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So I was doing a past practice math test today and in one of the word problem questions they had two people who had to pull out coloured counters from a bag. The two characters names in this math problem you ask?

Mike and Ellie.

I literally sat back and contemplated life for a minute.

I was not prepared.

I secretly think they did it on purpose.

But what date was this past math paper dated you ask?


anyone that tags an allcaps post ‘st*cky’ owes Sam Wilson $5 and a handwritten apology

I know it’s not Karma because that’s not what karma is, but holy shit is it satisfying to watch someone get paid back by the universe nearly immediately.

For example, the douce in the suit with the slicked back hair who grabbed the closing train doors while they were closing, forced them open, and ran onto the train, shooting a smug grin at all the tired people he was delaying, while he walked right into the puke spot on the floor.


They’re also part of the Ask Box

So basically from the previous QNA picture i did (if you guys noticed), Swifty and Snazzy has something different on their right eye. Remember Snazzy said “…almost made us snap…”. The reason why he said that is because of Sensy dying is their nightmare. When they have a panic attack at 100% , their power became unstable and they change into these strange ‘Nightmare Catchers’. They’re both devious and trouble makers due to the fact they’re children.

Nightmare Catchers are creatures that creates inner dark-selves for monster in SonaTale. When the power of a monster became unstable, it’s easy for them to control the physical form of the monster and changes it into a living nightmare. It basically takes form of the things that the monster loves. Like for instant these two.

Echo!Swifty (Nickname: Echo) - Based off his personality of keeping his secrets echoing through his mind. Plus it’s because of this song 

Snazzy Cell (Nickname: Cell) - Based off the fact that he loves technologies such as laptops, psp, x-box, phone, etc. But the most important technologies to him are his I-phone, and Mac. And it’s it’s because of this song

Undertale by Toby

Sonatale, Swifty, Snazzy, Art, by Me

The Others - Emison

(It’s not like you’re particularly beautiful
I’ve met beautiful people
I’ve hated beautiful people
I’ve loved beautiful people)

Maya had her confidence, maybe that why Emily let her in. Because Maya was free of societal norms, and free of oppressing parents and free of the confines of popularity. Her confidence seeped into Emily’s soul and nestled into her heart and let her believe that she could be confident too.

When they first made love that night, surrounded by candles and heat, Maya had touched her the way Alison used to touch her, and Emily swore it was the same.

But Maya’s confidence was faked, and the lies she told made her too much like Alison and the break up was inevitable.

(But it’s your smile
And your eyes
And your voice
And your words that flow through my body like the alcohol I use to forget)

Paige was confident too, not exactly in the same way but strong. She would protect the people she loved but in a different way than Alison. Paige was brash and bold and strong, while Alison was harsh, and cold, and tough. So Emily loved Paige, because Paige made her smile, and made her relax, and never her made her feel insecure.

But Alison could keep a secret, Paige couldn’t bother. Not even with the important ones, like whispered kisses on a cold summer day.

(It’s your hands
That feel like they were made for me to hold)

Samara was when Emily almost admitted to herself that she had a problem. She was blonde with blue eyes, and sweet and genuine, they both even had obsessions with bracelets.

But Samara’s smile was different, and her eyes were a darker shade of blue, so Emily didn’t really try to get her back. She was just another in a sea of blondes to help her forget.

(It’s your laugh and how I spend all my time trying to come up with ways to hear it)

Sara Harvey it was even more ridiculous. She was blonde with blue eyes, and needed Emily. She was a queen bee at her old school and Emily always knew she was keeping things from her, and just like with Alison, Emily didn’t care.

Because when she kissed her the rushing in her ears stopped, and the pounding in her head slowed, and she loved her as hard as she could, and punched her even harder.

(It’s you and me
And me and you
And you and her
And her and you
And I’ve dripped off the page
And I’m a girl you text occasionally
And I’m nothing to you now)

Talia was a liar. She lied and she lied, and she seemed more mature, she was cute in an impish way and Emily couldn’t have cared less about her. She was Alison but less beautiful, less strong, less genuine, less confident, she helped her cater a party and that was it. Emily didn’t care much when they broke up because she moved on to California and bigger and better things.

(But god do I wish I could be something
And god do I try to be
I tried to be)

Sabrina was difficult, because she knew nothing, her hair was a dirty blonde which was as far away from Ali as Emily could manage. She always smelled slightly of weed which reminded her of Maya but she knew nothing about A.

They would’ve been good (emily knows this) if AD hadn’t so permanently settled into her life like a never ending bad dream. She tried, she did, she really did, but even when AD drifted away things felt too changed for her to love anyone.

(I see myself getting another chance in the next few years
I’m not usually wrong
I’m going to screw that one up too)

Alison kissed Emily on the kissing rock and then Emily kissed Alison in the library and it felt like a never ending pattern of broken heart and lost trails to happiness. Every single night Alison was gone and dead Emily would whisper to herself that she only wanted “one more minute, just one, is that too much to ask?”

(I’ll see you in New York
Or maybe higher up)

All Emily wanted to do was jump in front of the gun. Partly because she couldn’t stand the thought of Alison truly, truly dead, and partly because she wanted to give the blonde a taste of her own medicine.

(You’re not a particularly beautiful person
You’re rough and cold and dark
And make me question my confidence
And my own beauty)

When they kissed again, and never talked Emily almost thought it was because of her. Like she hadn’t done it well enough. Hadn’t kissed enough girls yet. She wasn’t good enough. She hadn’t loved Alison hard enough. (Alison never told her that she could never be sure if Emily was a mermaid or a siren, ready to pull her to safety, or lead her to death, and that Emily loved her too hard and she already felt like drowning.)

(But your smile has dimples
And your eyes are warm
And your voice is intoxicating
And your words may give me a hangover but I never black out)

They held hands before Emily left and the warmth stayed with her just like her eyes, and the gold of her hair, tilting off the sun. She kissed girls in college like it was nobody’s business, but she loved no one, still committed to a girl back home set on falling in love with someone else, regardless of feelings.

(Your hands may be distant
But they’re there

Your laugh may be smaller
But I still get to hear it

And you’re not a particularly beautiful person
But you’re the most perfect person in all your imperfections)

And then it was five long years later, Alison was pregnant, Emily had a relationship, and they were kissing anyway. Because sometimes all you really need is love and an old song to guide the way home, just like any good friend would.

(And maybe one day it won’t kill me to hear about her
And ask about her
And know about her

But right now
It does

Please leave me alone)

And finally Emily demanded the truth, demanded that she stopped kissing her, demanded an answer. Or else the last thousand girls were pointless.

And Alison gave her one in the form of a diamond ring on Emily’s finger.

And they lived happily ever after swimming through seas and ignoring siren calls.


The poem is called Beauty (letters to my ex) that I wrote myself, which is somewhere on my blog. Sorry to everyone who had to scroll past that shit!

Grand Blues 763 Sturm at the Party

[Sturm and Drang ended up joining the Boys n’ Girls Mixer Party that Korwa had put together.]
Lowain: “Yeaaah!”
Mercenary of Battle’s Flame, Sturm: “Eh!?”

Lo: “Yeaaah! So cyuuuute!”
St: “W…wait! No one told me it was this kind of gathering…!” /fume fume
Drang: “Well, it’s just that they said it’d be great if we joined to help liven things up.”
Korwa: “Fufu… sorry, sorry. Are you bad with these kind of situations?”

Ko: “If the boys in our crew are too obnoxious for you, then how about pretending that you’re a couple with that guy so you can get through this?”
St: “No… a couple would be a bit…”
St: “If it comes down to it, maybe pretending to be his sister or something… but that might be no good…”
Dr: “…!?”

Dr: Sturm-dono as a big sis or little sis…? /fantasizing
St: “…Oi, little bro. I bought you food.”
St: “Oi, big bro. Wanna play a game with me?”