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Star City Vacations: Tempt Your Fate and Your Limbs

Dream CW/DC Crossover

You know what I want for the next big crossover between Arrow, Flash, Legends, and Supergirl? I want a huge power switch. I dunno how, but I want something to whammy them so everything is upside down.

I want to see Kara with Sara or Ollie’s fighting ability, no longer able to use her brute strength and powers, but instead having to use intelligence and stratagem.

I want Martin Stein to get super speed, no longer able to think and plan everything out, instead having to act fast and almost impulsively.

I want Oliver to get Cisco’s ability to vibe (losing his fighting training), so he can’t lead the forces, but instead has to take a backseat, recon position. Maybe he also gets Cisco’s scientific know-how.

I want Barry to get Diggle’s steadiness (this is where I am stretching a bit), I want him to know how to fight, but not be the best fighter. I want him to have to slow down, become the rock and voice of reason.

I want Mick and Felicity to be firestorm. Just cause that would be fucking hilarious. Or maybe Mick and Snart. TBH I just want Snart back.

I want Cisco to get Kara’s abilities given to her by the yellow sun, no longer sitting back in the lab, but leading the forces, being the game changer.
That is what I want for a crossover :)

So I just had this thought about the s3-s4 era of Arrow and how the start dates of all the costumed heroes stack up
  • The Arrow: Fall 2012
  • Arsenal: Spring 2014
  • Black Canary: Winter 2015
  • Speedy: Spring 2015
  • Spartan: Spring
  • Green Arrow: Fall 2015

By the end of s3 both the Arrow and Arsenal are out due to Roy’s sacrifice. Oliver’s on there twice because according to s4, the public honestly believes the Arrow and Green Arrow to be two separate individuals. So…

Can I have the AU where the citizens of Star City and the press recognize Black Canary as the leader/senior member of the group? Like news reports will lead with “The Black Canary and her team of vigilantes blah blah blah etc.” There’s no such thing as “Team Arrow” in Star City. Nah, people tend to call it the “Canary Crew” or “Canary & Co.”

And the citizens love Black Canary. Especially in the Glades. She’s the one that rallied them to fight back against Brick, remember? She’ll fight off anyone, from crazy assassin leagues to that guy who just tried to mug a woman walking home from her job. She’ll take the time to save your kids and send them off to safety with a wink and a smile. No one can get her action figure in Star City for Christmas because it’s sold out.

They all have a healthy admiration for Speedy and Spartan, too. Over those summer months, those two established their street cred and respect among the citizens and criminals alike. Everybody knows you don’t want to go up against Speedy when she’s angry. And Spartan? Have you seen that guy’s arms? If he takes you out with the tranq gun, count yourself lucky. That’s mercy.

And when the Green Arrow rolls into town and puts his face up on television, Star City isn’t impressed. Guy in a green hood, yeah, they’ve seen it all before. Nice try, rookie. Doesn’t he know commandeering the televisions is a bad guy move in this town? They start taking bets on whether or not this newbie’s going to disappear for weeks or months at a time like the Arrow always did.

Damien Darhk can’t be bothered with Green Arrow after their first fight. He barely broke a sweat tossing that archer aside, what should he spare him a second thought for? Time to deal with the real thorns in his side for the last five months, Black Canary and her friends.

When Oliver gets asked questions about his policy on vigilantes as a mayor candidate, it’s the Black Canary’s name on every reporter’s lips, usually paired with Spartan or Speedy. Occasionally there’ll be an added “and that new arrow-guy”, like an afterthought.

And that’s how it hits him. He’s not the gatekeeper of heroism. He never was. Just because he was the Hood five years ago doesn’t mean anything. Being first isn’t what’s important, it’s your commitment that counts. That’s what people remember.

So he resolves, truly this time – and not on television or in some grand speech, just quietly, to himself – to never give up on his city again. To finish what he started. To be as worthy of the hero mantle as all the others who didn’t need his permission or approval to earn it.

The next time they team up with their Central City counterparts, the name Team Arrow starts getting bandied around in the base. No one’s surprised when Oliver looks up with a no-nonsense, “We’re not called that.”

No, the shock comes when he takes a step that places him right next to Laurel, lays a hand on her arm – like he always does – and continues, “Pretty sure word on the street says we’re Canary’s Company.”

Most of the others have looks ranging from surprise to bemusement. Diggle’s is far more considering, though that’s nothing unusual. Thea’s one of the first to give an approving nod. Then Cisco adds his ruling of, “Awesome name.”

But Oliver’s eyes are on Laurel.

She’s the most stunned of all. Then slowly, ever so slowly like she’s daring to believe it little by little, her eyes soften and crinkle at the corners as a smile spreads over her lips and lights up the whole room.

And he knows, somehow, he’s found his way back to a hero’s journey.

Expanding his operations to include a bodyguard and tech geek, Green Arrow creates a group that is affectionately called “Team Arrow.” John Andrew Diggle is the co-leader of the unit. Contrary to his tough exterior, Dig is a perceptive and wise individual, prompting Oliver to have him as his comrade, which is good because Diggle hates serving spoiled brats instead of making a real difference. Since becoming his first partner, Diggle provides Ollie with a sense of direction and serves as the voice of reason for Queen, who, sometimes being impulsive, does not think thoroughly before taking action. As an ex-soldier, Spartan is in top physical condition. Due to his build, Diggle is remarkably strong and highly skilled with multiple types of firearms. Felicity Megan Smoak is gifted in CS/IT. As an MIT graduate, Overwatch proves to be a genius and capable leader. Roy William Harper, Jr. resents the wealthy because he believes most of them are greedy and selfish. He will never beg for his life because his enemies do not deserve the satisfaction. After being given a purpose, Arsenal turns his life around and seeks the road of a vigilante so that he could help people in need. Dinah Laurel Lance fights hard to get what she wants. To honor her sister, Black Canary becomes an expert hand-to-hand combatant and uses a sonic device to disrupt her foes. Thea Dearden Queen goes from a junkie to a responsible young woman. After training with her father, she has become more disciplined. Picking up after Harper, Speedy is a master archer, earning a spot on the team. Curtis Holt joins as maintenance before moving out into the field as Mister Terrific. An accomplished mechanic, Holt can create new tech and complex algorithms. In addition, he is a bronze medal Olympic athlete and a decent amateur fighter when the situation demands it. Rory Regan is the sole survivor of Havenrock. Adorned with mystical rags, Ragman can control them to grapple enemies and deflect bullets. Evelyn Crawford Sharp is one of many unwilling test subjects of HIVE. Like Regan, she starts her career off by desiring revenge, but after joining the unit, she has become level-headed. As Artemis, she uses a black bow and baton. Rene Ramirez goes from a Navy Seals officer to a vigilante and argues with his mentor for having different ideas of justice. Also, he does not like to take orders, resulting in him often ignoring commands. He prefers to kill anyone who he thinks is bad instead of having them arrested. He believes that the world would be better without people like them, though his headstrong traits cause him to attack criminals without strategy. Donning a hockey mask, Wild Dog uses twin pistols to take out numerous opponents.


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