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Stranger Things Crossover: Jason and Cassie Hopper


Jason Hopper never really got over his sister Sara’s death, so it wasn’t really a surprise to anyone that when Cassie Hopper came to Hawkins he became the most protective older brother one could imagine. While she was reckless, he was cautious, they balanced one another, and even if the siblings would give each other hell, in the end of the day everyone knew that the Hopper’s loved one another. So when they find themselves caught up in Hawkins Lab’s messes, there isn’t anyone else they’d rather face this threat with.


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So basically from the previous QNA picture i did (if you guys noticed), Swifty and Snazzy has something different on their right eye. Remember Snazzy said “…almost made us snap…”. The reason why he said that is because of Sensy dying is their nightmare. When they have a panic attack at 100% , their power became unstable and they change into these strange ‘Nightmare Catchers’. They’re both devious and trouble makers due to the fact they’re children.

Nightmare Catchers are creatures that creates inner dark-selves for monster in SonaTale. When the power of a monster became unstable, it’s easy for them to control the physical form of the monster and changes it into a living nightmare. It basically takes form of the things that the monster loves. Like for instant these two.

Echo!Swifty (Nickname: Echo) - Based off his personality of keeping his secrets echoing through his mind. Plus it’s because of this song 

Snazzy Cell (Nickname: Cell) - Based off the fact that he loves technologies such as laptops, psp, x-box, phone, etc. But the most important technologies to him are his I-phone, and Mac. And it’s it’s because of this song

Undertale by Toby

Sonatale, Swifty, Snazzy, Art, by Me