be still my poor shipper heart


“I’m glad…I was stabbed, not you. I’m glad you are not hurt.”

Stay still my poor shipper heart! MIN HYUK GETS STABBED FOR BONG SOON! He completely disregards his own safety and acts purely on instict. When he is racing to her everything rational leaves his mind and the only coherent thought that remains is TO PROTECT BONG SOON AND SHIELD HER WITH HIS OWN BODY.

He does it because he loves her, because he couldn’t bear to see her hurt, because he promised her father that he would protect her and because he finally has the chance TO REPAY HER FOR SAVING HIS LIFE 10 YEARS AGO when she was wearing the VERY SAME PINK HOODIE THAT IS NOW GETTING STAINED WITH HIS BLOOD.

There is something so impossible intimate and tender about the way Min Hyuk gently places his big hand on Bong Soon’s small, slender one while it’s lying over his wound AS SHE IS HOLDING HIM IN HER ARMS, CRYING HER HEART OUT FOR HIM, AND HE IS BLEEDING FOR HER.

And even though he is slowly losing consciousness, MH still finds the strengh to assure and calm her, making sure BS doesn’t blame herself and it does remind you of their training together when he never got angry at her and always encouraged her. And here he is again, taking responsibility for her and protecting her in every way he can.

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"there’s lots of smutty RPS (that Takao LOVES to read and occasionally writes) and of course, the fanart" // I know you said it's not canon to D:M, but that and the fact that there *were* mentions of people shipping MidoTaka at Shuutoku, I was wondering if you can write about that? Like how does Takao + Midorima react? The other Miracles + their boyfriends? Also, Shin-chan's reaction when he finds out that Takao's a regular contributor to the fanfic community lmao

“I got a really, really good 6/10 picture after the last game!”

“Oooh, let me see! And also, I think you mean 10/6.”

“No way!! 6/10 just makes sense, anyway, see?”

“Oh gosh, send me the pic! Please.

Takao will admit that he rarely pays attention to what the girls in his class are talking about, largely because he rarely pays attention to the girls in his class. Not that there’s anything wrong with girls, but since he’s not interested in them romantically and he doesn’t have time to be interested in them platonically (basketball club effectively killing his social life), there’s not much point.

This conversation sticks out to him only because it sounds like they’re talking about math. And he really has no idea why the girls would be giggling so much about math.


Takao doesn’t start to figure things out until the next basketball game, when he notices an unusual amount of girls from their school cheering for him whenever he has the ball. Even then, it takes a few of the other First Years grumbling on the bench for him to take note—“Must be nice to have girls cheering for you just because you’re a starter” and “It’s such a waste for them to cheer for Takao”—since it is kind of wasted on him, he does feel a little guilty. (To the girls, that is, not to the grumblers. The grumblers need to practice more anyway if they want to be starters). He’s wondering if he needs to be more overt with how gay he is during school hours just so the girls know they’re wasting their time—until he notices the girls only cheer when he passes to a particular person.

That is, when he passes to Midorima.


He verifies his hunch by throwing his arm around Midorima’s neck during half-time. Midorima pulls away like a startled cat and the girls scream louder than they were during the game.


Mostly, he takes a sort of perverse delight in the “10/6”  vs. “6/10” debate. Since he’s somewhat, mildly, just the tiniest bit, also interested in the idea of him and Midorima as a couple, he can’t quite say that it bothers him that the girls in their class have also come to that conclusion. Yamamoto did warn him that this was a thing; it’s Takao’s own fault for not taking that seriously.

Yamamoto, Takao recalls, also mentioned fanart, and this seems like a thing he needs to verify.


“Oh wow, OK, that is an impressive level of detail regarding my penis.”

The girl shrieks and flails, which gives Takao the advantage to snatch the drawing away from her.

“Oh God, please give that back, oh my God,” the girl buries her face into her hands. “This is a nightmare, please tell me I’m dreaming.”

“It’s OK,” Takao tries to soothe, mostly because he feels a little bad for her. She looks like she might pass out from mortification, and he figures it had been a little unfair of him to sneak up on her. But then he thinks about how Yamamoto had been deeply uncomfortable with fujoshi culture and feels the need to amend, “Well, OK, so, most gay guys would probably not be comfortable with you drawing naked pictures of them and their classmate, so maybe you should tone that impulse down; but not me, I grew up in a family of women and I thrive on dysfunction anyhow…”

“You mean you’re actually gay?!” she yelps.

“Uhh, yeah? You didn’t know?”

“Oh my god, please kill me now,” she says, burying her hands again. “I am so, so, so sorry, I didn’t know, I feel like—oh God.”

“Wait, wait, it’s only OK to draw naked pictures of me and my friend if we’re both straight?” Takao frowns. “What exactly is the logic behind that one?”

“It is!” the girl wails. “Now I feel bad! I wouldn’t have agreed to work on the doujinshi if I’d known you were actually gay!”

“There’s a doujinshi?” Takao exclaims gleefully.

“…No, no there’s not, what doujinshi? Ah ha ha ha, what? Ohdeargodpleasekillme.” She tries to grab the picture out of Takao’s hands but he dodges easily.

“OK, we’re laying down some ground rules,” Takao says, still filled with delight. “First, Shin—that is, Midorima can’t ever, ever know about this, got it? He is much more the delicate type than I am, and I don’t think his poor tender heart would survive the knowledge.”

“After this, I am probably jumping off a bridge, you will never see me again,” the girl says, quite seriously.

“No, no, Megumi-san, right? I need you as my ambassador to the shippers, you can’t jump off a bridge now.”

“I really want to die now,” Megumi groans.

“Rule two, I get to see the doujinshi. And I’m keeping this.” It’s actually a really well-drawn picture. Of him and Midiorima. Naked. And Embracing.

“Are you sure you can’t just kill me?” Megumi begs.

“Nope. Also, I heard mention of pictures, and I’m going to insist I see those.”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! I am sorry for how long this has taken (I anticipate saying this a lot). This takes place before Midorima and Takao become a couple. I am still not making those random scenarios “D:M canon,” so he doesn’t contribute to the RPS. But since you are absolutely correct, there *was* mention of shipping in Designation: Miracle, I did think it would be fun for Takao to find out =D The others probably don’t find out though. Also, partially inspired by Kiss Him Not Me. Takao speaks the language of the fangirls.

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You said on one of your reblogs that you ship Ronnie and jughead. How do you think their friendship will develop? Personally I want Archie and Ronnie to be endgame, and personally I do not care for Betty in general or with either Archie or jughead. I think the Ronnie x jughead dynamic will be explored at some point, they are both dark and deep so I could see a fling occurring.

Thanks for your ask, nonnie!

I’m 100% sure that Jeronica will only be explored, when Bughead break up at one point or another. And as much as this idea pains my poor Bughead shipper heart, it absolutely excites my Jeronica shipper heart. But there is definitely no way that Veronica and Jughead will develope feelings for one another as long as Bughead is still a thing. Jughead is just too much in love with Betty.

Somewhere in the back of my mind there’s this wild theory about Jeronica. You’ve probably heard about the comparisons between Jughead x Betty and Pacey x Joey from Dawson’s Creek (I dismiss these comparisons, by the way)? What if people are comparing the wrong pairings? What if it’s actually not Archie that takes Dawson’s place but Betty?
Think about it. We got a dark-haired, witty person getting into a relationship with a light-haired, perfect person next door. The person they’re meant to be with. They’re even considered to be soulmates. And then there’s this other dark-haired, witty person. These two dark-haired, witty persons barely interact with each other, but when they do, it’s mostly sass and banter.
Am I talking about season 1 of Riverdale or am I talking about season 1 of Dawson’s Creek? Who’s to say.
And now think about what happened two season later. The dark-haired, witty person and the light-haired, perfect person next door broke up. The two dark-haired, witty persons (who are, by the way, the light-haired person’s best friend and their ex-partner) first found consolation in their mutual bantering and eventually fell in love with eath other…
Just saying, you know.

I don’t know, if Jeronica will ever be explored on the show, but if they do, I imagine the writers to pull off something along the lines of Dawson’s Creek. Either way, I’m super excited for the upcoming season and absolutely open for whatever they want to do with these pairings.


Bless my poor Skimmons heart, at last Skimmons is back! And look at Chloe’s caption in her pic with Elizabeth, it gives me life. And as we can see in Elizabeth’s pic, Chloe is holding her and her eyes tell us everything. She’s like saying: Don’t touch Liz, she’s mine. Don’t lose hope all Skimmons shipper, Skimmons is still alive!

Remember when Sanji called Nojiko as “sister”??? That’s when Nojiko tried to protect Sanji from Hacchan.

Oh wait… Look who is older sister never protecting her younger brother?

Oh wait… That’s not the first one. Before it’s happened, Sanji has called Nojiko a “sister”

Well, that’s after he listened to Nami’s past, right? So he must learned these things:

Nami had a poor but loving family (parent & sibling), although they aren’t blood related. 

but, Sanji had a rich but an abusing family (parent and sibling), even if he was a blood member.

What point I throw you are:

  • Alright, at first we thought Sanji called Nojiko a “sister” because he’s in love with Nami so Nami’s family is his family too! But, what if it’s deeper than that? Because he really views Nojiko as an older sister he never “had”?
  • Well with Bellemere’s sacrifice, Nami had realized that even though she’s poor and unrelated blood family, they’re loving her. But still, I really… really want her to learn Sanji’s past. How contrast it is!

PS: Is it just me or I see Reiju’s design is similar to Nojiko?

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies

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Kinda AU from some of your art : What do you think Churchill's reaction would be if he and FDR found out that USUK actually still viewed each other as brothers or parent/child rather than in a romantic way? And there was zero chance of his ship happening? His poor shipper heart! (ps you're art is awesome!)

I have alternate endings for my Winston shipping series and I plan on doing both. One is where America and England are together and and one like your your saying but more on the team that there nations and they don’t have romantic feelings for anything. 

okay who cares but this was an emotional day for my poor shipper heart...

first, today FOX aired the glee episode with the Brittana proposal and I watched and I realized that even if they had a happy ending I am still missing them and I will miss them all my fucking life

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then I watched all the Paily moments from season 5 of PLL now avaliable in Netflix (in Mexico) and I realized I still miss them even if Paige is coming back soon, I miss them so much

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after that I found on my computer an old Reamy picture and I realized I am still missing them and I hit the wall because they were not endgame on Faking It

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then Alycia cancelled for the Con in Brazil and I think it could be the last time to see her and Eliza in the same place talking about Clexa and The 100 and everything and I realized that I’m gonna miss them like a crazy

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minutes after I read Orphan Black was renewed for a 5th and last season and minutes ago I saw a Cophine reunion and I am happy but I am worried because I haven’t watched the episode but I am still worried for that last season, and after next year, I am going to miss them so much

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all day I have been nervous about the new OITNB season next to be released on netflix (maybe in few minutes or few hours from now), I am waiting for Vauseman and I am nervous because last time they were in very bad terms and if I’m honest I’ve been missing them all this year

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now, to complete the circle, I found myself watching the best Hollstein scenes because I miss them and I am waiting for the new Carmilla season but I am sad because is the last!!

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Damon & Bonnie | Already Gone (7x15) [preview]

Bonnie’s speech had me in tears!!! THE FEELS!!! My poor Bamon heart couldn’t take it. Here’s a preview of my next video, I love this song and had to use it after this episode. <3 

ps. the quality is pretty bad since I haven’t had a chance to get the episode in HD and there’s still a ton of editing that needs to be done and I still need to add a coloring.:D

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Fave spuffy moments?

Thanks anon! Trying again seeing as I deleted EVERYTHING last time. Allow me to rant for 50 years:

  • School Hard, when Spike stalks/creeps on Buffy when she’s dancing. The sexual tension there is some GOOD SHIT
  • All of their alliance in Becoming, from the ‘hello cutie’ to Spike’s genuine moment of concern for Buffy when Angel is about to kill her. Like he doesn’t act on it, but it is a start!!
  • “I’m just dying for a good slay” - I’m sorry did you mean lay? I can’t remember which ep this is from but s4 fighty Spuffy is the best, they look like they are 5 minutes away from hate sex at all times.
  • ALLLL of Something Blue, especially the end when they’re both hardcore in denial.
  • Superstar when Spike strokes Buffy’s hair and calls her Betty like dude, are you trying to be intimidating or did you just REALLY REALLY wanna touch her hair
  • Out of My Mind with Spike’s big epiphany dream, first of all I love his reaction to it — “Oh God no, please no.” Like he knew he was fucked from the start, I LOVE EET — and also, how his declaration of love involved asking her to kill him, like how much are you in love with death??? That’s what I love about this ship though, they are bOTH in love with death but as they grow they learn to love life, no one touch me okay ;__;
  • When Spike bursts into Buffy’s room to tattle on Riley and she makes him turn round so she can get changed and he tries to play it cool but then literally makes an O face, I mean, my guy, could you have any less chill
  • Buffy getting furious with Spike for enabling Dawn’s discovery of her keyness, like she’d just been betrayed by a friend or sth, I mean, he’s your mortal enemy what do you expect
  • Crush is a tough one bcs listen the date and the chains and weird stalker Spike in his weird preppy clothes suck ass, BUT I love the porch scene forever, I love the symbolism of that moment, Spike choosing to put down his gun and step from dark into light. He chooses sympathy and comfort over violence how big of a deal is that for a vampire??
  • Again, can’t remember the ep but that scene when Buffy begs him to protect Dawn and Joyce and he’s teasing her but then they have this moment of intense nonverbal communication, where her eyes are pleading and his eyes are melting and it is such a good 👌👌👌
  • Spike bring flowers to Joyce’s funeral, that’s not quite a Spuffy moment I know, but it’s him acting unselfishly and it’s because of Buffy, that he’s starting to feel empathy for people who don’t directly benefit him so yeah, love that also
  • INTERVENTION AHHHH I know I’ve already mentioned this but 1) Spike allowing himself to be tortured to protect Dawn, like okay, we could argue all day about whether this is truly unselfish but it is still an act of self sacrifice, he was ready to die rather than see Buffy hurt, how can he do this and also be so awful idk? Anyway, 2) The Kiss, Spike and Buffy’s first real kiss, Buffy having a genuine moment of feeling for him, I’m not even kidding, I NEED to know how the fandom reacted to this when the show was airing
  • When Buffy decides to run away from Glory and she trusts Spike to help them NICE
  • The Gift (I just realised I said Sacrifice in my fave episode lists I MEANT THE GIFT) anyway, when Buffy reinvites Spike into the house and he somehow does not act like a smug asshole about it? And he’s completely ready to die for Dawn? And the “I know you’ll never love me” speech, with him just looking at her and Buffy on the stairs above him like some sort of ethereal goddess, it is BEAUTIFUL like if u cry evrytiem
  • the bookend to that moment comes in Afterlife with Buffy on the stairs and she’s so scared but he’s so gentle oh man why couldn’t the season have stayed that way, without the scared part I guess
  • when Buffy seeks him out later in the same ep I just love the way she goes to him without even seeming to think about it, as though she was planning on going there all along
  • in the s6 Halloween ep when they’re all going home and Buffy just looks at Spike and says ‘good fight’ and they have this kind of warrior recognises warrior moment I love those
  • forget the ep but when Buffy steps outside the house and meets Spike on the porch and he tosses a cigarette at her foot by way of hello and she just gives this sad eye roll but she’s also semi happy to see him, as happy as she can be anyway oh my life and then he makes her laugh
  • Smashed when they get it on and for a split second they just stare at each other, and it’s so raw and charged and powerful
  • The morning after scene in Wrecked - it’s trash, they’re trash, I’m trash, Spike kept Buffy’s panties, good stuff
  • Dead Things when they have an actual conversation before everything goes to hell
  • (skipping right ahead to s7 because the rest of s6 is hell) Lessons when they meet again in the basement and everything is so screwed up and Buffy reaches out and looks at the scratch marks on his chest and he’s clearly suffering and she just doesn’t know what to feel and it’s a mess, it’s all a mess but it’s my mess
  • BENEATH YOU OH HECK BENEATH YOU. Buffy flinching away from Spike, like yes, acknowledge Seeing Red, I wish they’d done more of that. That’s a weird thing to enjoy, I’m aware - it’s not that I enjoy her being in pain, it’s more that Buffy’s feelings are so often not given priority in their relationship (at least by the fans. I’m even guilty of it, look at this list, it’s 90% Spike focused, I’m awful), so I like to see things be all about her for once. As opposed to being all about Spike being all about her, which is a very different thing.
  • more Beneath You - the church scene. I could write for pages and pages about the church scene. I love seeing the extent of Spike’s madness and remorse. I love the heavy religious overtones (or undertones? Idk. Anyway, fandom + Christianity = v happy Mai). I love the symbolic double talk of Spike’s madness (what if Dru could have heard him then? Would she have understood him? Would she have grieved to see him share her curse? I think she would. Off topic, sorry) and I love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE SMG’s fab acting in this scene. The way the cameras focus on her face and we just see her reactions as Spike circles her, raving and she cycles through anger, fear, sympathy and some kind of transcendental awe when she realises the enormity of what he’s done. When that single tear slips down her perfect face, I die.
  • “I’m not molly coddling you. Go to your closet.” Buffy’s nurturing instincts are the greatest and I just love seeing her exercise them on Spike.
  • Sleeper, I believe I mentioned this before but ALL OF SLEEPER. I love Buffy hunting Spike as he hunts that girl, I love that super awkward convo they have in Xander’s apartment where he’s clearly thrilled to have a chance to talk to her but doesn’t want to overstep either (boundary respecting Spike is a rare and fascinating creature), I love her tossing him out of bed and demanding the truth, but most of all, I love that she’s rooting for him not to be bad. The whole time, she wants him to be good. Also Spike begging for death and Buffy electing to help him, she is SO GOOD AND PURE, ow.
  • When they have the famous “I believe in you,” convo. I think it’s fab that Buffy repeatedly refuses to accept his self pitying BS all season. Every time he wants to wallow, she just will not allow it. But here, she also shows a little softness, gives him that spark of belief that sustains him all the way through his capture and torture by the First. And her declaration that she doesn’t hate like that any more - yes, Buffy, that’s my girl.
  • Buffy rescuing Spike BE STILL MY POOR SHIPPER HEART. The absolute wonder on Spike’s face and some kind of tremulous delight on Buffy’s face. SMG knocked it out of the park in s7, she plays these mixed feelings concerning Spike so well.
  • Buffy calling Spike’s BS in whatever ep she tells him to vamp the fuck up. As I said, she demands the best from him and in response he gives it
  • “You’re the one” this speech is obviously going to be here. I’m sure people have written 10000 metas on this so I won’t say much, but I love to see Spike give Buffy that emotional support. Sometimes I feel that this relationship takes more from Buffy than it gives her — even when she’s doing the taking, it destroys her. So I love to see her get the unconditional reassurance she needs. And to see our emotionally distant girl reach out for something actually more intimate than sex, that tender embrace, staring deep into each others’ eyes, well. That’s worth a lot of angst.
  • Chosen. The ILY/No you don’t moment is cool and all but it’s actually not my fave. My favourite thing here is the hands on fire. If the amulet is literally running on soul power, then it’s burning wherever this power is most strongly present, so that’s Spike’s heart, unsurprisingly, but it’s also wherever Buffy touches him. It’s as though she makes his soul flare, makes all that’s good in him rise to the surface. Damn, I freaking love that.
  • Buffy saying “Spike” as her final line, with that Mona Lisa smile on her face. I wrote a fic about that smile. Bittersweet pride and gratitude and grief, ughhhhh my heart.

SO that got long, I hope you weren’t expecting a top 5 or anything, haha.

Also how gross is it that nearly all of these are about Spike’s POV? I am terrible.


pun princess

unsurprisingly, I have a lot of feelings about chinshoulder!Emma. because only people who are being dorky and pestering the person they’re with do this 

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