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I have this Undertale/Gravity Falls AU crossover idea and playing again the game it’s making me more sure about the parallels between the characters. *Spoiler warning if you havent played the game*

Dipper is Frisk. Definately. He has the determination to keep going on even when things looks bad. He will fight for what he thinks is right but show Mercy when he understands the monster’s backstory. The reason he goes into the Underground is because he is looking for Mabel.

Stan is a combination between Sans and Toriel. Keeping safe everyone and trying to not let Frisk/Dipper go because he knows how unsafe is it for them. But Stan will still keep an eye on Dipper like Sans does.

Soos is Papyrus. Looking after Stan and for Stan. The first who will become friends with the fallen human. He has a heart of gold as well as Papyrus.

Wendy is Undyne. Badass female character. Having her reserves with the human but become friends because of Soos/Papyrus. She will be a great ally for Dipper.

McGucket is Alphys (there’s no Undyne crush here). Them both regret what they have done and are afraid of telling about their experiments. Dipper will help McGucket to recover himself and to learn to love himself despite his mistakes.

I’m not sure about Mettaton but probably is Gideon. Helped by McGucket, Gideon only wants to become a Star. Dipper will be him to look beyond that.

Ford is Asgore. Them both canonically have done a lot of bad decisions but they never wanted that. Them both acted in rage. And them both are ashamed of that. And them both are willingly to sacrifice themsleves for the greater good.

So where is Mabel in all of this?

Well, Mabel is Flowey/Asriel. Yeah, sweet and innocent Mabel is Flowey but not because she wanted that. She fell when she was young, very young. She was scared but someone that looked a lot like Dipper helped her. She was adopted and live happily but always wanted to come back because of her brother. She was tricked to this Dipper- like- being because she had a soul with determination to brake the barrier. But she never wanted to hurt humans, she only wanted to help her monsters friends and find her brother. She resisted but died in the process. Her soul remained in one seed of golden flower that was attached to her sweater. Revived because of Mcgucket into a flower, she became souless. Her determination was lost. But even with that she still looked for her borther. But not matter how much she called, nobody came. She lost her hope. She started to forget. Every Reset made herself lose part of her memory.

It’s when Dipper finally appear whe she starts to care again. To remember. Slowly. In this AU she is saved because of Dipper determination. She recovers hers and her memory.

I think Bill here is Chara. But the jumpscare of the end of the game, not Human!Chara (i think the jumpscare is Demon!Chara, the representation of the hate than only was left of Human!Chara, the kid that was scared of humans who threated them bad). Not because I think Chara is completely a demon but because them both wanted to destroy that world. 

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Only time i fell in love is with one of my college friends. However they are 3 years older and in a srs relationship. Instead of trying to climb out if the friendzone, i embraced she's happy with somone else. Am i Cring or right?


happy dday encomium

TODAY ws such aa ggood day i jstu wana write bour It …..

ok FIRST of i wwoke Up supr happy for som reasno and it ws aas if somone else frontd i wwasnt realy there btu i dnt considr myself aa systm any more csuse they stoppd frontign ? but now aagain ?? idk aanyway i wsa so happy happy talkd to mmyself adn i got Late for school btu it dosnt mattr !!!!!! sun shine adn i listned to mmusic and the train wwasnt crowded i got aa seat nxt to som guy wwho didnt pay atention to me it was GREAT !!!

Thn i got 2 sschool an i was woried caus i havnt written oone f the thigns ur supposed 2 have writtn yet u kno? but It was ookay caus we had ENGLish iinstead an i was one ep bbehinf the othrs in tje show were watchin so i gto to sit alone an watch it ,,, NICE !
i hhad math 2 and i ddid som things iidk i finisdh math ages ago i sat nxt to a ffriend (P) adn a boy who dosnt talk much an it ws nnice we talkd anyway an had fun !!!!!!!! after th lesson durin lunch we (me an P) asked the bboy i talkd bout earlier © if he wantd to come wwith and hav a cofee caus i had asked P if sshe wanted earlier.he said yes an we talkd a bbunch !!! he ssaid he liked dont starv and i ccried tears of joy iv played 275 hhours of dnt starve…. he even said we cuold play TOGETHER AAA also hhe promisd to bbuy Me life is sstrange caus he said it ws such a good ga me omg ,,, he sspoils me

then i had som othr lesons they were Stressful whch was aawful but i didnt hav a bbreakdwn i just wingd it and it WORKED and thn my last lesson wwas gym class an i tolf my teach listne man… i cant do Thsi im gona die iif i try 2 join gym clas again u kno .. and he ddidnt believ me ? but we were ooutsife and THEN suddnly P and C showd up and RESCUED MME !!!!! and we walkd about a llil went to a cafe tht was a litl to expensiv … but still nnice we talkd bout racist an gross peopl in our cclass we hate … we talkde about games ! educationn….. ourselvs… i cant remembr evrything but it was so GOOD i lovd it i wana liv that mmomemt for ever

thne we went to ssubway they ordr som dinner 4 themselv and P offred to buy me somthin but i ssaid no ! we talkd som more i ate a nnapkin. in tthere we talkd mostly aabout games + horror mmovies + tv shows !!!!!!! iit got late so we hd to leave sso we walkd to the train station iin the rain talkin anD he did the sshouldr thing i Told u an gave mme a Bro Fist Bump …. we evn have iinside jokes im cryengn…… adn then i huggd them Both an said bye and ttook my train home !!!!!!!! and iit was gr8 TOO

CAUSE i oordered a bunch oof cloths i nneeded like pants an shirts adn those 💕undrwear💕 i gona llook SO GOOD anddd i lookd at gymnasiums i cn go (high schools ssorta) and found on thts biology an sscience i mean YEE!!!!!! and aalso an eeducTion thats on th same place that C is goingn to ?????? perctt My Pal My Man ?-!-?-?-?-?

AND i bbarely hd any intrusiv thoughts aat all todsy !! the oones i had wernt vviolent Only sexual whch is okay . i ddidnt feel vry suicidl only HAPPY and ggood!! the bbad parts were i hd a test and i ddidnt know it so i barly respinded to ANY qeuestions but its Alright !!!✌🏼️❤️ it ws still a WONDRFUL DDAY I LOVE !!!!!!!!!! MY !!!!! PALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a techie your job is sooOOOoo MUCH MORE than just Sitting around and giving people their props!!!

●If something breaks you fix it ASAP
●if a prop is lost you find it or you find the next best thing
●If a speaker is making a weird sound you either find the problem, fix it if you already know what the problem is or you at least help somone else do those things
●If an actor/actress is supposed to go on stage soon and they are not where they need to be, it is your job to make sure they are always in the right spot
●always be ready to fix somones makeup and costume
●never miss a queue

as a bellarke shipper watching clarke get in on w/ someone else: YASSSS CLARKE YOU GO!!! OMG CLARKE FUCK THE HELL OUTTA THAT GIRL!!!

as a bellarke shipper watching bellamy kiss somone else: wtf??????? wt– wtf???? bellamy u fucking sack of trash wats wrong with u fucking fuck WHERES CLARKE

Had a freaky dream that I got killed but went to work the next morning.
More specifically, my soul got stolen but the person who did it would leave a tiny fragment left, enough for a ‘read only’ personality in a husk that could function and mostly blend in but couldn’t change given new information.

I didn’t realize anything was wrong for a few weeks because I felt weird and kind of empty but hey I’m depressed and that’s how it feels sometime, somone else had to notice and tell me that my soul was gone. 

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smol nerd who needs gently pap

That’s like half of all my OCs

But Ill choose Bennett but mara will be under the cut.

Full Name: Bennett 
Gender and Sexuality: Demigirl and ???
Ethnicity/Species: part human, part shadow creator
Birthplace and Birthdate: Lab in arizona 
Guilty Pleasures: Cuddles
Phobias: Arachnophobia 
What They Would Be Famous For: Saving the world
What They Would Get Arrested For: May have killed one or two people
OC You Ship Them With: :U???
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Valdis
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Mystery
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Happy endings always happen
Talents and/or Powers: Shadow manipulation 
Why Someone Might Love Them: She is are smol
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Likes country music
How They Change: She becomes more like somone else we know
Why You Love Them: I just do 

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saying its between you an your girlfriend yet your posting about the not very mystery person on the internet all the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so funny I feel bad for nicole having to share you with your thoughts of somone else

I haven’t been trying to keep it a mystery. Rebecca knows, we’ve spoken about our feelings in a mature manner, and things are as good as they can be! You can ‘feel bad’ but theres no reason, don’t bring yourself down anon )-:

There will never be enough time. Not for hello. Not for goodbyes. Not for I love yous. Or I hate yous. There is never enough time to show just exactly how much or how little we feel to somone else. It’s one of this short life’s many tragedies….

Alot of people ask me why i only photograph myself 

and in the honest truth of that is That i cant trust anyone but myself to be a good model or subject as its almost impossible to make someone feel the way i do towards life. My Work is all biassed around emotions so it is impossible to trust somone else with your own emotions.

but am going to push this and try something new and work with a model 

so wish me lucky i guess