be somone else

There is a space, on the other side of this table
For somone else to sit,
But the chair is empty.
I can’t decide if I would like to see that chair filled
with you,
Your hands reaching across the table
To touch my own,
Or whether I would rather it remained empty
And you were sitting here
Squashed in beside me
On a seat made for one
In a life made for two.

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For the anon who wanted a fix of one of them cheating on Somone else with the other one, maybe 'ripple'? It is extremely good, even though I'm not sure if it counts

Ripple - Phil has a cheating boyfriend. Dan is a poet with a crush, facing an ultimatum.

- Tori

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Is it possible to have next Friday Simon Baker ( my fav daddy 😍 ) and/or RDJ plzz ? !!!! (Btw House of Gold was pure M A D N E S S)

Thank you so much for reading it! <3

Well, ok. Since somone else already asked for RDJ, next friday’s settled.

We’ll have Sebastian, Aaron, and Benedict in the morning (Those 3 aren’t negotiable. They will always be posted on Fridays) and at night we’ll get Fassbender, RDJ, and Simon ;)


Nope brain you just got over a crush you can not develop a new one basically immediately. That is not fair.
I am busy I don’t have time to not be attractive to somone else and literally always hope I run into them and like wish I had something to talk about with them when I don’t because we have nothing in common. What the fuck brain. I hate you.

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What do you do when you're a freshman crushing on a senior and you feel like you're the only one putting effort into him but finally decide to come open and tell him how you feel He doesn't reject you but he says he's in a complicated situation with somone else and you make out and he just leaves you in the cinema by yourself and tells you not to tell anyone And you decide to let him text you first but he hasn't and it's been 2 months And now you see other freshman girls flirting with him

i think you need to talk to him in person to be honest, that doesn’t sound like something you can just move on and forget about it, and if he hasn’t text you by now then he’s definitely not going to now! you should text him and arrange to meet up so you can talk about the situation, that was totally out of order of him to put you in that position!

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Tanks but I wasn't looking for other fanfics. I was just curious. See, I don't like other ships including these two, I tried my best to convince myself but I couldn't. The chemistry, the relationship, adventure they shared. I just can't see them with somone else, it doesn't feel right after all that happened in the movie. Maybe it's sth wrong with me but I always keep one ship per couple.

Yeah, i know what you mean, Wilde Hopps is like the only “official“ ship because rich moore, the master troll keeps teasing us folks about it.

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Serpentine, Zebra Stone

send me a crystal and i'll tell...

serpentine: how my muse would seduce another 

Ohana’s seduction on 2 feet. She doesn’t need much to draw the attention of those she’s interested in unless they really don’t care about her presence (which makes her terribly furious because she’s an attention-seeking little b*tch). Ohana’s charms not only lie in her attire (hence, her cleavage) but she knows how to flatter other people to make them focus on her and not get bored.

When she is really confident she might even touch them in some way. Putting a hand on a shoulder or leaning in more for her face to be closer to the desired person’s. But she will not push it or forcefully invade the comfort zone of somone else. She’s got a balance unlike the man who created her who had none until recently.

zebra stone: what gets my muse excited

Excited as in extremely happy — getting some attention. When someone pays her attention she is probably the happiest woman in her abyss. But it must be one of the people she *wants* to pay her some attention, otherwise she’s just not giving a damn. She is extremely proud and probably more noble in her demeanor than Kyouraku who’s more casual. Ohana wants complete and utter devotion coming from someone she desires or else she can get extremely sad or angry. She will whine about not getting any attention and becomes possessive about the one who paid her some. She’s quite fickle.

ok….so on june ¾, is anyone going to phoenix comic con? ill be there dressed as chris from UD and sun from rwby! :0 (somone else will be there too!!! not sure if she wants me to mention her in this)

question mark so you guys can answer  ?