be still my heart!!!

let’s not talk about the popped sal, HOW ABOUT THAT 4T AND 3A

DAMN IT YUZU, WARN US EARLIER. ISTG I ALMOST DIED FROM A HEART ATTACK omg it surprised me so so much that I didn’t even think of the podium anymore, popped sal be damned, all that matters is that awesome inpromptu 4T and 3A!!!!

4x04 fuck off tbh!
  • forreal though as unlikely as it is i would renounce blint and silverflint and ALL OF IT if thomas is still alive because lbr that’s the best possible endgame for flint and i’m so full of emotion right now? bless silver for trying to dig more with max and then when he kept bringing up thomas in that conversation with flint my god that was a lot to deal with
  • i loooooooooooooooooved all the billy/flint/silver antagonism and them tentatively trying to work together like their dynamic is my lifeblood
  • poor titty trying to play silver though (bless him) and talking about him and silver as ‘the two of us’, all throughout that scene i was like EVERYONE IS GONNA HATE BILLY MORE NOW GDI 
  • but then the final scene? flint being all I’M GONNA IGNORE U SILVER BC THIS IS MY PLAN hoo boy you could almost see it dawning on silver that maybe titty was right and is this the beginning of silverflint breaking up? god i just live for each and every realignment of the ot3
  • yes @ julius and the slave revolt! let’s get it started! i’m still confused by the underhill stuff though? like i can’t believe that titty would sanction the killing of the wife and child? idk 
  • ANNE IS THE ABSOLUTE SUPREME like i just want her and jack to somehow escape history and retire peacefully somewhere
  • i feel like eleanor’s going to die soon now that she’s been cursed with pregnancy, on top of that pretty poignant talk with max
  • it was so nice to have an episode where no-one talked about v*ne!
  • DEGROOT IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • finally i spent about 40 minutes yelling WHERE’S BEN GUNN and then he appeared! with lines! i love his shoddy accent and lovely soft voice 😍. also good lord he is pretty 
My heart still hurts over “I Saw The Light” 💔

Sometimes it hits me all over again.  Tonight is one of those times.  I went to youtube and watched the Colbert clip and the nonsense from the party after the Nashville premiere and the guitar shop interview and Lovesick Blues from the film and there is so much joy there, I wish I could tell him how much I love it and how almost tangibly his performance touches me.  I can’t explain it, it’s like some kind of musical vapor that I breathe in, I feel the pain and the joy at the same time.  If no one else remembers this film, I will.  

listen i know i talk a lot about boys buT punk girls??? soft girls??? flowery girls?? also divs?? punk divs??? androgynous divs?? more typically fem/masc divs??? 

in summary everyone is,,,, really cute n attractive just a reminder

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I want to express an opinion about how diff C and B are towards ppl in general but I don’t want to make it sound like I am hating on C, because I am not. I feel like, when it comes to ppl or at least the delinquents they r closer to B, cuzz they feel like he values them more as ppl not treat them as subjects. I feel like C in S3 felt entitled to make a decision for everyone else while she was away for them for 3 months and just expected them to get along with whatever she was deciding. (1/2)

(2/2) I don’t think she means too though. I mean in their POV B values their opinion more and sticks up for them more. He’s there for them more than C. p.s: please put in mind i am in no way hating on C, and i def dont think that thats who she is, i am saying they might see it that way, it always seem to me like they r closer to B

I don’t think it’s hating on characters to talk about their role in the show or their character development. People have this idea that if you don’t call them perfect cupcakes, that means you’re hating them, and that’s a pretty immature way to look, not just at characters, but at people, too. Character is made up a constellation of traits and behaviors, some great, some not so great. Some healthy, some destructive, some noble some that just makes you want to roll your eyes at them, and that’s okay.

I think you’re right. Clarke has always had a tendency to consider her own judgment over anyone else’s. She’s just been always sure that she was right. And she often is. She’s pretty insightful. The problem comes when she is so used to being right and telling people what to do and the decisions start getting more complicated and gray and more about perspective than just “we need to survive.”

She is not as connected to people as Bellamy is. I think it’s one of the ways he grounds her… or centers her. She looks at things in the big picture, and he looks at things in the small picture, including people’s feelings and opinions and perspectives. He thinks about who these decisions are affecting and she is very often focused more heavily on the goal. 

Rather than hating on Clarke, I think you’re making a good analysis of her character and how it affects the other characters. 


The wind blows through your hair. The soft sunlight.
Everything is the same except you’re not here.
The person who told me, “Everything is up to you.”

Eventually the people you love deeply will disappear.
That’s how life works.
Nothing in my memories is absolutely perfect.

I love you, but I feel so much pain. I want to cry all day.
I can’t forget you. You still live in my heart.
The blue sky swallows all my overwhelming feelings.
It won’t reach you, so like a long-gone star, the light wanders aimlessly.

In the same way you face reality after you wake up from your dreams,
we can move forward by forgetting.
But we wish for a person who will prove otherwise.

I don’t know how to erase the promises, the scars, and the memories.
An old photograph eventually fades, but our hearts don’t work like that.

We grow older by experiencing pain.
If that moment is now, l’ll move forward and express my feelings
until the day comes when I can look back to the long track of my footsteps,
open that door, and say, “Everything worked out fine.”

When we lose that one precious thing, we think everything is over,
but that’s because we can’t live without them.

We assure ourselves by loving someone
that our heart is beating… that we are alive.

I love you. I love you. I loved you too much.
I’ve been listening to the sounds that make me forget everything else.
The blue sky swallows all my overwhelming feelings.
It won’t reach you, so like a long-gone star, the light wanders aimlessly.

-Flumpool - Zanzou (lyrics credits: @

Tomorrow is your big day. Your 24th birthday and also your graduation from Nogizaka. I wanted to be honest by saying that I’m more of sad than happy for you. Tears would fall every time I would at your pictures and videos. Why am I like this? I also don’t know why. Maybe because I still don’t want you to go. I still want you to stay in the group.

You’re my first oshimen, my first Nogizaka oshimen. The very first person that captured my heart. It is also the reason why I’m so affected with you leaving.

I know that I’ll eventually accept it wholeheartedly and send you off with a smile but just this once, the remaining hours before your birthday and graduation, let me pour it all out, the remaining tears of sadness so that at the end of the day tomorrow, it will just be tears of happiness.

Thank you for the great 5 and a half years that you shared with Nogizaka. Though I’ved only just been a fan for almost 2 years, it felt like I’ve already been one for 5 and a half years. Enjoy your day tomorrow and the 1st day of the 5th Birthday Live.

Thank you very much. Happy Birthday and Goodbye, my first Nogizaka46 oshimen, Nanamin.

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that moment when lexa discovers that clarke still thinks of her, fondly, and can't help but draw her. my heart still hurts for these two. why?! why can't i let go?! they are such a perfect pairing, a true otp to end all otps

I feel the same way, friend. ;w;

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i’m starting my new job tomorrow and i still feel my heart breaking for the friends i left behind at my old work place.
they are so dear to me that i kinda feel like a traitor (even tho my work was mentally and physically exhausting and it’s good for me to change my career)
It’s not like i won’t see them or something like that, but i just can’t seem to wrap my mind around idea of leaving people. i guess i will never learn to let things go🤔