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I Know I Love You

Dean x Reader Modern AU

Summary: You’re on a job and meet the most amazing guy you could ask for.

Warnings: Mentions of pornography (if descriptions of porn and adult film stars upset you, viewer discretion is advised), oral sex (both female and male receiving), unprotected sex (most likely, reader is on pill, but stay safe my friends!), and SO MUCH SMUTTTT.

For @prob8850 and @mysupernaturalfics challenges!

My prompt was: “It sucks, I have to force myself to remember that you’re an actor, and acting is what you do, and it just hurts”.

My number was 6.

A/N: I think I might of went over on my number. Oh well… Also, Dean is not a hunter is this AU. Also, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not making assumptions about anybody or their professions;it’s just an idea I had for the prompt. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

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“Fucking traffic”, you mutter as you inch your way to work. You were already late as it is, and this extra traffic is not helping. It was the first day of your week long set too.

Finally, after about thirty minutes, you pull up to the studio. You cringe when you look at your watch. 

You try to run in your stilettos, but end up twisting your ankle in the pavement. Before you can fall, a pair of strong arms hoists you up. You take a second to admire you savior and his gorgeous figure, but you remember how late you are. “Shit, thanks”, you quickly say, making your way to your designated area.

As soon as you walk in, the director begins an onslot of scolding. “Hurry up and get dressed. We don’t have all day.”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes as you take your spot to get your makeup done. You’re soon ready for your scene, and you walk up to meet the male actor. 

“Hey, I’m Y/N, you must be Dean-”, you cut yourself off when you see the familiar green orbs from the parking lot. “Um, sorry about the parking lot scene”, you mumble out. Great, the one guy in this scene has to watch you almost faceplant into asphalt. 

He smiles, and you love how his eyes crinkle at the edges- Wait? What were you saying? No emotional attachment. No emotional attachment.

“It’s alright. Really, don’t worry about it”, Dean reassures, his eyes seemingly gazing into yours, unlike other men you worked with. 

You’re about to say something else, but your director cuts you off. “Places!”

You and Dean both head over to the set- a living room with a large couch, for obvious reasons.


The fake doorbell rings, and you open the door on cue. 

“Ma’am, I have your pizza”, Dean says in a low voice, holding out an empty box. Your eyes rake over his strong body hidden under the stupid delivery clothes. 

You fan yourself dramatically. “I don’t seem to have any money. Can I pay you another way?”, you whisper in a sultry tone, running your hands over his growing bulge. 

Oh, did I forget to mention you’re an adult film actress?

You hear Dean gulp as he throws the box and kisses you. His lips are so much softer than any other actor before, and you soon melt into the kiss. 

His strong hands shrug off your robe, revealing your black, lacy lingerie. It hugs your curves just right, and you feel a swell of pride when you see Dean’s eyes wander over your body. 

You help him out of his shirt before kissing him again, smoothing your fingers through his soft hair. He pushes you on the couch gently as he removes his pants, his lust to you obvious through the thin fabric.

You take a second to admire his built chest and biceps. He’s definitely one of the fitter actors you’ve worked with.

Before you can keep staring at him, Dean rips away your bra, leaving your breasts exposed. He grins before taking a mound in his lips, suckling and biting gently. You moan out and surprise yourself- you haven’t given a real moan in a long time.

His hand soon makes its way to your other breast, still kissing and licking at the other one. Soon, your vision turns to white as you come, letting out a satisfied moan as you do so. 

You barely hear the director scream “Cut!” as you come down from your high. Dean still holds you steady, asking if you’re alright, and you just nod. After all your years in this industry, you’ve never came that way before.

“What’s up with you today Y/N? Get your head in the game!” The director is fuming, but soon calls action again. 

Dean’s quick to undress you and himself, your earlier excitement dripping down your thighs. Dean licks his perfect lips as he delves his tongue into you, lapping up your juices. You let out a silent scream, throwing your head back due to the immense pleasure. 

Man, does he know what he’s doing. His tongue expertly navigates your sex, quickly finding your clit and suckling at it. You scream again, your juices flooding out onto his waiting mouth. 

Once you’ve come down, you grab his very erect cock and give a few licks to the head. Dean groans out, leaning back onto the couch and watching you as you perform your magic. 

He’s much larger than what you’ve had before, so you take as much of him in your mouth and stroke the rest with your hand. The little whimpers and groans he makes makes you even wetter, proud you can please him as much as he pleases you.

Dean soon twitches and unwillingly pushes you away. He smiles at you and pulls you into another breathtaking kiss before hovering over you. Even though you’ve given consent before the filming began, Dean still looks into your eyes, as if asking for permission. 

“Please”, you whimper out, pushing yourself closer to him. A dam breaks inside of him and he quickly takes you, thrusting in and out quickly. He hits all the right spots, and soon, you’re coming again. The clenching around him makes Dean let loose as well, his seed covering your walls and making you feel warm. The scene ends once Dean comes, and you sigh in relief after the cameras are taken off you.

After you clean yourself up and get dressed, Dean approaches you. 

“Do you want to go have lunch?” Your eyes widen in surprise. No fellow actor has asked you that before.

And so you agreed. He opened up and told you of his family and life, and you eventually did too. Even though the scenes would only be filmed in seven days, you still couldn’t help but get close to this charming man.

And then you fell in love. You fell so hard in love that you were certain you wouldn’t be able to crawl out of this one. 

The last today of filming came too fast for your liking. You knew this would probably be the last day you’d get to see Dean, which made your heart clench in a way it hasn’t before. 

“Pick it up Y/N! Hurry up!”, the director yells again, making angry tears form in your eyes. The frustration and hurt spills over, and you rush off to your dressing room and lock the door.

You didn’t want this life anymore. You didn’t want random guys-you wanted Dean, and only Dean. You were fed up being treated like trash by both your boss and others. You were done.

A knock soon comes at the door. “Y/N? It’s me.” You breath in a sigh of relief at Dean’s comforting voice. You quickly open the door, and you immediately notice his eyes filled with concern. 

You throw yourself in his arms and sob angry tears. “I don’t want to do this anymore Dean! It sucks I have to force myself to remember that you’re an actor, and acting is what you do. It just hurts!” you confess, still shaken in his arms. 

“Hey, listen. What I did out there was not acting, okay? I do have feelings for you, and I’d like to get to know you better”, Dean admits, kissing away your tears. Once you calm down a bit more, Dean speaks again. “How about we walk out, right now, and never come back?”

You nod, tugging on some casual clothes and walking out hand in hand with Dean. When you walk by the fuming director, Dean shields you from his gaze and keeps walking. 

Dean offers to drive you home in his Impala, and the smell of leather and whisky brings you comfort. Once you arrive, he walks you to your door. “Thanks Dean, for everything”, you smile genuinely. Before you can register it, Dean’s lips are on yours, soft and innocent, unlike during filming. 

He soon breaks the kiss and looks away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Before he can keep talking, you pull him to your height and mash your lips together again, pulling him inside your apartment. Before Dean can take off your shirt, he halts, breaking away from you to look at you. “Y/N, are you sure you want this?”

You place a soft kiss on his pulse point, making him shiver. “Yes, just you and me, no cameras, no acting okay?”

Dean grins in agreement, and soon, clothes are flying off. He quickly pins you underneath him and takes his time marking your body with hickeys and letting out small whispers of “Mine” on your skin. 

Once he’s satisfied by the marks, he pulls himself up and kisses you again. He takes his time with his tongue, exploring every inch of your mouth. With one more flick of the tongue, you’re coming unexpectedly, the orgasm crashing through your bones. 

I just came, because of a kiss?! You ask yourself, blushing slightly.

“That was gorgeous, sweetheart”, Dean groans out, lightly stroking himself. You push him on his back and place a kiss by his ear as you sink yourself down on him. You hear Dean sigh happily and feel his hands gripping your waist.

You begin to grind against him, making both of you gasp in pleasure. You lock eyes with him and hold the eye contact as your stomach winds tighter and tighter. 

Dean clings on for dear life, eyes rolling back as his end approaches. “Oh, yes, just like that! Mine…mine”, he repeats like a prayer and screams out your name when his vision turns white in bliss. 

The closeness and intimacy soon has you over the edge too. You roll off of him once your heartbeat returns to normal and snuggle into his side. He gladly holds you close, absentmindedly playing with your hair. 

“I think I love you”, you whisper out, pouring out all your love to him in those simple words. He smiles before speaking.

“I know I love you.” 

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