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hey so I'm a bi freshman in college and I'm so frustrated at the government right now Like what's going to happen I am aspiring to become a videographer or journalist to fix the news. It is broken and will honestly get worse. I am honestly so scared for the LGBTQIA+ community, the Muslim Community, and every single minority group. I'm worried about my nine year old sister and her generation. There is so much hate and ignorance and it keeps hitting in waves.

Do not let it defeat or discourage you!! Just the fact that you feel this way and want to put yourself in a truth-telling profession gives ME hope. It is so bad right now and I won’t lie about that, but stay open and aware—as much as you can safely handle. 

We are witnessing the death rattle of white nationalism play out right now. Democracy and white nationalism can’t exist together, they are fundamentally opposed. Now, as the opposition to a racist, fascist, homophobic dictatorship we fail every obedience test and resist. Keep your sister close and show her protesting works. Here’s the progress we’ve made: 

Honey, it’s because you have a wild heart. You expect it to stay in one place, happy and content, but instead it’s everywhere else all at once. You expect it to be still enough to be tamed, but instead it refuses to even be touched. You expect it to be everything you’ve been taught since you were little, but instead it’s everything your mother never expected it would turn out to be. And these are okay–these don’t make you a bad person. It sets you apart from the rest of the world, sure, but still there’s nothing wrong with having a wild heart–a heart that couldn’t be tamed, a heart that always seeks, a heart that wanders, a heart that refuses to get stuck, a heart that craves different. Remind yourself that you can and you will survive with it.
—  Irally Cariaso, Your Wild Heart
Creature AU

Namjoon is a werewolf and the future Alpha of the Ilsan Kim pack. Despite the norms he’s part of the small circle of his species who doesn’t actually hate vampires.

  • Always felt like a lone wolf among his pack
  • Has an alarming high IQ, which sets him apart from other wolves even more on top of being singled out as the child to an Alpha
  • Literally could not give two shits about becoming one though and lowkey hates the title
  • Neville Longbottom-ed the hardest out of his group of peers when puberty hit him like a brick, like jfc ya boi got legs for d a y s
  • Meets Yoongi when the vampire transfers to his high school
  • Uses a kind-of secret symbol thing that only other vampire’s can see that gives a sign that they’re chill with one another. This brings about Yoongi’s interest, especially considering Namjoon’s future-Alpha status
  • Backstory, he got that secret symbol thing at Ilsan’s sole co-species club after he kind of went down on a vampire who did him a solid afterwards by giving him it
  • They had their last class together and start to bond

Yoongi’s older than high schoolers should be but he had to leave his education because he was bit by a vampire, okay? Fledglings don’t have a good hold over their bloodlust so it wasn’t until he got control of himself that he went back. Unfortunately he chose a heavily werewolf-controlled high school and he’s working on transferring. Or, he was. Then he met Namjoon.

  • He’ll admit Namjoon is kinda hot, alright? But he’s a werewolf and that’s a no-go but–oh shit that’s a we’re chill symbol okay Namjoon’s definitely hot
  • Only his family is fucking awful holy shit
  • They meet in tenth grade and somehow keep their relationship a secret for two years which is impressive considering the way Yoongi’s scent tends to cover Namjoon sometimes
  • They plan out their senior years together because Namjoon is Done With This Shit™ and he doesn’t want to be an Alpha for a bunch of xenophobes thanks
  • They do a final Fuck You™ to the Ilsan Kim pack after graduation before grabbing all of Namjoon’s shit and leaving. Yoongi might have shone up at his doorstep (making him the first vampire to step on their ‘sacred lands’ in centuries) only to whisk away their now former future Alpha
  • They might have exchanged mating marks just before that final Fuck You™ so everyone in Namjoon’s family can smell Yoongi on him too
  • They move to Seoul afterwards and start trying to make their own way on the money Namjoon’s saved and the large sum Yoongi’s now deceased sire left him

I think it’s time for a read more.

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Tips for new DMs on making monsters?

I would say that practice and knowing the game are most important when first learning how to homebrew monsters.
The first few monsters you make could very well be tweaked versions of existing ones, as long as they have something that sets them apart.
My highest recommendation is to find something similar to compare them to, as you make them. The Leviathan Ooze I made was intended to be physically strong, amorphous, and very large, so I referenced the Purple Worm stats every now and then while making it. That way, you know a ballpark of how challenging that monster will be. With that, you can calculate it’s proficiency, which will apply to its skills and saving throw bonuses, if it has any. Not to mention its attack bonus! (Monster proficiency goes up by CR very similarly to player proficiency.)

Another thing to note is that your monster should bring something new to the table. It doesn’t need to be very unique, it could just have a combination of abilities that aren’t seen, elsewhere (even if the abilities themselves are).
I could use a Tiger statblock in place of a Lion and not need to worry about it. If I want a nigh-impenetrable golem, however, I would need to make one. Yes, the iron golem makes it close. Still, the players I was tossing it at might be high enough level that something like an iron golem isn’t tough. So I made the Adamantine Golem to fill the same niche at a higher level.

I’m not quite sure if any of this is making sense, so please feel free to message again if you have more questions!

This is an emu egg. One emu egg weighs about two pounds, or the equivalent of roughly 12 chicken eggs. Size, however, isn’t the only trait that sets emu eggs apart. Their stunning, emerald color makes them one of the most striking eggs on the planet. The blue-green hue is for camouflage. Emus lay their eggs in the grass and the color keeps them hidden from other animals. (Source)

On Minako and Yuuri


I know a lot of people are trying to dissect Viktor and Yuuri and the dynamics of their coaching relationship. (It’s really hard though since there are literally no boundaries between them as student/coach, fiancés/lovers.)

But anyways: let’s talk about the single most underrated teacher/student relationship in the series.

The easy route to go with these characters is to parallel them with Yurio/Lilia. Both Lilia and Minako are celebrated dancers (they probably knew each other or of each other) and both are extraordinarily influential in their students’ skating styles. Yurio’s FS isn’t possible without Lilia’s ballet-boot-camp. We joke about how Yuuri’s dance mastery—and subsequent banquet shenanigans—is all because of Minako? 

What sets him apart as a skater?

His ridiculously high PCS scores? That’s Minako’s lasting influence—she trained Yuuri as a dancer, probably made sure he was as skilled in it as he possibly could be, and as a skater he made up the score gap with his artistry. Even notoriously hard to impress Yurio is intrigued by Yuuri’s step sequences—the figure skating component more “dance-like” than anything else.

But let’s go to the Scene that Keeps on Giving

1) We get Viktor and Minako in a room together. Please people, keep imagining them talking with each other. They are in many ways, very, very similar and very, very much in awe of Yuuri. If Viktor is an unending source of romantic love, Minako is basically his second mother, and an unending source of familial love. They are both Yuuri’s eccentric teachers.  They both are prodigies in their given fields.

(That pretty statue we see in Minako’s studio? That’s a Prix Benois and it’s the highest dance-award you can get. On that note… 

Hell: if Minako is in her 50s, she was most probably, in-universe, The First Asian Woman to Win All her Prizes. She was probably, in-universe, The First Asian Woman to Dance Principle in X, Y, Z Ballet Company Abroad.

I know homophobia is handwaved in the Yuri on Ice universe, and to a lesser extent, racism. But Phichit and Otabek are always pointed out as trailblazers. When you see them crying or proud because they’ve done something for their country that no one else has? Minako’s been there, done that, and still hasn’t aged.


But going back to Viktor and Minako… Just think of all that underlying tension. Minako is all “Take advantage, Yuuri” to Yuuri’s face but you can bet she’s somewhat leery of Viktor. Because she’s heard the stories. If Yuuri’s idol-worship is keeping him from realizing how creepy Viktor’s arrival is… I’m imagining the good people of Hasetsu are all… “So this Viktor guy just shows up naked, unannounced, and he says he’s teaching Yuuri.” 





“Hand me another drink ji-san. He kept staring at my boy’s ass for all two hours of our ballet class.”)

Minako would probably be the first person to cut Viktor if he doesn’t make good on his coaching Yuuri promise.

2) The scene is used to establish that Yuuri is a genius of hard work.

(This distinction probably only means anything to Minako and Viktor, who most likely both worked their asses off but had the sheer talent to boost them up to living legend status.)

but: Here’s Where This Becomes The Most Enlightening Scene Ever


To unpack this:

Minako is low-key telling Viktor: “Yes, Yuuri gets anxious. It’s not just a competition thing. He’s been anxious his entire life. This is his coping mechanism.” 

And then: *bam* “I usually go along with him.”

Can we just?

Imagine baby Yuuri, who probably has used up all his spoons for the day, and then there’s his teacher Minako, who notices and goes all “Okay, what do you need? You need to skate? Ok. Let’s tell your parents, I’ll go with you, and I’ll stay with you.”

No questions asked, she’s just there.

Like—she’s either dancing with him or just watching him ice skate for however long it’ll take the anxiety attack to go away. 

The fuck.

For the entirety of his childhood, Yuuri has had this one woman support system of “You need to skate/dance right now? Kay, let me just find my coat, off we go Yuuri!” Can you imagine? How many hours? How many times a week? And she’d just go with him. 

Minako is the ideal teacher: She saw what Yuuri needed and gave it to him.

Bonus: She wasn’t at the GPF where Yuuri failed. She didn’t fly into Russia for the Rostelecom Cup where he was alone for the second half. You can imagine that before Viktor arrived, Minako was the person most likely to help Yuuri during an anxiety attack. 

I think one of the things about the gay community that sets us apart from many other marginalized communities is history.

With the exception of a few LGBT children raised by LGBT parents, we are not raised by our elders, and in fact, a, say, gay teacher taking an interest in a gay student, even of a different gender, even out of a desire to let that child know they’re not alone, may be seen as sinister. 

As such, our history is something each generation must seek out on their own, usually as adults. Perhaps, if they’re lucky, they may know older LGBT people who can help, or may find elders online, in web videos, but if they’re not, they might not learn much at all about our past. 

And that’s not even touching on how many of our elders died before they could become our elders.


New year new meeeeeee! Guys I’m so excited I cleaned my apartment and set up a little place at my island bar area a little bujo station! I don’t really have a big enough desk to spread out like I like to and the desk I have now is just a corner tower desk that already has my PC desktop on it 😅 I’m so excited to start the new semester. I’m gonna be taking an Intro to Criminology course!!! :D Dream course.

Hope you all are doing well <3 Stay safe and beautiful :D


Hogwarts Houses

The Brave, The Loyal, The Wise, The Ambitious

“You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry,
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
These cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.” 

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

So I just want to point out that Magnus’ red couch seems to be in his bedroom due to the curtains and window ledge:

except the original bedroom set seems to not have allowed room for a couch, suggesting they might have widened it after the picture was taken or something? but anyway, given these two items, i just want to say that there’s a possibility, however distant, of Alec and Magnus making out on that couch and then moving onto the bed and continuing there.

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Hey uhh idk if you're still taking requests or whatever.... But if you are.... Can you pretty pretty please draw ichimatsu with neko ears and a tail? It'd be so cute~ thnx

I felt like there were a lot of Ichimatsu’s with cat ears and tails so I decided to make it a gif to set it apart!!

It’s pretty rough but hopefully it’s cute enough for you~

sortings are fun and house pride is fun but like the sorting system… is fake…and it was always intended to be fake

  • dumbledore literally says “sometimes i think we sort too soon”
  • the first encounter we ever have with the sorting process involves the main protagonist rejecting the house the hat suggests to him so like…it’s clear right from the beginning that this whole sorting business is not supposed to be taken too seriously
  • and then when harry begins to doubt his decision dumbledore reinforces this by saying that our choices define us far more than our abilities
  • the other wizarding schools don’t have a sorting system
  • the three main characters are not model gryffindors and could be sorted into slytherin (harry) hufflepuff (ron) and ravenclaw (hermione)
  • sirius boasts about how his gryffindor sorting truly sets him apart from his slytherin family, but then we find out that regulus sacrificed his life to bring down voldemort
  • peter pettigrew is the most classic, stereotypical example of a coward
  • percy weasley is both highly ambitious and brilliant, but still a gryffindor
  • harry takes pride in being a gryffindor because dumbledore was a gryffindor, but we realize that dumbledore died because he couldn’t resist using the resurrection stone
  • the head of gryffindor house (mcgonagall) and the head of ravenclaw house (flitwick) were both hatstalls and could have just as easily been reversed
  • i think the epilogue is just as dumb as the next guy but it’s still pretty damn significant that one of harry potter’s last lines in the harry potter series is saying that a slytherin was the bravest man he ever knew (even if i completely disagree with harry’s assessment of snape lol)
  • the entire book series shits on slytherins and it even says none of them stayed to fight the final battle, but narcissa malfoy is still the one that saves harry’s life.
She was born with fierceness in her heart, a wildness that set her apart from others. When she loved, it was all-consuming and white-hot, spreading from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes like wildfire and when she lost, shadows swallowed her whole, plunging her into darkness. But every time she found her fire extinguished, she came back burning brighter than before. Her faith in herself reduced her fears to ashes.
—  The phoenix
Women warriors: story of Khatoon Khider and her Daughters of the Sun
Khatoon Khider used to be a popular Yazidi singer. Now she’s the head of an all-women battle unit with Isis in its sights. By Emma Graham-Harrison
By Emma Graham-Harrison

After what happened to Yazidi women and girls, I decided to stop singing until I take revenge for them,” she says. “Maybe I will go back to music, but I think this job as a soldier will be a long one.”

(As a side note: There’s dozens and dozens of these sorts of stories that are constantly mailed to me. I am usually uncomfortable posting them, as there’s a legitimate case to be made that they are wartime propaganda. Most I’ve seen have been poorly written, poorly sourced, and slanted to encourage cheerleading over critical thinking. What sets this one apart for me is its in-depth interviewing, and focus on who she is as a person over the ‘ISIS/ISIL/Daesh fears women’ narrative.)

(thanks to Becca for sending this in!)