hand that is clad with rings. 

She lifts her head up, her eyes immediately meeting pale green ones that look at her in shock. 

“Harry,” She mumbles in surprise.

He looked so healthy. His chocolate locks were cute short, displaying the his cute little ears. His eyes no longer had dark circles underneath them like the last time she saw them. He wears his usual patterned shirt along with the multiple rings adorning his fingers. 

“Y/N,” He looks at her stunned. 

A smile pulls at her lips, one that she wasn’t going to hold back this time. Harry notices the smile on her lips and gives her a large grin of his own in happiness. 

“Hi…” He greets nervously. 

“Hi…” She chuckles, the tears building up in her eyes. 

And even though they both still have a lot to talk about, she knew what she wanted to do.

okay homies, i finally finished! THIS WAS THE END! i’m sorry if you don’t like it. I just didn’t know how else to end it. at one point i was like, i should just make them divorced but at the same time i was like nah. so you can imagine how the ending goes. i didn’t exactly write out what decision she made so it’s your choice. pls give me feedback. i wanna know how i did with this. xx M 

this part is unedited. excuse all typos.

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Distracting kiss - nuresydex (they would totally do that shit)

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

There’s one piece of pie left, and Nursey and Dex see it at the exact same time. They’d been in class together and they’d walked back to the Haus, into the kitchen together, and they’d both frozen in the doorway when they saw it.

After a few moments of doing nothing but staring at the pie, Nursey slowly averts his eyes and glances towards Dex, and Dex is doing the same thing and-

And then all bets are off and the fact that they’re dating flies out the window, as Dex makes a mad dash for the pie and Nursey grabs the back of his shirt to stop him. It works, and Nursey uses the momentum that Dex’s surprise generates to pull Dex into his chest, wrap his arms around Dex’s waist, and then spin them around.

With Nursey between Dex and the pie, he takes half a second to press a kiss to Dex’s neck, right where he’d left a faint mark the night before, but then he lets go and spins himself around, heading straight for the pie.

Nursey makes it two steps further than he’d expected to, before Dex grabs his wrist and then his forearm, and then Nursey blinks and his back is against the wall, and Dex is kissing him. Their entire bodies are pressed together, with Dex’s hands on Nursey’s shoulders and Nursey dropping his hands to Dex’s ass, and for a moment it feels like the pie’s been forgotten, but they’re both way too competitive to let that happen.

The second Nursey feels Dex pulling away, he deepens the kiss, grinding against Dex slightly and moaning, soft and low, without any shame, and the second he feels Dex give in, he flips them so that Dex is against the wall. He doesn’t break the kiss the entire time and he stays there for a moment, relishing the feel of his boyfriend falling apart at his touch, before he pulls back, presses a quick kiss to Dex’s forehead, and then takes a huge step backwards and lunges for the pie.

He would have made it there, too, if his foot hadn’t caught on the rug that Bitty’s mom had bought them but, as it is, Nursey trips and falls and he’s half a second away from hitting the ground hard, when Dex catches him. Of course, Dex isn’t quite strong enough to stop Nursey from falling entirely, and the whole thing ends in both of them hitting the ground, tangled in each other’s limbs, laughing at each other as they go.

Nursey isn’t hurt and Dex isn’t either and, once they’re sure of that, Nursey doesn’t bother getting up. Instead, he pulls Dex’s face towards his and presses a softer, longer kiss to Dex’s forehead, and then to the tip of his nose, and then to his lips, and-

And when Bitty walks in moments later, Nursey and Dex are lying on the floor, making out, with the pie long forgotten, and Bitty can only shake his head and say, “Y’all are a mess,” before he walks past them and gets the pie for himself.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Worth Surviving


Summary: Reader gets captured by Reapers after a fight with Bellamy. He goes into Mount Weather thinking she is there, but once they free the others, he realises she’s not there. After two days they go back for supplies and they find reader in a room where Reapers were kept. At first they think she’s dead but then it turns out she’s still breathing. Back at the camp she wakes up just to hear some nice words from Bellamy.

Word Count: 2958

A/N: This request was great, but I am not really confident about how it turned out. Sorry if this is as shitty as I think it is.

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Every inch of my body was hurting like hell, but I knew that it wouldn’t prevent me from falling unconscious. The truth was that I didn’t even know if I wanted to stay awake, because I was afraid of what was going to happen with me.

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*knocks on your door* hello, i’m here to share my headcanon that felicity definitely went to see iris after she lost her man to the speed force because their friendship is everything to me and i am all about ladies supporting each other

“I’m going to Central City for a few days,” she announced, rolling her small suitcase behind her.

Oliver’s head whipped up, “What? Why?”

It hadn’t been long since their return from Lian Yu and they were still settling back into being together, so she could see the confusion and worry in his eyes at her announcement. Last time she had taken a solo trip to Central City it had been because he had broken her heart and she needed space.

“Iris needs me.” She explained, settling down onto his lap and smoothing her hands over his chest. He relaxed at her touch and lifted one of her hands to press a kiss to her knuckles. “I won’t be gone long, I just want to check on her. Caitlin is MIA and I’m sure her family is trying their best, but they haven’t been through something like this. Not like I have.”

He nodded in understanding. “Okay. Just call me when you get there?”

“Of course.” She leaned her forehead against his. “I love you.”

If living this life has taught her anything, it was that those three words should be said as often as possible, because you could never know when you might not get to again.

“I love you too.”

“Iris?” She knocked again on the door of the loft Cisco had given her the address for. When he had called to tell her what had happened, her mind had instantly flashed back to all the times that she had watched Oliver walk away from her, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if that was what it came down to with his various adversaries over the years. When she had hung up, she cried for her friend, for her heartbreak that she knew all too well. Loving a hero was full of goodbyes that you could never be prepared for. Goodbyes that you could never be completely sure weren’t permanent. “Iris? It’s Felicity…”

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Call It Quits - Finn Balor

summary: you and finn seem to be in a long distance relationship, somethign you didn’t sign up for when you moved away from home just to be with him. 
content warning: none that i can think of!
word count: 2K+ (what??? a decently long one???)
NOTE: hey, if you leave comments on my work or message me an tell me what you think. it might encourage me to write more! 

You were laying in bed staring at your phone. You were debating on whether or not you should call Finn. You two had been calling each other back and forth all week, but somehow you kept missing each other. You sighed as you hit the call button next to his name and placed the phone next to your ear. 

Voicemail… again.

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merllennium  asked:

18, can will be the one crying b/c He doesn't find himself a good enough nurse?

18. While someone’s crying (you can get a crying will but for another reason bc i have big feelings about this)

Will lost a patient. That is evident as soon as Nico comes home and hears the eerie quiet of their apartment. There are only so many reasons Will wouldn’t be listening to music or humming as he cooked or cleaned or did whatever. And considering the difficult case he’s been worried about for several weeks now…

Nico leaves his shoes and coat and bag to the hall and silently makes his way through the apartment to the bedroom. He finds Will lying on Nico’s side of the bed, hugging a pillow and legs folded close to his chest, staring at the wall without probably really seeing anything. He looks so small and vulnerable like that, his face emotionless but ready to crumble under the slightest pressure.

It breaks Nico’s heart.

Without saying a word, Nico walks to the bed and lies down behind Will, carefully wrapping an arm around him to avoid startling him. Will is stiff, his muscles tense, but when Nico presses against his back he takes a hand and squeezes it so hard Nico’s fingers could break. Nico pushes a knee between both of Will’s, pulls him closer, and presses his lips comfortingly to the back of his neck.

Little by little the tension leaves Will’s body, but with the momentary calm comes the tremble; quiet sobs shaking Will’s body as he tries to keep them in, tries to be strong in a way he doesn’t need to be, tries to not fall apart. Will has always been soft, he’s always felt things deeper than Nico can understand, and for all the times Will has helped him calm down after a nightmare there are just as many times Nico has been there for Will’s cries and fears.

“You’re the one that told me”, Nico whispers against Will’s skin and strokes his knuckles with his thumb, “that being able to cry over a loss is the strongest thing a soldier can do.”

Will turns around in Nico’s arms and buries his face to the soft fabric of Nico’s shirt before letting the tears fall freely. Nico holds him tightly, dying a tiny bit inside with every sob and whimper, and runs a hand up and down Will’s back in a what he hopes is a soothing motion. His other hand buries itself to Will’s hair, holding Will’s head safely tucked under his chin as their bodies shake from the power of Will’s cries.

Nico knows words are pointless. He’s never been good with them, and this is not the time to start experimenting. And he knows how he himself would feel in his weakest moments if someone were to shoot empty words and promises to his face. Things will be okay, eventually, that is true, but that’s not something you want to hear when your whole world is gloom and dark.

“She was barely eleven, Nico”, are the first words Will manages to get out between the tears. Nico hates to hear them, hates that Will has to face dying children most every day, but he holds on tight and listens and maybe lets a tear fall on his own cheek, too. “She was just a child, how can - how can the fates be so cruel?”

Not having an answer that would be satisfactory to either of them, Nico stays quiet and just kisses Will’s hairline softly. It’s a question he has had frequently since he first learned about the nasty old ladies, and no matter how much he tries he will never understand what good could ever come from letting innocent children die. What he does understand is Will’s need to work in the children’s ward, helping and trying to prevent every death that he can, but in these moments where even that isn’t enough it’s hard to see the point in anything.

All Nico can do is hold Will through the sobs, smooth back his hair and help him breathe when it becomes too much. In and out, slowly, in and out, until all that’s left is bloodshed eyes and trembling lips and a wet spot of tears and snot on Nico’s shirt. That’s when Nico finally dares to smile, just a little, just enough to make Will know he’s proud of him regardless of what he thinks of himself.

Will tilts his head up enough to press their foreheads together. It’s something he’s always found comfort in, they both have, and Nico can feel calm settle in their bones.

“Why couldn’t I save her? Why couldn’t I save an innocent child, just this once?”

Will is not asking him, not really. Nico knows that, but still he cups Will’s cheek gently and presses a soft kiss on his lips before whispering, “Because when you take off the armor, every soldier is still only human.”

(thanks for the prompts, everyone!)

BTS Reacting To Your Nervous Tics

~A repost because I posted it to my main blog instead of my side blog and I am an idiot because this took and hour to make and somehow I lost the ask. Sorry anon.~

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Seokjin - Seokjin would notice that you were clinging close to the pillow set on your couch. he would frown lightly before snagging the nearest figurine off the shelf in his room. “Aigoo… Jagi could you help me find my new figurine..?” And then ensues a scavenger hunt for the figurine that was hiding in Jin’s pocket. “I found it Jagi. Sorry to have you look all over. It must have fell..” He would then pull you close and press you lightly to his chest before humming gently and kissing your head. Jin is subtle in his ways to make you forget your troubles. 

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Yoongi - Yoongi would see you sitting across the room where you both were working. You seemed to grow tense and wouldn’t stop clicking the pen between your fingers. He could see the flush of red crossing your face, so he closed his laptop and walked over to you, closing yours as well. “Let’s take a walk jagi. I need to stretch my legs.” It wasn’t a total lie, even though he knew you needed it more than he did. He could see the thunder cloud looming over your head and he wanted to prevent it from becoming a tornado of panic. So you walked hand in hand down the silent streets as he caressed his thumb across the back of your hand. Before you return home, he pulls you close and kisses your forehead. Simple gestures were Yoongi’s way of making you calm.

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Hoseok - Even though Hoseok seems so carefree and happy all the time, he was totally in tune with how you were feeling. He could sense when your anxiety was peaking. So Hoseok being the absolute ray of sunshine he was, would make up something to make you excited. “JAGI! OH MY GOD!” “What Hobi?” “There’s something bigger than the sun!” “Wait what could be bigger than the sun?” “My love for you Jagi!” “Aish Hobi…” He would reach over and brush his hand through your hair with a bright smile on his face before whispering “I love you.” Hobi had a way of making you smile when it seemed impossible moments before. 

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Nmajoon - The moment your anxiety hit and you started to twirl your hair he was completely aware. He knew what he had to do. He had to say something to you. It had to be good enough to take your mind completely by storm. “I never noticed how strong you truly are Jagi.” “What?” “You really are. To have a fight every single day and still smile somehow. Wah, you are my hero.” You were taken by surprise. Namjoon was so full of weird things like that. They took you by absolute suprise each time he spoke. Yet somehow it never ceased to make your eyes water and a brilliant smile spread across your face. He was always honest. His way with words was his way to make you feel calm. 

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Jimin - Jimin would be right there as you started to fall apart. He was usually on top of when you seem to fidget with your fingers. That was his sign for you being on the brink of losing yourself. But he just smiled softly and laced his fingers with yours. He would pull a large sweater from the closet and slip over your head. He would then pull back the covers and let you slide into the bed before sliding in behind you and wrapping himself around you and burying the both of you in your blankets. You needed a break from everything and he needed to let you know that he would be there to help you. Even if you needed hours of his time to soothe your aching mind. 

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Taehyung - He wasn’t so adept with noticing how you seemed to pace around when you were anxious. He was only highly aware when the tears started to flow and your breathing hitched and seemed to speed up. So he took his spot next to you. Making sure to not touch you unless you reached for him and he began his remedy for your panic attacks. “Like a river flows, surely to the sea, darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be. Take my hand, take my whole life, too. For I can’t help falling in love with you.” Your breathing would slow and soon Taehyung was holding you close. “Ahh Jagi… You’re okay. Don’t let anyone tell you different.” 

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Jungkook - Like Taehyung he isn’t as good as his hyungs are at picking up on the signs of your anxiety. Especially when you’re mid panic attacks and he only notices because you’re hunched over trying to catch your breath as the worled seems to be closing in. He walks calmly to you and wraps his arms around you as he rocks you back and forth. “I’ll count to ten Jagi. Deep breaths okay? Just focus on your breaths.” After what would feel like ages you were still clutching him, but you had calmed down from your panic attack. He would kiss your head and rub your back gently. Jungkookie just knew, without being told how, what made you feel better. 

A/N: This is more helping you deal with an anxiety attack but I think it fits. I hope you like it anon. And all of you guys have a person to come to when things get hard. I’ll always be here. Xxoo <3<3<3<3

p.s. Taehyung’s got me almost crying omfg.

Someone please talk to me about the fact that King Butterfly knows what it means for a princess to be evaluated, and that fact that Baby annoys him because she eats all of his food, and why does that sound familiar, oh yeah, because that’s exactly how Baby treated Marco.

It’s all too easy to imagine a young Moon Butterfly, nearly fifteen years old and dreading her first evaluation. She pours over her spellbook, determined to memorize everything, and frowns when Glossaryck says, “You’re not ready for that one” because Glossaryck is always so honest, even when his words cut deep.

“Has a princess ever failed her evaluation?” she asks. Her voice is steady, practiced, and proper, undaunted by disappointment or hardship.

“Yes,” Glossaryck replies. “And even if they hadn’t, who’s to say that you couldn’t be the first?”

She doesn’t blink at that, doesn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her flinch. She will, later, many years down the line, when Chauncey falls in battle and the whole world is crumbling apart, she’ll show Glossaryck just how deeply things affect her and just how hard she can cry, but for now there’s only one person she shares those things with, and he’s well outside the palace walls.

River is quite something to see in his youth, fearsome and fearless and strong. Most would say he has hair like sunlight but it’s always reminded Moon of the stars, shining yellow and bright alongside her namesake. He’s so different from her own family, so wild and loud; he says exactly what he’s thinking and doesn’t hide it behind guile and double-meanings, false smiles and polite words. He introduces the revolutionary concept that it is alright to express one’s emotions, to shout when one is angry, or declare one’s love in the middle of a tourney, because the princess has bested many monsters and he hopes to one day be as capable as she.

Moon doesn’t admit, at first, how nervous she is or how frightened, but River can tell. River’s learned to read the way she holds her hands, or the way her mouth thins out to silently reflect what she’s feeling, and he pulls her away from the rowdy, rude Johansen clan and wraps his arms around her.

In time, they return to the palace. River likes it here about as much as Moon likes the Johansen’s; he can see it from her point of view, appreciate it in a way, because it’s a symbol of Mewman tradition, steeped in ceremony and significance. These things are as vital and natural to Moon as breathing, but to River it will never quite feel like home.

They lock themselves in the kitchen and delight in roast boar and little pastries that River cannot name but also cannot stop eating. It’s here that Baby finds them, and here that Moon’s evaluation begins; Baby asks her to pass an apple from the counter and Moon hesitates, her hands folded, her mouth thin.

Suddenly, River picks up the apple and tosses it. It flies over Baby’s shoulder and splatters against the wall, and River laughs from deep inside his gut and cries, “Do I pass? Am I a princess?”

The corners of Moon’s mouth curve ever slightly upwards, and all at once her fear is gone, because no matter how poorly she does, it won’t be as bad as that.

Can I just say that H and L’s lyrics fuck me up more than any video or picture proof? This year they have both made it a point to talk about the honesty in their writing. Louis said that the honesty of his lyrics helps fans see a side of him they don’t normally see. Then, Harry with his upcoming album release, has been stressing the fact that these upcoming songs are written about his own life and his experiences. They’ve both expressed and talked about the honesty in their songs, so it really makes you wonder what all these songs are about.
The themes of freedom and forbidden love are so fucking redundant in the songs they’ve written on, it’s hard to be oblivious (but of course antis still manage)
Starting with the most obvious two songs, Home and If I Could Fly:
“So long I’ve been waiting to let go of myself and feel alive. So many nights I thought it over, told myself I kind of liked her, but there was something missing in her eyes.”
One verse in and already hinting at a gay anthem. Louis had a girlfriend before x factor and before Harry. In my head, this verse is talking about when Louis was with her, unsure of himself and scared of what he was feeling, or rather, what he wasn’t feeling. There was a time when he was only just beginning to discover himself, a time of self inflicted hiding. I honestly think this song is about the path of self acceptance after so long of telling/forcing yourself to be something to fit everyone else’s standards. It’s him realizing, hey, maybe I’m not into the gender I was told I’m supposed to like.
It gets more obvious when Louis sings, “I see the smile as it starts to creep in. It was there I saw it in your eyes.” FUck me up with that pronoun change. This song is a literal gay anthem. The fact that Louis sings that part, directly followed by Harry singing, “I was stumbling, looking through the dark, with an empty heart, but you say you feel the same. Could we ever be enough? Baby we could be enough.” This song is such a larrie? I suck at explaining, but just imagine you’ve spent 18 years of your life forcing yourself to be something you’re not, and then you meet this person and everything sort of clicks. This person makes you feel safe, but with all of the outside forces and circumstances, you wonder if its all worth it.
“And it’s alright. Calling out for somebody to hold tonight. When you’re lost, I’ll find a way and I’ll be your light, you will never feel like you’re alone.” The chorus is lead by Harry and finished with Louis singing, “I’ll make this feel like home.” Honestly, the fact that Louis had to leak and promote this song himself says enough.
Harry just had to make it more obvious by writing a response.
“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you. I think I might, give up everything just ask me to.” For someone who has never publicly been in love before (a huge contrast to Louis’ constant het image), he sure does write some heart-wrenching love songs. If his writing style is so terribly honest, where do all of these feelings come from? This song is so vulnerable its hurts to listen to. It’s reassuring and heartbreaking all in one. In the chorus he’s literally saying, if you start to lose yourself and feel like no one is there for you I will give you my love (makes me think of all the stunts and lying Louis has been put through and how he’s starting to forget himself), I am all yours, no one else will ever see how much I love you, you’re my other half, for your eyes only.
Also, real quick, the heart thing, “I can feel your heart inside of mine, I feel it.” Always in my heart?? OKAY MAN.
Then you have Louis’ solo, “I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen, and pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing.” Harry is his safety, his sanity, his home. Through all the years of lying, closeting, harsh remarks, and rumors, Louis should have broken down long ago, but Harry has kept him grounded. Thinking of all that Louis has been though makes me tear up, and even when he has seemingly no one, he manages to keep himself standing and strong.
“My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships. Drifting, weightless, waves tries to break it.” Here we go again with the forbidden love, standing together, and holding on. This theme is so constant in their lyrics, it’s almost laughable. The nautical references (Tattoos anyone?) and symbolism stands out clear and loud. Strong is literally just another gay anthem. My mom’s GSA at her school (she’s a teacher) are using this song on their Day of Silence playlist BECAUSE IT’S SO OBVIOUSLY GAY.
The chorus just hits it all the way home, “I’m sorry if I say I need you, but I don’t care, I’m not scared of love. ‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker. Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? That you make me strong.” The amount of pride in this chorus make me so happy. I can just imagine Louis thinking, “Screw management, screw pr stunts, screw the media, screw homophobia, I love you and I’m not ashamed to say it.” Black and white, clear as day, Louis is deadass saying that he is not ashamed of himself and no amount of forced closeting or homophobic remarks will change that.
“So baby hold on to my heart, oh need you to keep me from falling apart. I’ll always hold on, ‘cause you make me strong.” AND THERE IT IS, hold the fuck on bitch (if it all goes wrong, darling just hold on).
and it’s not just the “hold on” thing that reoccurs. The words “strong” shows up a lot too and Jesus fuck “heart” must be their favorite word because it’s practically in every goddamn song (not surprisingly).
The chorus of Through the Dark just takes the cake, “I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough, when the night is coming down, we will find a way through the dark.” Anyone else get major Home vibes? What the actual fuck man?
But can’t dwell on it too long, this is only the beginning my dear friend, because of course we’re back at it with the forbidden love.
“But I can’t hold you too close now, through the wire, through the wire.” This keeps happening, doesn’t it? Singing about hiding your love and being torn apart (and yet elounor do anything but hide). The bridge (sung by Harry dearest), “Whatever chains are holding you back, holding you back, don’t let them tie you down…tell me you believe in that.” Do I even have to explain at this point? They’re so fucking obvious I wanna scream. Actually, at this point the themes are so redundant, I’m just gonna list some more lyrics and let them speak for themselves:
“I think I’m gonna lose my mind, something deep inside me I can’t give up…I got a feeling deep inside, It’s taking all I got…’cause nobody knows you baby, the way I do (If I Could Fly vibes)…It’s been so long, we must be fireproof, ‘cause nobody saves me the way you do…I think I’m gonna win this time, riding on a wind and I won’t give up, I think I’m gonna win this time, I roll and I roll ‘till I change my luck.” Love wins, always.
“Then there’s me, a sinking boat running out of time. Without you I’ll never make it out alive, but I know, yes I know, we’ll be alright…There’s no way you can change the rolling tide, but I know, yes I know, that I’ll be fine…I don’t want to get lost in the dark of the night…’cause I wanna be free, and I wanna be young, I’ll never look back now I’m ready to run.”
“You say we’ll be together even you’re lost…Is it too much to ask for something great…The script was written and I could not change a thing. I want to rip it all to shreds and start again…You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” Okay but ouch :’(
“Used to sing about being free, but now he’s changed his mind.”
Do you get what I’m saying? Do you get why I call it redundant? Because these words and ideas take play in almost every fuckin song they write.
Now, turning to songs Harry has written that aren’t for One Direction: I Love You and Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.
“I fell in love in the morning sun while the hours slipped away. Sometimes when I hear your name, a smile creeps on my face.” Here we have Harry giving major Home vibes yet again.
“And I know that it sounds so wrong and you’ve heard it all before. I didn’t come back and I wasn’t there, I wont trouble you no more…Every time I try to fight it everything just turns out wrong. Maybe if I got my timing right, I wouldn’t end up alone.” I honestly don’t know how to explain these lyrics. I just feel like they have a special meaning and I have to include them. Harry doesn’t say or write anything just for the sake of it. He’s raw and honest and emotional.
“I fell in love with a beautiful boy and you still take my breath away. When you left it was the end of my world ‘cause I never got to say that I love you, more than you think I do.”
Now for a song that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart heavy:
“I don’t ever ask you where you’ve been, and I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with. I can’t even think straight, but I can tell that you were just with her, and I’ll still be a fool, I’m a fool for you.” I don’t think this song is necessarily about cheating. It’s definitely about loving someone so much, you’re willing to share their heart. In a larrie perspective, this song gives major hints at how Harry feels about the stunting Lou does. He tries to hide the hurt from Louis because he knows its not under their control. Harry is a naturally jealous person presumably, and at one point in time he was incredibly insecure. It only makes sense that seeing Louis going out with beards and holding someone else’s hand would break him, even just a little. “I don’t ever tell you how I feel…and nothing’s ever easy, that’s what they say. I know I’m not your only, but I’ll still be a fool.”
“I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one. I heard a little love is better than none.”
“Just a little bit of your heart is all I want…Just a little bit is all I’m asking for.”
Fuck pr stunts. Free my babies :’(
And okay, I know Ed wrote 18, but hear me out. “I have loved you since we were eighteen.” (or that one time on stage when Louis sang “I have loved him since we were eighteen.”). And then we have Steal My Girl, “She’s been my queen since we were sixteen.” I mean, Harry and Louis just happened to be sixteen and eighteen when they first met, but hey, that’s none of my business.
Okay, I’m just going to finish this off with Perfect, because if I try and get into Just Hold On or Sign of the Times, I’ll never finish this post. Also, because they fucking wrote it together.
“I might never be your night in shining armour, I might never be the one you take home to mother, and I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” I might not be able to love you publicly, I can’t treat you the way you want me to, I can’t hold you or show public signs of affection or show you to the world, but for now I can promise to love you.
“When I first saw you from across the room.” My mind just keeps bringing up that picture from X factor of L and H looking at each other from across the room through the crowd.
And the bloody chorus, just give me a moment because I’m tired of their asses and their need to reference forbidden love all the goddamn time, “But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, and if you like having secret little rendezvous. If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do, then baby I’m perfect, baby I’m perfect for you.” WHAT HIDDEN LOVE HAVE THESE TWO EXPERIENCED? Their public het love life is anything but hidden. “And if you like midnight driving with the windows down, and if you like going places we can’t even pronounce, if you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about, then baby you’re perfect.” Hiding in the comfort of night, running around, traveling the world together. This chorus is deadass the Just Hold On music video. Funny how the one song Harry and Louis wrote together happens to explain their love story perfectly.
“I might never be the hands you put your heart in or the arms that hold you anytime you want them, but that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment, ‘cause I can be the one you love from time to time.” Once again, I can’t love you in public, but give me a chance to love you anyways, even if I wont always be there. The message stays standing throughout the song; I can’t promise perfection, but maybe we’re perfect for each other despite all this shit, so give me a chance, even if I can only give you so much.
“And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, and if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I’m perfect, baby we’re perfect.” Of course, people turned these lyrics into a Haylor thing (genuinely laughable). I’m just gonna say it, I think there are definitely times where they’ve taken a break from each other. I’m not gonna say broken up, because I strongly believe they’re still together and giving up at this point is the last thing on their minds, but theoretically, they’ve written breakup songs about each other (Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Love You Goodbye, I Love You (sung by Alex and Sierra), Spaces). I mean, Harry and Louis were so adamant to make it known that they had written this song together, they clearly hold this song near and dear to their hearts.
I dont know. This straight up became an essay. This is what happens when you’re a songwriter and a larrie, bye lmao.
love wins. always.
always you.
always in my heart.
yes, of course, always.

A Letter To The Man I Am Falling In Love With.

To the man who makes me happy,

It hasn’t been long since I have known you or since you confessed your love to me. When I met you, I was at that point in my life where I stopped letting people in, where I found strength and solace in being alone, where I started to keep parts of myself hidden and where I decided to make broken look beautiful.

I remember telling myself back then that I would never let someone close enough to break me again. I told myself that I would never give someone the power to destroy me. I told myself that I would never fall in love again because I know how badly it hurts when the only person you love, stops loving you. I told myself that I would never tell anyone my secrets and that I would never show the hidden parts of myself to anyone. And I made these decisions only because I was afraid. Afraid of falling in love, again. Afraid of emotional attachment. Afraid of believing in lies. Afraid of falling for false promises. Afraid of letting anyone close enough to tear me apart.

Just so you know, there was a time when I was broken. There was a time when I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without falling apart. There was a time when I cried myself to sleep each night, telling myself that I would learn to be strong. And what you saw in me when you fell for me was something that I built amidst broken promises and failed forevers. I built that. Alone.

And even after telling myself all these things, I still let you in. I showed you parts of myself that were meant to be hidden forever. I told you my secrets and I shared every detail of my life with you. I told you terrifying stories about myself. I started to care about you. I started to love you. And I fell for you.

What I have with you means more to me than everything that I have ever been afraid of. You make me happy, and this terrifies me, because once you’re happy, it can be taken away from you. I am giving you everything I can, so please give me what I want, because I don’t want this to end.

And lastly, I have never been vocal about my feelings, but here I am, letting you know that I want you. I hate to admit that I am falling for you with every passing minute. I hate to admit that I want you all to myself. And I hate to admit that I am giving you everything that you might need to destroy every part of my being.
So, today, I am asking you for one little thing –
Please don’t break my heart. Please don’t make me regret falling in love with you. Please don’t make me feel unwanted, ever. Please don’t break the promises that you made to me, because now I am afraid of losing you. Please, for the sake of my shattered and exhausted heart, don’t turn out to be like everybody else.

P. S. I want this to last long enough, if not forever. I love you.

The girl who belongs with you.

Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 7

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 

Part 7 is here! Only 2 parts left guys… we’re getting close to the end and I’m not sure I’m ready lol. Thanks again for all of your awesome feedback <3

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Summer Solstice

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Title : Summer Solstice

Pairing : Yugyeom x Reader

Genre : ANGST

Words : 1494

Summary : You are watching the fireworks with him. 

Part of the series Paradise Lost

“It looks like a palm tree”

“Do you think so? I’d say it looks like a rose.” You laugh when you hear the silly comment.

This summer festival is beautiful. It’s the first day of summer. The weather is hotter than what you both thought when you sat on this beach, cuddled against each other. The darkness of the night is working like a shield over you two, and the comfort of his chest is lulling you more than anything else.

He has a broad body which can circle you easily from any angle, no matter the moment of the day. It feels good to be in his arms, and the moment is perfect, with the sparkles in the sky and the soft wind against your bodies.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

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Typical Movie Scene


Pairing: Percy x Reader (Gender neutral I think)

Fluff | Smut | Angst

A/n: Okay but this is so good and bad at the same time? I’m just- nothing can surpass HSM -Day

Resorting to setting up camp on the roof of a nearby apartment building wasn’t usually how quests went for you.
The roof of a random building isn’t an ideal place to set up camp, while it’s better than the sewer you once had to camp out in, it’s still hot as hell up there.

Percy and you were supposed to keep watch on the camp just in case the manager or anyone else comes up here and just so happens to find your cute little tent that you call home. It’s happened before in the sewer camp mentioned earlier, a wastewater engineer just so happened to drop by and check on the debris build up found your home sweet home and chased you out. One of your quest mates– Alyssa, daughter of Hecate– was so startled by the sudden appearance of the mysterious man caused her to slip and fall in the water.

You smile at the memory of her grimacing face as she shuffled around the city smelling like shit and well… looking like shit.

Your nostalgic trip down memory lane was derailed by the sound of music coming up from the side of the building. There shouldn’t be any music up this high, Percy, Zach, and yourself hadn’t brought any musical devices with you. Nothing but your voices.

You stood up from your seat on the concrete floor and made your way ever so carefully to the edge of the roof, the music becoming louder and more clear the closer you got to the source. You met Percy halfway on the way there, both heading in the same direction to find the source of the wafting music the hung in the air.

You smiled in his direction, sweet but quick. The corner of his lips twitched upwards at your action, striding towards you with a spring in his step, “You hear it too, right? I’m not going crazy?” He joked, his eyes shining treacherous as he talked.

You nodded and resumed to your previous action of finding the source of the noise, edging close to the edge of the roof and leaning over the concrete lip to get just a bit closer. The music was clear now, it was a classic dance song; the waltz.

You leaned over farther, trying to figure out which part of the song they were at when strong arms wrapped around your waist and tugged you back into a firm chest, Percy’s chest to be exact. His hot breath fanned over your ear as he spoke, “ You almost fell, you can’t just bounce back after falling from the roof of a 12 story apartment building.”

You huffed and pulled away from him, turning to face the smirking son of Poseidon with crossed arms, “I was fine, you didn’t have to to pull me back…” You grumbled, eyes lowering and head dipping down to your red converse clad feet as if they were the most interesting thing in the world.

Truth be told, you were fond of the slow dance. Your m/p had taught you when you were young, dancing around the living room on their toes until you were old enough to dance on your own. Some of your best memories were of dancing around with your m/p when you didn’t get your slow dance at your school dances, you could always count on a dance with your m/p to cheer you up.

You sighed happily at the thought, catching Percy off guard by your sudden change of emotion. His hand came up to rest on your bicep, thumb brushing over the soft skin out of habit, with brows furrowed he asked, “Hey, what’s on your mind?”

You looked up into his sea green eyes that were sprinkled with worry and curiosity. You were so lost in your nostalgic reminiscing that you didn’t even notice how long you had spaced out for. You hummed at his question, “Hmm?” Swaying slightly with the music subconsciously.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of another guy,” He joked with his signature lopsided grin, “And here I thought I was a decent guy for you.”

You laughed and shook your head, hand coming up to your hair and absentmindedly picking at the strands while you spoke, “Nah, I was just thinking about the times where my m/p would waltz me around the living room,” You took a few steps away from the edging of the roof, the music becoming fainter, “I used to stand on their toes while they waltzed me around the living room…”

Percy bit his lip, mulling over the new information you had given him. The music was coming to a close, fading from earshot. He’d noticed how much you longed to go home, only staying at the camp for your younger and inexperienced siblings that clung to you like a life line. He listened closely in order to figure out if the graceful song would repeat itself or move on to a different track.

Unfortunately, the music stopped, the sounds of a record spinning becoming more clear before following the tune and fading out.

He watched you walk away, a slight hint of sadness surrounding you while you retreated back to your station, near the roof door to watch for unexpected and unwanted visitors.

He sighed and ran a hand through his untameable ebony locks; he didn’t even know to dance, let alone waltz. The music was gone but the memory it provided you with stayed with you for a good while, the happiness radiating off of you and rubbing off on the green-eyed boy who wanted nothing more to recreate one of your fondest memories with you.

Deciding that he didn’t need music to create a memory for the two of you, he made his way over to your form, humming a tune in his head that kept him confident in himself. He stopped about a foot away from you, eyes gazing at your own with love and anxiety, “Please don’t make fun of me.” He mumbled lowly under his breath.

You cocked your head to the side, (h/c) strands falling into your eyes slightly and small smile slipping across your lips at his words, “Depends on what you’re doing” You teased, standing up from your slouched position against the wall and taking a step towards the anxious boy.

“Would you teach me how to waltz?”

His question caught you off guard; the son of Poseidon wanting to learn how to dance was something you never thought you’d see. You nodded nonetheless, still confused on why and how you were going to teach him how to dance, the music wasn’t even playing for gods sake.

So you decided to improvise, letting your voice sing out the instructions to him, lending him your hand as you did so, “Take my hand, take a breath,” stopping as he did what you told him, the surprise and comfort on his face told you that he wasn’t expecting you to sing but was comforted by it anyways, “Pull me close and take one step.”

Percy stepped closer, placing his hand on the small of your back and intertwining his large hand with your small one. He smiled down at you, pulling you close enough to feel your erratic heart that slammed against your ribs just at the thought of him actually doing this for you.

“Keep your eyes, locked on mine,” You serenade, lifting your free hand to cup his cheek, thumb stroking over his soft cheek, “And let the music be your guide…” You moved your hand to his arm before beginning to move him along with you, taking the lead temporarily.

You hadn’t expected Percy to have such a nice voice, let alone for him to sing along with you. Looking straight into your eyes as he harmonized with you, finding the words that matched up with your own as if he were a child of Apollo, “Won’t you promise me, we’ll keep dancing, wherever we go next.”

He seemed to have found his rhythm seeing as he spun you around suddenly, going back to waltzing almost immediately after.

You sang together, gracefully moving across the rooftop with carefree attitudes, reveling in the other’s arms around the other. You spun and were picked up by Percy in his strong arms countless times before he allowed you a break from his embrace.

You grinned at the panting son of the sea, noticing how the sun was starting to set and set a bright orange fire in the waves of green that were stored away in Percy’s eyes. He stepped closer once more, head dipping down to your height and brushing his soft, full lips across your own. You turned your head, lips sliding across his tenderly, savoring the sweet moment you two rarely got the chance to have.

The kiss didn’t last as long as hoped since Percy had pulled away, a closed lipped smile forming across his face, his hand still extended outwards to you as his lips parted to sing your song once more.

“Take my hand, I’ll take the lead,” His voice rang out, surprising you even more than him tugging you back into a standing position, “And every turn will be safe with me,” He smiled and spun you around into his embrace, “Don’t be afraid, afraid to fall. I’ll catch you through it all.”

Your voices blended together as you matched up with his words, And you can’t keep us apart, cause my heart is wherever you are..“

Thunder sounded in the distance, maybe Zeus wasn’t too happy about your typical movie moment on the rooftop. The loud crack sent you both into shock, stopping your movements and causing you both to look upwards at the forming clouds, little droplets of rain starting to drip down from the heavens and down your brow.

A shriek left your already parted lips just as the son of the sea god gripped your hands tightly and spun you around in circles, the pouring rain now coming down like a waterfall over you two. A cheerful laugh erupted from you, dancing through the air like the melody you had previously sung together.

Your hair stuck to your face just like your clothes clung to your every curve. Percy’s ebony black hair that usually stood proudly in his signature messy do was now dripping with water and streaming down his face into his equally wet clothes.

His gaze was steadily locked on your smiling (e/c) eyes, never wavering or leaving them. This moment gave you time to study Percys eyes closely; the sea green only being the top layer of what was really there.

His eyes were so calming, yet so treacherous, the two colliding antonyms somehow went hand in hand in the young demigods eyes. The vibrant green was swirled alongside a soft blue pigment, the contrast against the black of his dilated pupil stood out greatly. The little flecks of bronze sprinkled around unceremoniously and gave his already beautiful eyes a deeper look.

His eyes were getting bigger now that you think about it. Oh wait, that’s because he’s leaning closer to you.
His lips were ghosting over your own, barely brushing against each other and his hot breath fanning over your parted lips. You were anticipating his sudden surge of confidence which would end with both mouths connected in a sweet kiss, but your kiss never got that far.

The roof door opened with a loud scraping sound before you heard the sound of Zach’s voice approaching, "Man, being a child of Hermes has its perks and downfalls. I got the suspicious people on the top floor to leave us alone but someone mistook me for the mailman and gave me one of their letters, wait till you see the drama going on in this fuckers lif-”

His rambling stopped as he saw the two of you looking flustered and embarrassed, soaked in the rain and breathing hard. His brows furrowed and a smirk spreading across his pointed features. He strolled over to the two of you with the same pointed smirk, pointing between you both, “Looks like someone parents weren’t home.”

Percy’s face tinged red at Zach’s words, obviously catching what the mischevious teen was indicating. He cleared his throat suddenly, stopping any further words from the son of Hermes, “Hey! Y/n, why not go make sure the door is completely shut? I’ll check if the tents rain shelter is up.”

He tried to scurry off before anything else could be said but was caught by the arm, “Hey Percy,” Zach mumbled with a hint of amusement, “Keep it in your pants next time.”

A Little Help

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Alternate continuation of 1x11.  
Genre: I don’t even know. Angst? Comfort?

A/N: Because when @allenting and I start talking, there is usually a fic that comes out of it. And because I need more platonic Linstead in my life, and because I need more Nadia in my life.

I’d like to apologize that I didn’t exactly reply to all the reviews for my last one (I just got so busy and life got in the way). I hope that doesn’t stop you from leaving more comments. I always read them all, and they really make my days!

Hope you enjoy!

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Remember when Magnus was trying to heal Luke, his magic was so strong that it shook the whole apartment and made things fall all over the place, and then later before talking to Clary, Alec was picking up some books and paper on the floor? Well, I bet the bloody couch was not the only thing Alec cleaned that night. He basically went around Magnus’s loft, tidying up the place for the warlock.

And that’s the cutest thing ever