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Well, I promised you smut if you all voted for my ship name, so here it is.

Enjoy, darlings! I know Margot did.


The whole, “shipping Keith with Allura is heteronormative, but Shallura isn’t” rhetoric comes from the fact that Shallura does have canonical evidence towards it, whereas Kallura has none. Instead, Keith had a lot more chemistry with Lance, whom which if either one of them was a girl, we KNOW there would be a canon romantic subplot. Basically, two characters who make no sense together and make a lot more sense with somone else, are going to end up together because of the canon of the 80s.

work schedule is supposed to be fixed at least 1 week in advance (and that’s barely acceptable) so why tf is it that i see i’m supposed to work on friday JUST NOW like no. no fuck you. i had plans already and i have sick hours. you will literally pay for your incompetence. have fun figuring out who gonna work in my place when we’re short staffed af too.

One shot draco x reader


this is for uxx

_____ Draco walked down the corridors stressed and odly composed. Earlier that day he had been in a argument with that harry potter, and he couldn’t stand him. Every bone in draco wanted to fight the griffindor. “Argh, that wanker” draco hissed as he went on in the corridors. Not noticing you stending behind him giggling. You smiled and tapped his shoulder, only for him to turn and you to go behind him again. Giggling again, draco caught your hand and pushed you to his back. “Hmm, let me guess. A funny laugh and a playful personality. It must be Y/N” draco said and twirled around only to hold you closer. “Bloody hell draco. If someone sees us we’ll be ex–” “expelled, I know Y/N” he said and sighed. Instantly you felt cold as he let go of you. Giving you a cold eye and then moving closer to say somthing. “ you don’t get to mess with my feelings” he hissed and walked away. Leaving you stearing at his back. Cold. Later that week– You hadn’t talked or seen draco since that night and your friends begun to notice how you acted. All cold and sharp. All thoughts where rumbling through your head, leaving you with a massive headache. It didn’t help with the all the studying you had to do, or that pansy parkinson where giving you the stinky eye. Arghh, how you wanted to ask what her problem was. You hadn’t done anything wrong to her. You where in the library studying on DADA, when you heared Draco talk from the other side of the shelf. “She can’t know I like her” he whispered cold to somone else. “ I know Draco” He liked someone else? And he led you on the whole time? That bastard. You feet mivet bedore you thought and where suddenly stending before a suprised pansy and draco. “Y/N what–t ar” “ you bloody bastard , leading me on like that when. When you like someone else? I hate you!!” You said scraeming and running away. Tears rolled down your face and left you crying more. For how stupid could you be? Thinking the Draco malfoy could ever love you back. “I’m stupid, so so so stupid” you screamed and students in the hall looked at you weird. You didn’t care anymore. You did everything for him, everything and he just couldn’t even tell you he didn’t like you. “Y/N !! Y/N let me explain” he shouted from the end of the hall. He was pailer then usual and looked even more stressed too. Draco started sprinting towards you, and you where about to run away, however something just told you to stay. To see where this excuse where going. He where right infront of you, breathing heavily. “Explain” you whispered harsh as you cried. Draco pulled his hand up. Hesitantly taking his tumb to your cheek. Wiping your tears away. Your heart leaped like crazy and your whole body felt on fire. “ it was you, i was talking about you” he whispered into yoir hair. Taking in your scent. Exhale. Draco rumbled his tumb all over your cheek. Up and down. “It was you. It’s always you” he whispered again. Now cupping your face. Looking into your Y/E/C eyes. Exhale. “I love you Y/N with all my heart” draco said and bringed your face closer. Whispering it over and over again. Your mouth was against his. You where joined. You where we. You where joined and you knew all of the secrets of the planet. “I love you too, draco malfoy”

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Exo Reaction To Their First Family Gathering With You

Anonymous said: Can you do a reaction on how exo would be at their first family gathering with your family? Thank you in advance, I love your blog!❤️❤️


He was excited, due that you haven’t really introduce him to your family he wanted to meet all of them. He wanted to see your grandparents, cousins, everyone!. Plus he had heard that your uncle’s wife cooked delicious bread.

He is polite and greets everyone. Mingles around and tell jokes that make everyone laugh. Baek would talk to others all the time so you two wasn’t with each other most of the time. But he would always glance at you time to time to see that you still where there.

“ What did one ocean say to the other ocean?”


“Nothing, they just waved.” 


As soon as you and Chanyeol come he gets dragged away from you by all of your cousins. They would compliment him and get amazed how tall he was. Chanyeol would get a little flustered and called you over so he din’t need to be alone. The cousins would ask question after question about everything between heaven and earth.

“Can you rap?”

“Do you know Teamin from Shinee?”

“Is that your real hair color?”

“When did you start to like Y/n?”

Chanyeol would start to answer back as best he could but still a little surprised by all the attention. When they started to talk about other things and not just about Chanyeol and you he would start to get comfortable and show more of his playful side. His favorite thing of the day was listening to embarrassing things you’ve done in your childhood.

“No haha, ohmaigood” He laughs and looks at you.


 Jongdae is nice to everyone and don’t feel nervous at all. He helps in the kitchen, pour up more coffee to everyone and plays with your sisters children. The children loves him, they basically steal him from you. They take your seat and sits next to Jongdae, they even wants to sit in his lap. When they are playing they would start to tickle Jongdae. He would start to laugh loud chatching everyone’s attention. People starts to laugh when he pleads for help from the tickling children 

“Y/n help me, I’m dying!”

“Yaaah, cildren stop tickeling me!”


This child would get quiet. He didn’t really talk to anyone unless somone else starts the conversation. He just didn’t know what to say?

He would be near you, because he was really unsure how he was going to act and he was slightly paranoid that they didn’t like him at all. Because since he was a idol that had made your life a little more complicated than it was before you two started to date. Your family thinks he is polite but a litle quiet. And they honestly don’t care about his “unusal” job as an idol. He is more than accepted in the family. And more accepted when they see how happy he makes you. Jongin would only look at you and look out for you. Helping you take food and drinks, takes out your chair before you sit. He would be a gentleman during the whole night (like he always is) and a lot of the others in the family would be either happy or jealous of your relationship.


Tries to leave a good impression for your family, which he does. Everything is going well and they like his cute, dorky yet sweet attitude. He politely talks and have a good flow in the conversation with almost everyone. He seems comfortable but is really trying his best. He is nervous and thousands of thoughts is in his head. “Do they like me?” “Was i supposed to say that?”. But no one notice that. Except You. And you will use that opportunity to embarrass your cutie pie.

“Junmyeon where so nervous today, he was sweating so much and keep asking me what he should do, what If they dont’ like me? He said that like 20 times this we-” you where cut of by Junmyeon who smilled at you. 

“OKEY, jagiya stop it. I’m trying to leave a good impression here”


Kyungsoo had already met your mother and father and they had said to some others in the family how handsome he was, and sweet, intelligent, and how good he was towards you and so more on. So everyone else in your family would be really curious about him and would attack him when he comes to the family gathering. They would like Chanyeol ask a lots of questions but it was more like statements.

“Kyungsoo I heard that you are a singer"

“Yes I am. I’m in a boy group”

“You are so handsome”

“Oh I like your voice!”

“T, Thanks”


In the family you family gathering was “famous” for all the food. It was all kind of delicious food that everyone loved. Everyone cooked something to the gathering to bring. You and Minseok had made a pie together. Your grandmother gave Minseok more food complaining that he needed it when he trains so hard. Minseok would gladly accept and enjoy some time off from the stressed living he has. He would enjoy spending time with you and your lovely grandparents. They all loved him with his good looking self and with his amazing personality. Congrats!


Sehun would be so nervous, he often was mistaken as a cold person and that was a impression he didn’t want your family to think about him. He would have been debating with himself for days on what he should wear. A blue shirt or a white? Should he button up all the way or leave a bottom unbutton?

When it finally was the day, his mind where running wild, what if they hated him? You tried to assure him that it would go excellent and that they would love him but he didn’t believe you. But you had right, like you always have. When you arrive everyone is nice towards Sehun and no one dislikes him in anyway. They chat with him and Sehun talks politely back and unknowingly they all fall for his charm that comes naturally. Sehun would be by your side all the time. He didn’t want to be alone so he always went with you and you honestly didn’t mind since how nervous he was this morning.

“Sehun, you are doing really well” you said and put your arms around his neck


“Yes they love you. My aunt even asked when we would get married” you chuckled and kissed his cheek.

Sehun would have a big smile the rest of the day and start to be more and more comfortable with your family, they weren’t that bad.


Yixing would be happy, and love to spend time with your and his future family. He would find your family crazy but hilarious. Everyone was pretty wild and had a blast. He would right away feel like a part of the family and like he had known everyone his whole life. But he especially got along with your dad and his brothers. They where laughing their asses off at a table a bit away from the others. When the gathering was over he didn’t want to leave, so he and the other lads exchanged numbers with each other and decided to meet in two weeks again. Yixing was happy about the date and talked about your family with you for two days.

“Yaah Y/n you have the best uncle ever..”

“He was so nice and funny, he told me this hilarious story when he went in high school he actually-”

“Honey you have already told me that, I get that you like him but get a life” 

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Rashomon, is a short novel by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The title is the name of what was the largest gate in kyoto, the old capitol. Measuring 75 feet high and 108 feet wide, the gate was large imposing and also the setting for the story. The gate had fallen into disrepair and was now primarily a place people hid bodies left over from nefarious acts.
The story follows an impoverished ex-servant of a samurai, who was discharged due to declining wealth in the area. The main focus of the story is the mans internal conflict over weather he should steal to survive. Eventually the man decides after onswrving somone else steal to survive, that if it is necessary for him to live then it must be done.

This sort of survival of the fittest mentality can be easily seen in the character Akutagawa in Bungou stray dogs. He seeks to survive in the brutal world of the port mafia, which is likely the only place that could handle his destructive power. In the anime he looks up to Dazai because Dazai is stronger than him. When Dazai essentially replaces him Atsushi, in order to Survive and prove his worth Akutagawa feels he must fight and establish dominance.

This story rashomon has a movie named after it, however its plot is closer to another story by Akutagawa, named in a grove.

(Special thanks to Morikami museum and gardens, the book was found in their library)

I have this Undertale/Gravity Falls AU crossover idea and playing again the game it’s making me more sure about the parallels between the characters. *Spoiler warning if you havent played the game*

Dipper is Frisk. Definately. He has the determination to keep going on even when things looks bad. He will fight for what he thinks is right but show Mercy when he understands the monster’s backstory. The reason he goes into the Underground is because he is looking for Mabel.

Stan is a combination between Sans and Toriel. Keeping safe everyone and trying to not let Frisk/Dipper go because he knows how unsafe is it for them. But Stan will still keep an eye on Dipper like Sans does.

Soos is Papyrus. Looking after Stan and for Stan. The first who will become friends with the fallen human. He has a heart of gold as well as Papyrus.

Wendy is Undyne. Badass female character. Having her reserves with the human but become friends because of Soos/Papyrus. She will be a great ally for Dipper.

McGucket is Alphys (there’s no Undyne crush here). Them both regret what they have done and are afraid of telling about their experiments. Dipper will help McGucket to recover himself and to learn to love himself despite his mistakes.

I’m not sure about Mettaton but probably is Gideon. Helped by McGucket, Gideon only wants to become a Star. Dipper will be him to look beyond that.

Ford is Asgore. Them both canonically have done a lot of bad decisions but they never wanted that. Them both acted in rage. And them both are ashamed of that. And them both are willingly to sacrifice themsleves for the greater good.

So where is Mabel in all of this?

Well, Mabel is Flowey/Asriel. Yeah, sweet and innocent Mabel is Flowey but not because she wanted that. She fell when she was young, very young. She was scared but someone that looked a lot like Dipper helped her. She was adopted and live happily but always wanted to come back because of her brother. She was tricked to this Dipper- like- being because she had a soul with determination to brake the barrier. But she never wanted to hurt humans, she only wanted to help her monsters friends and find her brother. She resisted but died in the process. Her soul remained in one seed of golden flower that was attached to her sweater. Revived because of Mcgucket into a flower, she became souless. Her determination was lost. But even with that she still looked for her borther. But not matter how much she called, nobody came. She lost her hope. She started to forget. Every Reset made herself lose part of her memory.

It’s when Dipper finally appear whe she starts to care again. To remember. Slowly. In this AU she is saved because of Dipper determination. She recovers hers and her memory.

I think Bill here is Chara. But the jumpscare of the end of the game, not Human!Chara (i think the jumpscare is Demon!Chara, the representation of the hate than only was left of Human!Chara, the kid that was scared of humans who threated them bad). Not because I think Chara is completely a demon but because them both wanted to destroy that world. 

  • Johnny and two bit at a diner
  • Waitress; omg are you johnny cade?
  • Johnny; yes
  • Two bit; well i am.....
  • Waitress; I knew you were johnny because of how attractive you are and sweet i mean you anamazing hero...
  • Johnny; well Thank you doll
  • Waitress; like omg what are you doing here you could be like getting girls i mean your hot and a hero
  • Two bit; umm i would like to order
  • Waitress; like i know this is a lot to ask but please take me out my parents would be so happy i mean theirs no one here with you so how bout i just eat with you?
  • Two bit; fuck you two im leaving, find a ride home with somone else.*walks away mumbling* wow hes so rude
  • Dallas;*walks in* two bit the fuck did you just say about my sweet honest pure cinamen roll.